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Cole McHenry @xner20 Louisville, Kentucky (he/him)

Casting CSGO - ESEA MDL Partner | host of the Counter-Nature weekly show | business inquiries: or twitter DM’s content for @thirdimpactgg

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Here is your official midweek reminder that the Playoffs begin THIS Saturday Feb 27💜🤍💙
Retweeted by Cole McHenryWe are LIVE with @vooCSGO and @DwegCSGO for another episode of ELO Heaven! Join us for a breakdown of IEM Katowice…
Retweeted by Cole McHenry @Pimp_CSGO @rok_cs one of the greatest of time confirmed by davey. @CooperCSGO @officialariis @ThirdImpactGG If u throw a decoy on the tracks it stops the train from spawning.MAP 3 in this BARN BURNER @ThirdImpactGG TAKE MAP 2 map 2 INFERNO @TriumphGamingGG takedown @ThirdImpactGG 16-14 in map 1. TUNE IN @SpongeyGOD @ESEA god that was a speed run @pr0nogo yeah, it's rough...THIRD IMPACT LIVE! ESEA delivers a goliath match vs Triumph and lil' @Viz_cs Watch now:
Retweeted by Cole McHenryWE ARE LIVE - GET IN HERE!
@branted707 @ThirdImpactGG @TriumphGamingGG @Phyyy_Y @ESEA The best hype always comes from a nice Branted game saving clutch @RLewisReports Excited to watch this, His lurking has elevated so much with the introduction of Fallen.Got a sick match-up for you all tonight! @ThirdImpactGG ⚔️ @TriumphGamingGG 🕘9:00 PM EST - Best of 3 We got two…
I just posted "Can CSGO be beaten? - A Sitdown with Skriv #9 - Voo" on Reddit
Retweeted by Cole McHenryHey everyone, one of my good friends lost everything he had in a fire at his complex. I want to raise money to help…
Retweeted by Cole McHenry @SullyCasts @SCJREAL @Noot_CS @priusOBS @Phyyy_Y @CastCollective_ A full agency would be hard to handle* But I rea… @SullyCasts @SCJREAL @Noot_CS @priusOBS @Phyyy_Y @CastCollective_ Might be a good middle ground to just improve com…
@Noot_CS @Phyyy_Y its the youthful Stewart 2000 @Noot_CS @priusOBS @Phyyy_Y Talked a bit with @SCJREAL about undercutting and I think that communication between ca… Stew is back in TOP FORM @hereticfps You good?
@Mauisnake He had a what felt like a bunch of clutches in a row on train and his entries were really impressive. Re… @DarfMike @Nohte @deanbrownie You are killing it with dean. Keep it up. @JonjiJlc BAD NEWS (for EU) BEARS
@piethrouer Can't believe that Zywoo still performs as a 30-year-old...Reminder that the first DreamHack Open March 2021 Open Qualifier starts today. At the time of posting interested te…
Retweeted by Cole McHenry @ProfPalmPLayz @ESLCS @SPUNJ @SwoozyXD @WolffeTwitch @HexTCSGO @RebirthHQ putting this as ur logo for cash cups @brett_csgo @ESEA GGheading into a 3rd map! GET IN HERE! with the CSGO Update! should be live soon!BIG GAME BIG PROMO! @RBG_Esports ⚔️ @RebirthHQ at 9:00 PM EST Excited to see @wrathk_k and @reckftp back together…
@insaneck @slightcsgo Very true. Hopping for the best for you! @Phyyy_Y @ESEA @TriumphGamingGG @HighCoastES You did great. Excited to get on some more cast with yah!A little change of plans! @TriumphGamingGG VS. @HighCoastES is going live over at GET IN… itching for more CS after #IEMKatowice day 1? WELL STRAP IN BUCKAROO BECAUSE WE HAVE SOME BANGERS OVER ON…
Retweeted by Cole McHenry
Playing our friends on @TriumphGamingGG tonight at 9pm est for @ESEA Premier. Gonna be a banger, make sure you tune…
Retweeted by Cole McHenry @RebirthHQ @Recon5Org I'm digging the new logo! @RsN_cs @DarfMike @deanbrownie Good question. I wouldn't mind if they put any effort into making the C stream at l… ESL forget they had a C stream... Why is there default hud and no replays? Despite all this @DarfMike and… @Team_Veloz @UnjustifiedGG GG🔴Team Veloz is LIVE! 📺 🎙️@xner20
Retweeted by Cole McHenryReally excited to be casting some Advanced again tonight! @Team_Veloz v. @UnjustifiedGG
WE ARE LIVE! Post Plant Episode 1 going LIVE now. See you in twitch chat.
Retweeted by Cole McHenryman these cash cups are such a good opportunity for any player to get exposure and to play against the best current…
Retweeted by Cole McHenry
should be going live for semi's of cash cuP SOON
Retweeted by Cole McHenryLive with a really sick match up, @Recon5Org taking on Secret club at 4pm EST! Come stop… @piethrouer calendar is looking pretty quiet after an exciting start to the year! Available for: 🎥 Valorant, CSGO or COD O…
Retweeted by Cole McHenryFurthermore, if anyone wants to know what rates you should be taking, DM me or my colleagues @BoggsCS @Upmind_
Retweeted by Cole McHenry @piethrouer @Recon5Org That is factsI can finally cast a cash cup Semi with my work schedule! Going to be casting Secret Club Vs. @Recon5Org tonight at 4 PM EST! @JRTTVee That looks so good. Happy birthday! @SaturnCSGO @ennpeecs Nice @ennpeecs @SaturnCSGO this you?
@SolGoat @carterjFPS I thought the same.
Alright, it's gone on long enough. Will be looking to drop the hammer on all this NA MDL match fixing soon. One opp…
Retweeted by Cole McHenry @SwoozyXD @SPUNJ @pengnax meta @RyanAtRBM Bully? I’ve won every word exchange yet. Lol. Bring it on. Hold up I got another patient. Figure out you… @PuggCSGO Lords work. @Phyyy_Y Yooo? @xcege Got it yesterday. But sure, it fits.Streaming my IM Match! New haircut, new videos, SAME LINK!
@DarfMike love to see it! @OfficialBleh Nothing was more fun then playing drop with a mag 7. @JosiahCSGO How much chocolate milk did you consume. @HalfmanJacob @RBG_Esports @ItsTypho Red blue and green. #fearthepanther @SCJREAL All of them got wild carded haha. You didn’t miss anything. @araCSGO @ThirdImpactGG @grapecsgo Appreciate the kind words!would love suggestions for who to highlight next! this is just a video that I remember from my cast last week.Made a BANGING new video looking at @ThirdImpactGG CT side Inferno. The video is from the POV of @grapecsgo,…
@f1ukie @piethrouer @ESEA @coldzera "This round was no fluke. look at @f1ukie holding down B site Coldzera style"Going to be covering @ExtraSaltGG Vs. Watch This! If any players want to hop on the broadcast with me that'd be do… @ESEA @f1ukie @coldzera this round was a fluke! @SolGoat @tconnors555 The questions were so bad. I don’t really mind the fact that the video came out or the interv… @sherpsRS @RBG_Esports You had a really good game. Imperiums looking good, excited to see what you all can do with time. @RoadtoDrWalDO I can’t tell if they are joking or not. They clearly take nothing seriously. And the idea that every… @JosiahCSGO Of* @JosiahCSGO What about my first ep or the counter nature show?I will be streaming the Bad News Bears vs Rise game in 1 hour on my twitch, it will be the greatest game you've eve…
Retweeted by Cole McHenryESEA Premier time with a bo3 between @RBG_Esports and @ImP_GG to kick off year 22! I'm ready for the debut of…
Retweeted by Cole McHenry
Heads up for Premier commentators tonight, @BigChillinInc have forfeited their match against @HighCoastES as they a…
Retweeted by Cole McHenry @JosiahCSGO this is what I love on my timeline
@veinJESUS @JosiahCSGO I saw it.starting individual coaching for cs, prefer demo review style of help more than server work but can help with that…
Retweeted by Cole McHenry @UndeadCullan They really like this meme. I’m sure they can use it when the release the statement.
@Phyyy_Y @ESEA Happy to see it man! @MnmzzzCS professionals operating an org that should be taken seriously!
@_BrianCS LmaoooThis has been such a good week of Premier, Fun cast on Tuesday, and a really sick game tonight. Congrats to… @Danejoris @Recon5Org Great game! @tweissCS @Recon5Org @ThirdImpactGG Do you have a important date to go on after or what?I'm live with @Recon5Org Vs. @ThirdImpactGG, Hopping for a 3 mapper... Tune in: @Upmind_ Jesus... @Recon5Org @BigChillinInc @ESEA AY Its gonna be @ThirdImpactGG playing you
So much fun on the cast tonight. Huge shoutout to @SCJREAL and @veinJESUS for hopping on the mic with me. Will be… are back tonight with another Premier match over on @xner20's channel. OSFrog's in the chat! 🐸 vs.🤫 📺:…
Retweeted by Cole McHenryA lot of excitement for tonight's broadcast over at the @ESLCS! If you are looking for Secret Club Vs.…
In today's interview, I sit down with @BanKsEsports to discuss his role as a host, his perspective on the good and…
Retweeted by Cole McHenry @tolkienfanatic Hate to see it