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Jaaybear @xjaaybear Las Vegas, NV

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grind doesn’t stop, we stay productive! good morning twitter 🏋🏻‍♀️🤍 @itsBeeChu sorry… 😂😂 @itsBeeChu so if i grab those sounds of u wheezing and put it next to a teapot video it wont sound similar? @itsBeeChu surprise they didnt bring up the teapot. sorry.. @variousjackie im sorry.. @hawkyfx happy birthday king!! @variousjackie i hope a creeper creeps up on u and blows ur house @variousjackie ur so stupid.. LMFAOO go play ur mc u ugly @variousjackie i.. didnt even say anything about that what the hell @variousjackie you look like a raccoon @DaeyeTV ehhh.. you play val hours upon hours each day so… I feel like that word fits you @DaeyeTV don’t tell me.. you’re still gaming… @DaeyeTV oh so it’s all of the above, got it.. 😳 reset ma’am @RwencTTV you sure it was your pre? 🫡 @Ninjasik yeaaaaah that’s why I just stopped bothering and asking and I just let them come to me instead lol becaus… @Ninjasik well that’s on you two lol I’m always gaming and I got tired of asking people to game so I’m just here existing @Ninjasik mf I had to beg for your ass to get on the last time we played with elwyn what the hell @Ninjasik idk I ask you to game and I just get excuses lol @Ninjasik you’re just too busy to game with now cutie >.<
back on my apex shit. we grind back for masters this split now that its actually a good map! gonna reset for the d… @DaeyeTV hey Daeye… umm… how are you doing? @musiccrusher_ @Trinitylimit_ u got some explaining to do sir @Trinitylimit_ @musiccrusher_ you guys might wanna have a talk with him 🫡 @_Bwandonn u built like vibessome people only want you in their life as a backup plan. @musiccrusher_ YOU.. don’t tempt me with a good time 🫡 @_Bwandonn u built like a damn lairHEH? 😵‍💫 @emasutv sorry.. @ElQwan_ don’t tempt me with a good time @OfficialKlatsch what would we do without you cutie.. This is why people need a Klastch in their life @ElQwan_ this is why u got ran down in apex @OfficialKlatsch I’ll try that next time.. hopefully it works cause it’s everytime I play this ugly game -.-tabbed out once again and crashed my entire pc.. why is it only valorant..
@impixiedust i also heard ur doing the one chip challenge for 1 bit 👀 @impixiedust have a good one today! Don’t ge too lit hehe 🥂 @impixiedust HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIXIE!! 🥳🎈 @SHORTYPlE happy birthday shorty!! 🥳 @refraxt awwww congrats dad!! love you guys <3 @Ninjasik it actually worries me that people like this exists.. @Ninjasik it’s actually so cringe LMFAO people take this game WAY too damn seriously 😂😂bro guys on val are a diff breed im sorry lmaooo y’all have never seen the sun in your life 😂 actually cringe brain dead morons @CheeGod_ HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHEE CHEE!!! 🥳🥳🥳 @amrhdmgz oh hey there 😳 @amrhdmgz
@itsPototo @MindofSeem oh you still know who we are. hi ma’am 👋🏻 @oSatsui how lit r u rn @Firestaryuh Alec?…
@cleggnation @MindofSeem man I can’t even get drunk is the sad part -.- @cleggnation @MindofSeem you chugged something for you not to remember.. you even streamed that day too @cleggnation @MindofSeem because you got drunk from all your AMFs that u chugged that day 😂😂 @Firestaryuh @MindofSeem i know right!! I saw him naked too 🤓 @cleggnation @MindofSeem it was when you were enjoying your chicken tenders 😂 @cleggnation wow D2 gamer!! carry soon thanks 🫡 @MindofSeem i knew something was poking my ass 🫡 @MindofSeem bro.. is it bad that I don’t even remember this shit either 😂what.. the hell is this? explain @MindofSeem @Firestaryuh i hate you LMAOOO @Firestaryuh ALEC!!!! @ShredderCrazed I’m always gaming sir, come back whenever you’re free! You know where to find us @ShredderCrazed i love you king 🤍i promise i'm fine.. this quote just hits diff hehe 🥹 @hawkyfx @sleepebuns she didn’t post the rest of the texts that’s why it’s okay @hawkyfx we need a queue some times soon! nat is holding me hostage rn @stephxch can you coach me some time pls, thanks @stephxch don’t you have a spike rush to play? 🫡 @QueenEsme97 I’m out here struggling 🥹you know my account is cursed when it’s NEVER double ranked up at all.. not once. 🥹
@sleepebuns and I couldn’t be any more happier that u did @sleepebuns we been knowing that @itsBeeChu hey bee.. I think your servers are broken @sleepebuns sorry
@sleepebuns just go ez @Bellaazinha 6666 @cleggnation @sleepebuns @amrhdmgz ayo is this the squad @cleggnation or we could do the 3AM fortnite streams 🫡 @cleggnation so we running it back then @MrSteeleondalow HAPPY BIRTHDAY KING!! 🥳🥳🥳 @Shinorro @ghostmoblie mf in rookie LOL @Shinorro you work today? @Shinorro aye gm bwo @sleepebuns stop being a hoe then @sleepebuns hope you get hurt @sleepebuns yeah I hope you don’t get paid and he never talks to you again @Sp66kys sorry.. I tried my best 🥹who’s awake.. just got done at the gym tryna see something 🫡my happy place 🖤 @MindofSeem oh.. don’t waste your time then cause I’ve been searching for my dad for 25 years… @MindofSeem just ask her @QueenEsme97 smh why are you lying
@QueenEsme97 i would but I’m washed :/as promised!! GOOD MORNING <3 @BamGP1 hey you look cute in yours 🥵EARLY MORNING STREAM TOMORROW I PROMISE!!! had a LONG day yesterday and im SUPER tired so i'll see you guys in th… @qaleiaa GUESS WHOS BAAAAAACK!! 🥳🥳🥳this is why viper + breeze is my favorite combo 🥵 too bad im still washed at this game :/ @DaeyeTV you.. are addicted ma’am 😂 @The_HOTsh0t i just had it on repeat for a bit, but it sure gets me goingthis song at the gym just hits 🎵
umm.. hey cuties y’all have an amazing day today 🤘🏻🤍