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@g_grizzle54 Apparently my grandpa was a "bad FBI employee" because he spent "too much time fraternizing" with the… his viewing today, I found out my grandfather once got a letter of condemnation from J Edgar Hoover, which tells…
@danielpgrote Still, save that $3.99Words of comfort as I tell my comics dealer I’m dropping Fallen Angels but gimme X-Factor, Giant-Size, X-Men/FF, et…
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆My X-Men trading cards for @MojosWork. Asparagus boy and Goldschläger. #XMen #illustration #Anole #Elixir
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆Do You Have To Buy Every X-Book? No & Here’s Why
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆 @artemisrex Age Of X-ManWe know the Cyclops stan is valid bc she also stans pockets.
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆 @stevewmorris Yes ok @BennyWert Great question! No I do not @RobertSecundus You can just @ me next time budOn the drawing board today-smoke and Fire. #Xmen #fantasticfour #Marvelcomics #Markbrooks #Rogue
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆In general I'm really critical of Marvel's flood-the-market approach to anything successful. Like, there have been…
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆Without saying too much, if you’re excited about this series, you’re gonna wanna pick up MARVEL’S VOICES #1 next mo…
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆Used my ten minutes on this X-Men podcast to plug Punisher: The End
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆 @ZacBeThompson But now you have a very good cowboy bookMan I loved this series the whole conversation about what's the right amount of X-Men comics, I really like both the creative team…
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆 @mikerapin Undone By Blood is a 70s twist on a western revenge story and is entrancing. Come out real soonHot soup coming through!
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆 @kennykozmic Heck yeah budA Little Marvel Girl for your TL
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆I am so torn by this @XavierFiles article. The FOMO is huge, but also: it’s okay.
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆 @mikerapin I promise you, you will miss something But also, it won't be a huge deal and everything will be alright in the endhonestly idk how you guys didn’t see the ending to GSB #5 coming, @drhastings already foreshadowed it
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆Do You Have To Buy Every X-Book? No & Here's Why via @xavierfiles
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆 @bastique Sure there's that, but also, you still don't need to buy books you aren't enjoying @sktchdcomic As a guy who edits articles on all the books, I fully agreeX-Twitter today
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆 @sktchdcomic We'll have to see. I don't think you can sustain the same level of sales across that many books, but I… @sktchdcomic Comics shouldn't be homework👀
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆"...if you drop X-Force or Marauders, you are going to miss out on your friends talking about those books. You prob…
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆 @RobertSecundus Yeah, that's the thing people don't get @revel_nir @maliciousglee I've read enough comics to know how these books are structured. They are stand alone."Do You Have To Buy Every X-Book? No & Here's Why" via @xavierfiles
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆 @xmenduh No & Here's Whywhy doesn’t kate pryde simply phase through the portal dumbass
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆 @BravesNStarWars There will be 12 titles in April, though one has its' last issue that month and the other will be 3/5 @93418 A valid optionDo You Have To Buy Every X-Book? No & Here’s Why @maliciousglee I guess someone is just gonna have to review more books 😆Hey folks? You're gonna want to pick up this beautiful book. It's entrancing and sets up a story that you know won'… finished the first two issues of UNDONE BY BLOOD, and I'm so very impressed by this series already. Not only d…
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆Krakoa welcomes Druid Rictor #XSpoilers #WelcomeToKrakoa #Excalibur
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆X-Men Evolution was one of my favorite shows growing up and these gals completely owned my ass for years
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆Shelfdust Presents: The Dark Knight Returns #1 with Kyle Pinion (@kylepinion):
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆This week on #BattleOfTheAtom, X-Men Editor @chrisrobinson stops by to tell us what the kids are craving! It's Man-…!! #snikt !! I'll have prints of this and many others this weekend at #powcomiccon 2020 ! _ #cyclops #wolverine
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆It's #XMenMonday, and we're celebrating #XMen leaders with @cracksh0t! Plus, 5 eXclusive images of things to come a…
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆 @RobertSecundus Bud you gotta select two different peopleMoreham of the Gorham 4 Prez
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆 @danthemcmahon @AdamTGorham @danthemcmahon @AdamTGorham I need moreham of the GorhamMajor X says "IT'S MORPHIN TIME!" @KevinNewburn It was Raza @hellomuller @AdamTGorham @danthemcmahon Adam Gorham on Mobius @JerardAdam Hot takes are overrated @JerardAdam It's the mildest take really @ArtofNickRobles @KevinNewburn But you did get to see the jalapeno infusiled watermelon gazpacho @geneticghost @mistaketheory
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆 @mistaketheory Are you just trying to bait @geneticghost @cracksh0t Remember how this dude started his tenure with a racist order that hurt Muslims? I feel like I've lived decades @AgentM Wait hold on, a Matty Rose and Otto comic slaps? Hell yeah brother @OneWheelchairX @mutantofx Dibs on the telepathic twunk @strictlyworse @definitelyvita As is friggin' @thebernardchang @xmenduh Also the 15k followers that I do want to purchase @xmenduh That and your stunning good looks @mistaketheory @xmenduh @mistaketheory @xmenduh Unfollowed @RobertSecundus Did you not know? book is a stunner. Got to read the first two issues and it hits different. Last chance to pre-order with your…
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆 @xmenduh ...fuckClaremont gave us the murder grandpas, Hickman gave us the murder grandmas.
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆 @ChildishBuubino @optyck @JeffLoveness did a good @WorldZWrestling @optyck They currently have adjoining rooms
BIG MAN TOUCHDOWN! @DennisKelly67 | #TENvsKC
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆After Logan died Scott went to a bar to drink in his honor and start a brawl while reminiscing on how no one unders…
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆 @AndyHeavilin ASM #4 I think @arthurstacy @strictlyworse Super Bowl I rematch! Let's do this @Koltreg Doodoo is a good boyUncanny X-Men #11 by Rosenberg and Larocca a thirty-something straight man who grew up in the '90s there's a part of me that says I shouldn't like the son…
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆 @Roland00Address @OneWheelchairX Naw bro, these are cosplayers @OneWheelchairX There is a single Gambit Stan in the world @OneWheelchairX Sidekicks! It's all sidekicksJust ordered a bunch of Julibee Legit Boss stickers, even though I really liked how the last batch came out I used…
Retweeted by Xavier Files 🏆 @martegracia Bud, if anyone tries to recolor HoX PoX we will start a small, but substantial, riot @RobertSecundus @WhachaWatcher Oh I'm mostly a Rachet from an attitude standpoint @arthurstacy The worst is the full recolor of Simonson's Thor @arthurstacy Thanks I hate it @WhachaWatcher @RobertSecundus He's very good yesShould be illegal @RobertSecundus It was him or Ultra Magnus up until the Christmas Special when I got dad feels from that self-destr… @RobertSecundus They are my close second but without reading the stuff before MTMTE I didn't have a deep understand…