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🚨 Round two of the XFL Best Moment competition 🚨 Catch up on the entire competition here: 1st vs. April 1st
Retweeted by XFL 1st April 1st
Retweeted by XFLWe’re live with @ThatManCarterIV on Instagram! Join the @XFLWildcats RB for a #WorkoutWednesday session with… want to see how YOU are staying active while you #StayAtHome! 1- Download the @greenfly app here:…
Retweeted by XFL.@CJ1two takes you behind the scenes of the flea-flicker, and how Khari Lee's impatience made him skeptical 😂…
Retweeted by XFLYour o-lineman could never. 😳 @BrunoReagan is an ATHLETE. 💪
Retweeted by XFLXFL Best Moments Bracket: #2 vs. #3 @XFLRoughnecks vs. @XFLDefendersXFL Best Moments Bracket: #1 vs. #5 @XFLBattleHawks vs. @XFLWildcatsWE ARE IN ROUND TWO. Check our timeline in a few minutes to vote on the second round. getting your workout gear ready. @CharlyOnTV and @ThatManCarterIV won't take it easy on you. #WorkoutWednesday
Vote for @R_Mueller44! 🚨💯
Retweeted by XFLThere are two hours left to vote on round one of the XFL Best Moments bracket! Find everything you need to know he…'s going on around the #XFL? Catch up ⬇️ else?'Hard times don't last; tough people do.' @boogiethegoat8 translates the life lessons instilled by his mother onto…
Retweeted by XFL"I do feel blessed, for sure." – @SmooveSeisay The Dragons DB recently shared his story, looking back on the inju…
Retweeted by XFLVote 👇👀 for @DaRealTeetime
Retweeted by XFLDL @boogiethegoat8 is the @XFLWildcats' representative in our Best Moments Bracket for his scoop-and-score in Week…🗣 YOUR KING JOE P IS SPEAKING And he wants you to vote! ⬇️⬇️
Retweeted by XFLWho’s tuning in?!?! Can’t wait for this!!
Retweeted by XFLXFL Best Moments Bracket: #4 vs. #5 @XFLVipers vs. @XFLWildcats
Retweeted by XFLXFL Best Moments Bracket: #3 vs. #6 @XFLDefenders vs. @XFLGuardians
Retweeted by XFLXFL Best Moments Bracket: #2 vs. #7 @XFLRoughnecks vs. @XFLDragons
Retweeted by XFLXFL Best Moments Bracket: #1 vs. #8 @XFLBattleHawks vs. @XFLRenegades
Retweeted by XFLthings you see a lot in football: a pick-six things you see almost never in football: a DOUBLE FLEA-FLICKER ⬇️ yo…
Retweeted by XFL🚨 PSA from Mr. Pick Six himself 🚨 @R_Mueller44 needs your vote in the @xfl2020 Best Moments Bracket! Hey…
Retweeted by XFLWe are extremely grateful for all the sacrifices made by doctors and nurses during such troubling times. Special t…
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In need of a new at-home workout plan? We've got you covered. Join @CharlyOnTV and @ThatManCarterIV on Instagram… were some absolutely 🔥🔥 catches this season in the @XFL2020. Peep some of the best catches and let us know…
Retweeted by XFL @budlight @XFLDefenders @T_Rausa hey how is that @budlight seltzer? @T_Rausa: IT'S GOOOD! 🙌
Retweeted by XFLMake sure you check out our IG story at 4 p.m. when @KennethMFarrow takes over our story to go live and interview…
Retweeted by XFLXFL Best Moments Bracket: #4 vs. #5 @XFLVipers vs. @XFLWildcatsXFL Best Moments Bracket: #3 vs. #6 @XFLDefenders vs. @XFLGuardiansXFL Best Moments Bracket: #2 vs. #7 @XFLRoughnecks vs. @XFLDragonsXFL Best Moments Bracket: #1 vs. #8 @XFLBattleHawks vs. @XFLRenegadesWhat XFL play will take home the honor of Best Moment? Check our timeline in a few minutes to vote on the first ro… are the plays vying for the inaugural Best Moments Bracket trophy your professor to use a beer snake picture you are in as the background during class? Legendary move.'re live with @Nickholley07 in 2 minutes! Head over to Instagram to watch and drop any questions in the comments. bad things happen so we can find out where we're meant to be. This is @In_EB_We_Trust story.
Retweeted by XFLWho else hit up Club Quarantine last night? 🕺 @BHunchoJack | #StayHomeStaySafe
Retweeted by XFL| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| | THE XFL BEST | | MOMENTS BRACKET | | IS HERE WITH POLLS | | FOR VOTING… the XFL? Us too. Send us a screenshot of you using an XFL related picture as your background on a zoom meeting, in class, etc.
Heading back into your virtual office tomorrow? Bring some BattleHawks flare to your meetings with these virtual b…
Retweeted by XFLThis @Head8cke and Tre McBride connection for the @XFLWildcats was fun to watch 💪🎯
Retweeted by XFL'This is one of the closest groups I've ever been apart of in the short time we were together.' 👊 @StormNorton74 &…
Retweeted by XFLWe're going 🚨LIVE🚨 with @Nickholley07 tomorrow at 2 pm ET. Got any questions for one of the key members of the und… little over 9 hours left to vote! 👀 Hey @colbyp04 - think you have what it takes to rally the voters for a late…
Retweeted by XFL.@kreynolds_19 has surged into the lead in the voting. Can @FederalFrazier rally one more time?
Retweeted by XFLSame. Big same. binge watching at home hbu
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This catch + body control by @MizzouMonstar2 for the @XFLBattleHawks was 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by XFLIt wasn’t a goodbye, it was a see you later. In 2021 to be exact 🙌 #TheWildcatWay | #ForTheLoveOfFootball
Retweeted by XFLThere's still time to take advantage of 30% off on DC Defenders gear! 🛒 »
Retweeted by XFLWe’ve said thank you before. We’ll say thank you again. YOU are the reason the 2020 XFL season was so special. From…'s STILL 50-50! Break the tie ⬇️
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We Both Already Won My Boy 🤝🖤
Retweeted by XFLThe top seeds go head to head 👀 Make sure to vote for the top Vipers moment of the season 👇
Retweeted by XFLIt all comes down to this in our Best Moments Bracket. We've got the underdog, No. 7 seed Keenan Reynolds and his…
Retweeted by XFLNow it's YOUR TURN, Guardians fans! 👀 Show us how you are staying active, by taking part in the #pushupchallenge
Retweeted by XFLThe offseason is GRIND SEASON ‼️ Our Guardians are staying active by taking on the #PushupChallenge from home! 💪…
Retweeted by XFL#XFLShowAwards season continues! This episode, @XFL2020 Defensive Player of the Year
Retweeted by XFLYou know the vibes HAT 🎩 TRICK ONLY GO VOTE
Retweeted by XFL🚨 OFFER EXTENDED 🚨 Make sure you take advantage of 30% off at XFL Shop before it's too late!… to the XFL.
Retweeted by XFLSome fit inspiration for you to go out and check the mail or hit the grocery store today. XFL players were 💧💧💧 all… will it be? (#1) @DaRealTeetime pick six against Seattle or (#2) @jacques_patrick first professional touchdown - vote now 👇
Retweeted by XFL🚨 Guardians Best Moments Bracket 🚨 Two great plays make up our final matchup. Who's taking home the W? 👀 #1
Retweeted by XFLCan Ty Rausa's unprecedented Cinderella story continue and upset the flea-flicker?? ANYTHING IS POSSSSIBBBLLLEEE
Retweeted by XFLAnother weekend without sports.
Who's going to the finals?! 🤔 (2) @DeQuanHampton's Moss TD against TB or (3) @ThatManCarterIV's Hat Trick against DC Vote now ⬇️
Retweeted by XFLThe trash talking has begun 🔥 Final Four voting is live until 9 PM/ET tonight! 👀
Retweeted by XFL.@Jiggydd_49 was an absolute MONSTER for the @XFLRenegades was the only player in @xfl2020 this past season that still had college eligibility. He ran with the opp…
Retweeted by XFLWe went 1-on-1 with @XFLDragons QB @BJDANIELS10 on Instagram Live. In case you missed it, watch it here ➡️… some of our guys to you: Stay home. Stay safe. Hang tight. Wash your hands. We got this. We had that.'AMU VS. TA'AMU Which one of his outstanding performances will move on?
Retweeted by XFL"Call me Cam Phillips. I'm going for the hat trick." Deatrick wants all the smoke 😤 #ForTheH |…
Retweeted by XFLFirst receiving touchdown in Defenders history. Best of luck in the ATL, Khari! #ForgedByDC🛡
Retweeted by XFLJordan Martin pulled off the upset in the last round with his leaping INT against Houston, but can the corner pull…
Retweeted by XFLYou voted Keenan Reynolds' 68-yard touchdown on a dime from Brandon Silvers into the Final Four. Can that play pull…
Retweeted by XFLThe @XFLBattleHawks were (and still are) building something special. We couldn't finish the 2020 season but one th… DNA results are in, I: M M I I S S S T T H H E X X F F L LNothing but highlights outta #99 🌟 Good luck in Pittsburgh, @_BigCinco! Forever #OnDuty 💪
Retweeted by XFLThe big man made a big impact on the #XFL. Good luck, @Jiggydd_49 the other side of the bracket, our two longest TDs of the season battle it out: Donald Parham's (@Jiggydd_49) el…
Retweeted by XFL#2 vs. #6 is an absolute slobberknocker. Two types of plays we never saw until this year.
Retweeted by XFLThe Vipers Best Moments Bracket goes on 👇 Let's start round 3 with (#1) @DaRealTeetime Pick Six vs. (#4)…
Retweeted by XFL🚨 Guardians Best Moments Bracket 🚨 Last matchup of the day: @jsum's fumble-return TD vs. TB 🆚 @colbyp04's 80-yd…
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A star was born in Houston 🤘
Retweeted by XFL🚨 30% off at #XFL Shop 🚨 Work from home Us:
Retweeted by XFLReal recognize real 🤝 @Ty_Higs19 x @nspruce22
Retweeted by XFLVice gets it. Thanks for the love @VICE! #ForTheLoveOfFootball doing Spruce things 💪 @nspruce22 | #TheWildcatWay
Retweeted by XFLThe Falcons offense got a good one. Best of luck to TE Khari Lee in Atlanta! #ForgedByDC🛡
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