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Somerset. Postman on bass, HColoss, Brentford FC

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Less than 3 hours left to vote! Vote for the NHS Vote to tackle the climate crisis Vote for an end to the Tory…
Retweeted by Joe Thompson @W_J_Pearce they speak to me @thatsmaboy Brexit has blinded people down here, there's no other issue apparently. I'm new to the area (twelve ye… @EdwardPrice3 @KamaMckenzie @yorkshireangbee @benkemp_uk Agreed. The working class vote for the Tories in their thousands down here in the SW a… @JosephPragg Maybe the wealthy should pay? I know a good amount of potential students who have decided to not go on… @JosephPragg I try and avoid paying attention to the press. Campaigns against both sides, but I fear thousands will… @JosephPragg It's been a tough ten years for us (financially/emotionally) and a tough ten years for the whole count… @JosephPragg For me it's the intentions that shine through. As a 'carer' (wife sick, regular NHS interaction) and a… @sumlin @KamaMckenzie @jetfury You've been down here. Being a postman is about as good as it gets without travellin… @JosephPragg You're the one person I follow on here who is vocally of this mind. I'm not saying anything with this,… @sumlin @KamaMckenzie @jetfury I'm new to the South West (twelve years and counting), I just don't get why people v… @davidwynne @KamaMckenzie cuts himself off to preserve his soulThe whole family is voting for @KamaMckenzie. This constituency of #Wells in #Somerset is not a marginal. We know h… in a parallel world there's a Tory Twitter going crazy this morning about how £9 extra in tax for those ea…
With an hour to go the poll says 910,000 people out of a million would vote tactically.💃💃💃
@JonHGriffin it's so grim @XeaglepissX I think this election is different. It's so desperate, everybody has to do whatever they can. I've bee…
Retweeted by Joe Thompson @XeaglepissX Tough to go against preferred ideology, but, this is the most evil administration I’ve seen in my life…
Retweeted by Joe ThompsonOne hour in, 85% saying vote tactically This is the modern way @swampymiller The Mogg is just north of us. We've got a Tory fella called James Heapey who's voting record is incre… @swampymiller it pains me @krldslv I'd vote Labour (only the 'big three' plus one religious party standing here), but they're a far third. Total nightmare.A poll: Vote tactically to get whoever you think the enemy is out. Or vote for what you believe in even if they've…
no luck. we go home. try again another day. look after yourselves, keep yr bits and bobs healthy. someone might want them one day.btw - Main reason for posting these sort of updates is to show how this sort of stuff goes. The potential time invo… @philatom That must have been heavy. Things OK now?And in again for the third time. Got call at 6am, I was at work so came home. Ambulance to hospital. We sit and wai…
My name is Chillingworth Manor-Merriman. I'm selling the NHS to Amazon, hunting foxes, destroying the Royal Mail an… @derekwalmsley @thewiremagazine @radiomidwich @Sleevenotes1 I think the CD is still readily available. It was reiss… @thewiremagazine @derekwalmsley @radiomidwich @Sleevenotes1 The Mark Hollis album isn't in the reissues of the year… @hownicearechips we're being taken over @swampymiller @CarltonFans @torcheband @slowcrushband being from Notts Fudge Tunnel should be daily listening for you @swampymiller @CarltonFans @torcheband @slowcrushband all this shoegaze revival stuff got me digging for the classi… @DrewMillward it's a surprising joy, it's been promoted from garage to living room @sumlin @nomostan1 it's been buried in a box for 20+ years I reckon, also found the Uptown Avondale EP. @CarltonFans First couple of Swervedriver EP's = Best things Creation released.a reasonable reply to the last tweet through the garage vinyl, the 'one step away from the bin' vinyl, hunting for MBV records to play for Stan… @mykectown Check it @LAVIDAESUNMUS for Limp Wrist / Crudos chat
hunting for heads of pigs to put wangs in this month's @thewiremagazine 2019 rewind issue courtesy of @derekwalmsley's Masthead section. He also talks a…
F U C K I N G G E N I U S (@staticshockrecs - they playing in March...?....!)Buried in the shelves at @RoughTradeNotts - (Cheers @sumlin for snap), and in @RoughTrade (East) It's also in the…
@W_J_Pearce going to hellAntimob, their second album. Came out in September. First was seven years ago. This rages as hard -… Labour.
Retweeted by Joe Thompson
(we are of course discussing the recent Blood Incantation record)Stan, from the Uni frontline, discussing the important shit "I know you don’t like fretless bass in death metal"… @_motherslug Looks great! @LukeTurnerEsq @theQuietus @tristan_bath this is a ripper @LukeTurnerEsq @theQuietus @tristan_bath This is the album I've been digging into because of the list, and have now… @StaggerLeeF
@19f3_records They drop out to try to get Tessa in, I assume @19f3_records Ha. Yes. Terry. As mentioned is our CWU man. Decent enough character. @19f3_records is Terry Ledle yr LP guy? He's the CWU man for the area, he's a postman. Pops into Shepton a lot. @19f3_records tory chump will ALMOST certainly win here, LibDem will ALMOST certainly come second. New LP person is… @19f3_records He seems to be a good man swimming against a tide. I'm voting for them, despite the utter lost cause… @cowsarejustfood @19f3_records Nope. Don't have a way to play anything. Very stuck in a previous time. Never used a… @19f3_records @cowsarejustfood Although I've never bought a download or downloaded anything (apart from rough mixes… @19f3_records @cowsarejustfood ok! (Bandcamp SEEMS ok though, right?) @19f3_records @cowsarejustfood and Spotify
@TonyNjokuMusic Now listening because of theQ's list. Digging.Stan's day at Uni, an excerpt: "....unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough to stop her from putting her hands in an… @spinal_bap yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn @davidwynne @davidwynne You're definitely too kind, and you're definitely in a very small group of probably around one person who thinks like that. @davidwynne tooooo kindWe're chuffed with this, cheers @theQuietus - 39 is a mindblowing position. Love that I haven't heard of the No.1 s…
@StaggerLeeF @theQuietus 🕺 @astralsocialite @theQuietus 100% @StaggerLeeF @theQuietus Great record but Stations + Feeding are equal to it. A perfect threesome. Musically fascin… @theQuietus Crass. Best of both worlds, punk and post punk. It's time for someone to write about their music - whic… @theewatfordbob - ! on #Marr, time to wheel in the big gunsGot #AndrewMarr on. Hoping that behind the scenes they've shipped in Andrew Neil, Paxman, Chomsky, Bernie Sanders a…
@StaggerLeeF it was bloated obviously, but i settled into it @s_n_c_l yep, they did it with destructure @s_n_c_l do you have the amanda woodward comp, or anyone in the uk got it? hope all's well.Paused the film to make a cup of tea, 98 mins in. Just 110 to go. Send a care package. Send blankets. #TheIrishman @theewatfordbob on the plus side, 7-0 - #LTFCFOOLS even first half which sees the Bees lead 5-0 at the break
Retweeted by Joe Thompson @KamaMckenzie I've been delivering them to the BA4 area you're involved in
@JonHGriffin this is almost preferable. almost. @sumlin not wrongAlbums being called 'projects' Not into it Cheers
@JahDuran A crushing, awe-inspiring, transcendental, inspirational, epic tweet. @TheJamieBrodie @HeyColossus we did Portsmouth and Hastings instead this year maybe next year, if @tstshows would have us @MikkiFerrugiaro @KamaMckenzie @WendyAbcarius I voted tactically once and regretted it forever. They leapt into bed… record this. tuck in if it passed you by. spittle. anger. scratchy. held together by magic. @ver_manj Got woken up by the fire alarm but it was the weekly testing time so I just waited for it to stop. One bi… @TheJamieBrodie @HeyColossus we're not playing this now, so that's saved you half a grand (is that really how much…
@hippriest Portsmouth @SLYFAMILYDRONE he's not into student party life that's for sure why would you beStan's Uni day: "went into HMV had a quick look for colossus there was zero unfortunately. I did 2 hours of revisi…
@oldfog Love that venue, say hi from HC!
Level playing field. As long as you're rich as fuck. #GE2019