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Xenno @XennoWrld I Am The Bone Of My Sword

17 | UK | Anime Vibes | CSM Fan | Nino Simp CW: Vivy CR: Grand Blue

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@GKillianzoldyck Oh fr and I’m scaredGoodnight :) Nino 141
Retweeted by Xenno @alphaINTEL Most painful games to play atm @Nairoda1 Yo @ihavecumbottles Ummmm罰ゲームで付けることになった猫耳
Retweeted by Xenno @Youssou60140511 Was shite anyway @Joe__Anime Yes idot @Based_Jorge @rod_flare 🤝Watch Anime: ❌ Watch Jeremy Clarkson Farm: ✅ @rod_flare Sauce for bottom left? @Joe__Anime @SkittleFlame Get ur ass on Netflix and start fate/zeroIf I hit 200 by midnight (so an hour and a half) I will watch fate 👀
Retweeted by Xenno @Joe__Anime @SkittleFlame Just hit 200 @Joe__Anime You should @FurkiJow Nino rating hurts but she was sceptical in S1. S2 boutta make that flip @Joe__Anime Only if you ask nicely @SkittleFlame @k1a00 @Joe__Anime This fucking guy 😭 @k1a00 @Joe__Anime @SkittleFlame That’s a you problem then @Joe__Anime @k1a00 @SkittleFlame I vouch and I don’t have one either @Joe__Anime Good thank you Joe. Wbu? @GKillianzoldyck CYYYAAAPPP @GKillianzoldyck Irina negs @xPhysixal Cap @SethF_ Chivalry of a failed knight @hoglovesanime It’s a great EpThat new Tokyo Revengers episode was amazing fr @Bellamieeee Black Bulls the goats frmy goats wtf 😭🔥
Retweeted by Xenno @Bellamieeee WWW black clover is great. And I’m catching up to seasonals atm @Bellamieeee What you watching atm? @Bellamieeee I’m good bro. Wbu? @Roogals_ @_soulhashira_ W @Roogals_ Well. Have my follow :) @Youssou60140511 Yh @Youssou60140511 Catching up to seasonals firstElfen Lied: ✅ Great show tbh. Better then I expected and I really enjoyed it. Not much to say cuz I just enjoyed i… @OtakuLachie Nah we reobtained it now 🤝 Nakano 💖💖
Retweeted by Xenno @Bellamieeee Yo @_kiwiisabird Cuz I saw this. All of y’all have to see this too @Tioxlyy Gm goat @sakura5imp LinkReobtained the Grid follow 🤝 @AnimeSelim @Oniikisu Same here. It’s a great song @Oniikisu WWWW @Mike200YT 😔 @xPhysixal Fr @SkittleFlame PainI lost the Grid follow 😔 dynamic between Suzaku and Lelouch in Code Geass is one of the best dynamics in all of anime and my personal fa…
Retweeted by Xenno @SaladTheGod Circle two less toI’m bored, what’s your favourite anime soundtrack? @SkittleFlame Rating? @AniTrendz W @boodykun Code geass @FurkiJow My favourite anime is Shonen 😭 @HeadhonchoDev Have a good day bro @hoglovesanime Have a good day bro @LilysImitation GmGoodMorning have lost some followers for it but we a devil now 😈 wishing a downfall on a series just cuz you don’t like it. I’ll never understand stupid idiots like this @WR47H_ The anime was a 10/10 for me. Hilarious all the way through @Joe__Anime CleanGoodnight:) @YxngJor Fr 😩 Blue manga is just as hilarious as the anime 😭
@shawtysluvamir @VioletsRailgun Why thank youIs this a hot take for Isekai anime? 🤔
Retweeted by Xenno @Funimation April fools was like two months ago. Tf is this 😭 @Tony22u Nah that’s this rancid ass takeGotta help out a homie, ratio mf
Retweeted by XennoDaily Nino 140
Retweeted by XennoI miss black clover so fucking much 😔 @VioletsRailgun Each day I stray closer and closer to turning off your notis 😭 @Not_Zoki Fr 😭 @Abykvn 🤝 @AndrewMcLemore1 Nah it was the thing ages ago I just found out earlier that he banned me from his sever 🗿Embarrassing performance from England
Retweeted by Xenno @AndrewMcLemore1 It was slick @xPhysixal W @willne We’ll wipe the floor with them @willne ITS COMING HOME @SixPathsPG 😗 @hoglovesanime Go finish it broFate is a 10/10 btw @Youssou60140511 Fr @RomanceKingV Same from you 🤝 @RomanceKingV How you doing bro?TikTok nerds are so weird 😭 @Overbro_ Got a point tbh @jaiytsu Denji and Astacome on you bastard lions 🦁
Retweeted by Xenno @WR47H_ Fr授業外の補習 #中野二乃 #五等分の花嫁
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