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@jbapriv @rosstopherpriv @JERMAlNE frrr @NotAirid you didn't sus ruben? @NotAirid you're read on ruben WAS unreal LMAOOOBowl @JERMAlNE the boys disc @JERMAlNE playing among us with losers @100TJackiee @shivisdumb LMAOOOO @_rockrob I was laughing so bad when he said ruben LMFAOOOOOO @_rockrob @NotAirid FRRRR @okleslie nah @Classify @I_AM_WILDCAT vouch @xanful down @xanful FIRST @xanful @xanful someone already made a version without her :fire: @optiuh meow @Hellrizer LFG
@Daymeeein smh @Chriztopha_ @KingEmail0 @prakdip I LOVE YOU @prakdip @KingEmail0 I was gonna pre order for the beta but if I get a code then I prolly will after @xanful MEOW @prakdip @KingEmail0 cold war beta @Boy1drr @KingEmail0 nope @prakdip @KingEmail0 no @SamjaySJ I'd say Fall guys or Among us @KingEmail0 thanks babe >.< @KingEmail0 DUDE PLEASE @KingEmail0 heyyy you got me with a code too right.... @Hellrizer oh shit I forgot LMAOO nvm @Hellrizer hurry up loser @CashApp $xLamboTVCactus Jack sent me to @McDonalds #CactusJackSweepstakes
Retweeted by Lambo @layymooon FRRR @realJBA @sonicx161 he still is @sonicx161 Houdini sounds WAY better @realJBA @sonicx161 it's an edit of the album @realJBA @sonicx161 yeah but it's Astroworld X and not the normal one @sonicx161 CAN'T SAY IS SO GOOD OMG @AJisBoring had ur back since jan... chills @NotAirid @hoodienergy vouch @NotAirid @hoodienergy @chandlerriggs vouch @JoeyTheSuperJew nothing much, what's good in the mind of joeythesuperjew @KirbyFrostt @Fispiy @prakdip YO? @JoeyTheSuperJew Hey Joey @AJisBoring @atSerpentine @realJBA ☹️ @atSerpentine @AJisBoring don't call him that wtf @sonicx161 ight dm me @sonicx161 oh brother... can you tell me or nah @sonicx161 you haven't either huh @sonicx161 I haven't talked to tyler or brae in a while, how they been @sonicx161 hii @sonicx161 ok?FRANCHISSSSSEEEEEEE OUTTTTT NOWWWEWE THUGG. MIAAA. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHBBB
Retweeted by Lambo @Fispiy @Boy1drr @prakdip @applejuiceemma3 @xdbumbie wait she unfollowed... @Fispiy @Boy1drr @prakdip @applejuiceemma3 @xdbumbie shelbie already did lolololol @Fispiy @Boy1drr @prakdip @applejuiceemma3 @xdbumbie and me!!!!!!!! @Gotswag031 @xdbumbie @Fispiy @prakdip im crying rn. I hope you're happy @Fispiy @prakdip @applejuiceemma3 @xdbumbie ok? and? @prakdip @applejuiceemma3 @xdbumbie @Fispiy smh @xdbumbie @Fispiy @prakdip babe don't @Gotswag031 @xdbumbie @Fispiy @prakdip back off. @xdbumbie @Fispiy @prakdip wanna recreate their relationship lol @Fispiy @prakdip I actually don't wanna lose that anytime soon so you got it @Fispiy @prakdip YOU'RE 14 AND YOU GOT A GF BEFORE ME. gn. @prakdip @Fispiy don't be a pussy @prakdip ain't he 15 @prakdip how old is she @prakdip bro did his gf follow me @prakdip if he can a gf anyone can @sonicx161 HE SNORING LMAOOOOOO @sonicx161 annnd nvm he out again @sonicx161 wait @sonicx161 I thought he woke up but nvm @sonicx161 LMFAOOOOOO @xdbumbie I just lose track of time and then I go sleep mode @xdbumbie I just do @xdbumbie wym @xdbumbie I do but I only remember to do it in the morning @xdbumbie I got cavities filled @xdbumbie im good my mouth hurtie tho @aweynu gn @xdbumbie hru @xdbumbie hii @Xouped dude you're better than this @obrndo @xdbumbie @Hellrizer @Hellrizer tomorrow's a big day
LFG @AbbyTheMS @NQSTRIL I thought we had something @prakdip how would it hurt or be uncomfortable? apart from drooling @prakdip when I did mine it wasn’t that bad @daiptix Happy Birthday Daip! @Hellrizer me rn @Xouped we hopefully we got next year @xdbumbie good hru @xdbumbie hey wifey @xdbumbie marry me @xdbumbie of course