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Salma @xoxabstract far away from BTS stans

at birth i hatched from a versace egg

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@arrowfied @Venway_ why is this so funny LMFAOOOOO @AHMOOD77GAMER i have a connection flight in germany on my egypt trip in the summer :O i gotta learn some basic words @vohlii love u. ur fkn killing it @vohlii WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW A MODEL😄
Retweeted by Salma @NotLeap plus that was a very long time ago in 2014 lmaoo @NotLeap i did but my spanish teacher was kinda just there. didnt really teach @Legendof_Tea D: @AbbyTheMS ooooooooo really :O imma look into it again @Leopard100T LOL @woundey its cool just really useless @Venway_ yessir @JabbaVII almost every job here has “bilingual - spanish” in the preferred section. i want 2 cry @Venway_ i am a french canadian arabic person LOL @Yuhuuur ...i didnt mean it like that @akaLinkx ur not even close. @Avalanche100T THEY WOULD ALWAYS RANDOMLY CHARGE ME TOO thats why i switched and im never going back @mrpotatohaed wait actually same LOL @ethannguyenn that used to happen to me but only with a certain material of masks. try another type @OleVestre u have no idea how lucky u are. im miserable when i go into the ocean and cant wear contacts lmao @NotLeap LMFAO no!! @Yuhuuur i do not understand people that wear glasses when they have perfect vision @LazasBautista same! love being blind @Yuhuuur glassyeyewear zoomaa glasses are elite @SoaREli_ i cannot function without mine @iPurrple chill these were kinda clutch.. @ZitoFN_ AAAAA LOOK HOW CUTE U LOOK!!!glasses are so sexy i love me some 4eyes on goddddddddddd
@okheavenly @AnimalsWorId LOL. me too.smol legs 🥺😭
Retweeted by Salma @godbeastmutant try coffee @Froste @jakkuxd When did you first realise your content creation career would actually take off and become a full time thing @JKap415 Nope not unless im sick or something @JKap415 im cold 24/7 lmao @JKap415 i wear a longsleeve shirt and sweatpants..... @swrdent oh god this hurt my heart man inshallah she will recover quickly 😢😢 keeping her in my prayersi just feel everyone needs to see this
Retweeted by Salma @NoshinOcean CONGRATS QUEEN!!!
@JabbaVII hope we get through this soon 🤞🏼 @WhosBreezyUK @ashIyne sending vid to ur dms 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 @Yuhuuur Here we go @SkreetMan can u teach me how to play rust @Yuhuuur who was the guy that thought halal was a dish again was that samman @DUMBlTCHH @h8Iey a woman of culture @justswayii LMFAOOO @Boosker_ i barely post my face and u want me to post ass???im addicted to twerking @leahdb98 i hate people @JoeyTheSuperJew cries in $4.12 californian gas @jakeroney98 same @TneverTweets i love when guys smell good @reaIlysexy U look like my ex @reaIlysexy Idk what u look like @LazasBautista exactly @SkreetMan what @WhosBreezyUK I cannot believe this mf got a job at 100 thieves for just being like this LMAOO @SkreetMan Ion have my glasses on it look like mincefart @SkreetMan they added helis in mine craft? @ZitoFN_ :(((( @Froste wish you the best ❤️❤️ @__nlq__ omg really??? @Boosker_ you have perfect skin @ZitoFN_ it actually makes me really sad how rare compliments for guys arei told this guy i liked his haircut and he took a screenshot and made it his lock screen
@torweee u literally look like an angel . howhow is snow lighting so sexy
Retweeted by Salma @LostInTheWorldl Dat mf gets swamp ass when hes in a room with valkyrae i cannot imagine how he’d be with mr dobrik @JERMAlNE gaming first cleaning later @LostInTheWorldl US and A @TristanGHill @WhosBreezyUK @50cent i love it @TristanGHill @WhosBreezyUK @50cent I WAS LOOKING FOR THIS TO RT TOO HAHAHAHDKWLFI'm call yo mama if you don't get off my twitter lol
Retweeted by Salma @Avalanche100T gn sweet dreams @TristanGHill i swear some of these people have not had human interaction in months LOL @SoaREli_ fr just me myself and my cats
@jaxobbb ive had the same friend group since freshmen year of high school i wouldnt trade them for anything @ZitoFN_ hi zito ilyhaving a small group of trustworthy friends really is the wave.. even just 1 is enough @Paracoochie omg. @ZitoFN_ LOL @egypttian blonde :o that looks so natural on you @IllusionOG love uuu @ObiJai Yes. Best best friends @justswayii Means we are meant 2 b @Hellish_Scourge Hehe ❤️ @ImMahti Love you!!! @beanerwithhardr what anime?? @beanerwithhardr who lied @beanerwithhardr its February @CCurlaz :3 @TneverTweets ilysm @hyper10sive hahah i just am there for my friends this should be normal @valuepackmac @pvrkie i havent been drawing recently cause my carpal tunnel been flaring up pretty bad recently :( but maybe soon @reallygraham_ ❤️❤️ @reallygraham_ hey graham hope you been doing well @Talohns gardener LMAOOO i fuckin love u man @Diesel2199 duh!!