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lol how dare Twitter suggest this man doesn't know how to read
Also it is very weird to say journalists "worship" freedom of the press. But then Chuck's tweets tend to the very w… good faith argumentation dead @harrisj seriously considering paying my credit card bill a day or two late half-hour minidoc on the "worst jazz solo of all time" is really delightful and an example of the sort of rich… Bragg about to go through with a very urgent renaming @sonyaism @vogon i hit that paywall and closed out before remembering i actually subscribe @GDPosta they could! but the govt argument here is that his tweet was not self-executing and did not constitute an… @gritzmac 100%. the only thing that fixes it to the prime timeline is this tweet imo @emilynussbaum a great one but I was hoping for !baby tiktok witches have finally gone too far! Well. Nevertheless, better tell me what the giuliani thing is, i haven't seen the movie and i HATE spoilers🧟‍♂️🍑 @noahjodice mental image that story conjures up may just be the worst thing i've imagined in *borat voice* my lifestarting to make more sense @chimeracoder (it's so frustrating because I would entertain in good faith an argument that it wasn't unlikely on t… @chimeracoder i don't like to say this out loud because i think it sounds very "normie," but I think a very sizable…'s Ursula K. Le Guin's birthday. Here's two excerpts from her essay "Telling is Listening" that I illustrated in…
Retweeted by Parker Higginscoffee, cigarettes and tears (1951) - eddie marshall and his trail dusters
Retweeted by Parker Higgins @RMac18 i did that for a while with a much taller height as a joke that was supposed to be obvious but then i reali… @marciahofmann I don't blame anybody for sending them but for general public consumption it seems worse than the web in nearly every regardI've read a lot of these kinds of emails and this one is, uh, remarkable
the ol razzle dazzleYou gotta leave 'em wanting more, I always say @chimeracoder I don't know why I thought I could pull that one out of my deep memory but i'm glad I did @chimeracoder I had to pronounce each of the esses out loud to get it but this is Schlesische Straße isn't itI just love that Giuliani was worried the Times would do journalism @nicksort just a fully decked out Cyberdelia with some additional rooms would do itWelcome to Hackthe Planet, @codinghorror yeah, certainly there are cases that fall outside the strike zone of the strong unique password. if t… @codinghorror yeah, I snuck "unique" in there which isn't really part of the original joke but could mitigate some… is a funny joke but a key reason to make a strong unique password for a site is *precisely* to protect you whe… @marcatracy hmmI second this offer (and truly enjoy doing this sort of thing) @eldritch_egirl we gotta get you into the indies @thetomzone yeah and i'm par-kay. puh-leeze @mindspillage @elliotharmon i was sure this one was going to the moon
@nikitab this is significantly funnier than my joke @Wzzy unfortunately everyone didI don't know what news tomorrow holds but the Toobin story will be hard to beat"Nobody gets hacked. To get hacked you need somebody with 197 IQ and he needs about 15 percent of your password."
Retweeted by Parker HigginsWorkers at Meow Wolf, the immersive arts company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, are voting today on whether to unio…
Retweeted by Parker HigginsThis kind of quote would be easier to laugh off if his administration weren't actively prosecuting a publisher unde… @zamnight i was totally joking but I don't think the joke read as such so I deleted the tweetThe whole internet loves milkshake president, the president who gets bored of intelligence briefings and orders mil… profiled Moxie Marlinspike, the founder of Signal:
Retweeted by Parker Higgins @getfiscal I just hope they all had fun out there @onekade congrats kade!!!mr. good's donut house, compton, california, 1981
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@twstdfntsy delightful!!! @leighbeadon I suspect that's part of it, but also I bet I would be very dismayed to find out what my [x] is anyway @jsnod i mean, it'd be an unpleasant minute for sure @annieeehiggins i feel like my lifestyle (w/r/t wikipedia) leads me to encounter a lot more world records @NSlayton I actually thought about doing a handful to disabuse myself of this notion but (and this is very funny to… @seldo I had this conversation literally yesterday, oddly enough. I think that's a part of it!To be clear: I'm not in particularly good shape and I cannot recall the last time I did a jumping jack, but I bet I… don't know what it is about me but like a third of the time that I hear about a world record I think... I could b… @gabrielroth this is going to sound trite but after Astro Lounge came out I decided Sm*shmouth was my favorite band for a whileswinging on a star (1953) - bill snyder
Retweeted by Parker Higgins @mememolly @mikerugnetta lol I did not know this about mike but i'm also an anti-nuker which maybe explains my orig… @mememolly and apparently there are hella warnings that you MUST microwave it because the raw slurry is tempting and poisonous @mememolly you microwave it and it's like... a cupcake? that you eat with a spoon? they are pioneers @mememolly I looked it up after sending this, and it's an extremely cursed consumption techniquepretty impressive for Guiliani to step on his own dick this bad with this attempt at ratfucking
Retweeted by Parker Higgins @mememolly how is this even consumed? is it... a slurryThe Iliad
@mmasnick @ajitpai @AjitPaiFCC wow, he's blocked me! I am fairly certain I've never mentioned him and, like... I do… Post: State Department signals it will keep most details of its spending at Trump’s properties hidden un…
Retweeted by Parker Higgins @steveklabnik Abilene Powersme in 2020 to miss what a big deal this is. It's a *very* cool development for any newsroom trying to make their SecureDr… debasing yourself to such a degree that you're counting on "I eventually realized he was bad" as your shot at redemptionyeah kinda wild that you chose to inextricably link yourself to him huh @chris_whong yes @j_zimms it's "twenty twenty"
Retweeted by Parker HigginsI dont remember following this account but also why isn't everyone
Retweeted by Parker Higgins @fmanjoo insufficiently racistThe moment has come for Trump to start to embody the dignity of the office and pivot himself towards presidential contradiction of whether the actual president can also LARP as president online without consequences may have b… @chrisgeidner jeezy creezy my man! you just keep getting faster
crab apple, painted by james marion shull, 1910
Retweeted by Parker HigginsBabylon Bee isn't just awfully unfunny but i think it is also the only publication that charges its own writers $10…
Retweeted by Parker Higgins was the farthest thing from Fein-stein @beebort no, no OCR. it relies on the metadata from the Internet Archive entry. but it does do a little CV to isola…, i can't even be mad at the bot for misidentifying this label @misteratkins @keelytaylor though, fact check: true @peppamintpig1 also like... not gonna tell people how to run their own twitter account but it's very wild to me to… @peppamintpig1 the text encoding mangling, too! i just love thisThis is such meaningless drivel it kind of accidentally proves its own opposite, given that Twitter dutifully serve… @mhlkong it's just ratfucking and then working the refs. I don't think this story has any more increased spread tha… @lea_rosen including an absolute tear jerker
skull hole, jawor's fun golf, roseville, michigan, 1986
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