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Salma @xoxabstract far away from BTS stans

at birth i hatched from a versace egg

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@liImorg LMFAOOOOO @slamongfIobo she has a crush on you @liImorg This sushi good as hellLong overdue but 🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰 @xoxabstract
Retweeted by Salma @slamongfIobo Sup @TylaDecker brandy! Its the blue amara top @baileyyryanne I LOVE YOU @TheHornyPoPo i hate my life @BeZo IT IS 10 IN THE MORNING BEZO WHAT IN THE FUCK LMFAOOOO @emmyuh i love you 🥺❤️ @Ultra15151 sorry not all of us are rich like you and can afford $500 luxury modern style gucci rugs (jk my cat lik… @TheDogOG thank u sweety @UnpopularBolt i wont LOL @Boltslol LMFAO?? @liImorg AAAAAAAA IM SO EXCITED WE’RE GONNA GO SHOPPINGGGGGGG @IcyVert tank uuuu @UnpopularBolt 🥺❤️ @BeZo WHAT @Froste why is this such a you thing to tweet. Like i dont even have to look at the name to know that you tweeted this @slamongfIobo cant wait =P @optiuh 8:47pm @optiuh sup @VinWuu HAHAHA ily vin @EarJordan you too homie stay safe out there @atSerpentine @Yuhuuur hey @atSerpentine @Yuhuuur Ello @EarJordan hai jordan @Daymeeein LMAO WHAT @Yuhuuur @atSerpentine LMFAOOOOOO @Karnamora I love you 🥺❤️ @alisha_cpj my queen @jukeyj_ Ur alive??? @MikeSixR hehe @ObiJai that was my youth years @QwesttZK good hbu @KurdishMandingo 🥺❤️ @akssej thats you @SamjaySJ ^__^ @vohlii nude nails are elite @leahdb98 kisses u @iMercii_ mercii 🔥 @VisionEfects all of it @BWAMatt No thats mean @omfgiddy hii @LilBabyEmily the gas 🥺🥺 ilysm @jorhdys das all uuuuu @SimpLoserPenis #findom #paypig #givememoney @youknowperry that sounds so fucking good rn @lexieyuh i love u my smart queen @ltsCamo hiii @uhhDanny @4lycat i know aly is! @MrFuryRevenge What @lemiwrap ily liam tank youuu @ijdawg998 love yewwww @_Hillzzy you too :D @SkreetMan @lexieyuh profé is professor in spanish shithead @lexieyuh email the profé that aint ur fault @egirlsoos hmm i usually do straight but i wanna play around with a curling iron soon i just always burn myself wit… @BackAgainBro this literally made me crave one @ripxRain Of course @4lycat I love u @DreamAddixx ayo? @xHitan thanks hitan miss you buddy @OleVestre i appreciate you tanks ❤️❤️ @MonGhoster Ilyyy @the_duMK tanks :3 @NotAirid LMFAOOOO JESUS @NoshinOcean im in love with you
@MeIixo please @SkreetMan where do u find these you fucking menace get away now @Javan_Murphy Why @Javan_Murphy it is @optiuh I will yell in arabic @KittenElise IF U DONT COME KISS ME RIGHT TF NOW 😳😳😳😳 @SkreetMan LMFAO DUDE @CrypticNoOnee i started rewatching it last week omg thats so crazy!!! @ezbak3lovin @SkreetMan our simultaneous moans... what is wrong with us @TristanGHill @Oreologist lighting makes it look gold but its rose gold hahah it looks way better in person @0tterrs yes i hate it but my cat loves to rub up on it so i keep it there hahah @may_wedda What is wrong with you @JoeyTheSuperJew hiii joey @Yuhuuur I LOVE UUUUU @Boy1drr I love kalei LMFAO @CrypticNoOnee hai missed you @NullTruth rose gold jubilee >> @LazasBautista AYO????? @atSerpentine LMFAOOO CHILL @WhosBreezyUK 🥰 @seanygami body positivity :)) @Oreologist havent adjusted the date or time cause its been sitting for months LOL but this watch is my literal bab…👀 @SamjaySJ @NRGgg I’m in NRG @Moristiko Uthis the best tweet I ever seen a man post
Retweeted by Salma @vohlii felt dat @Classify dont even have to open the replies i know the android users already on ya ass rn @serenatei Im not kidding i would Literally rather jump off of a cliff than to even speak to him again
@Viperous @SurinityTTV im a pussy. maybe pastel pink 😳 @Viperous @SurinityTTV 👀 @serenatei hes talked to other girls before me i cant breathe