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Life goal = host of new "Nick Arcade" - favorite game = Mario kart double dash, current goal in wrestling is to become king of the ring IG:XavierWoodsPhD

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@chuck__kanu My hair makes me look like a bobblehead.... I guess the sheer size of my head does that as well.... Anyway, nice to meet you! @JaimsVanDerBeek @WWEBrayWyatt @zfleeman Why would you not get into it? It's quite fantastic.
Hot take of the day: The movie version of the song "Nicest Kids In Town" is by far the best version of the song.… single player game: Mario Kart Doubke Dash Best multi-player game: Mario Kart Doubke Dash #SinglePlayer @Seththediamond1 @UpUpDwnDwn Just keep hustling and having fun with it 😁 @Seththediamond1 @UpUpDwnDwn Looks great on ya!Travel tip! Standing closer to the carousel at baggage claim doesn't make your bags come out faster. It makes it… is no level of 🤬🤬🤬 that can compare to the #SuperMarioMaker2 custom level! Case and point. #UUDD
Retweeted by Austin Creed @tagjim Definitely depends on where you live 🤔🤣 @IAmCharlesChase Aaaaaaand you're correct😳 @tagjim Meaning what? @AliWWE @horiusainc @UpUpDwnDwn It 100 percent is!!! And I'm obsessed with it!!!Good luck to everyone in the tournament. This definitely isn't a live feed of me trying to come to terms about not… Dreaming of the LPL playoffs. See you next week Shanghai!
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I freaking love this!!!! Thank you so much! @LisaKudrowTHINGS ARE HAPPENING!!! your phone and realizing that the season finale of @UpUpDwnDwn Battle of the Brands is an hour long: Watch… @MaidenEngland96 @cwils125 @UpUpDwnDwn @MmmGorgeous HushIt's coming to an end Y'all.... I can't believe we are really here! @Kainin Is anything?!?Go whatch this episode now!!!!
Come watch me open boxes on @UpUpDwnDwn almost at 2 million!!!Finally home in atl! Doing unboxings live from home in a few on @UpUpDwnDwn :)Happy Birthday to @TrueKofi aka Mr. 24/7! 🎂🎮🎉 #UUDD #UUDD2MIL
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#KingOfTheRing @wwe @WWE @DashWilderWWE @ScottDawsonWWE These men are “all about the money” but then are mad that ya boys are out here… Superstar @XavierWoodsPhD brings a New Day to Brawlhalla! He also brought magic, wonder, and a PhD to the fight…
Retweeted by Austin Creed @BaronCorbinWWE @WWE Patronizing me is a bad choice. Come to think of it with all the bad choices you have made, th… THE EFF!!?!?! PLEASE DEAR GOD PLEASE PLEASE IF THERE IS ANYTHING GOOD AND TRUE LEFT IN THE UNIVERSE THEN PLEAS…
#SummerSlam DID FLAIR DROP THE ELBOW ON HIM?!?!? And yea, I got my hair did 😉
I am very sports entertained & @WWECesaro got a HUGE surprise during #SummerSlam week courtesy of @lplenglish! #LPL
Retweeted by Austin CreedSo @Klondikebar is giving away a lifetime supply of their ice cream bars. This is not a drill. You just need to cha… @BeckyLynchWWE @AliWWE @DaveBautista @WWE getting to meet Big E and @XavierWoodsPhD . She was so excited!
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@Kainin Thank you for it 😍From the signing this morning. Hell of a shirt! them! @OXM Cena and myself are mentioned in the article but maybe they ran out of characters in this tweet due to the lin… @GameOverGreggy you all LIVE STREAM GOING DOWN TONIGHT ON @UpUpDwnDwn AT 9PM!
This morning I talked to @WWEBigE about what @TrueKofi’s #SummerSlam match means for not just for him, but for blac…
Retweeted by Austin Creed @missmayim @FortniteGame I'M LITERALLY SCREAMING RIGHT NOW IN MY HOTEL ROOM!!! I DID NOT REALIZE IT WAS YOU AND I S… @TrueKofi! We said it and need to stick to it. Pancakes for @Klondikebar! What would you do for a #KlondikeBar?… @Moonshine_Six WowwwwwwwwY'all... Finally after two years in a row of forgetting, it's finally hotter than July 🤣I absolutely love this up somethin with @XavierWoodsPhD and @UpUpDwnDwn at the #BellFibeHouse 🤔
Retweeted by Austin Creed @IconicDevotee @ryansatin @UpUpDwnDwn @ryansatin Don't forget to add the link where it came from - always credit the source (if possible) 😉… @ESPizzaN @MmmGorgeous That's absurdSo @GrandPOOBear easily has the best name on Twitter. @mauroranallo Yes please!
@blahmed @MmmGorgeous @AlexMyersFGC Yessirrrrrrr @Chuck_Huber My leige! @SoMuch2Zay @Brawlhalla @WWE @TheRock @BeckyLynchWWE @JohnCena Yeaaaaaaaaa.@XavierWoodsPhD is confident he’s still going to beat @MmmGorgeous... IS HE RIGHT?! #UUDD #UUDD2MIL
Retweeted by Austin CreedY'all know what to do. You want more @wwe personalities in more games then go download this. Aka please get this so… @JohntaviusLong @ImCaptainBrian Man out here thinks the hero can be the hero without having an amazing support character. 😂The best anime of all time anyone have a hook up on a box set of Sweet Valley High? @SirSquatchIII Greatness! @starofkelly, @lplenglish. See you there! #LPL #LeagueOfLegends #UUDD @lplenglish - what do you say to the me and @WWECesaro coming through? #LPL #LeagueofLegends @wwe
@zerojay @MrPope Permission granted @MaximumCortez @MrPope on your hustle at all times. My @upupdwndwn set up before #SmackdownLive last night. Just added a… @HealPleaseHeal I have not had any input and I'm not sure. But I do now there's a ton of stuff in it that wasn't in…
@beginslikethis I'm in detroit haha @KingJaeLDN Thanks man and great to finally meet you!!! @TranquilAshes Incredible! @GameOverGreggy I take care of mine 😉The long night has passed and my mouth now feels like the inside of a triathletes underwear. Must find a room of th… think the hotel chase has come to an end. I think that I may have come to terms that this car is now my humble ab… into 5th hotel in the area Me: Hi! Human: 🙄 Me: ummm would you happen to have any rooms available? Huma… state of things: Watch @evo finals sunday, Red eye Vegas-Pittsburgh Monday (1am), Raw, DQ win, pinfall loss… made a simple chart for anyone who says video games are causing America’s gun problem.
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Youre the first person I've seen this entire day who has been listening to what I've been saying the past few month… "You're gonna be facing Doug Basham & Charlie Haas in handicap match to open the show. " #uudd
Retweeted by Austin CreedBreeze "It's gonna be you, Ric Flair and Heidenreich in a steel cage prove yourself match" #uudd
Retweeted by Austin Creed @whereyoedgeup @WWEUniverse Don't need help, Ive already got it covered 😉 but I appreciate you!I would gladly sit down and speak to people about video games and how they influence culture. And by people I mean…