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@KuschSG @luckbtw_ don’t we all. @ahgandii 😭 @NBAAddict22 damn. @IAmBeanPog nah, this the right one. she’ll see this for sure.missing her… @DecimateYKTV thanks! 😑
@R6esportsNA #MakeWaves @beastcoast @MirageSportE You got this. 🙏🏻 @zekkenVAL @Sentinels @Ballatw bro @ValorantEsports @zekkenVAL @SentinelsThank you, @zekkenval. @Sentinels @zekkenVAL Take good care of him. ♥XSET Purple bootcamp snack edition: Can you guess which snacks belong to which players?
Retweeted by XSET @budegadeleao Mirage can still throw. to @Spacestation. 🤝 Not our week, time to regain for the final match of Stage 3 next week. 😤 #RepTheSet❌… @zekkenVAL as long as someone takes out the garbage on trash night. 🙏To learn about Filipino American History Month and more: Filipino American National History Society marks 2022 as #FAHM’s 30th anniversary, celebrating the past, presen… is Filipino American History Month. This month is meant to commemorate the history, contributions and legac…
XSET @SuperEvan__ is LIVE with @NFLTNG alongside his teammates Trevon Diggs & @TankLawrence! 🔴… to @AstralisR6. 🤝 Back to work for tomorrow's match vs. SSG. ⚔ #RepTheSet❌ #R6NAL🔴's game time. 👏 XSET R6 vs. Astralis, live now. 😈🔥 #RepTheSet❌ #R6NAL 6 is back tonight. 😈🔥 Starting in third, looking to take the crown. See you at 5PM/ET. 👑 #RepTheSet❌… Team XSET for Week 4 of @NFLTNG! 🏈 XSET @SuperEvan__ | @TankLawrence | Trevon Diggs Live tonight at 6… @SyykoNT @ValorantEsports @Sentinels agreeLate night gamers, wya?Coaches are allowed to post 4Ks, the standards are not as high.
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SuperEvan x @MecoleHardman4 😤💪🏻🤝
Retweeted by XSETYesssirrrr the 🐐
Retweeted by XSET national boyfriend day :3 and Hispanics represent 25% of children and 10% of volunteers in @BBBSA. Representation creates more oppor… @miophia2 @Dream all good.cultural impact:   ⬛      ⬛   ⬛     ⬛       _ dream face the reveal beatlesHEY!!!! @Dream
The RL Fall Open closed qualifier starts NOW. Let’s take it home! 🏆 @evohrl 🏆 @PercyyRL 🏆@RapidRL 🏆 @TreyRL_ women in esports doesn’t take away anything. inclusivity in esports is a win for everyone. @BcJFPS ❤️nah fortnite is CRAZY now…🤣💀
Retweeted by XSET @HwystarP vouchvia: @l2thhournah fortnite is CRAZY now…🤣💀
Watch the full video on our YouTube Channel: craziest round of VALORANT history... Here’s what really happened in Istanbul. #RepTheSet❌ #VALORANTChampions is still the best gaming clip to ever exist… @xQc
Retweeted by XSET @zekkenVAL can’t believe you would say that…this is still the best gaming clip to ever exist… @xQc @AromaVAL 🤣 @creeperkfc respectfriday night on the way to a bar and we see this mf playin VALORANT… miss these guys
Retweeted by XSETGGs to @akrewhq. 🤝 Catch us Sunday in the Closed Qualifier to book our spot in the Fall Open! 🔥 #RepTheSet❌ #RLCS
🔴 time. 👀 XSET RL vs. G2, live now. 😤 #RepTheSet❌ #RLCS @TwitterGaming RLCS is back.RLCS is finally back, & tonight is the official debut of our starting lineup. See you at 7PM/ET. 😈🔥 🚀 @RapidRL 🚀… is the GOAT of esports?XSET ROCKET LEAGUE PLAYS TODAY. 🚀 ⚽️“I love that people say Leflop is the goat, MJ is the goat change my mind” - @GodkuTV with the #HotTakeThursday @StratusBaca that’s the worst part tbh. @parsazx @nateschanker after consuming 3 energy drinks, getting blocked by my crush, & losing 400 RR on VALORANT in one night
@Cryocells_Thank you, @Cryocells_ @100T_Esports @Cryocells_ @100Thieves Forever grateful. ♥ @jaydon8d @FortniteGame @GoatSimulator not a #ad, just 🔥The Goat Simulator skin is the best skin in Fortnite. All other opinions are invalid. 🐐🔥 celebration of @HyperX's 20th birthday, XSET @NuFo is giving away two Cloud Stinger headsets & a DuoCast microph…’s 2022 and valorant is now the most successful dating app to ever exist
Retweeted by XSET @A1sonx @LastSquall no hope in silver? 😞😭 @capedcruzadrr nope.’s 2022 and valorant is now the most successful dating app to ever existwhat are the gamers gamin? 👀
@TwitterGaming first fortnite dub.GGs tsm we win 7-4
Retweeted by XSETGGs TSMFTX we win 7-4 bossman was on fire. 5points this week :)
Retweeted by XSETGgs TSM, we end the week w 5 points. 😎
Retweeted by XSET @TSM @R6esportsNA @SpiriTzR6 GGs 🤝 @TSM @R6esportsNA @SpiriTzR6 ight betGGS @TSM we take it 7-4, both teams played well we just won the crucial gunfights. Love my team ❤️
Retweeted by XSETGGs @TSM we win 7-4 i was hitting the luckiest shots of my career wow… glad to see TSM as one of the top contenders again, wp to them
Retweeted by XSETFirst place team? 💀 7-4 vs. @TSM, 5 points on the week. 📈 #RepTheSet❌ #R6NAL @R6esportsNA @SnakeAreMeta I wasn't scared, you were. 😳Join the watch party in the XSET Discord! ⚔ 🗣️ 🔴 we go. 😤 XSET R6 vs. TSM, live now. 😈🔥 #RepTheSet❌ #R6NAL @R6esportsNA F @R6esportsNA FXSET R6 plays today. 👀 @C9VAL Will you love me?This #HispanicHeritageMonth we celebrate @BBBSA Bigs like Anthony whose mentorship has empowered Little Michael to…’s too easy…💯 🏆 @TeeGrizzley 🏆 @DeSeanJackson10 🏆 @davidlongjr YOU HAVE IT! @XSET takes a 2-0 victory over @Complexity! 📺
Retweeted by XSET @luckbtw_ @starriebun legend. @antcrdbl that’s what im sayinPOV: you are in elementary school @XSET walkout goes hard😈 @DeSeanJackson10 | @TeeGrizzley | @davidlongjr 📺
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