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Salma @xoxabstract far away from BTS stans

at birth i hatched from a versace egg

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@em_parrker LOL @ErikaBreigh me too after seeing this pic. @jamre469 @optiuh wish i had that confidence lol @optiuh i would never tell someone i liked them unless i was 10000% sure they liked me back, i genuinely dont know… @optiuh because we are scared of rejection @yungricepatty @SkreetMan he has a gf @SkreetMan @Froste @Classify u can pull my tail lol @SkreetMan @Froste @Classify only if we can wear the fursuits too @LazasBautista @JhbTeam HOW ARE U ALWAYS THE FIRST ONE TO WITNESS MY R TARD MOMENTS. EVERY SINGLE TIME @JhbTeam O shit @JhbTeam @falcon3586 yo @SkreetMan @optiuh i set up a secret camera hope u didnt mind @SkreetMan @optiuh ok? i did that with u last night u aint special @CrypticNoOne ong need that @_mackjames holy shit those are beautiful. i love dior sm @DolakDark ❤️ @InF_Insanity love u @_mackjames im thinkin ysl @sythRL it was aight @WhosBreezyUK good tweet breezy @_mackjames one of my prized possessions
@Nightwing_1379 WTF thank you 🥺❤️ @ShinSnipes You got some good friends then & props to you for returning the gesture @ShinSnipes thats why u do it without asking. i never let my friends pay when we’re out if we’re getting food or so… @Classify big brain play right there @KeviSkillz wub you 🥺❤️ @KeviSkillz 100T Kevi @_Hillzzy @PerkinsHammer :(((( see this makes me sad. Thats why i always gas tf out of my guy friends @Momobroh JSISOSNDHEHS this made me so happy dude @katellandia id literally die. 😭❤️ @katellandia SO PRECIOUS @SmolCosmic @xvaldr talk yo shit queen @Legendof_Ti yall are so cute @Hulkishh i am not a supermodel bro u are TRIPPIN but thank you ily @Squaatchy ? @dr2xter @LazasBautista I already know my name is salma wtf is there to spoil @dr2xter @LazasBautista Gonna write a fanfic about me next buddy? 😭💀 @sythRL LOL @HawksNest my ring size is 5.5 and i only wear cartier thanks @InskyLevv kiss me rn @sythRL @SommerRay @CorinnaKopf @madisonbeer @ChantelJeffries @AlissaViolet @wolfiecindy @KylieJenner gn @dr2xter @LazasBautista dude i have band camp im sorry its so hard for me to find a good time @SkreetMan give me a child @SkreetMan LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @JhbTeam HAHAHSKAKDDKWISJAHBSU @LazasBautista WHAT????????? @Viperous ilysm @LazasBautista @BakeHatesItHere @Boy1drr Hey @EarJordan yo @Mxriarose NO U MMMM @ashleyrjanes @briloll wait ur literally my brunette twin.... @baileyyryanne THATS U BABE @bunniejulie i love u my wife @Ultra15151 @NitesTV ur turn @RawDogg209 LETS GOOO @SkreetMan MMMMMM YES PUNISH ME I MEAN OMG WHAT???? @serenatei mwah @artemvitae AHHH stop i love u 🥺❤️ @emmyuh thats all u 🥺❤️ @SkreetMan SEND MORE @xkendizzle I love u so much @PoolParty4Jesus thank u🥺 @liImorg ❤️ @EliteAlice1 never @100TJackiee Hi @CFC_Ant LOL @ErikaBreigh I love u 🥰 @LazasBautista a rare occurrence @Laaur pls maam @NoshinOcean I love u so much @LazasBautista >_< @lmaoooooxd u already kno @jackiereyz I love u. @xPkells I dunno lol @PoolParty4Jesus not me @WhosBreezyUK Love yewww @JaredJansson you too:) @Oreologist Hai @optiuh ❤️ @JhbTeam tank you jhb >.< @SkreetMan Sup @CrypticNo ilySup
@JanthonyClips Yes @Avalanche100T @LazasBautista @koordell @SamManlol ong @LazasBautista @Avalanche100T @koordell @SamManlol fr @optiuh u literally arent what are you talking about bruh @Icy_Rapture hairline part was a joke btw but yea ily and im jealous of ur teeth @WhosBreezyUK its ok i havent taken an actual good pic since march cause im insecure but we move regardless @Gavpai EXACTLYYY @SamManlol me either anymore but das okay @LazyBautista ❤️❤️❤️ @notmckayla Fr @Boltslol Do it @MeddYYY_ I miss champs 2018 @MattComplex HUH?? @Grahamalott eh i mean when it comes down to it twitter is twitter. Should be able to post whatever you want. I jus…