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this has shattered everything I thought I knew about the entire series ... professor oak is a fake!!
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@NatIsExtra he’s only breaking inside your house to say hi!types of shibes
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez @murlin__ yeah, I listed a few at the bottom ... there may be more!a pink nightmare appears tell my kids this was kim possible
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez @Dewott13 Good catch! I was wondering about that but didn't connect the dotsLike if u support my gay pokemon
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez @loudmouthjulia Julia no!! fight it!!this has shattered everything I thought I knew about the entire series ... professor oak is a fake!!'s a whole lot going on in Bulbapedia's discussion page for Cloyster, as brought to my attention by @arhourigan vibin
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez @eurogamer you are a cowardgonna tell my kids this is gohan’s dad
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandezmy calico cat likes to cuddle under the covers during the winter time. this is her right now STOP
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandezhe undos his bun to attack #PokemonSwordShield #NintendoSwitch i too am a piece of trash who wants more attention!! #PokemonSwordShield #NintendoSwitch @ObiBoing @TrufflezNChoco How many do you have thus far?
@riningear Hell yeah @MOOMANiBE amazing @thetidebreaks Good to know, thank you!Amazing. not expecting this entire exchange to happen
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezGonna tell my kids this was Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezThank you @ezwrites. 👾 ‘This future can be different’
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez @dahrae_ this is so cute! the notebook / tracking I meanthis is BUCK. WILD. I fuckin love Pokemon @ethangach noooo @GreedyRaven There must be adult classes somewhere! And hey, if not ... I've found that kids are more accepting than adults, anyway.Today in "this may be the title of my autobiography".
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezJoe finds Love (and Candace finds him) in these first look photos at @YouNetflix season 2!!
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezGonna tell my kids this was Jessica.
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezBut I also think you're going to lead a very boring life if you stop yourself from trying something new, or don't a…'ve spent a lot of the last two years just taking random classes ... dance classes, sports classes, last night eve… is cool. I'll add, as an adult one of the hardest things to try and do is learn something new -- time and mone… Leader: Alright Challenger! Time for you to show me how much you--- Me:
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez @ravi_hiranand ah, not intentionally. sometimes it just happens because I don't exactly notice I'm wearing it, you…
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezI have decided to take a hiatus from being Perceived. Please don’t acknowledge my existence until further notice. D…
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezStarted Friday Black. Finished the first story and fuck, still feel it in my chest.I know I shouldn’t cheer BUT :o learned more about personal essays from this one TikTok than from any class
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez @Ephemeral_VL pupusas are literally my favorite food on earth but they are also messy :( @Kermitron they’re supposed to be mysterious and enticing!! or so I hear... @Kermitron what am I, a Scorpio?They frens now
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezTook a billiards class today. One step closer to becoming a pool babe at the gay bar 🙏🏽
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Sonicfox getting a small part of the crowd to chant trans rights at an official dbfz tournament holy shit
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez11月21日の朝の定期船は出航しました。 午後の定期船も出航します。
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezNews: As of this week, I'm officially @Medium—as executive editor of a new publication for and about men of color.…
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandezgonna tell my kids this is avril lavigne
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezIt's amazing how much work you get done when you don't do the thing you're supposed to be working on.
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Retweeted by Patricia Hernandezwhen @rabbitwhite said ⬇⬇⬇ i really felt that
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandezso raihan doesn't use the inner camera and i couldn't resist drawing this
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandezpls let go #PokemonSwordShield #Pokemon
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandezthe idea of everyone raging at a young girl for this is fucking SENDING ME #DonaldTrump holds notes while speaking to the media before departing the White House for Texas 📷: Mark W…
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezChillest man on earth
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezOh my god I'm sorry
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezDid you know the curry you make actually differs in size depending on your lead Pokémon? Did you know the Curry Dex…
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Retweeted by Patricia Hernandeztelling my kids this was the declaration of independence
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezMy longtime dental hygienist just got into the Iowa Writers Workshop. But she didn't know how prestigious it is un…
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandezmimikyu as different electric meeses
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezThe 1993 Nintendo character guide revealed that Mario is of species Homo Nintendonus Since I found that out, I’ve…
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezPete is the son of an upper middle class academic. Warren is the daughter of a janitor. But Pete gets to be the “…
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezI’m sorry but this is uglier lmao‘Are you ok’ Me : yeah why lol *show me the depressed tweets I posted 3 minutes ago* Me :
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezPokémon fans, I need y'all to shut up about Dexit:
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez @Kotaku Thank you but also RIPGonna tell my kids this was Romeo & Juliet
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezEvery game should have a fishing minigame.
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezPokémon Sword and Shield’s Ball Guy is not creepy, he’s a friend
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandezgod damn i wish more members of congress talked like this. great stuff @aoc.
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezGUYS HELP I CAN'T UNSEE IT
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandezy’all I need a cleanse where can I get a limpia 😩
someone posted on the bird group i’m in that they decorate for christmas a bit early bc their little bird mango is…
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezTHIS IS MY SEXUALITY
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez @RayReynoldsNMS @PeacefulGamer What's wrong with the clouds?? @Campster What's going on? I mean, I see that it says it "updated" to let you see other players, but @takesiege Are you actually connected? You may be searching local @mistercrayon I'm sorry but that's also hilariousGeoff Keighley Announces Best Layoffs Category for Game Awards
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezI had no choice'm enamored by the real people you can talk to the wild area. i haven't heard much talk about how people feel abou…
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandezdon't make me do it @ohjefframos whatwhere is the ball guy fandom? I'm disappointed✨Sacred it is✨ (Yes I made this)
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezNBC: Impeachment ABC: Impeachment CNN: Impeachment FOX:
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezMy roomate is adopting waffles the dog!! Also Mochi is out of the cone today!! @OwlishNick I love that as Vulpix is saying this it appears that Drillbur is picking another fight in the backgroundmy immigrant parents showing 10 yr. old me government documents they received, expecting me to be able to fully tra…
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezI LOVE MY PROBLEM CHILDREN and their dumbass fights got McDonald’s and wants to share with you
Retweeted by Patricia HernandezDefine...cursed...
Retweeted by Patricia Hernandez @breadlobbybot Damn I feel like we’d be bff