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Plague Diamond on smg’s look so clean @Daymeeein nah fr @JoeyTheSuperJew @scarrfries vouch (as a friend) @Class yo4/5 @BWAMatt goated pic3/5 @shivisdumb yay @shivisdumb can we dance as friends @shivisdumb hi @Grahamalott @GFuelEnergy peep this! @Xouped @JhbTeam @Xouped @CrypticNoOnee yo500 in 5 minutes and i have to do the wap... naked.
Retweeted by Lambo??? @NotAirid @MrTLexify wait is this every launcher or only the m79 @sophiesolit boom @SkreetMan omg true @xoxabstract @JoeyTheSuperJew @shivisdumb I quoted it just saying joey jumping for joy rn @scarrfries LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @shivisdumb @JoeyTheSuperJew get a grip
@_A113N that shit just my birthday @_A113N literally use that shit as my windows passcode when I turn it on LMAOO @_A113N yes2/5 @daiptix @Blankzy_ nah @JoeyTheSuperJew you spttin @kay6e @Daymeeein @_KenzzzA_ couldn’t even form a sentence in vc but you wildin out like this smh.@FCHWPO showed no mercy Every RT raises $21 for diabetes awareness and prevention #SunLifeDunk4Diabetes
Retweeted by Lambo @lemipog they good asl tho @100TJackiee nahhh frTravis Scott McDonald’s commercial 🍟
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Retweeted by Lambo @xHitan mikey yΓ€ckson
Retweeted by LamboSon I’m crying!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Retweeted by Lambo @ijdawg998 sex @ELPWSwastaken fr @ELPWSwastaken bodyarmor goes hard @shivisdumb we all have off days shiv @shivisdumb you are good wym @shivisdumb looks like you need little ole me @ijdawg998 @shivisdumb smh my head @BaGrizzle_ @BaGrizzle_ hey @YourEmbracee @FortniteGame holy shit it’s really you
@kvrohs watch demon slayer to pass time like I did @JoeyTheSuperJew last week* @JoeyTheSuperJew I have seen you wear this so many times this weeki think we could do it if we tried
Retweeted by LamboWelcome to the danger zone
Retweeted by Lambo @Chriztopha_ fr he isshe πŸ™‹ say πŸ—£οΈ do πŸ‘‰ you πŸ– love β™₯️ me 😳 i πŸ˜„ say πŸ—£οΈ only 🀯 partly πŸ‘€ i πŸ˜„ only 🀯 love β™₯️ my 😁 bed πŸ›Œ and βž• my 😁 momma πŸ§–β€β™€οΈ i'm πŸ€” sorry 😭 @_A113N can you stfu @daveonater how tf you get blocked @Schovee hbd champ @FallGuysGame @Mlord7000 Yo
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@NQSTRIL @NotAirid ion even remember I just know I got shit on @NotAirid no? @NotAirid 0-12 @oFabz throwback
Retweeted by Lamboaye I'll take loser semi's
Retweeted by Lambo @ELPWSwastaken wait are you still playing?? @TheSamsman @CryptiicNo @CorinnaKopf WE???? @_rockrob fr
@Josh_Tries zzzzHitan pulled a Drew Brees and talked to trump before this tourney @CrypticNoOnee @_A113N @ijdawg998 I gotta step it up for josh's team doe @ijdawg998 ehhh. did solid the 1st game then got shit on in the next soo idk4 MORE YEARS @Blankzy_ bro what happened @Blankzy_ you got AR's diamond @LazasBautista LMAOOO @AbbyTheMS @SesoHQ @CouRageJD VOUCH @CryptiicNo LMAOOOOOOO @LILUZIVERT LOOOOOL @ELPWSwastaken stfu @daiptix LOOOOL @ijdawg998 yo @pSavvGG this ain't serious bro @Blankzy_ don’t down yourself 7 times now @FelonyPS Yeah LMAO @benjyfishystan copypasta from a guy that got 1st rounded in a previous tourneyBlessed for this opportunity man ... Got invited to a tourney now i get to perform i front of the Soar family πŸ’ͺ🏽 H… @pSavvGG it's close to the greatest gun in the game but im grinding for zombies camosWHAT???? @JhbTeam @BWAMatt NotiShotguns done lfggg
@Class @itsWaddles_ @Blankzy_ YOU'RE SO SHIT @Blankzy_ 0 downs btw @ImMashed_Potato idk broBLANKZY ENDED THE GAME LMFAOOOOOOO