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shaved my tache earlier a bit too hard and now i have a sore spot or bruise on my lip that really hurts EEEEEEEEE @kanyewest chair
this by far one of the coolest cinematics ive ever seen, its so fucking beautiful the way its animated☁️ ONTHEFLY VALORANT INVITATIONAL ☁️ - 3v3 Tournament (8 Teams) - WITH PRIZE POOL 💸 - More to be announced closer…
Retweeted by alan @OnTheFlyTwitch @snowmexican9 @Dazzle_Allinson ayo?imma say right now that rocket arena game looks like ass and you should buy titanfall 2 instead cause its literally… @HarryButAverage NOOOOOOOOOOOwatching this valhalla gameplay thing why is the voice acting so terrible jesus @Froste Love you Froste 💜
@_rockrob theres a bunch of stuff they know they can change but they wanna appeal to players who are shit at the ga… @_rockrob mw is good, they just keep making terrible choices that prevents the game from being great @IIDaraII W opinon @_rockrob 4 by far one of the worst cods ever2134 but imo 1 and 3 are on the same level, 4 is absolute DOGSHIT @_rockrob @HarryButAverage WE LOVE TO SEE IT 🔥🔥🔥I’m currently working with apprentices from @byMBDA to raise money for this heartfelt charity based in Pembrokeshi…
Retweeted by alan @JulzLeost yeah true, like u said for bigger artists itll be okay cause they have people who'll sort most of the st… @JulzLeost yeah thats shitty, u know ur shit tho bro goddamnnnnn @JulzLeost they did a uk tour in feb 4HED @heyiambilly OWNING THE FIRST GAME LLLLLLLLLLin a good mood today how yall doing cmonsee this is why we love adam ORDERED THE OCULUS LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
watch dogs 3 looks pretty fucking sick, hoping farcry 6 gives us more a farcry 3 kinda story, like a bit darker and… is Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. They do not have body cams.
Retweeted by alan @lemiwrap what are youidk is it worth getting it now n waiting that long or trying amazon when it comes back in stock and possibly gettin… a mcdonalds im happy againMy tl is so quiet wtf is going on
Retweeted by alanGood banning him on twitch but what about the game? on my arm won’t pop so I’m using maoam wrappers to stop the blood and puss getting on my bed @notchaselyons chase is actually elon? @Grahamalott REAL SH*T 💯💯💯fuck the stingrays WHAT IS THAT @pokimanelol ive been seeing more of this shit recently idk why its SO weird
@kcgotsusd Happy birthday poggers bro @NeedAChuckFact @_A113N ELITE opinion @oFabz we ALL do @HuugeZek @shanjuanita we gotta get you help @BaillieScullion never, chess is for people who ride horsesgm @HuugeZek @shanjuanita Begone CraigJada was 41. He was 20. He had just lost his brother, beefing his mum, suffering depression and battling liver dise…
Retweeted by alanWill & Jada’s household worse than Michael De Santa’s
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Retweeted by alanion need yo pussy b*tch im on my own dick 💯
Retweeted by alanRIP the US lol
@TristanGHill @oFabz @lexieyuh me threeOh Christ almighty GIVE IT A REST
Retweeted by alanhe hasn't made any kind of statement either, just like 2 tweets. he needs to address this properly. @itsWaddles_ I TAKE IT BACK THIS IS SO MUCH WORSE just seen this, man what the fuck. at least techland is cutting ties with him. @itsWaddles_ shit thats how u got a following? 🔥 @itsWaddles_ idk but that MyFavsTrash guy has some stinkerswell i did not see this coming @AJGadjie considering goin back to it for a week or so, could do well to kill some time @FaZe_Rain dont leave us man, we all got u no matter what 💜also to anyone still playing Apex, how is it?i would genuinely take titanfall 3 over any other game due to come out right now, including cyberpunk and miles moralesfeel like pure shit just want titanfall 3 x @100TJackiee someday you gotta stop thisok so rift is reserved so i might get it in like 2 weeks?Taking accountability ❤️
Retweeted by alanbeen 15 minutes now...been on hold for nearly 8 minutes nicethis fool rich as fuck now @HuugeZek shut up @Mako gm mako (the mako) @RayanTooke fr dude, u got pavlov or somn? @HuugeZek do u fuck
Retweeted by alan @mithrxs @HarryButAverage mmmmmmmmUK stays better than the US @Rawssy if u call someone a simp unironically you need helpTreating a women w respect doesn’t mean ur a simp btw
Retweeted by alanLEGIT ABOUT TO PRE ORDER THE RIFT NOW AND AMAZON SAYS FUCK YOU AND DOESNT LET ME ADD ANYTHING TO CART AND NOW ITS O… @JulzLeost its SO fucking good but man i suckguys he never messaged back what did i say wrong did a mission on xcom for 2 hours cba
she was sexually assaulted on camera. twitter do ur thing to get him fired.
Retweeted by alanHOLY SHIT THIS FILM PREDICTED THE FUCKING FUTUREwhy am i away to watch the lorax @shanjuanita @PSYYBEAM I GOT DM'D THIS EARLIER FUCK OFFthis shit clean asf, i just wish the case colour was different cause the white does not go well with the blue
Retweeted by alan @lemiwrap Why u gotta moan like that at the end manI had a dream that my brother hit me on the head with a cane gm @oFabz Double trouble jerk n slurp champion 3 times runningHe’s so lovely man what a guy CHUNGUUUUUUUUUUS @TheBozoClub wait a minute @Froste @ACR_POKER TELL EM FROSTE, sue emmfs will speed run mario 64 but wont SPEED up their MARriage to a woman before they reach 64ALSO CHANGE THE META. I DONT WANT TO USE THE MP5 OR THE MP7 OR THE M4 OR THE GRAU. LET ME USE GUNS I WANT TO USE WI… NEXT SEASON, JUST SKIP IT AND FOCUS ON FIXING THE GAME, PLEASE. THIS IS THE FIRST COD IN YEARS THAT IS GOOD, J…