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how'd this go for ya Fulham - I've always like you. Big fan of those clappy things. Love the Cottage. I was into that Jacko statue.… @spinal_bap @CasualNun @HeyColossus @riotseasonrecs was thinking the latter but it's all in the eyes/ears of the beholder @CasualNun @spinal_bap @HeyColossus JRM has the second press here, the 2xLP with a load of bonus shit (ta:… @CasualNun love this recordSat am #NP action - Coupla new releases on FOAD - Inzest + Chinpira. @PoonyHooman I think it beats SOME Fxxxxi, but not all. There's SOME Fxxxxi that beats all other music ever made. @Ellis_Samizdat - for the kids
@davidwynne I have, Weirdly I wasn't massively into it. But I should go back and try again. @davidwynne They were a strong team, no doubt. But...and I would say this....the bass in any band is way more impor… it. Always loved Joe Lally's bass playing. Good to hear it in this setting. If you were into Fxxxxi and wan… Williams mailorder now sold out. Big thanks to all who tucked in. Badger yr local vinyl stockist to ge… @billswansea @state808 @theewatfordbob yeah, no disrespect shown here by the young 'uns!
@theewatfordbob @drmcnt @state808 good driving music. i should get a cd of it. @sumlin good grief we've done well haven't we! @sumlin I can only reply with: I once had a shower in a sports facility at the same time as Nick Owen the morning TV presenter from the 80s. @drmcnt @state808 @theewatfordbob from the era where a mate would buy one album and you'd buy a different one and y… them with Happy Mondays around then. Just learnt to drive. Was an all night thing. Foolish behaviour. As a parent now I shudder.Lets talk about this monster of a record, from 91, @state808's ex:el - one of the first great techno/electronic/rav… @StaggerLeeF haha! i'm a newbie in this modern world of email wetransfer internet digital-ness. just gonna roll with it. @StaggerLeeF No worries! This ain't no pro thing. Get the word out.Much appreciated. Secret unannounced news of the third WSR release here. Pay close attention. All things are moving… @Ellis_Samizdat @SweetWilliams15 @ReignsOfWessex @YnnsPhilippakis @YnnsPhilippakis - i know you dig the 'field and… @Ellis_Samizdat @SweetWilliams15 @ReignsOfWessex @YnnsPhilippakis from the maker of Charlottefield and an ex player… by the take up on this. very much appreciated reigns will probably sell out of mailorder copies today, swe… yesterday - New music from @SweetWilliams15 on the way! The new album 'That What You Hit' is out 18/09 on…
Retweeted by Joe Thompson @HorseLoom @SweetWilliams15 @ReignsOfWessex Cheers Steven!Just listened to the first two releases from @XeaglepissX label Wrong Speed Records. @SweetWilliams15 and…
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Pre-order the vinyl edition of 'The Walled Garden' now from Wrong Speed Records. Limited to 100 copies. @XeaglepissX
Retweeted by Joe Thompson @swampymiller @SweetWilliams15 @ReignsOfWessex i was thinking red+white stripes @hownicearechips @SweetWilliams15 @ReignsOfWessex Cheers, Dom. Appreciated. See you soon!Soon I will have given all of my money to someone connected in the orbit of @HeyColossus. @ReignsOfWessex rule har…
Retweeted by Joe Thompson @LordWobbly @TheLukeODwyer @ReignsOfWessex your thought has been noted....and btw - I still remember the first person to buy a Hey Colossus record online. And I will always remember the fir… two releases on Wrong Speed are up for presell. Release date 18th Sept. Vinyl. 100 pressed. Tuck in. Loved… @JimOsmer i'm not good enough to be in @ReignsOfWessex ! it's all their work, as it always has been, on all five albums.Keep an eye on internet this evening for news related to this, and more.
@ChrisPage56 the best drinks break everI wish Brentford would fuck off to be honest. #Lufc
Retweeted by Joe ThompsonI wish Brentford would just politely piss off! Not sure we can cope with this pressure 😩 #lufc
Retweeted by Joe ThompsonI wish brentford would...FUCK OFF!!!
Retweeted by Joe ThompsonI wish Brentford would just fuck off ffs
Retweeted by Joe Thompson @conanneutron @Reptoid_noise love Learning Curve Rec's @TobiasCotton i'm not in any way saying we're guaranteed to get to the final, but if we finish 3rd+4th it's possibl… football tweet: the thought of a Fulham v Brentford play off final is causing me to have a relentless headache behind my eyes
@constantwaif It is a very dark foyer to be fair. Tricky to negotiate without spilling wine on yr spatsi knew this photo of arts being done would reap the cash in. thank me later opera and classical and theatre and bal… @riotseasonrecs @ReignsOfWessex so rude @markalexpreston understandable. @markalexpreston i'll point him this way. see what he says. hope all's well @markalexpreston son no.2 wants: Spitfire Connicle 52 full wheels. gonna point him yr way if you have them. i'm not… all professionals in the film, television, theatre, entertainment & arts world, join the challenge to post a pho… @_makim_29110593 @LippyKidMusic @RadioMatlock @DrabMajesty @HeyColossus Hello - Joe from HC here. thank you very mu…
@JimOsmer sounds good. let's hope we're allowed to play again at some point. hope things are good with you... @swampymiller @ReignsOfWessex Noted! IMMINENT.Pre-Order for the @ReignsOfWessex album up soon. News of the next four releases also soon… @markalexpreston @sumlin you'd of thought this would be a dead cert, especially 91-93, but alas no. @htgvelociraptor @sumlin Socks were my focus @sumlin I do. By wearing what I always wear. I've played in Royal Mail shoes before. @oldfog it screams intelligence @sumlin We had a family suit when one of us had to go to a wedding. No school I went too needed shirts. Never had a… @oldfog not worn jeans for around 110 days now, not sure i can go back. they're so HEAVY. got a lot of time for d… -
2020 @wearespectres It's way too late. People would say "shirt?". And I'd have to say "shirt". And they'd say "shirt!"… @conanneutron now I'm just listening to you band @underthehillss Imagine 'owning' an iron? @conanneutron hi! just checking it out. looks quite vast. no bad thing.I've never owned a shirt. I think it's too late to own a shirt now. It's like deciding out the blue to become a ha…, Memory Gore, live in Belgium @VogonLaundromat a dollar: @derekwalmsley @anewlinerelated Netflix doc' incoming @swampymiller sorry, they do what they want. they act how they want. they say what they want. they don't care. it's… we have no chance of changing anything. That dream is well over, it barely existed in the first place.…
Killer punk rock from Thailand, Lowfat on Bunkland Rec's. Sorta No Means No / Alice Donut / something more raging.… @Brentford_Bob Of course, that's the current Covid-related situation and venues need to be helped. But bands only r… @Brentford_Bob Spotify need to get involved. That music platform is reaping it in and putting nothing back. @WWRRSSDDRRWWSS @hownicearechips give or take @WWRRSSDDRRWWSS @hownicearechips the only reason we get away with it sometimes is cos my vehicle is a van @WWRRSSDDRRWWSS @hownicearechips do you hire a van for every gig? @WWRRSSDDRRWWSS @hownicearechips it means: only losing 'a few hundred' @hownicearechips @WWRRSSDDRRWWSS (and the next day, just as you think you've broken even, the van hire company call… @hownicearechips @WWRRSSDDRRWWSS Same, we've done drives from deepest Germany to Somerset and it's felt like minute… @WWRRSSDDRRWWSS @Ellis_Samizdat I bet 90% of the music making world is thinking all of this, from venues to promote…
@Andy60ten you may do better with S3 then. It's been ages since I saw S1+2. Doesn't stop it being splendid though.Watching Dark on Netflix, season three. Not sure I've got the brains to fully grasp what in the name of leaping jes… @TheLukeODwyer - as you know @TheLukeODwyer @specialistsub Love that Pinnochio 7"...#np - in fact, have played this five or six times today. it's 'get shit done' music. @sarangipani #LUFC are obsessed with a bus stop in HounslowFirst song on the @IMusicPodcast this week = @ReignsOfWessex - Panther Cap, from their fifth album, The Walled Gard…
@Yammas84 @HeyColossus @rarebirdlit @alaforca @theQuietus @HeyColossus @rarebirdlitI've forgotten and had to reset a certain password so many times I'm now up to 'same load of letters as usual but w… - there's a polite request in this just for your eyes @hownicearechips @theewatfordbob not a bad set of accidents @CasualNun @theewatfordbob they're still so damn good gotta love barney + shaneme and the lads waiting for napalm death, three years ago