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Retweeted by HowIsThisAName @ok_hue what did he mean by this @Grahamalott you have not watched 1/10th of the animes on there @Grahamalott this isnt you, but whoever made this needs the rope @MassiveDumps4U @ChaosEC BANG
@MyFavsTrash now im definitely coming over, with or without consent @MyFavsTrash when can i move in @notchaselyons 18 boutta turn 19There are a surprising number of these memes
Retweeted by HowIsThisAName @rachillidog @nate_tidal something about tall girls @xMinimumSine @VeesAQueen @VeesAQueen grind time @nate_tidal @rachillidog @Blankzy_ Dropping 40 @boukxn ? @AboutStrafe you different fr
@maids @yodogloI Leave him alone @yodogloI Are you a survivor main @VeesAQueen Ill be on in an hour if youre down @VeesAQueen @VeesAQueen Bumwho up hit like @VeesAQueen grind time lets go @wtfshaay heck gn @xkaisjs @D_Tank__ why are you assuming your brain's gender @littlebirdll you got a sperm donor to find, old ladyJust finished watching Hamilton on Disney+. If I have any regret in life, it is not knowing of and watching the ori… @AIexTBA2
@_skag @AboutStrafe Slept for 11 hours @AboutStrafe Just woke up @VeesAQueen It was 5am, your grind time🔥grind time, wake yo ass up @VeesAQueen @Gavpai gn @Josh_Tries nah lol twitter is ignorant and just care its cute @Josh_Tries those dogs are abused their entire lives just so they can walk upright and look cute, goodnight tho @Icy_Rapture sure man @AboutStrafe wish that was me @wtfshaay hop on DBD lets go @Daymeeein Big if true @yodogloI @Youngins_ lmk @woahmatey LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @Oreologist @Blankzy_ @MrBeastYT if you need another hand to lift him lmk @AboutStrafe who is driving @AboutStrafe watching tommy stream
@stereoberrys Not sure but both accounts should definitely be suspended @_skag WhyWatching Hamilton today or tomorrow, if you'd like to join tap in ➡️ @EdenHarry_ LMFAOOOOOOO HE IS PISSED @VeesAQueen Looks nice, V! @KnownAsLit he is a menace @xMinimumSine @notchaselyons dude @Gavpai ok @ownagesauce you lol @ownagesauce 🔥🔥🔥I was playing around with George aka Jorge aka Jirge aka AcethugJr on Valorant earlier and I went bonkers... (THE M… @supBigMitch @YankeeMane yeah and im vibing @YankeeMane @supBigMitch we vibing, stay mad big yank
@Mako LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWhere can I get this check @ParachuteToot @MyFavsTrash f*** this @AboutStrafe @rickyreapers fr @uMentalOW ACHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @oFabz @HarryButAverage Sounds like they going for anitwit’s crown @ScuffedJuan @Froste @dogwiffpants Okay? @kingofthabears Yeah, woke up with some congestion but was probably just from the ceiling fan @kingofthabears Good morning, kingaofthabears! @VeesAQueen Good morning, V! @Froste @dogwiffpants Ill be over this weekend fr @moyabtw i would probably notice @Josh_Tries LMFAOOOOOOshe got picked up by her CHEEKS LMAOOOOOO
Retweeted by HowIsThisAName @scobesx @AceThugV37GB proof, ignore do yall think? 🔥 or 👎
@AIexTBA2 rare tweeting out of the stream. Coronavirus gaming on Battlefront 2 for a guy like me @xoxabstract My day has been greatkanye west is a valorant god
Retweeted by HowIsThisAName @xKniter @Josh_Tries vibing @Josh_Tries ? @wtfshaay @BasedGothlol @basedgothV2 tf yall talm boutOh yes... it's here! Supersized update with an all-inclusive Premium offering: Introducing Premium Streamer and Ul…
Retweeted by HowIsThisAName @eBeatzMusic LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @BrosephSZN Let her tweet about her horses @notchaselyons this looks painful @VeesAQueen thank you @SamManlol Strafe told me to steal this from okhue... This isnt what it looks like @scobesx Dude @VeesAQueen What is this individuals name? @VeesAQueen @Doc_Gore @lemiwrap @lemiwrap guy like me wont even need it, cause im different @lemiwrap LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO W FOR AMERICA @wtfshaay how was your day @wtfshaay wtf @wtfshaay