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skrrrpka @xola1111 Accra, Ghana

I will impregnate u if u keep liking my tweets

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Retweeted by skrrrpkaThis is it! 👌
Retweeted by skrrrpka @vhypa Ibi charley wote Wey we go go like this ohh. If it’s for change or something the helps the nation grow dier… is there a black Batman named Batwing and I’m just now finding out about this!?
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The way nigga man shout before he pass out nu u can feel his pain🤣🤣🤣 let me buy this fucking suit 😂
Retweeted by skrrrpka @Sey73752122 @micKHAEL2019 @Herh_Ahma @mahama_k I agree, but sometimes u do things out of anger. For all u know, th… @Sey73752122 @micKHAEL2019 @Herh_Ahma @mahama_k Correct dzeek kno stroke ur walls before erh. Sometimes it’s worth fighting for it I hear @Nanorki @mahama_k @theishmaelarmah Lol @Nanorki @mahama_k @theishmaelarmah The pain I feel ryt now. As fila come I share all pink sheets with u. U kno tag me som as u see juiceFirstly i don’t think religion is devoid of science and tech, like pay your tithe with Momo no go exist 🙈 Our’s is…
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@volticghlimited Dear voltic, do you have a creative designer? 🤔 @_shorshor “Why me”? Nigga really get extended family everywhere. Lmao. Cos I bet u ain’t the firstI really think this great. Making peace finally. Big ups @maylovelovable 👀Mahn I sincerely, GENUINELY love sex. I can’t believe we were taught to be shy about this shit. To be quiet about i…
Retweeted by skrrrpka @ril_diamond Fingers crossed. 😃 @Akua_Golda ☠️☠️☠️I hate that I understand you @vhypa Lol. U dey back. @ril_diamond Only God knows the hurt I feel reading this @vhypa Lmfao. They new generation tho. Dem change more things in the syllabus. Some basaa pidgin Wey dem dey speak now ohh
Ei Accra na wahyɛ no blue saa no?
Retweeted by skrrrpkaEntering the gym. I struggle with entering the gym dear.
Retweeted by skrrrpkaReal plot twist
Retweeted by skrrrpka @lapetitewangara Oh wowThis will always be one of my favourite anti racism vids ever.
Retweeted by skrrrpka @Naa_Baake @Obiba_ No cuffs sef. If black man steal fowl sef like en face eat more punches Wey he dey in cuffs
@vhypa 🤣 @vhypa I shoq say nana Aba kno block u @Emmljackman Now u wake up? @vhypa Hahahahaaaa. U dey bleed anaa? @Akua_Golda Oh ok @Akua_Golda Do u have demon slayer from episode 23? @vhypa 😂😂😂Don't inform your customers that you have done deductions anytime they recharge. It is making the government unpopu…
Retweeted by skrrrpkaLmfao. Saw this and I laughed. This is me when I’m in the mood. @vhypa 🤣🤣🤣 @NanaAnsah20 @ella_efe Lol. Let’s wait n see if this will happen tho @maylovelovable 😘 @maylovelovable I was talking about the smile u hv in ur Avi... but u just confirmed u smiled for real. I’m glad I make u happy😎 @maylovelovable I believe your choice has long been made, the minute u read and smiled🙃 @maylovelovable Hahahahaaaa🤣. The rest is in my pants, but never mind @maylovelovable I’m a man of many talents😎 @maylovelovable Yes ohh. Hmmm @ghmelon @OfficialFPL @ManCity @LFC @Arsenal @kwabran_ Ibi the yfm league I wan win waaaa @ghmelon @OfficialFPL @ManCity @LFC @Arsenal @kwabran_ Hahahahaaaa. The last for my league inside sef dey 303. @ghmelon @OfficialFPL @ManCity @LFC @Arsenal @kwabran_ Herh... bro. Goodbye. OSHA rof @ghmelon @OfficialFPL @ManCity @LFC @Arsenal @kwabran_ Lmfao. Wey guy that? How many points u get so far tho? @ghmelon @OfficialFPL @ManCity @LFC @Arsenal 🤣🤣🤣, aguero erh, God Wey go punish am ankasa. I buy am game week 4. I… @ghmelon @OfficialFPL @ManCity @LFC @Arsenal Join wanna league den chop some cool 7th erh. At least u won’t b last @ghmelon @OfficialFPL @ManCity @LFC @Arsenal Lmfao. Last season so auba do me. This season as I knor but am nu, see… @ghmelon @OfficialFPL @ManCity @LFC @Arsenal Lmfao. 🤣🤣🤣. I go sell am before GW 9 startsI just gave a lecture to medical students at a medical school that didn’t accept me when I was applying to medical school. 🤯
Retweeted by skrrrpkaAh so then release the tape. But iknor b am. Her face doesn’t show well sef.If you’re going to eat Okra like this, you might as well have it as a fruit.
Retweeted by skrrrpka @theo_dope Oh for real? @klutz505 @Emmljackman @shang_hygh @Abbey_Da_1st @scury9 ... I said it problems edey Ghana all ebe this edey worry you?
Retweeted by skrrrpka @augy_og @Abbey_Da_1st @shang_hygh I mentioned earlier that I won’t b surprised the guy dey eat the beater sef. Evidence comeSo he apologized to the girl via text but she didn’t listen and she brought guys here twice to come and beat him up…
Retweeted by skrrrpka @Oi_Penelope @IzaicKumy That is the support please 😂 @__douglas__osei @EtorhadEdd Wait. Who is pk? The guy in the video? 🤔 @03Spoiler @klutz505 @03Spoiler But Fidelia kno do anythibg Wey dem give am air quotes @vhypa @shang_hygh Asuwear. The laughing alone go scar am madddd @__douglas__osei @EtorhadEdd Na what pk do am? @Nanorki Oh u miss ankasa. I go dey send to ur dm as and when I come across them again @vhypa @shang_hygh Yeah she dey defend the room mates interest. Lol. But @shang_hygh the feminist dier dem say make… @Nanorki Oh yhh. Lemi see if I can tag u in it. This morning dier more tins 2 cheaters beaten 1 suicide attempt 1… @Nanorki Ah, den if u watch the guy dem dey use cane on am dier u go cry for am ohh. That one also dey trend but th… @Nanorki True. She really force on that part. @Nanorki Oh I beg. Watch all so we do our own little kokonsa @shang_hygh Double standards @Nanorki LOL. The apology dier I go give am 4/10 mome. She doesn’t look remorseful, just a reaction to the thing blowing up @Mckenzie__Jnr @agyasika Eiii☠️☠️☠️The full series dier u can watch it on @03Spoiler en media top. @03Spoiler Pure Jon boy. Now en boys dey en back so he come get voice. One on one I go bet the girl wen back. She go beat am flawless @IzaicKumy Lmfao. Ghana erh, we kno get problem😂 @ril_diamond We like em spicy👺 @ril_diamond @naa_hadassah In my era, dis never go happen.U go go inside den nigga dey smash the Ga girl lowkey cos check like her heart break pass the main girl sef @OnegodFather_ This tweet for blow up🙌🏽 @mahama_k @shang_hygh @Abbey_Da_1st @Emmljackman the girl this. But fine ohh. I go take chocking from her any day.… @Greatman__ @shang_hygh @Abbey_Da_1st @Emmljackman @audreyxrxr @Greatman__ This young niggas need to b re educated in the art charley. Cos this Jon life dier not in my era @shang_hygh @Abbey_Da_1st @emrata see these young niggas. Spoiling the brand. I mean how dare u raise ur voice on m… @__sedinam @afia_drea @03Spoiler I am here to answer all for u. If he b guy make he leave den see somethingYou think what “youf w)))n”... @shang_hygh @klutz505 @ashlarry @_syfy_ @Emmljackman @scury9 Lmfao. The guy used please. He is very concerned
What is this?? This guy needs to be shot🙄🙄
Retweeted by skrrrpkaThe amount of SKILL needed for this 😧
Retweeted by skrrrpkaMy brain hurts...
Retweeted by skrrrpkaHerhhh, Chris Acheampong. U dey spoil the brand delete this. I don't know you and I don't want to know you. Plus I'm not single. Thanks 🙏🙏🙏
Retweeted by skrrrpka @davidlittleyah1 It’s a prank it’s a prank den some bro dey bleed for one side @AfricaFactsZone @vhypa this niggas speed up ohh. In 19 years time we kno go near them at alllllllAh, this guy paaa. Movies always tell us to lay low after robberies