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This could literally save a life. Save a family. My god
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandezzagreus is endearing in the way i think if i told him i was a lesbian he’d be like awesome do you want to see how far i can throw this rock
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezEXCLUSIVE: Trump allies -- like a former campaign staffer and even his former personal lawyer, John Dowd -- have so…
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandezweird how quick "essential worker" and "hero" went back to "burgerflipper"
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezOkay but the Cyberpunk soundtrack slaps though DAMN I’m not even usually into house don't forget disabled people when you're talking about minimum wage. we can LEGALLY be paid below it. there…
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezRaising minimum wage debate in America
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezI’m begging the NYT to hire a video game reporter @djc6986 Dang! What’s going on here? @Swiffy22 Is the damage 5 shots equivalent of the strong bow?On 1st day, Biden will rescind travel ban on several Muslim countries, rejoin Paris climate accord, extend pandemic…
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez @pronounced_ing This is my bodega cat! He's all grown up- still takes a pet like no problem. Name is Maui, at Willy…
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez @wrarebit to ... you?lol #NintendoSwitch there is a sticker of maid Raymond from animal crossing on my laptop and no I will not be taking any questionsdrinking tequila in bed while lying down: quarantine low or quarantine high? tbd @SaraQDavid at being cute as hell? ya
okay this Lex ad sent me ... what is every woman in Russian doll into this guy 🥴 live in a two floor duplex. My roomate just moved out. It is now time to make that floor a gym, because a) pictur… video of this game is someone fucking destroying poor yoda is modern stumbleupon send tweetlet them live goddamn[DAVID ATTENBOROUGH WATCHING ME TRY TO OPEN A PRODUCE BAG AT THE STORE] Extraordinary.
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez“soooo many businesses would go under if the minimum wage is raised” so you agree? that companies rely on the expl…
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezThanatos is the best encounter in all of Hades, and one of the best video game boyfriends of all time…
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez- Last year, when CDPR explained that it shares 10% of profits with staff, gamers and pundits assumed the devs woul…
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezMy two moods
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandezkinda jealous of this flex
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandezthis hack has sent me to another dimension
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez @TheGayChingy wow the girls is me @zeldiel the dry bean recipe (from the six seasons veggie cookbook) @zeldiel It’s this tho I made the beans in a special way I have cooked quinoa bean salad! It’s good but MORE importantly all the colors satisfy my brain lol
anyways gays: it’s arm day @PaulMarino Oh no! They seem to be in stock (the bowflex ones) at a few different places atmhere is an idea ... what if now ... adjustable kettlebells??? 🤔 as a bonus they’re much cheaper and also not perpetually sold outI spoke to @kasavin about my goth boyband bf
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezBREAKING: Some 6,000 workers at Amazon's warehouse in Bessemer, Ala., will begin voting on Feb. 8 on a groundbreaki…
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez @KrystiPryde @kasavin I thought of you when I wrote that!I SAID, dong spoke to @kasavin about my goth boyband bf
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezI've been thinking about this a lot for writing in general -- who we think the audience is, or should be, and what… @imhatchc2 Holy shit has it been a decadenow that i've turned 30 i understand why people go to sleep at like, 9/10pm it's not coinciding well with my previ… @alanna hmm the way twitter cuts this off still works @alanna am writing about thanatos and i cannot wait for you guys to read itThe gentlest people I know are full of rage and grief.
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez @sweetpotatoes lmao puppy really rolling with the punches here im surprised she didn't start attacking him!!New: The DOJ inspector general announces an investigation into the dept's "role and activity ... in preparing for a…
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezI just killed Charon in Hades and now I feel a lil bad even though he literally cannot say a recognizable word to me and never haspowerful pic from website of German bakers guild
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezI don’t remember who suggested I put laoganma on mango but thank you for improving my life 😌Not to say the quiet part out loud here, but this is an absolutely incredible headline from The Onion writers union…
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez @TheGayChingy THE WRITING PROCESSjoe biden and kamala harris when people ask for the $2,000 they promised
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandezstoryboards for the “congratulations!” finale in Evangelion episode 26. Fuckin badass
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez"violence will get you nowhere" - people thriving because of the violence of history
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez @annabroges 1) love that you recorded this 2) THE CATstill thinking about how weirdly ominous this is to me
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez @painmuseum @TheGayChingy truly open for a surpriseoh everybody hates the word "moist," let's never use that word again. well are you happy now? happy with your DAMP…
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez*gets a fave* me: are we about to KISS right now...?Bread has no right being that good the fuckwho stepped on i did!! the bread??
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezThe Assassination of Luigi Versace
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez @RequineGG which one? @PirateBread Email me! @stathx for super mario odyssey? or for whati know this is not serious at all but i still love it and all the other bizarre botw speedrun categories dreamed of a job where you taste-test food and play with kitchen gadgets all day? My Reviews team at America'…
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandezanxiety folks, how did you deal with learning how to drive? I want to, but sometimes just being a passenger makes m… just fueling their ammo here the bone hydramajin buu is just like us
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez
If you want to chat about QA — particularly what it was like on Cyberpunk 2077 — I’d love to hear from you. But, in…
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandezwhat in the world is this @420fetalsyndrom How did you actually get through to a human? The bot seems like a dead endwhat if we go up to three impeachments i mean the fact there had to be two already makes me a little hopeless about the systemThere have only been four impeachments and two were Donald Trump.
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezIf you are a sex worker you are not “jobless.” Your job is that you are a sex worker. Acknowledging this is fundame…
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezThis is the fucking gif
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandezreboot the carmen sandiego games so you can either romance her, join her, or play AS her trying to avoid law enforcementThe House of Representatives started voting on the second impeachment of Donald Trump at 3:53pm ET.
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez @annabroges welcome @_rodzero did you use the form or how'd you ask for it? @leftoblique damn...chun li body pillow where you can wrap her legs around your neck send tweetYo. Everyone watch @AOC Instagram live. Here’s a clip of the whole dang truth.
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez @Polygon this man looks like he got lost at the store and can’t find his momin one tweet, the most fucked up indictment of every aspect of American life in the last 20 years
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandezdo not disturb me i am blooming
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez