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There are so many new @ID_Xbox games, we couldn't fit them all in one video. Watch the new series:… @ChaseEdmonds22 That sounds like something the team at @XboxSupport can give you a hand with, reach out to them and… @PaulineMacM Reach out to the team at @XboxSupport, they should be able to help you troubleshoot.Learn the truth of the Old Ways and see a scared youth become the fearsome Bloodhound in the newest installment of…
Retweeted by Xbox @BandaiNamcoUS That wasn't very Plus Ultra of you. @twoS3V3Ngaming Good luck out there agent, have a good stream. @MaddzMaddern Have a good stream and be careful out there in Raccoon City.Skip pay. Go directly to play. Free Play Days start today: @Kon05846289 Hope you stay safe too! @KauyonMixer You might want to equip some bite proof gardening gloves. @FungyBungyBOI Gerald sounds like a good parrot. @RagesOscar Nice! Sounds like an exciting stream. @BandaiNamcoUS That's a good way to lose an arm. @lyndonSG It's good for many laughs! @BatchGaming Everyone on the front lines working to help make us safe deserves all our respect. @ramit_krishnan So still. So silent. So imperceptible. @SuperRussellMan Co-streams are the best! We're glad that your first one went so well. @JamisonCoyle Good. Now get back out there and earn some penalty time. @MitchHolland23 Check in with @XboxSupport, they should be able to help troubleshoot. @QuinPlayzGamez We've got a pretty awesome community. That's the key! @LV_Stylo We're holding up just fine! Everyone's working at home and keeping safe. @DonoMuffin Sounds like someone started a new game.Can you pass the Hal-Os? @SgtStLou Thank you for being part of the community for so many years! We're looking forward to the Series X too. @KauyonMixer What a beautiful day in the neighborhood for a stream. @gamer_access Two great ways to spend time cleaning up the competition together. @DonoMuffin There's no way to promise that, with an Ori game. @DonoMuffin You're in for a real treat. @CadenCl52612138 Good call. We think you'll have a blast with both of them. @FlukeUnkn0wn There's still a lot of cleanup to be done out there. Good work. @DucklesJust If you reach out to @XboxSupport they should be able to help troubleshoot. @jonhumbert @XboxGamePass @XboxP3 @asalisbury Winning matches (and hearts) is tiring business. @JamisonCoyle The only thing to do is get right back out on the ice. @Xenmic We're sure you'll land on something that's a blast for the whole stream. @HoodieMelo3s This is the socially responsible content we love to see. @CleanR1ch Thanks for the shout out! Hope you're holding up and staying safe. @MaddzMaddern Two groups that are always important to look out for. Good work! @RagesOscar Always a good time! Make i'm feel the rage. @ViXeN_KaI Epic. @ducain23 Literally. @WraithUNGS If you have trouble with the new controller, you can still use current Xbox One controllers with the Xbox Series X. @Crisweezy__ Happy to hear that it's helping! This is a tough time for a lot of people, but keeping connected to friends always helps. @RealLifeGaming3 Good luck on that ranked grind. It's always better with a buddy at your side. @shellsh0ckedant It should be out today. @Riverfromthe6 We're glad to hear you're still finding those connections. That's what we were hoping for. @FondleMy_WAYNEr You can see the full list of supported games here: @gjr2_ Gotta keep moving if you're going to draw fire like that. @Kon05846289 Unicorns just add that little bit of sparkle we all need. @THE_BACKSTER_YT The seasons change, but you've still got to get where you're going.Batista Bomb Tip: If they’re still in one piece after, you’re doing it wrong 🤼 Shatter your enemies:… @gamer_access We're happy to help. Which games are you both playing to stay busy? @BigPapa2268 Sounds like you still have some ripping and tearing to do.The demons waiting on the other side won’t be happy to see you. Oh well. Walk through: @GhostStrats Gamers checking in with other gamers. That's what we like to see. @Xbox_SUPERFAN Now that's a walk down memory lane. @WhyAshNow Sounds like an excellent schedule!
Adventurers, get ready to explore the mountainous region of Drieghan! Experience the rich history of the newest reg…
Retweeted by Xbox @GOINHAMS247 "I laughed super hard about it, then felt bad for laughing." @GOINHAMS247 "Man, that was kind of a jerk move. Sorry about the knife, friend. Good luck next round." @0rdanny Sounds like you've seen and done almost everything in ancient Greece. Have a great stream! @SwiperTheFox14 Keeping an eye on your teammate's loot like: @JaffaCake247 Thanks for the kind words! We hope you're doing well. @SuperRussellMan Those dinosaurs better not be planning any pranks. @FINALLEVEL Savage on the mic, savage to demons. @AceoHearts72 That is very satisfying.Unicorns are beautiful right up to the second they’re charging at you 🦄 Play Fantasy Battle Royale through 4/7:… @TonkaToyXL Have fun and keep those Dark Falz at bay. @radicalsphinx They are very enthusiastic employees.Enjoy a fun film from the comfort of home! Pre-Order Resident Evil 3 in U.S. or Canada on Xbox One, and get a copy…
Retweeted by Xbox @B1ueLightning22 It only takes a second, and you may even find your next duos partner. @SwiperTheFox14 They fell into your cunning trap! @LordGhost Best of luck to you! @MGylseth Well, this is just the new release list, not Xbox Game Pass additions. @XA_Noah A bunch of cool new stuff to try out. @Opzify It'll be a fun month, for sure! @TonkaToyXL We're glad to hear you and your both having a good time playing. Which classes are you leveling first? @t0p0_ Thanks for gaming with us! @KhuntSahaj You've got a great list to work on! @REBEL_IZZY In tough times we know the community will pull together. @PandaFrisky Not long until you're in the driver's seat! @ObiBertKenobi Star Wars streams are the best. @EddiePTS YES. @steroberts9 Awesome action shot. @Ak1raTetsuO We're doing good, but thanks for checking in! @M0taku That sounds like an amazing stream! And what a great community. @WhyAshNow What was the decision? @TheRetroP We know whatever they decide to do will be amazing.📍 Point A l l l l l where the delivery goes wrong l l l l l 📍 Point B Plan your route: @MoonLiteWolfPro She's here to reign over the competition. @martina88308882 Time to dig out your snow boots and warm jacket.🌱 + 🧟 + 🐰 = 🙌 Any questions? Hop through the Springening Festival now: @Tycassidy1 Thanks for gaming with us! @SaccharineHalo @HaloCodex @Halo @franklez A treasure from a bygone age. @SuperRussellMan Is there anything more joyful than a Batman dance? We don't think so. @TheBSPattycake Sounds like a great plan for a Wednesday stream. @AlanAbolnik They should be out now! Check your dashboard. @GOINHAMS247 Heck, we're a little mad and we're just watching the clip.We know it’s April 1, but these are all really coming out this month. Promise. 👉: @lrennn_ Because in Minecraft the only blocks between you and your friends are the ones you're building with. @alleycat3301 You're doing amazing already! Keep up the great work.