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Salma @xoxabstract far away from BTS stans

at birth i hatched from a versace egg • ucla • #f3f3

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@JhbTeam @FatKidDeals @SkreetMan ? @CUEARTT this why u couldnt join vc ? @Jayecane ima try going vegetarian tomo @JhbTeam Sure @ImMahti Thank you :) i hope so too @TSM_ImperialHal Blondes > brunettes @TristanGHill you too Tristan @G0DNIZ ily niz @BLACKHONEY27 ❤️ @ourbaeandsavior i was about to get sad and then i reread my tweet @Jebootle hopefully!! @pSavvGG Thank you ! @Parasite tanks chris @TheDogOG thankssss<3 @Daymeeein Ilysm thank you 🥺❤️ @VeeLopez6 ❤️ @iamresnick 🙏🏼🙏🏼 @Altitudee_ thank you! @Daymeeein :DDD @jonathannhakim LMFAOOO @SkreetMan @reaIIyfat Who the fuck are u talking to who is reallyfat @dagostlno tanks gino:) @Buster_cherry22 WOOOO @Its_giannyy ill share this once i get the job @DreamAddixx :3 ❤️ @9vick35 I literally didn’t even think id get a call back especially in a time where unemployment is skyrocketing lol @FelonyPS not all of us are billionaires like you @TommyThroatEm i need a bad bitch! 🤩 @Yuhuuur Id make a joke but the whole tl thinks im@white so u win @LazasBautista same dawg its been too long my ass imprint on my couch is getting worse by the second @Yuhuuur No @LazasBautista okay man @SteadyCam_ havent been called that in a min.. maybe this dub really is near..... @NekoJessi30 thank you:)) @LisaCoen11 🥺❤️ @Chriztopha_ TANK UUUU @Squaatchy HEHEHEHE @LazasBautista @SkreetMan LAZA?????? @OleVestre i want it olem and i THINK i got it @hoodienergy :D @SkreetMan Surprised u didn’t ask for my juices insteadWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i just absolutely KILLED this job interview if i don’t get the position i owe everyone $100 ok
@NullTruth whats ur problem man.. @wtfKobra bro?Dating a gamer really is the move because instead of flirting with other bitches they just flirt with their homies in discord @scobesx Go fuck your self i just opened the pic @scobesx WTF LUCKY???? @LazyBautista Ppl that say no are childish no cap @Parasite bruh @Class invent it and become a billionaire @ltsChroma Idk if you’re kidding or not but you are important to me, don’t ever say that @NoshinOcean i love u so much @shortBlasian Yea @may_wedda Why do i interact with you @may_wedda What exactly did you smoke @SkreetMan Stop @SkreetMan ? Because its water and a board @SkreetMan like the video jhb posted the other day? @leahdb98 bonk @BlondedJacob @SkreetMan guys who can cook >>>shoutout @SkreetMan for making the mac and cheese 😛😍 @333dun u look exactly like @wolfiecindy and im officially in love
@austxnnn I luv u more @Froste man never fuckin mind @Mako @Froste LMFAOOOOOOO @TSM_Daequan good to have ya back ❤️ always here if ya need me @_mariom01 @Froste Put defrost meat and then put in the weight minus half a pound @Froste my mom said put it as a chicken option for half the weight so 6.5lbs, and then periodically check on it so… @Froste Use the defrost option on the microwave and put it in for 20min @Blathanos ❤️ @SteadyCam_ LOVE UUU @HikeMeadly of course @xbarkoo you too barko :D @WhosBreezyUK breezy habibi @Jebootle mmmmm i smell da turkey cookin in the oven rn... happy turkey day hehe @notedub @JoeyTheSuperJew I did not sneeze @JoeyTheSuperJew wait ur actually jewish i thought it was just your alias @Diesel2199 you tooooo:D @Leo__ffs HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! @DreamAddixx I appreciate u MORE @ltsChroma Chromaaaa happy thxgiving:)) @9vick35 😄❤️ @Buster_cherry22 Im so so so so glad i could help you have no idea, wow. This literally made my day idek what to sa… @RealMattimus you too 🥰❤️ @LazasBautista fr yall the only ones i can fully trust @SkreetMan @JhbTeam AW HELL NAH @SkreetMan @JhbTeam IT IS THANKSGIVING BRO IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE A WHOLESOME DAY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU LMFAOOOOO @SkreetMan cmon man @sttarena you too beautiful hope all is well 🥰❤️ @MattComplex will do LOL @MxjdTV you too habibi cant wait to link up again ❤️ @ddoubledom1 happy thanksgiving homie thanks for always bein so positive on the TL and nice to me 🥺 @Boltsiola Happy thanksgiving bolts ur def one of a kind ❤️❤️❤️ @Boy1drr ilysm ishan thank you for always being there for me even if its just a simple accounting question it serio… @liImorg Morgan i appreciate you more than you will ever know, keep being the beautiful amazing hardworking person… @may_wedda Nah fr may u became one of my best and most trustworthy friends, one of my fav people on this appI have made SO many new friends this year and i just want u all to know how thankful i am for that. Y’all really ma… @Jebootle goodnight 🥺❤️ @Parasite good preppin for this thanksgiving feast im makin with my mom tomorrow hru @Parasite sup