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at birth i hatched from a versace egg

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@largeoiIrig thats actually so cute LOL @JERMAlNE Tbh w jhb one is incredible
@aidzpriv just be sure to stay warm. hot shower throws off your body temp and will make symptoms worse @aidzpriv NOOOOOOO @aidzpriv bruhh i woke up with that too just hydrate & eat pho @OleVestre thank you ❀️ @orangepeelpheel I love u more i stg @mannytorres16 issa bar bathroom i wasnt expecting much more @10Saiif Not a fan @clairolover47 fank yew @lazafanacc LMFAO @scobes97208 @LazaBautista I wouldnt. The one next to me peed directly on my monitor @ashlenite @aliii_cpj ty wifey<3 @NotNemmyy :D @22lexi_ me when i see 22lexi in my replies @vincocknito I love you @AidanZuI twas raining @UNSTOPABLEONE14 almost @sophiesolit tank uuuuu urban outfitters is lit @baileyryanne ILY BBY @scobes97208 @LazaBautista arent they drop dead adorable
@JoshAttempts Hes chillin next to me rn @LazaBautista @notcrypticno me when im eating a lollipop @kyndnessss TY BAE i have it in like 4 colors LOL @MeIixo i love u so much @Mxriarose tyyy urban got the best corsets @Chriiztopha STOP @rickyreapers ykb 🀞🏽 @WhosBreezyUK heh love u too :P @BossedUpJose this is just a lazy one ill do better lolz @Class i wanna return that lol it was like $50 and not that cute to mei liked this outfit ^__^ @aidzpriv why did this just remind me of laza @aidzpriv 10000% @aidzpriv i always stay at the wynn/encore just for the buffet ngl @aidzpriv same we can go find the best food spots no cap @baileyryanne QUEEN U GOT THIS @kaweiiii what a shitty landlord. glad ur not just taking that shit LOL @badbbyaera @Class @Rizztopha Okay
@WhosBreezyUK you dont hmu πŸ’” @WhosBreezyUK ggs @visionofviii WOOOWWWWWWW @WhosBreezyUK LMFAO cats are so random all my cats prefer shitty boxes over soft comfy beds @Class @WhosBreezyUK u HAVE to drive down to meet them. its so long overdue @WhosBreezyUK Yes. Pickles REALLY likes josh LOL @JoshAttempts @ItsLeslie_ @notedub @notcrypticno Didnt you slap my mom when she offered you dinner
@WhosBreezyUK jhb finally met my cats @waif58 Ily
@WhosBreezyUK I almost died
surprise ^-^ did u notice?
Retweeted by Salma πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡¬πŸ‡²πŸ‡¦ @emmyuh i love you @lexipriv05 LMFAOOOOOO
@BlankzyPriv the way i cackled at this for a good minute. cats are so dumb LMFAO @Iexiepriv the good old times @UHHDANNYPRIV never too late to go back πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ @UHHDANNYPRIV Do u not like engineering ? @Class I expect nothing less from a man wearing a shirt declaring his love for crack whores
@lexipriv05 i love you @WhosPrivUK Be fr breezy LMFAO @WhosPrivUK ??? @torweee i never ever ever compare myself to others. comparison really is the thief of joy and the source of sooo m… @Rizztopha Calc is fun once u grasp the concepts @WhosBreezyUK she asks me to hold her like this and carry her around lol @LazaBautista pretty good my best friend is in one of them i didnt even know, i got class 8am-9pm on wed tho πŸ₯Ί @PedroTheK1ng Bruhhh my teammates for this group project lol like yall are NOT busy @LazaBautista @LazaBautista You aren’t a bad texter at all
@TheOneSamsonn @Valkyrae 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐 @notcrypticno morning @lexipriv05 😌 @lexipriv05 do they curve the scores @wherestheblow Holy shit shes an actual doll
@Crispy I actually cannot believe i laughed at this @JERMAlNE @JoshAttempts @Chriiztopha @JhbTeam i dont think ive ever seen u with just that so i cant picture it. but… @JoshAttempts @Chriiztopha @JhbTeam this is the only pic i got of us from this day @ashlenite @Iexiepriv oh im dead serious too start the group chat LOL @ashlenite @Iexiepriv girls trip perhaps lolzies @BlankzyPriv Bros monitor is doing the renegade @TheActMan_YT yo lol @Spluad Stawppppp @LiamTheLaz @Chriiztopha @gotti_great this is true @Nexqal LOL @bugattielroy Same @Squaatchy i genuinely do not comparemiddle eastern and latina women are their own category of beautiful. i said WOW @FavsPriv @WhosPrivUK Craigslist @WhosPrivUK Do u remember that one time i bought a live cow on accident . This is a similar situation @JCSR333 ?