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@Section_29 @Danagardens @MarioMercurio Consider it VERY fragile.🎥 | Ready to go. #LetsGoX
📸 | Great day in Cintas! #LetsGoX
🏀 | Next up is a trip to New York to take on @StJohnsBBall on Monday night at @TheGarden, site of next month's…
🎥 | "Naji" means strong warrior, and Naji Marshall lives up to that name every day on the court for the Musketeers.…📸 | Always LOVE support from Xavier Nation on the road! #LetsGoX🎥 | Naji Marshall and Tyrique Jones combine for 39 points against No. 19 Butler. #LetsGoX🎥 | Head coach Travis Steele speaks with the media following tonight's game at Butler. #LetsGoX🎥 | Hear from Tyrique Jones following Xavier's 66-61 loss at No. 19 Butler. #LetsGoX📸 | Complete photo gallery from tonight's game at Butler, via @exposure. #LetsGoX📸 | More second half action from Butler. #LetsGoX📸 | What a second half for Naji Marshall. 👏👏🔥 | NOT OVER YET. Marshall with the big-time 3️⃣off the Paul Scruggs steal! #LetsGoX🏀 | Naji Marshall makes it a 7-0 Xavier run! #LetsGoX💧 | KyKy with a big 3️⃣ to cut the lead to single digits! #LetsGoX🎥 | And 1️⃣ for @TyriqueJones_! #LetsGoX Not today! Send that one back! @XavierMBB | @BIGEASTMBB
Retweeted by Xavier Basketball🏀 | Quick 6-0 run for the Musketeers with baskets from Freemantle, Marshall and Jones and Butler calls a timeout.…💪 | Jones is up to a game-high 11 points and is 4-of-5 from the floor. #LetsGoX📸 | More action from the first half at Butler. #LetsGoX💪 | @TyriqueJones_ goes ⬆️ and throws it ⬇️!📸 | First half action from Hinkle Fieldhouse. #LetsGoX💪 | The block, the rebound and the basket for @NajMarshall! Four point game! #LetsGoX🎥 | BIG 3️⃣ by @brycemoore96 to make it two-possession game! #LetsGoX⚔️ | Jones takes advantage of a mismatch and is up to seven points. #LetsGoX
⚔️ | Zach Freemantle is on the board! #LetsGoX💪 | The Musketeers go straight to @TyriqueJones_ down low to get things started! #LetsGoX📸 | Warm-ups wrapped up at Hinkle Fieldhouse... it’s game-time! #LetsGoX🎥 | Getting ready to go in @the1paulscruggs city! #LetsGoX⏰ | 1️⃣ Hour. #LetsGoX🎥 | Shootaround ✔️ #LetsGoX! Xavier vs. Butler 🗺 | Indianapolis, IN 🏢 | Hinkle Fieldhouse 🕰 | 6:30 PM EST 📺 | @CBSSportsNet 📻 | @55KRC…⚔️ | Wednesday Night Showdown in the Hoosier State. #GamedayGuide #LetsGoX‼️ | Check out @TyriqueJones_ on the premiere episode of @JonRothstein’s “STUFFED”. #LetsGoX
⏰ | 2️⃣4️⃣ Hours. #LetsGoX spent his afternoon working with @havAsole at the @BGCINDY, helping hook some awesome kids up with f…
Retweeted by Xavier Basketball📸 | Embrace All Adversity. #LetsGoX🏀 | Jam Session with @the1paulscruggs. Runningman Edition. #LetsGoX🧹 | Some late night cleaning in Cintas... Wait... What??? @NASA?? #BroomChallenge #LetsGoX
🏀 | We are back on the road on Wednesday to face @ButlerMBB on @CBSSportsNet in another tough @BIGEASTMBB battle.…📸 | Great Monday. #LetsGoX @xukeith @kykytandy @BIGEASTMBB @TyriqueJones_ Myles Powell🏅 | Congrats @kykytandy on being named @BIGEASTMBB Freshman of the Week and @TyriqueJones_ on earning a spot on the…🎥 | 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ and many more to come for @Jason_Carter_25. #LetsGoX nights threads for @XavierMBB #uniswag
Retweeted by Xavier Basketball🎥 | Run it Back. #LetsGoX
‼️‼️‼️‼️🎥 | Unbreakable. #LetsGoX @HurleyMania Hi.🎥 | Cintas was on 🔥🔥🔥 #LetsGoX @FOX19MattW Great pics!I thought Travis Steele's demeanor tonight on the sideline was the most passionate we've seen him. It was clear how…
Retweeted by Xavier Basketball📸 | Complete photo gallery from Saturday's win over Providence! #LetsGoX📸 | A few favorites from the second half vs Providence! #LetsGoX📸 | Thank you, @XU_Xtreme_Fans ! #LetsGoX📸 | Winning locker room! #LetsGoX🎥 | Head coach Travis Steele speaks with the media following Xavier's win over Providence. #LetsGoX🎥 | Tyrique Jones and Paul Scruggs speak with the media following Xavier's win over Providence. #LetsGoX🎥 | All of the best plays from Xavier's 64-58 win over Providence at Cintas Center. #LetsGoX⚔️ | XAVIER WINS! #LetsGoX💪 | @TyriqueJones_, a double-double machine! #LetsGoX️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ | Jason Carter hits 1,000 points for his college career! #LetsGoX🏅 | Congratulations @Jason_Carter_25 on hitting the 1,000 point mark for his collegiate career! 👏👏 #LetsGoX🔥 | Paul Scruggs hits the transition 3️⃣ and a 5-0 run puts the Musketeers back ahead! #LetsGoX📸 | @TyriqueJones_ 😤 #LetsGoX📸 | A few favorites from tonight’s game vs Providence! #LetsGoX️⃣ | Moore from outside gives the Musketeers the lead! #LetsGoX🏀 | @the1paulscruggs on spin cycle! #LetsGoX️⃣ | "Mr. Instant Offense" @kykytandy from deep to tie it up! #LetsGoX💪 | Scruggs ➡️ Jones❗ #LetsGoX💪 | @quentingoodin to the hoop! #LetsGoX🔥 | The Paul Scruggs 3️⃣ makes it a 7️⃣-0️⃣ run for the Musketeers! #LetsGoX️⃣ | Naji Marshall from way outside gives Xavier its first lead! #LetsGoX🏀 | Jason Carter gets the scoring started for the Musketeers! #LetsGoX🎥 | Here. We. Go #LetsGoX
⚔️ | 🔥🔥🔥 #LetsGoX📸 | Tonight’s Threads! #LetsGoX! Xavier vs. Providence 🗺 | Cincinnati, OH 🏢 | Cintas Center 🕰 | 8:00 PM EST 📺 | @FS1 📻 | @700wlw |…⚔️ | Victory Parkway... #LetsGoX's @ENQSports cover: @zachfreemantle
Retweeted by Xavier Basketball⚔️ | Saturday Night LIVE. #GamedayGuide #LetsGoX
⚔️ | College Basketball’s Best Uniform. #LetsGoX⚔️ | Return of the Runningman. #LetsGoX🏀 | Jam Session with @TyriqueJones_. 🧱 City Edition. #LetsGoX
🏀 | We are back home on Saturday night to host @PCFriarsmbb on Throwback Night at @CintasCenter! #LetsGoX👟 | 🔥🔥🔥 #LetsGoX an amazing time with the Massillon Rolling Tigers! Such a cool experience!
Retweeted by Xavier Basketball
🎥 | Unbreakable. #LetsGoX🏅 | Congratulations @NajMarshall on being named among the top 10 candidates for the 2020 @hoophall Julius Erving Sm… #LetsGoX Jones: "Like I told you last time, I got nine games left ... I got eight more games left in this uniform an…
Retweeted by Xavier Basketball🎥 | Senior Tyrique Jones speaks with the media following Xavier's win at DePaul. #LetsGoX🎥 | Hear from head coach Travis Steele following Xavier's win at DePaul. #LetsGoX📸 | Complete photo gallery from the win at DePaul. #LetsGoX📸 | Views from the second half at DePaul. #LetsGoX🎥 | All of the best plays as the Musketeers beat DePaul for Xavier's second-straight road win. #LetsGoX⚔️ | XAVIER WINS! #LetsGoX @TyriqueJones_ is on a different level right now. 💪
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