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haley @xoxxoxooxxooxo Michigan, USA


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@Splashystackss i keep seeing this trend on tiktok 😂 i feel bad for the lil kids @junenior50 @eric_manie_ @bgl_tweets fingers *** i should say 😂☺️ @clementwester1 @artindetails 😂 period !! @artindetails i can’t sit still but it’s still a pretty view @ypn_c4 FACTS @ChloeBailey manifest, greys anatomy, the good place, zoey 101, the fosters, insatiable, 13 reasons why, degrassi,… @eric_manie_ @bgl_tweets i don’t even use a dildo tbh i use my hand. my hand works like magic for me haha @ChloeBailey always was, always will be 🥰 @theeternal mine too😻 @DijahSB looks like you at amazon from the background. i can definitely understand why you’d wear that shirt there.😂 @sorealrico ‼️‼️ @chanfrfr wanna be cuddled 24/7 @wavyemma pink & black >>> @PainBeWILIN i should’ve saved the $4,000 + i had in my bank account. i woulda been rich asf if i kept saving my mo… @slvppy it’s the only app i use now lmao. lowkey is better than snapchat which i don’t even have anymore. @thesecret it’s me vs me. @bgl_tweets sex is great & all but ngl i never have an orgasm from sex. im the only one who can make myself orgasm :) @MoMoRice69 holy shit 😂 wild asf @Jameca2011 should’ve done it more often. every time i do i’m like damn it’s so much more peaceful & drama free to… @itsnotjazminn i don’t even want him laying an eye on any other girl, call me crazy or insecure or whatever but that’s just me😂🤷🏻‍♀️ @fineassnayyyy sex be different when y’all in love & obsessed with each other @realprettyygirl me asf @feeIingsvibes yes @aishurrrr right 🤣 i’ll see a car i like & be like ooooooo look at that @cantguardChuck praying it will be a fun friday night. haven’t had one in monthsssss. @AriesTerms definitely describes me @livewithnoregrt i miss the way everything felt when i was little @777jorgeivan laying in bed then gonna get up & go to work @Flashyasf i’m wayyy different @prettygirllai_ RIGHT !! @_badassiee it’s hard. i just smile through the pain. & it’s completely fake i just gotta keep pushing through each day😭 @LittleMissNotes i find a song i absolutely fall in love with & i’ll listen to it the rest of the year & it becomes… @itsnotjazminn ong & it’s a wrap once he let his homeboys disrespect me & be telling them all our mf business that… @lovelyy_am facts @GhostfaceTalks_ YAAAYYYYYY @KameronBennett maaannnn 💯 @ForeverWILIN_ i’m perfect for you then @MillsReggie survived so damn much
@WizMonifaaa girlllll🤣😭 @haileeeyy_9 cant wait to move into my own apartment☺️ @LilCutty brooooo 🤣🤣 @realtrillisia this is definitely on my bucket list ✨ @spicybabew oh damn how’d you know @xavierofficials gives me an adrenaline rush @G1CAM 😮😂 @ItsMe_Jayyyyyy facts. gotta be super grateful for that @she_isnana when he doing sneaky shit behind yo back & searching other females up on social media after just findin… @IcyJaime haha me since 16 years old @Moneyfetishc facts. i been there since day 1 @itsmontyj right. since people don’t know how to be loyal behind yo back & then be too pussy to tell you the truth… @viewspxrn this reminds me of the show h2o …. throwback to the good days @ufobri SAMEEEE. i switched mine up tho, now i won’t eat until i find a good tiktok live mukbang to watch🤣 @LittleMissNotes then i wake up & be like damn time to face reality now 💀 @_k317h 😂 no cap
@thatboii_antt you can try but you’ll always be back cause yk who’s the best 🥰 @itsmontyj being called baby is the best😩 @morgantyshell literally ! @Frankie_FT3 yessir @TheAriesProphet no cap 🤪
@tyneaja1 so ready @backendoc AHAHAHAHA @thepopquote ☺️☺️ @Hen_Sterr mannn😂💯 @HOUSEPORN___ love this @_makaylaaab mhm ! you gotta show me you really want me @clementwester1 aw thank youu :) @Flashyasf period @taisoboujie ong.
@NseyasMommy @uajinn of course. just keep on going forward and try to think of the positive things. it takes time t… @NseyasMommy @uajinn trust me, it’ll get better. something else will come along in life and you’ll look back and wo…
@_SuccessMinded_ never stoppin the hustle even when life gets tough gotta keep it going
@MillsReggie YES ! 🙏🏼 @UoudiniE @AlyciaTyre 😂😂 ihy @UoudiniE @AlyciaTyre you still ate mine tho so wym😒
@Mrbigtimefacts @numeroun0_ why you need to know who it is? people like to ruin things so i’d prefer to keep my privacy but thanks @numeroun0_ only one guy has had it since i met him & he knows who he is 😘🤞🏼 @localkenshin yup just a regular monday for me🙃 @itsnotjazminn i’m racing that mf
@lowkeeeeeyyyyy i’m carrying ur love with meeeee…. tiktok literally got this stuck in my head 💀 @VirgOGoddess915 me as an aries @httpxryzen very different @Netters40525581 this is terrible.. such a sad & sick world we live in @mpickle well ig none of that gonna happen cause my sleeping schedule is all the way fucked up atm😭 @bellaoraa do it just hmu you will already know my answer @httpxryzen some lyrics of songs relate to exactly what ur going through in life that’s when it really hits different @imchasingdreamz i eat almost everything with a fork i hate spoons🤣 @thesoleromero fr the rap music is a lot of the reason the kids are so bad these days @PoemHeaven everyday is a fresh start✨ @lilowch nah put me in the walking dead i wanna kill as many zombies as i can that’d actually be so fun haha @DeJLoaf not a parent yet but mine would be loving them unconditionally & never judging them, being there for them… @roxyondigital sushi is amazing @BornMob1 period ! @ykmaj6 those teachers were so fun @AriesTerms 🤪‼️💯 @KandonDortch i always be finding shit out but it’s whateverrr i stopped giving a fuck @itsmontyj hahahaha @chefbleuprint 😍😩
@khilanii the pink drink 💗
@chydiorr fr😂
@JustinLaboy FACTS