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You have two more days to get 33% off #PES2021 during the @Xbox Black Friday sales! 🙌🤩 👉🏼
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@ericbehel Heck yeah! And so it begins... @MobileHG Some lovely colors right there 💙💜 @BrianSh34157191 Glad to hear you've been viking it up, friend! It's pretty great to run a game like Valhalla on th… @Chandle02376080 Ultra Nightmare is a Caps Lock kinda difficulty mode. @nooij_tim Happy (belated) birthday 🎉 What are you playing to celebrate?One foot in the real world, one in the spirit world. Enter the world of The Medium: @FGeorge87 But great for your wardrobe!Even the gods need saving sometimes. Embark on a mythological adventure: @StarkZillaa It gets to the point where Bob's next Burger of the Day is the "Praise the Sun-Dried Tomato Burger". @Josenav22082773 Effect and Cause is a banger level, full stop.Next-gen console update: 🌊 More dynamic backgrounds ✅ Optimized for Series X|S badges 👀 Auto HDR indicator And, so… @StarkZillaa "Bobby you've been playing all night. Come to bed, sweetie." "Lin, if I stop now I'll lose the momentu… @blueberreon Words to live by 💯 @painfulgamer1 Out of all the Belchers, we feel like Bob would end up getting the most invested in Dark Souls. @TESOnline It's a good thing we have a friend around to resurrect us 👀 @hornuale000 Yes! The new Xbox wireless controllers are compatible with Xbox One consoles and the new Share button… @TheBiotanker Affirmative, Pilot. Glad to see you on the battlefield. @CakeyC2 Now don't go getting caught in floors anymore, okay? @Andrew57964615 When the parkour gets really hardcore. @CakeyC2 Have you tried turning it off and on again? @Gamegonzalez Chin up, mate. You'll get it on the next run.Respawn and try again @AndyLunique Andy appreciation post 💚Our holiday sales are almost over. Do a last minute savings speedrun:
Picking the nice dialogue option even though you want to pick the mean one is called personal growth
What’s an older game that still holds a spot in your heart?Fact: Gifting digital games saves on wrapping paper. You'll also save by shopping now:
More than ever, we're thankful for video games @ShaneDedon That's awesome! Happy gaming, friend 💚Pilots, rejoice! Next-gen improvements for #StarWarsSquadrons have landed: ✔️ 120FPS and 4K support ✔️ Enhanced vi…
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@MegaLCRO And we all know which one is the most intimidating. @ProphecyBrands That is... not a friendly smile. @AB131175 That's all we needed to hear to love it! @DarkZonePilot Just an incredible view... @Xbox_TechJunky We think that was an excellent choice! @rafacasemiro We're just all about gaming, whatever it looks like. That sounds like an awesome plan. @JoshuaBurroug19 We've got some serious looting to take care of this weekend. @SaUs4g3 Everyone should come game! @YouTube Incoming FIFA DLC 🦃 @whit3boicrzy Good news: we did! Be sure to update to the latest version of the app: @ContraryRhombus We heard rumors that there's treasure out there on those seas. @legion082289 We will make an exception in this case. @RadberryNG Glad you found a great movie to pick up! @DeadlySteph We keep picking up, but it keeps calling... @Link_Man_1 @hitodedenden Nyatsune Miku 💙Far out 🌌 Check out a real astronaut's take on #MarsHorizon @officialvalkia All babies are beautiful. @Xbox_TechJunky What lovely shades of green 💚 @Corey_Mrozinski A respectable choice, guinea pig. @Corey_Mrozinski No matter what platform you play on, gotta represent (especially when it involves Sumi) 💙💚 @DeadlySteph Metro is a whole dang vibe. @risinggundam In this house we respect Gundam SEED. @evolver273 The duality of gamers. @XboxGamePassPC @XboxGamePass The more the merrier!Some people have their loved ones as their phone backgrounds. So do we: @IntelGaming @XboxGamePass @NerdPixelz The composers for the game did such a great job. Def captures that old John Williams vibe while still g… Rogue Company is now available on @Xbox Series X|S! Packed with visual enhancements including a 4K resolut…
Retweeted by Xbox @Bleriiks Congrats on the score! Welcome to next-gen, friend. Hope you've got some games lined up to break in your new console. @NerdPixelz Awesome! Fallen Order is a great game, you're in for a fantastic ride. Just remember to take it slow an… @DeadByBHVR No stale chocolate? Whew! *Opens first box* Oh. Is EVERYTHING soaked in blood? @Tryndaboss Imperial scientists have determined that a third wing boosts goodness by at least 32.33%. @MRcoleEXTREME It's real good. The kinda good that has us making laser-shooting-pew-pew-engine-revving-zyoom-zyoom… you're fighting for the Empire or the Republic, you better strap in. Pilots, check out new content, includ… @ElizabethEmswi1 We've got our fingers crossed for you! Good luck. @XsgXbox They've always been awesome games. We love to see the special guest characters on each one. @MatteoNr You can get started here: @deximeruya It's been a long, awesome road of gaming. Glad to have you with us!Check out our gameplay of Shisui Uchiha, now available for NARUTO TO BORUTO: SHINOBI STRIKER! Are you ready to ha…
Retweeted by Xbox @yoyomattb Generally you don't want to mess with success. But little improvements are always welcome! @JackZarb That glow is the glow of POWER. Have fun! @dan_domenech We dig it. @Brokenvegetable @ThePhotoMode @Captured_Collec @VPBooth @GamerGram_GG @ArtistSociet @assassinscreed @UbisoftMTL @LinkToTheGamer1 Heck yeah, Happy Birthday! Hope you've got some games lined up to play on it. @Sussxguy Hitting that milestone with style! @Angrysausagetv Amazing work!This Week on Xbox, we're feeling extra thankful for all our viewers. And, of course, Xbox: @skinnypoo72 Have an awesome time playing it! @DembaDan1 Congrats on your new console. Do you have a spot picked out already? @Kyle31313058 Yes! It's looking better than ever. @Pharaoh_Danger A game a day keeps the doctor away (we're pretty sure that's how it goes). We hope your recovery is quick 💚🍂💀 Learn why critics love the post-apocalyptic survival action smash hit of last year. Take home Remnant: From the…
Retweeted by Xbox @mektige Never. @Spectrumbots42 Innocent until proven guilty. HONK!Real sharp shooting Upgrade free to next gen on December 1: @GetFlexSeal Really putting us between a block and a hard place here, Flex Seal.Discovering your next favorite game is a gift in itself. Join @XboxGamePass Ultimate for $1:… @nytimes The Forbidden Series XBlock Friday is here! Sound the alarm! Bang some pots and pans together. Grab a ...kazoo? Whatever you're working…
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Customize your gamerpic! Now you can use the @Xbox mobile app 📱 to update your gamerpic—choose from the Xbox libr…
Retweeted by Xbox @AWIRE4 That's what we keep TELLING people! @OriTheGame We're going to need the tissue box again 😭 Congratulations!Exclusive outfits. V-Bucks. Battle passes. Welcome to the Fortnite Crew: @MatthewCells Be sure to reach out to @XboxSupport, they can direct you to the next steps to take: @UGBUMSJAANU "It flashes red when I'm really mad."⚠️Instead of reverting the @Fallout 76 update for Xbox and making everyone wait another week, we've decided to roll…
Retweeted by XboxWe got you a little something. Go ahead and open it early: @AWIRE4 Sounds like a great plan. What games have you got lined up? @Hoderz87 That's an achievement worth celebrating. Congratulations!