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neurosurg nurse 🩺 | @xoxCate is my person | ♡

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@Klamran @KOLER1337 yes.@KOLER1337 just ordered chips & Pepsi to his house... I'm not mad I'm just disappointed. @Apidaez server transfer to placta west on new world 😏 @rxedyn it’s been okay! @weyf0 why’s that ): ?yeah.. this is also something totally out of hand and there are several different ways this could’ve been handled.…’s everyone’s day? are my happy place. ☀️Ive officially joined @clgaming red — >:) its game time babie!
Retweeted by chels 🌼 @NotAMNESlA @clgaming SO FUCKING PROUD OF YOU 💛mommy… sorry
@chloe_hime7 they hate us chloe @BasedGodMilk right.. i put it off for awhile but i feel so refreshed.I finally cleaned.. & honestly happy that I did it before work so I can come home to a clean room. 😇 @Apidaez zzz they hate me @Apidaez @KOLER1337 💛eeeeee @starriebun bahahaha @tupperwareplays u are so cute wtf @Apidaez @notApidaez let me in rn
@LiquipediaVAL @JacksonKamola @iLy_Blush such a good boyyyy @sadbrittt hahahahaha i miss roasting bleach 🥺 @existingee u are!!!! everyone has bad games @taylabtw duuuuude it was so good @Apidaez @celestfps @alexe1337 @HitBox_Hiros @ValorCentral 👀👀 @itnothan_ hahaharanked + chelsea yelling. name a better duo. 😳
@iLy_Blush i volunteer as tributeLFT! - dms open Duelist - Jett OP/Raze/Reyna - but will flex for the right team! rank: immortal - extensive tour…
Retweeted by chels 🌼wowwww this season of YOU was wildIf you want actual advice on succeeding no matter your career: Understand that building healthy friendships and bei…
Retweeted by chels 🌼 @sareefa running 6:1 in acute care neuro/NSX on a day shift like ????? @xoxCate love u 🥺💛
@zaannzz pls @kxtieoh vouch!! such a good teammate 💛another LFT post -radiant peak/imm + exp -sova, senti, omen + willing to learn other agents -16 -NA central -availa…
Retweeted by chels 🌼what a awful day??? anyone wanna become a nurse bc WE NEED U
@alexe1337 🥺😘 love u so much @sadbrittt kiss @freya01111 💛💛 @janceecnaj 💛💛 @VerninaEllana 💛 @juv3nileow 💛 appreciate you @xoxCheIs One of the best OP's in the female scene, one of the few females with extensive team FPS knowledge/experi…
Retweeted by chels 🌼 @hoolignVAL 💛 @alexe1337 quite literally the biggest vouch i could ever give. the best teammate in existence and so talented. 💛Looking for serious options only I am willing to learn new agents to expand my agent pool ex : Sova, Killjoy Agent…
Retweeted by chels 🌼LFT: - IMM+ - can IGL - most experienced with controller agents but can flex across the board *currently learning s…
Retweeted by chels 🌼 @Apidaez vouch - dedicated & talented. 💛 @KOLER1337 💛 @Apidaez love u 💛 @DerekJoon 💛Dedicated player would love to see her in a stable team chelsea is a grinder and a demon def should check her out.
Retweeted by chels 🌼! - dms open Duelist - Jett OP/Raze/Reyna - but will flex for the right team! rank: immortal - extensive tour… name has also been one that has been brought up by the same people. Anyone who knows me knows the person i am -…
live w/ @xoxCheIs
Retweeted by chels 🌼feels like there’s just constant road blocks - maybe it’s just not meant to be?ALL I WANT IS TO GRINDtime to binge YOU @Apidaez everyone @Junafour ur hair is so cute
@NotAMNESlA @KOLER1337 @JonahP_ nope can confirm that he for sure cannot build a fan. @Apidaez wanna be my pocket sage 🥰🥵🤞🏻😈🥺 @HollywoodQQ @KOLER1337 @NotAMNESlA can we hold hands while we pee @EMUHLEET so sad lmao, we’re all just trying to practice. 🤦🏽‍♀️ @ion2x_VAL lol np! @weyf0 like u don’t wanna scrim a female team? don’t fuckin book us lol @JessScharnagle super disheartening. @iBuhms right? @HollywoodQQ dude like WHAT. we’re just tryna prac and get better + have trials and we get blacklisted ???supposedly got blacklisted from a scrim server because were a female team… interesting. 🤔 @sadbrittt qt pie 🥰anyone wanna duo 🥺
@SxssyPants kisss
@juliaaiis thank u angel 💛 @HollywoodQQ ur the sweetestyour main + you i thought i worked days today and i actually worked nights.. drove all the way to work just to come back home. fuck
need more friends for new world!! I’m on Placta west. @aheartout yes lmao, i did a 7-7 day shift and then came home and scrimmed then played new world after LOL.happy thanksgiving everyone! 💛officially been up for 21 hours… gnNO WAY NO WAY NO WAY
@Apidaez powfu & ollie @Apidaez i’m thankful for u 🥵Yannick @KOLER1337 Blanchette 🗣️ 🖥️:
Retweeted by chels 🌼
@HollywoodQQ ur the actual cutest
@TheRogueEnergy @esports @HFOXX77 so proud of you!! 💛
@jcrueL_ @Mainlinecsgo rest in peace. 🥺btw anyone who plays new world if ur quest checkpoint is white don’t run all the way there… it means u don’t have t… @WhatThaPh0 @KOLER1337 u should purposely make his w key not work!!here are some of my favourite moments throughout #VCT ! So incredibly proud of my team. Thank you to @PlayVALORANT
Retweeted by chels 🌼
@NotAMNESlA i’ll helpnew world is an addiction… and i’m okay with that. @chloe_hime7 ouch 😣