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Joined Twitter 3/21/17 @h2nnyu hey lol @1EDEN_ @h2nnyu my mother would @h2nnyu sexc @h2nnyu Mmmmmm @lumafps CONGRATS LOSER @whosmichela @303YURI oh ok @whosmichela @303YURI feelings mutual @whosmichela @303YURI no i don’t i’m confused LMAO @whosmichela hi @whosmichela @303YURI WTF?? NEW LINK fill out losers @girlbossaimers entertain me
Retweeted by jordan ? @whosmichela LOL TRANSLATE IT @whosmichela i’m ur biggest fan🥺 @whosmichela I repudiate you with my dying breath. I curse you. Burn me, but you will never escape my wrath. The un… @whosmichela glad. @whosmichela hate tweet. @whosmichela i will support when i get next paycheck @whosmichela yea just bought clothes and bracelets 2 days ago😹i hate mich @whosmichela wtf. @whosmichela wow i was gonna say i support u fuck u @whosmichela this fr? @1aidn like the gift i got u @fiIuhpina k @stonelistt tall ass mf @mys3cr3tdiary ty @yslophelia i like to lie too sometimes @stonelistt @whosmichela shut ur lips aya @stonelistt @whosmichela “shut ur lip” WHO TF😭 @okazyey ur too alpha @xxelitism stfu i need help @jeagersbih i would but what if they don’t end up finding it relatable 😭 @julianwya so picture them as u @stonelistt I DO THAT ENOUGH @jajajeree shit wtf ur righthow to not be awkward help🧍‍♂️ @1aidn @1LYM1A @MeltValorant LMFAOOOi want to rip my hair out @whosmichela ur right 😹 @whosmichela lyt @_tittyfucker same @notaidn first and 3rd💯 @1EDEN_ real @maneaterhk @1aidn lmao @1aidn @maneaterhk sup babe i slept 1 hour @1aidn show me the outcome LMAO @maneaterhk @1aidn nah dis my bf @Kezyyz @okazyey @girlbossaimers no @xxelitism @girlbossaimers me @xxelitism @girlbossaimers u not a girl boss likejoined @girlbossaimers as their baddest bitch @whosmichela now it’s on ur tl @okazyey @girlbossaimers sounds like me fr let me in @whosmichela LMFAO.thanks😓 @whosmichela yea.. @whosmichela 5’11. @whosmichela no shut up @whosmichela no @whosmichela so true @tuxxse fr mane @1aidn sleep well in class😹 @1aidn going to bed now kick rocks💯 @tuxxse DUDE FR @1aidn bitch @tuxxse it fr does suck kinda bored @tuxxse right :D @jov4lle he wants u alright trust me @jenniieswife fr @jenniieswife ong @rikarustblades @notaidn which is under urs @rikarustblades @notaidn ur a loser u replied under it too☠️☠️ @rikarustblades @notaidn he won 😹 @jov3lle wtf is this caption @rikarustblades shutup @1EDEN_ @11aimers @Nicktenndo @annettaaval @1kotaaa @11tzuki @AeroYt did u see some big booty twerkers @1EDEN_ sh0pguy🔥 @jov4lle HAHAAHAHAHAHAH @whosmichela ilyt :/ @yslgabi GOODD HRUU @h2nnyu @1EDEN_ @whosmichela 11 @tuxxse :/ @whosmichela it is what it iswhy. just why. @wwond3rkid @yslgabi wsg are u vouching @11aimers wsp @tuxxse fr @yslgabi HII @h2nnyu gts @uli4u @11aimers no @yslgabi gabi @11aimers @jov4lle 🤝 @mys3cr3tdiary me @AthensBtw thx @mys3cr3tdiary real @tuxxse the stop complaining bitch @tuxxse search it up lil man @jov4lle just like me fr