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My fucking number neighbor just texted me. Wtf is a number neighbor? Is there a number neighborhood? @salembasswitch Oh my fuck dude 💀That sent me 😂
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@davekent28 😂😂😂😂💀 @davekent28 Let’s cut through the cheerio, quickly!!
@GawmMusic Full send dude 🔥😂 @davekent28 😂😂😂😭G JONES @ DIGITAL MIRAGE (FULL SET) // 🗣️
Retweeted by quesadillaAm I really standing in a line outside the liquor store to get tequila. Ya bet ya ass. @GawmMusic should write a book on do’s and don’tToo many artists cry about not having enough followers when they need to shut the fuck up and take care of the fans they do have.
Retweeted by quesadillaI can’t wait to get home holy moly guacamole @s_mething Oh my fuck 😂😂Not to suck my own dick. But I’m romantic af and I treat my lady like the queen she is. @PortatoTot Dart board, oven mits French toast. Think about it.Lets get this bread 💀🥺😕💸😭😍😍
@GEORCMS Tf aren’t we doing hoodrat shit.I miss graffiti, that shit was so fun till everyone started getting felonies for it.Attacked @mvmblez Okay okay. Empire State Building @mvmblez Avocado @computamusic We’d be making sick banjo musicI’m fucking starving my dudes
@Corbinthedude Going to kick it with the boys and get stoned is definitely not essential to me at all. Twig is fam… @Corbinthedude You can laugh at me all you want and disagree with me all you want but idk what diseases my homies h… @Corbinthedude Literally why y’all haven’t seen me. I’m not risking that shit. @Corbinthedude Dude do you. I’m just not hanging with you guys at all till this shit blows over. That’s it that’s l… @Corbinthedude That’s how you kills your friends who are high risk. @Corbinthedude I’m not living in fear dude I’m looking out for the well-being of myself and my girl and my family.… @Corbinthedude It’s not called living in fear it’s called be cautious of the virus that’s going around. It’s not a… @Corbinthedude If you give any sort of a fuck about twigs well being or anyone’s well being if they are a high risk… @Corbinthedude That’s why people should probably not do shit till it does 🤷‍♂️ @Corbinthedude Exactly so stay home lmaoo @PortatoTot @PortatoTot I’m covered in his blood😭😂 @Corbinthedude I’m definitely not hanging with anyone till this blows over man. My girl is way toooo high risk. The… @BailoBeatz I love it more when smaller underground Legends follow you on SoundCloud. Idk it just feels more satisfying in a way.Yesterday made me appreciate the outside world so much. I can’t wait for life to get back to normal. Shows, hikes,… Carrot basketWeezy F baby and the F is for FUCK CAROL BASKINZ
Retweeted by quesadillaOur Remix of Gassed Up by JAUZ & DJ Snake is out now!
Retweeted by quesadilla @iamsclass @ISOxo_ @Knock2Music Thank u man!!Dmt is amazing @salembasswitch @vlcnofficial @whotfisvertekz @Meekomusicc @yewzofficial @hollowmoonbeats @prodbyredrum @nghtwlkrdub 🙏❤️❤️
Let’s never forget when this girl FaceTimed the wrong daddy 🤣
Retweeted by quesadillaI should also let go of this @ISOxo_ @Knock2Music flip too. can’t go a day without coffee... smh 🤦🏻‍♂️ 😂 #COVID19
Retweeted by quesadillaStarted some weird 100bpm shit yesterday and got dang.Should I let go of this one soon too? grocery shopping and We came home to our dogs literally eating our door and our tv. 🤟
@brndvx People from the south eat this.Woke up out of sleep paralysis just now after taking a nap and holy shit. I’m never sleeping again @itschandlerw Go to America first man, it takes like 5 minutes to sign up and they’ve done more for my credit in a year than wellsfargo @eliminatemusic How the turn tables have the turn tables never turned the turnI haven’t woken up this hungover in soooooo long @smolspidermusic @whoshearts
@fuxwithitblog @MarlonCraft @vinniecassius Heard**.@MarlonCraft is a skilled wordsmith with an undeniable flow.
Retweeted by quesadilla @fuxwithitblog @MarlonCraft But have you guys hear of @vinniecassius 🔥🙏 @dmarcushammond_ @bassbroncodubs It makes me sad that he can’t read the comments 😕 @FransisDerelle I have fiber optic and it’s STILL SLOW🙄🙄🙄 @bdhbtmusic @yojasmusic Wot
Retweeted by quesadilla @RunnitOfficial @yojasmusic @bdhbtmusic @Meekomusicc @s_mething @lynyofficial @casey_beats @gurfmusic @smolspidermusic @msft_fml Fatty list🔥 @xBADTASTESx
Retweeted by quesadilla @xBADTASTESx I don’t think this is a question bro. Fucking full send
Retweeted by quesadilla @litastar_ NEXT WEEK🙏
new music out now enjoy that 🕊💸
Retweeted by quesadillaCancer fucking sucks, seeing someone so lifeless before their gone is so heartbreaking woke up still so baked from last nightIm getting my neck tatted after all this is over.
Retweeted by quesadillaI absolutely love waking up next to my girl every damn day
Retweeted by quesadillaShould I release this @Meekomusicc @msft_fml @RunnitOfficial @yojasmusic @bdhbtmusic @s_mething @lynyofficial @casey_beats @gurfmusic @msft_fml @RunnitOfficial @yojasmusic @bdhbtmusic @Meekomusicc @s_mething @lynyofficial @casey_beats @gurfmusic @smolspidermusic Adopt me
@RunnitOfficial @yojasmusic @bdhbtmusic @Meekomusicc @s_mething @lynyofficial @casey_beats @gurfmusic @Meekomusicc know this isn’t a lot but my track broke over 100 likes😭 thank you for the support everyone! If you haven’t heard…
Retweeted by quesadillaMy girl + dabs + dog’s = joy @ParticaArtists @tadasounds @IamBRAINRACK @VeepotOfficial Tuning in for this 👊💥 @piercesounds Hey. U got this. @ikeloudd Breathe go outside and think about all the good even when you can’t anymore. It’s hard it always is and it never gets easy.Sagittarius y’all stankkkkky working on music has been giving me super bad anxiety. I need to lock myself in a cabin in the mountains and just work. 🥺This dude made 10 grand selling feet pics. Wtf am I doing. @angel_the_2 @artisticminded My job is hiring if you need a place to work @RinRinloveship Venmo @badtastes 🤷‍♂️Where’s @LilJon when u need him.
World war z is free on epic games rn just sayin.Not enough time in a day, I just wanna work on music and send these colabs out without being dead lmaoImma buy a house next year. Watch me.Fuck dude 13 hrs nb 💸💸 @Meekomusicc Yessss ❤️A bath, a blunt and a beer would slap rn @jonnanicole Soooo good 😭😂These tiger king memes will forever be iconic 💀💀😭
@Meekomusicc Hey baby drink the coffee I made you and take a dab❤️