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@LazyBautista I got 2 guesses. either the hdmi ports are so full of dust that it won't work properly or the gpu has… @LazyBautista what is it again? it won't display anything?I wonder what Gfuel flavor he drinking @realJBA @Wis_Alt you never seen this? LMAOO @MattComplex you still in school?? @Wis_Alt @realJBA @MattComplex they good bro @realJBA @YourEmbracee @_rockrob @FoxNewsDad_ @Classify man... @nStickzz @Modasty_ it's a friend :) @nStickzz @Modasty_ @xLambo_I’ll send $100 to ONE person that retweets this tweet and is following @Modasty_ along with myself (@nStickzz) GIVE…
Retweeted by Lambo @BWAMatt as Daniel does it... @TheSamsman @NotAirid @FoxNewsDad_ perfect. @Wis_Alt warzone over hyper and then it'll be good @PaintClown_ yeah @staxofbills agreedThis is way more satisfying than a fort win and I will not be told otherwise @NotAirid what @Connugh fort was way better than apex @syhrhys roe is just a reskinned pubg mobile @bigspigity H1 beats all of them if we talking their primes and pubg too slow for me @NotAirid I got 840 on Fort and 921 on H1 @realJBA I just like how fast paced it is and how the abilities work @NotAirid I'll check rqThoughts? @NotAirid yup @NotAirid if we talking peaks H1 beats all of them.
@NotAirid we're talking about their peaks right? @NotAirid you ever play h1? @NotAirid we're done. @Z3STlE @MattComplex nope not even close @realJBA ion know how they fucked it up so bad @realJBA it was such a good game at the timePrime H1 beats all these no doubt in my mind @Willb3250 @Avalanche100T @PlayVALORANT Mine is 1. Haven 2. Ascent 3. Split 4. Bind. Haven is goated and ascent is fun asl playing mid @Willb3250 @Avalanche100T @PlayVALORANT bind worse imo @Avalanche100T @PlayVALORANT PLEASE @LazasBautista def could be and that would be one of my guesses @LazasBautista hmmm @CorinnaKopf Hiiii @PaintClown_ @xanful oh @ImMashed_Potato @NotAirid @NQSTRIL @cizzorz @Rizzo_TV fr 💯 @ImMashed_Potato @NotAirid @NQSTRIL @cizzorz @Rizzo_TV oh @NotAirid @NQSTRIL @cizzorz @Rizzo_TV just say y'all hate me @NotAirid @NQSTRIL @cizzorz @Rizzo_TV yooo hop on les go 3's @_A113N omg this was on my birthday @LazasBautista holy moly @TristanGHill ion know but it sounds so hard @chaji ok. @chaji you look so beautiful i want to have sex wit you @lukevvs @Oreologist ^^ @Oreologist Travis Scott LMAOOO @Oreologist If she take her titties out do you expect checks?why is this mf standing like a titan
Retweeted by Lambo @Grahamalott @100TJackiee the bottom tweet is too good @xanful @PaintClown_ but what is your answer. @xanful @PaintClown_ can I join @NotAirid @NQSTRIL im rewatching MHA so you're good @MattComplex yoooo I went bonkers @NQSTRIL @NotAirid tell me when john hops on @NQSTRIL @NotAirid then we playing 3's later 🔥 @Mako @notchaselyons BANGER @NQSTRIL @NotAirid thought you didn't like twees @NQSTRIL @NotAirid jk lololol @NQSTRIL @NotAirid he's good. @CrypticNoOne this too @shivisdumb send link @shivisdumb uhh ion got it @shivisdumb val perhapssssss @JohnCena heyyy John @shivisdumb yooo @Mako My book report on the "million dollar throw" went hard @Blathanos I know how but that mf a beastIm rewatching AOT and please tell me how tf Reiner AA's a Titan @chaji oh @chaji no @hoodienergy @juulbrother yoooo @juulbrother @hoodienergy fr @xanful gn cutie
@Blankzy_ @Oreologist @OffbrandMilkbag @LazasBautista @Blankzy_ @wtfshaay @Boy1drr is it that bad? @Oreologist @atSerpentine LMAO @Icy_Rapture @JERMAlNE @rickyreapers @oFabz ? @JERMAlNE @oFabz whoever made this was down BAD @JERMAlNE @oFabz dude. @Xouped Get some sleep man and if you need anything please call me, ily @Xouped I love you Bro @_A113N @_A113N gm babe @oFabz gm Fabio @ayedriiii oh @yung_juice_box5 mood @actaul my goat @yung_juice_box5 @FishyFeelings yeah some NFL teams were giving some away @serenatei @HarryButAverage @Xouped sorry xoup I tried @serenatei @HarryButAverage @Xouped can y'all date alreadygrown man