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From a forgetful pirate to a rambunctious hoverboarder, Crater has a hero for everyone. Get to know all the Rocket…
Retweeted by Xbox @defonotalizard Remind us not to buy tickets when that traveling circus comes to town. @Betani316 We love an opportunity to play matchmaker!Earth? Been there, done that. It's time for some place brand new. And with 4 player online co-op mode, maybe it's… @KalynnWolfe Who knew Daedric artifacts could be so pretty? @LoriiPops Hail Sithis, Dark Sister. @Kooldude183 Once you take care of that Ender Dragon, the Overworld is your oyster. @Aliensquirt Reach out to the team at @XboxSupport, they should be able to help you troubleshoot and direct you to… @Dazzlinglatte Which means you've got about... *Checks notes* Three more years of gameplay. @Poppypuppi That will teach us for playing on an empty stomach. @Poppypuppi Are we the only ones that wanted to try Veral's soup during this quest?#GameStackLive was so much fun we’re making it a regular thing. You bring the snacks, and we’ll bring an hour of al…
Retweeted by Xbox @SaintsRow It'll be great to see the 3rd street crew in action again. @Deceptidom Sheogorath always has something interesting up his fancy, purple sleeves. @SithLordShadow We always appreciated that One-on-one time with our squad members.Nobody's going to forget the person who eliminated them with a gold gun. Play like a pro with the new Call of Duty… @dadsofdestiny More like Climbwinter. (That's a free dad joke for you.) @turasatana1 "What if we made a game that was 99% awesome side missions?" -The Witcher team, probably. @Dazzlinglatte We always love to see Witcher 3 content! @Pogo1289 The Witcher 3 was an endless source of awesome side quests. It's been fun hearing about everyone's favorites. @reggiiee777 They found a lot of great ways to tuck some lore in around the main story. Plus: Skulls! @MrPureinstinct Living in the future does have some nice perks. @RandomU58296159 Turns out you can get in a situation where you can't gain more paragon. Who knew? Not us! @AdmiralYiulias It looks so good!Resident Evil Resistance has just received a new update on @PlayStation, @Xbox, and @Steam! New Survivor skills, Ma…
Retweeted by Xbox @HunterC30145038 @StealthoBoxykat We don't know why this is happening, but we approve. @ajbrucker Right? It just looks so tasty! @Tyeshaneverdies It's an exciting time for any gamer! Glad you'll be gaming with us. @Redmission22 Glad you're hyped to check them out! @DrewHodgkins There's more on the way! @CodFan91 You'll have plenty of taste tests soon! @sullixbox We see that not-so-subtle gaming collection flex in the background. @trevorallenward So many great gaming memories. @PlanetNoobies Watch out Appalachia, there's a new duo in town. Series X recap, sales, launches, and more. Check out what happened This Week on Xbox: @ragGODFATHER Minus that one quest where we became the Night Mother's new roommate.Dive into Trove Delves on @Xbox One and face off against all new endless dungeons, challenges, and loot ⚒️ The dee…
Retweeted by Xbox @markfontana56 Props to Leiandros for his DIY skills.You can have your cake and be it too. We promise that will make sense after watching this. See what's in store in… @Choppss_DL2 It turns out that Mondays were a bummer in ancient Greece too! @Bunny69Bugzz What can we say? We're a chatty console. @KITKATGaming When you join the party: @niteshadow1212 Out for some pizza?
@davarizero2 We're looking forward to seeing you there! @KodyHalverson1 9000 of them in this case. @pjpete_82 We're so excited for you! That's awesome to hear. @NerdPixelz When you start it up for the first time: @IXPhantomKingXI That fight allowed for very few mistakes, especially at higher difficulties. @KyleEva29378331 That game was amazingly deep. @GrandMasterGML Some fun for everyone. @vicious696 That game made you forget that you weren't in the main quest line. @NachoFireX So many great memories of that game. @meacham1985 At one point we messed up so there was no way to stop Jack from dying at the end. So we did the only s… @DEATHMOBILE Just an incredible DLC all around. @joseRDV99 When a game makes you not want to advance the main quest because the side quests are so fun.It's hard to call it a vacation, but you do get to go to a tropical island. Crysis 1, 2, and 3 now on @EAAccess.… @GameboxUkv What a walk down memory lane! @EvanForsyth8 Maybe, but we're too busy trying to scale this 90 degree cliff face to know for sure. @sarahLloydwill1 Perfect combo of humor and action! @86TheWorld "Another settlement, huh?"Roguelikes. Randomly generated levels. Really cool games. Ready? Watch the fourth @ID_Xbox Summer Spotlight:… @B3T42 Legend has it if you say his name three times... @JamesTCanadian It is the most important meal of the day. @fraser67358561 Pretty sure that was just the whole mission. @Krypt222 Got to admire some people's drive to do every side quest. @Steakbarbare92 Cold pizza is better than no pizza. @DanielHeithorn It's the best way to serve up justice. @FrostTheYeti We're happy to hear it's hitting the right notes for you! @hoss_buddy Anything for Silver Shroud mega-fan Kent Connolly. @FLEXicoBurress You took them all with you. @DaTruthofMikeP We got right back into NMS when it hit Xbox Game Pass. The updates have been amazing! @UnrealPirate We like that you've already got your list ready to go. @ybtone That quest provider deserved a double scoop for that idea. @XboxCentral3 Sometimes you just need to set everything else aside and catch a train. @SlooperSolo Being Parvati's wingperson was the greatest honor of our side quest life.Get amped up for Devolver Direct this Saturday, July 11 at 12PM Pacific with some special guests scheduled to make…
Retweeted by Xbox @Mr_MJunaid We were COMPELLED to get all the data packs. @LifeOfLopez All of them were really gre- A NEW HAND TOUCHES THE BEACON! @ccastner03 Tiny Tina is truly the greatest side quest provider ever. @clickclank9 Dropping feet first into all of those missions. @BeastOfCNation There's always another monster to hunt. @clauderivest Plus you always look stylish while doing them. @novaseat Oh yeah, that guy(s). @m3megod3 Everyone had interesting, rewarding side missions for us! And then, there was Preston. @TheJay2323 Well, at least you narrowed it down to one game. @Pravorious Is it the holiday season yet?? Free Play Days. Think of it as a little gift for all your hard work. Come on, don't be shy. Open it. Take a p… @shieldsjames We'll allow it. @EJC_16 It will be, yes. @CrescentMind3C When you try to do something nice. @DominatorZ3 It's cool because of the Maximum Air-flow. @Andy_Mai Oh Face McShooty. @Nick_Mudry It's because we're all giant gaming nerds, you see. @TheYoutubeBear “Yer a wizard, Dragonborn!” @Francis_NYC Skryrim is proof that everything becomes a side quest if you're distracted enough. @DaTruthofMikeP That's what we're aiming for! Have you been playing a bunch of games on it lately? @DanielHeithorn Dead Cells taught us this. @carsonbeatty101 Walkthrough unclear. More information required. @Balzy4 They might run into some...issues. @JamieMoranUK To be fair, it was almost a nice pan.