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My life goal is to be the host of a "Nick Arcade" reboot. - I am completely serious. IG:XavierWoodsPhD

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Thinking I'm going to start a telltale game series on @UpUpDwnDwn - just going through the ones I haven't played si… @BiggieFallz86 @UpUpDwnDwn NahI really can't wait for "Ma" to hit theaters. ME SON ONE MORE TIME!!!
2019 @GFuelEnergy luck boys! this guy play this game was amazing😳 @BreeOlson @TheGGForever @BettyMWhite @FinallyAaron
@MarkMan23¿Por Que?!!!'s gooooooooooo @Wale You don't want these problems @dtbn26 @Target Oh I've been alerted😁 @AshleyMcelf @BettyMWhite GOLDEN GIRLS SHRINE IS FINISHED! Trying to make @bettymwhite proud 😁 I used the golden girls theme from…
My man!!!! @GoldenboyFTW I would totally go in with you on that hahhaThanks for coming through and seeing all those unboxings! Y'all should check out @anneweetwelwie on the twitters a… through and chat a bit while I open some packages that have piled up since I've been on the road for a few wee…😂 did not. It did not have to be done.... @AliWWE @TrueKofi @MmmGorgeous HahaaahhahLots of never have already happened. I am Austin Creed, first of my name, breaker of imaginary wrestling boundaries… @MmmGorgeous @TrueKofi The shadow of the Gorgeous One lost footage from last week's episode! @CcassThi @VelveteenWWE @MmmGorgeous that you can help make a difference in many ways. One is playing video games 😉 @makeawish is an awesome o… @jacquicollins_
@WhitemareElmSt Its a fun game that you should play but only if you enjoy fun video games. @GameOverGreggy Is that what's going on in that Pic?? @XavierWoodsPhD yes
Retweeted by Austin Creed @ColonelFalcon @nintencollect @Nintendork9 @16bitnostalgia @RetroGamerDaz @RetroGamingDev @retrogaminggeek to answer - #firstcartooncrush
I feel like this was a missed opportunity for Heyman to bust out the cardboard box and hit a windmill #247Championship - this is how we debuted the @UpUpDwnDwn championship earlier this year 😏 son! 😭
@themichaelz @arielitalic @TheLadyBearica @MaffRogers @WorldOfBanks @UpUpDwnDwn We already have a 24/7 title on the channel 😉 @IAmCharlesChase @WWE @TrueKofi @UpUpDwnDwn @GameOverGreggy And I'm the corrupt one?!?To clarify my thoughts about #GameOfThrones - I'm not sure what I wanted, but I enjoy talking to people to try and figure out what I did @OMGitsfirefoxx trying to work out how I feel about the ending to #GameOfThrones YOU! #ETC @UpUpDwnDwn #MITB @WWEUsos My god please win them so Y'all can come to SD every week for @UpUpDwnDwn
Highlight of my day - teaching @TrueKofi how to use IG Live 🤣 the newest match up for the @UpUpDwnDwn championship @GentlemanJackG defends against @Sheltyb803 and the gloves… in the states 👍🏾 in case you guys missed it, we had a pretty sweet #SmashUltimate tournament @uconn and raised… @keversaynever @MmmGorgeous Keep your ears open! I've been saying I'm working on a mobile game for months! 😁
.@XavierWoodsPhD Wraps Up Topps Street! See @SashaBanksWWE Awards in Awards Section!
Retweeted by Austin CreedTwo of the best wrestlers that I know. If you wanna learn how to do this the right way then check them out asap bef… @TwitchCon last year I got to film a video with @XavierWoodsPhD for @UpUpDwnDwn! Put my…
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@NerDadTPC Nah, it's under the same umbrella. This is my hustle, my way of trying to blend the world of wrestling a… @sen10rfootball @bcafcmark I went to uni, got two degrees, a masters, and am a breath away from having a PhD, and I… they make ya take stuff out 😳'S THAT TIME. The moment you've ALL been waiting for! A RISKY ROYAL RUMBLE WATCH-THROUGH! With the #30 entry in…
Retweeted by Austin CreedStarts now!! @Perfec10n and Myself are very happy to announce we will be opening a wrestling school. Flatbacks will be located…
Retweeted by Austin CreedShe will be first chair in no time! 😁
And the lab is on the move through Germany...... @MortalKombat @UpUpDwnDwn @aogpodcast @OhNoItsBohbear The official has fine shoes. What is there to talk about? @sbar713 @OhNoItsBohbear I'm really big on debuffs but they are linked to my attacks so I'm at the will of my GCD 😭🤣 @Wale @WWEBigE @WWEBigE @Wale 👍🏾 there's something going on with my body then I want to be the one who makes decisions about it. And I think that… @DuanSparkles @Nickelodeon Says who? @thatgreenchick @TrueKofi If Killin does die then Goku never turns super saiyan. I dare someone to say that Killin… - the people have spoken....
@jimsmallman NooooooooooProof of Work: Love The Weather Outdoor running is the best! The heat, the sweat, the GPS losing signal and losing…
Retweeted by Austin CreedNew #GamefThrones @UpUpDwnDwn episode coming soon!!!! @WWEAsuka, @BaronCorbinWWE, @MMMgorgeous and I are jumping into the world of @MonsterHunter! LET'S GOOO… @WWEBigE HOW DARE YOU LAIR TO US! @WWEBigE @idontgetbored @WWEBigE I'd say high...
LADIES and gentlemen! For one night only! @WWEBigE will have his DMs open (mine have been open so I'm used to the d… @RMU @StephMcMahon The list to get a doctorate!?!?SWEET!!!!! @Hemmo11996 @WWEBigE It's what friends do 😁 @realtejana @WWEBigE You won't!Sooooooo @WWEBigE - you've been having a blast on Twitter. I feel like you should get dark..... You should open you… @WWEBigE @realtejana Me everytime I open twitter and see what E is sending people.... @NotFrankeSisto @Sabrewoif @Zaskyl Incorrect! My box is just a little taller, but you're the shiny golden one who c… @RMU @StephMcMahon If you've got any honorary doctorates lying around then I'll be by before the end of the year to… @TeganNoxWWE_ out me and @WWEAsuka as we play @TreasureStack on this episode of @UpUpDwnDwn! Local party mode style 🎉YEAHHH… god..... my god #GameOfThrones