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This coffee table is so sick. 🥵 (via u/gippy44) @GodkuTV stream room tour. 😈🔥 Only on this week's #MeetTheSet. 😳 #RepTheSet❌ 📺 glasses give @ashIeybtw cheats. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #RepTheSet me your @CashApp names! 281-524-3938📲 Want to buy dinner for a few people!
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"They're all dead", is a phrase you hear a lot playing with @Yata_tv. 😏 #RepTheSet @ZertoxVFX @dephhgg 😈🔥😏 game crosshairs are overrated. 😴 Malone replied to her... 😳 Take a trip into the mind of @Nufo on this week's #NerfOrBuff! 😏 #RepTheSet❌ 📺… place 8th in the @EsportsArena #SeriesEVent Apex Legends: 10k Invitational. We will come back even stronger! 🔥…
Nothing but headshots for @thwifo. 🤤 #RepTheSet is Love. 6/22/21 you could remaster any game, what would you pick? 😳THE @EsportsArena #SeriesEVent Apex Legends: 10k Invitational is LIVE! 🔥 🏆@ClaneSZN 🏆 @RamBeauFPS 🏆@KeniFPS 🔴… @Bartonologist How's the Bartonologiust? @XSET If you’d like to check out all of the Black-owned Gaming businesses in our post check them out here:…
Retweeted by XSETBut the celebration and commemorating doesn't end here! If you'd like to read more about #Juneteenth and what it… is also committed to investing in various Black and underserved communities. We've helped raise over $11,000 i… are many ways people can celebrate #Juneteenth - especially through education and support! For example, here… vast majority of states already recognized #JuneTeenth prior, but history has been made. The future is bright a…, we celebrate #JuneTeenth2021 and its first official year as a US federal holiday. Here at XSET, we wanted to… the Jett instalock keeps pushing out and dying instantly. 😔 to craft the perfect mustache? 🤔 All the tips and tricks on this week's #NerfOrBuff featuring @GodkuTV! 😈🔥… @RogueShark is just too quick. 🥵 #RepTheSet ordered a Tesla? 😳 Find out more about @NuFo on this week's #NerfOrBuff! 😏 #RepTheSet❌ 📺… happy and proud to announce that I’ve joined @XSET alongside my best buds @ClaneSZN and @KeniFPS. Time to…
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Blocking the Raze ult for @T1BcJ, now that's true love. @PureRedfish. 🥺👉👈 is back in the meta...? 😳 Take notes @SyykoNT! 📝😏 @RamBeauFPS to XSET Apex Legends. 😈🔥 He will be competing alongside @ClaneSZN & @KeniFPS in all future Ape…"We have a unique situation where we can be two-sport athletes and be part of something so special." My latest for…
Retweeted by XSET @GodkuTV @HyperX Imma need you to keep pictures like these off the timeline Ku. 🥵💦 @PureRedfish Battle sage top frags. 🥵🥵Sexy Warzone teacher GodKu reporting for duty.. wouldn’t be able to pull this look off without these sexy glasses f…
Retweeted by XSET1 hour. 😳 @KVN_03 ⚔️Check the piece out reppin the set always! @XSET #reptheset
Retweeted by XSETPride Month is about living in our truths, leading in love and acceptance, like @fluctraa. 🥰 Celebrating who we ar… @Vansilli @andbox_official @PlatChatPodcast @Ballatw @SideshowGaming @BrenCasts @wyattriver_ You and the boys can p… @ImKable *Team 3; a day at the R6 house. 🥵All Love Always to @HyperX ! Still showing me love, new eyewear “Hyper X Spectre” . Love these for me since I pre…
Retweeted by XSETYou get to spend the day with one of these teams. Who you got? 🤔 #RepTheSet around for a new XSET member today? 👀 @andbox_official @CDNThe3rd Let’s go!We are excited to play in a 2 map Valorant Showdown against our good friends at @andbox_official on 6/21 at 6 EST.… @mrTeeple @JaredFPS The man is a legend. 🔥This week @CNNUnderscored linked up with XSET Co-owner @erinasimon about the gear that allowed her to keep hosting… @RedyfXbl @thwifo No kyap. @soleqt @thwifo . @thwifo is happy.So, Jett can no longer dash through Cypher's tripwires. Do you like this change?👇😳 @Auzzielol your favorite XSET member. Let’s see if they respond! 👀
XSET @mimimimichaela's aim. 😍 #RepTheSet the perfect mustache, cooking up some healthy food, plus a 15-hour stream. 😳 Follow along a day in the li… exclusive premiere of #MeetTheSet with @GodkuTV starts now, live in the XSET Discord! Stay after the premiere… you've ever seen this before, I'm so sorry. 🥺 @KnightFN_ ❤️🔥Homie hit the slide cancel IRL. 🤣 us tonight at 5:30PM ET in the XSET Discord for the exclusive premiere of our latest episode of #MeetTheSet, f… MG82 is BROKEN. 💀 @JaredFPS it feels to get flashed 🐐’s @TomBrady and @PatrickMahomes are on the cover of Madden 22 🔥 @laaur Nice wall decoration❌Next stop ➡️ Training Camp with the 6x🏆 @Patriots! #PatsNation Let’s goo!!! #Year5 in motion 💀
Retweeted by XSETQualified for the $300,000 World Series of Warzone Finals with the boys @JerKyTV @SupAustyn ! See yall in the finals 🤟 #RepTheSet
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GGs to @DisruptGaming, we fall 4-7. 🤝 A tough start, but we'll be back stronger next week. 🔥 #RepTheSet❌ #R6NAL time is now. 😈🔥 We make our debut in the Rainbow 6 NA League, Stage 2 vs. @DisruptGaming starting now. 😳… @GhostGamer @Kekoa_US @GodkuTV @Ronshredz @MisterMailtime Some handsome gentlemen you've acquired for the evening. 😍Vibin' with the @XSET Fam for #WarzoneWednesday tonight at 7pm CT! 🎮 @kekoa_us 🎮 @godkutv 🎮 @ronshredz 🎮…
Retweeted by XSET @ValorantEsports Sova was afk mixing up some @GhostGamer that's not fair. 😢$300,000 Twitch Rivals / WSOW Qualifier w/ @JerKyTV @SupAustyn
Retweeted by XSETThese Mario Kart cupcakes look 🤤💦 (via u_llamagirl1996)'t miss out on the Bartonologist $2,000 Cash Cup! Going down at @leveluparenagg on June 26th! - Trios Private…
Retweeted by XSETCSET - so close 🥺Type XSET with your eyes closed. No cheating. 😳🙄Our first playday of Stage 2 kicks off tomorrow vs. @DisruptGaming! 😈🔥 Tune in at 6:40pm EST to catch the new squa… @J3Smoove is the best map in Valorant? 🤨
@scaruki you right, @WedidOfficial looks like a snack.Valorant Character Memoji's 🤣 👍 @PostMalone 👎 Mustard on Watermelon 😳 Get a front seat view into the mind of @Nufo, this week on… is so satisfying. 🤤 @AYRINval #RepTheSet us live now in the XSET Discord for the latest episode of #NerfOrBuff with XSET @NuFo! Don't forget to stick… @EsportsPrimeGG De grootste. 😏 @Farism2004_ @Bartonologist Forreal. 🥵The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel is coming in 2022. 👀 @ebifried1 Can't trust anyone who doesn't love Mario Party. 🥰Thank you, Nintendo. 🥺 #MetroidDread Superstars for #NintendoSwitch has 100+ minigames & it's all compatible with multiplayer online. 🤤 SHE… @NuFo Gotta be at least 75% tbhJoin us at 4PM ET in the official XSET Discord for the exclusive premiere of our latest episode of #NerfOrBuff, fea… have no idea how many kills @Bartonologist just got... 😳 #RepTheSet styles, same blue light protection for your eyes 👓 >>
Retweeted by XSETExciting week at XSET! 😍 Which event are you most excited for? 👇 can’t wait to compete in this with @ClaneSZN & @KeniFPS 😍 June 19th. Mark your calendars.
🤣 (via R6 staying on the grind. 😈🔥 Find out what it's like living at the R6 team house this week on #MeetTheSet ft.… Enemies, 4 Headshots. 🤯 @thwifo #RepTheSet bloody good talent on this squad - next VCT is going to be interesting 😎 #reptheset
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