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@DedakoVtuber It's just such a fun game! They also give out HELLA currency in-game too! I will say tho, tru to make… @DedakoVtuber The game is super ftp friendly! Haven't spent a dime and I've only been playing for about a week! Alr… 15 MINUTES BEFORE THE EVENT WENT AWAY AND I WAS BARELY ABLE TO GRIND ENOUGH TO GET HIM VIA THE EVENT! LETS FUC… @roxymanticore Hiya Drunk, Im Dad! @VTuberOfTheDay Hell yeah!Halloween kills, Eh, like a 6-7/10 ALOT of bs that went on to keep Michael Myers alive for the 3rd movie
@_Aralene_ @Cheriebei hell yeah! "Wine-in with ara" or some shit like that. its be dopeOki so in order to try and get better at live2d rigging, If you have a non-rigged model (and are okay with potentia…
Retweeted by Xeno- Charity Stream 28th @ohnoitsnero Where's my ring @ohnoitsnero
@FaeKitsuneLIVE Wait yo thats a good questionYO NEW LOOK AT SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME. THIS FUCKING COSTUME LOOKS AMAZING! @3CFilm seems like you have the wrong link btw, it leads to a scream video! @AroraVtuber ONANDONANDON @chuu_vt yeah! can't promise that ill be able to deliver a uber high-quality one (if at all since its just a test f…
@chuu_vt Think i could take a crack at rigging this? want to get more practice in live 2d after making my own rigging for the first time!Wait I'm just getting home from school... ATTACK ON TITAN RELEASED A NEW TRAILER ?!
Art by: @Umairih_Oki so in order to try and get better at live2d rigging, If you have a non-rigged model (and are okay with potentia… @ohnoitsnero @Baradin14 @Hitsura_Papel @_Aralene_ WOOF WOOF WOOF ARF ARF!Im From Chicago and we use Bro Bruh and dude ALOT here aswell. i promise 99% of us when we use those words don't me… @EzraGreyVT Fuck yeah ratchet and clank!!!........LIGHT PUNCH....... MEDIUM PUNCH @_Aralene_ @ohnoitsnero Yeah nero..... we're waiting!If for whatever reason I had to graduate from vtubing in like a few years or so, I want to be known for trying to h… but like.... now I really gotta start thinking about saving money 👀 @OrihimeVT Pov: Ori in apex @Lumituber Same energy @InfernoOmni ......
@InfernoOmni YOO LETS GET IT OMNI!!!!!!! YOU DERVERED THAT AND MORE MAN!! @blackberritea Both, do a sleep stream! @unrooolie Event Will Take Place On The 28th Of October At 4 Like The Post Says. I Will Be Creating Another List Of Stret…[CHARITY ANNOUNCEMENT] It's been way too long since I've said this but we're back with ANOTHER CHARITY STREAM! Ju…
@_Aralene_ Mommy?sorry.Mommy?sorry.Mommy? sorry @fumikohoshi IT'S FUCKING MAHVEL BABY! WOOOO @Smartimus_Prime tasm 2 tho 👀 i agree there isn't really a "bad" film but that one is just...... @roxymanticore rn I've been using after effects and premiere pro. But Ik a lot of people use davinci resolve since its freeArt by : @DayumDahliaGonna make a proper announcement for it soon, but The Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Stream will be held on the 28… @VicCalico @BiancaLattei U-umm is that a yes?Everyone always says I have a good heart and that I always help people. But sometimes I feel like I'm the most selfish person in a room @blackberritea YES PLEASEE!!! THAT WOULD BE AMAZING @PattyPolygon Damn, vtuber collab when? The Spider-Verse Nagoriyuki Been Working On This Guilty Gear Strive Mod For About 2 Days Or So And I Couldn't… @blackberritea YO THIS IS FUCKIN FIRE!!! BUT WHY DID YOU STOP AT THE BEST PART?! I FEEL LIKE FUCKIN SOMETHIN! OR W…
@ohnoitsnero @_Aralene_ @G_Transient :( @_Aralene_ @ohnoitsnero @G_Transient 0kay but when are we all gonna play minecraft together? 🥺👉👈 @G_Transient @_Aralene_ Damn gt, just wanted to thank you for giving me that heart transplant and letting me hold a… third is mainly for people who host Online Tournaments, these will be on a case-to-case basis to dm me for ques…, Opening back up my Commissions! I Have 3 Types -Vtuber Video/Stream Editing For Youtube Or Twitter (Pos…
@plantkuroba If we were to join would be have to bee uber good at building stuffs? Sometimes I just like minin for stuff @KazutoraVT @KazuLewding Yo that was SPICY SPICY
🕷️ Xeno (Spider-Man) Halloween Model Showcase 🕸️ Thank you to @Umairih_ For the Art! This was my first time riggi… @exe_saki HELL YEAH! learned live2d in order to rig it after my artist sent me the art for it! My Vtuber's Halloween Fit for the year! @exe_saki @xander_digital BLACK AIR FORCE ENERGY!WE LIVE NOW WITH THE NEW HALLOWEEN MODEL!!! YEAH I AM.. 😅🕷️~ I'm Gonna Put Some Dirt In Your Eye ~🕷️ #Vtuber #SpiderManNoWayHome
@ohnoitsnero You know me so well 😉💜So.... the discord helped me learn how to mod Nick All Stars @Xeno_TG wants to make fun of my height today...
Retweeted by Xeno- Charity Stream 28th @InfernoOmni I have a singular question, sir...... YOU GON SHARE SOME OF THAT ?! @TVwasTaken @ohnoitsnero Short ass @ohnoitsnero Oh nooooo!!!!! By male logic you'll lose all your clout cause girls have it easier OoOOoOOOOhhh NoOoOO… @Kadu_ch_ While that is true I feel like it's done a lot more( or at least it feels like it) in the VTuber communit… @Kadu_ch_ networking threads are the pyramid schemes of the vtuber community @MowtenDoo OH FUCK @MowtenDoo when's the beta for that supposed to release?😅 so remember when I was upset about the fatphobic creator. WE ARE INFLUENCERS. If your COMMUNITY is subjected to…
Retweeted by Xeno- Charity Stream 28th
@Hizuru_onya DAWG, HIT ME UP ! WE CAN RANK PEANUT BUTTER OR SOME SHIT HAHAOh great... another game for me to learn to mod 💀 @G_Transient Let me put you on then 💜 JUST REALIZED WE'VE COME FULL CIRCLE. AT FIRST, THE THREAT OF GALEEM LOOMED OVER THE FIGHTERS, CONTROLLING THEIR… FUCKIN BEAUTIFUL. THIS IS FUCKING NUTS! So early in the morning but I still had enough energy to be semi hype ONCE IN A LIFETIME FUCKING MOMENT. THANK YOU SAKURAI FOR MAKING THE HEARTS OF EVERY FAN LIGHT UP ONE LAST TIME! @UnknownSkelly LMFAO WHY WHY POTEMKIN LEAVE THW POOR BOY ALONE! @SenzBaka "Your Second game will be "hopscotch" " To Play: each person must hop from block to block, However, some…
Vtubers, drop your png's and I'll gojo your asses when I get home Great Power Comes Great Leaving Your Girl To Go Fight Crime Hahaha.... She's Gonna Kill Me October 7th, Xeno…
Retweeted by Xeno- Charity Stream 28th @SenzBaka That is the most chotic sounding idea I've ever heard. Do it @Lost_Pause_ ... @_carillus @fumikohoshi i mean to be fair to fumi tho, 1 hour in-game is a couple of matches at most. now if it was… Great Power Comes Great Leaving Your Girl To Go Fight Crime Hahaha.... She's Gonna Kill Me October 7th, Xeno…
2021 @king_kriminal For those who want to use the asset but with different ranger colors Krimbo oki'd me posting these! @Lumituber these graduations have been happening and I've never really been able to explain how I feel about them till tod… @Takahashii_Tice @DayumDahlia the collab we all need! @PriscillaVtuber yo whats the prize tho? @AuroraVT_ YO THATS FUCKING AWESOME!no context needed for this honestly @blackberritea YES YES!!! lmfao!!
@SenzBaka Cam we get a scream counter?Art by :@yumiraa1Aww, who's my little honey~? @DayumDahlia But thats what DDD is for! gotta make sure its all-white for Christmas time........... damn yknow what imma head out too @blackberritea yo okay hear me out...... 19