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@willycrooks @quicklyquickly_ @kennybeats FINALLY
Retweeted by Xavi @jedwill1999 Honestly I've just accepted that there's a lot of extremely jealous music people right now about all this @vitacocoa Only if, in about ten years, a helicopter lands next to our house while I'm outside chopping wood and so… HEARD IT HERE FIRST!! The lineup for Virtual Bass Halloween! Join us at 36 artists!…
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@notakermusic I know someone who was able to convert their crypto into around 20,000 dollars and get it into their bank account @divine1k This is the best way that snare has ever been used, this is killerMy financial advisor suggested that I release this.
Retweeted by Xavi @laxcitymusic honestly that's all that matters @laxcitymusic COME ON, MAN @laxcitymusic yeah but did u win
@RohaanOfficial @formerhero_ Is all of the UK pinkAll I wanna know is, where is @formerhero_ located where all the trees are pink @its_lupa I am now EPIC @maxschramp NOOOOOOOO @KaseyTheJackal Thank you!! That means a lot
Let's give it up for all our acts today!! @SlyVR5 @SPEVK @robromansvoice @xavimakesmusic @SlushiiMusic @jkuchmusic
Retweeted by XaviNOUR ON EPIC GAMES STORE NOUR ON EPIC GAMES STORE hit that yung wishlist button pls 🥺 👉👈
Retweeted by Xavi @hun____ter Everybody just have a good time And we gonna make you lose your mind We just wanna see you Shake that @hunter_hhhh noSet tonight’s gonna be streamed here at 7:10PM PST! COME CHILL 🦁💖✨!
Retweeted by Xavi @TsundereNinja @thesoundofkites @exoboltofficial @sushitrash Good listI'm starting my set at slyfest very soon!
Retweeted by Xavi @FortExcalibur Just played one, and yes they are @officialsenza @AudiusProject Let's goooo!Think @AudiusProject is onto something here @hun____ter Huntywood @drive45music Awh man, I'm so sorry @MEKABEAR_ @FestSly Same @hannahselene_ @FestSly You're incredible, thank you for the visuals so much @xavimakesmusic that was incredible ~~ @FestSly
Retweeted by XaviUnreleased : )
jumpin on to watch @xavimakesmusic's set rn at @FestSly
Retweeted by XaviMade the visuals for this @xavimakesmusic in VR chat! Now streaming on Twitch~
Retweeted by XaviMy boy @xavimakesmusic is going ham at Slyfest rn go check it.
Retweeted by XaviON RIGHT NOW ON @FestSly TUNE INNN @hun____ter Throw the whole son outWE ARE LIVE!
Retweeted by XaviSee you tonight. Playing some unreleased, some crazy stuff as well friends. Sly Fest will officially be live at 11:00AM EST! Again to reiterate, the world to search for i…
Retweeted by Xavi @hun____ter Air or hair @hun____ter THANK YOU OH MY GOD I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST ME
@n0zeromusic @oitsfuqinlit You're gonna need to post an entire farms worth of animals soonWant to join us on VRChat? You can! Just follow the steps! #VRChat #SlyFest2020
Retweeted by Xavihey so @xavimakesmusic has new music coming out soon and i thought y’all should know to keep an eye out
Retweeted by Xavihappy skrillex day
Retweeted by Xavi @maxschramp Max Schramp @onelastperil Boys really just be living like this
@hun____ter I absolutely am losing it seeing you slowly become a bigger and bigger name, it's so cool to see for realimma be in dis bitch
Retweeted by Xavi @hannahselene_ AND and and, you did such a good job and I'm so thankful for youMade a whole visual set for this !! It’s gonna be in VR 🙂 go check out @xavimakesmusic !!
Retweeted by XaviIm in a big ol edm sandwich with @benzi and @SlushiiMusic, come see me at 7:35 pm EST this friday'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @SlushiiMusic Slushii will be headlining this Friday! #VRChat #SlyFest2020
Retweeted by Xavi @swtpmusic Huh. StrangeI'm playing right after @SlushiiMusic this Friday for Slyfest. This is going to get crazy.
Retweeted by Xavi @chuck_suttonn YEAH EXACTLY#FORMTOBER2020 a mirror more accurate than mere glass
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@AuntyDonnaBoys @NetflixIsAJoke YOOOOOOOOO⚠️WARNING⚠️ #VRChat #SlyFest2020
Retweeted by Xavi @TSUNAMIMUSICx How is it always the most absolutely boring artists that no one would go and see normally that do thisFRIDAY Be there, see me, see ??? right after, you are definitely not going to want to miss this - Nerva The second single from Alter/Ego Volume I, out this Friday.
Retweeted by Xavi @HexCougar @Heimanu_ @alterslashego Holy crap you are not pulling any stops @LyricaLemonade @willycrooks Yoo??If I don't see you there, I will be sad
Retweeted by Xavi @hun____ter I was so absolutely over the top happy seeing you with 100+ watchers last night, you really deserve this
@hun____ter HUNTER IS IGNORING 'NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THIS' THREADS WHAT'S GOING ON IN TWITTER [a thread]: @asabfb Everything made by HXRY is super underrated and sincerely amazing @h_________e God I love thisWHAT
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the sequel to 'the kfc guy plays an ultra set' in the worst way possible @singtoconley Unfortunate, really thought it would be kinda cool to hear Goofy collected skulls or something @singtoconley as someone who never got into kingdom hearts, yes that sounds neat
The Official Sly Fest Lobby is now available! Chill here with friends before the festival begins! :D
Retweeted by Xavi @singtoconley Already got my mandatory watch in, while drinking apple cider and eating a pumpkin rollit is the LAW to watch Over the Garden Wall every october. the LAW
Retweeted by Xavi @h_________e No, love u @EssengerMusic @nokkusuu I remember you telling me this and me getting pissed cause your setup is absolutely bonkers @cscoop Someone recently tagged someone else in the comments of one of my instagram posts and said nothing but 'yu… @madeon I'd love a peak at how you did that production, because you're right, it WAS on point
Check out Daft Punk's new single "Get Lucky" if you get the chance. Sound of the summer.
Retweeted by Xavi🤯SLY FEST IS NOW JUST A WEEK A WAY!🤯 Here's a little teaser video that showcases the world and what Sly Fest is al…
Retweeted by Xavi @onelastperil Kmnr text line is the ultimate flirt machine @maxschramp @HexCougar @LemayLemayLemay @alterslashego LORDDD“Aubade” with @LemayLemayLemay is out nowww on @alterslashego
Retweeted by Xavi @chuck_suttonn headphones aren't even plugged in. how do you do it @oitsfuqinlit HmmmFormant filters are old hat, Ben @HEYHXRY @kaelinellis vouch“The Color of Nothing” my sophomore album is officially out now thank you for everyone involved and everyone who s…
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Retweeted by Xavi @pooldad What does this mean @DJNittiGritti @TunerCult I really, really, really, really, really, REALLY like that color. Congrats!
@hunter_hhhh Hunter mindset @Voliik I have no clue, it's been going on all day for some reason, I think it's just random