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@Bartonologist @PrxdigyEU_ @Dr3waa absolute 🐐🔴LIVE $5,000 Rising Stars of Warzone w/ @PrxdigyEU_ and @Dr3waa
Retweeted by XSETHector Sanchez is the Head of @EpicGames Publishing after spending his career developing and publishing critically-… @maze518 ❤️Trovo PUBG Mobile Invitational Day 13 Results! 🥇 @BoringProtocol 🥈 @XSET 🥉 @Lazarus 🏅@ValicPubg 🏅@xIts_Fate…
Retweeted by XSETPremiere day. 😈🔥 Tonight, tune into the XSET Discord for the exclusive premiere of #MeetTheSet with @TreyRL_ as we…
XSET @SuperEvan__ can still slaughter with a helicopter... 😈🔥 #RepTheSet @GodkuTV WWhere we dropping? 🪂😳 Twitch Rivals is live! Tune in & watch the XSET boys lock it down. 😏🔥 🔴… @mfmereu @nateschanker 😳 @zekkenVAL All good. @GodkuTV ❤️To celebrate #HispanicHeritageMonth we asked the Set what Latin foods are their favorites! 😍 Carne asada, tostadas… Arenas Strittmatter is the Technical Art Director at @EASPORTS. She also works to advance EA's diversity and…*gameHERs Awards voting is going strong! 🏆🥇 Make sure to vote for us for Most Inclusive Org award in the Esport…
@RussDaddy @ZooMaa @Methodz @Yungstaz6 @IkesNasty @boomtv WSecured 2nd Place ($6,000) in the @ZooMaa & @Methodz $20,000 Customs Tourney w/ @Yungstaz6 @IkesNasty LFG! Thank yo…
Retweeted by XSETI wouldn't wanna push @ashIeybtw... 😳 #RepTheSet❌with the official XSET 2021 R6 skin, available now in the in-game shop! If you're quick, you can unlock… @TreyRL_ 10 FPS Players of All-Time: 1. Zekken 2. Dephh 3. PureR 4. BcJ 5. Ayrin 6. Zekken 7. Dephh 8. PureR 9. BcJ 10. Ayrin @JaredFPS @ZooMaa @Methodz @Bartonologist @RussDaddy @Frozone @Yata_tv NO CAP.$20k @ZooMaa and @Methodz Custom Tourney is LIVE. 🔴👍 Coastline 👎 FPL 😳 Cold Showers? This week on #NerfOrBuff, catch XSET @xProdR6 giving some of his hot takes for y… (@Mkleosb), also known as Leo, is a Pro Super Smash Player for @T1. He’s one of the best in the world and sol… & Discord kinda go hard though... 🥺 & Apex all week! 🍿 #RepTheSet
@vipercastiel some content creators that we should sign! 👇help me
Retweeted by XSET @G4TV The goat. 🐐🔥 @TheBlackHokageImagine how many Valorant skins you could buy with this loot. 🤤 remains committed to the growth of the Women's professional Valorant scene and is committed to being a part of… you to our amazing CSGO team for your contributions to XSET over the last year. You have set an example for a… Birthday to XSET Fortnite star, @Ceice! We're so happy to have you on the squad, looking forward to an amaz… Ortiz (@HelloKittyRicki) is a Pro Street Fighter Player for @EvilGeniuses. Since joining the fighting game co… @Selkoe Morning boss. 😁🌅
Thank you for 60k.❤️❌Now THIS is how you hold down a bomb site. 🥶 @T1BcJ #RepTheSet @Jokeeee_ @GhostGamer @GhostLifestyle 💯💯💯 @Envy @Marved6 @FNS @Crashies @victorwong @yayFPS Amazing run, GGs❤️This track always goes so hard. 😈🔥 Rodriguez (@H3CZ) is an entrepreneur, entertainer, and gaming veteran. His work at @OpTic & @NRGgg Esports h… @T1BcJ doesn't touch grass. 😈🔥 Learn all of XSET BcJ's hot takes, this week on #NerfOrBuff! 🤣 #RepTheSet❌ 📺…’s the day. You’ve got the strongest region in Valorant behind you @Envy. Bring it home. 🏆 #VALORANTMasters #RepNA @FilthyFlexin 🔥 @JaredFPS @cloakzy 😳Sunset with my @xset hat 😏 #reptheset
Retweeted by XSET @nvDieseL_ Do you team flash though? 🤭😅 @tallboitea Do you promise not to team flash? @flickknz Let me get Jett please 🥲 @mikahelll A game where running and running is rewarded :D @HwystarP Welcome in Zekken’s Dad! @TwiggyCasts LOL @dephhgg @ilyBeamic @SSatuurN @zekkenVAL Welcome. @Bonnie173869 You are in.Reply with the agent you main in Valorant to see if you get let in the @NARAKATHEGAME Morus Cup Finals today at 5pm Pst with @nathanias I’m so exci…
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The death chat on that 360... 🤣 @Frozone #RepTheSet @mrodmma Good luck tonight on the fight at #UFCVegas37 BIG XSET ENERGY LETS GO! else miss this? 🥺 (@ChicaLive) is a Twitch streamer for @Luminosity, who has utilized her big platform to create visibility for… say Fortnite pros need to be good at building, & @Ceice is no exception. 😳 Follow along through a day in his…
@nateschanker It is what it is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @Sentinels Hope to see you there. 🤝All good. Congrats @Envy! ⚔ #VALORANTMasters #RepNAIt's #SocialMediaManagersDay today! so, what did y'all get us? (we'll settle for a bunch of engagements) 😏📈Never count out North America. ⚔ #VALORANTMasters #RepNALet’s GO!!!! @XSET you all are amazing!! Thanks so much! #cod #Vanguard #GamingNews
Retweeted by XSETThis dude @AYRINval is NUTS. 😳 #RepTheSet've got some @CallofDuty #Vanguard Beta codes to give away! 😳 Reply to this tweet with a funny GIF & we'll pick… @JaredFPS @GamerAdvantage 🔥🔥🔥POV: you've got homework due in the AM, but you aren't radiant yet. 🤣 @ZekkenVal #RepTheSet's content team gotta watch their back after this one... 😳 Find out XSET @T1BcJ's hot takes this week on…*gameHERs Awards voting is still open! 😈🔥 You can vote for us for Most Inclusive Org award in the Esports categ… @TheAndyCortez @KindaFunnyVids ❤️Trinidad Hermida (@ThisisTrini) is the Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Niantic, Inc., an AR tech company that pr… though. 🤤 this set up🔥👇 "Jett knives are perfectly balanced" @PureRedfish:
@TheBlackHokage @Selkoe @erinasimon impossible. 😏Gaming 🎮 Lowes 🔨 Walking the Dog 🐶 Follow along as XSET @Ceice takes you through a day of his life of a Fortnite P… started. 😏 Join the XSET Discord right now for the exclusive premiere & QnA with XSET @Ceice! ⚔ 🗣️… @nathanvivs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯They must have rigged the #VALORANTMasters Playoff Bracket to give the other regions a chance... NA would've brou… for some XSET @Ceice. 😈🔥 Tune in to the XSET Discord at 5pm EST for the live premiere of this week's… @builtbygamers @SullyCasts 🥴New brand 🔶 New vision 📜 New Juked 📱 The future of esports community & discussion is coming. Learn more:…
Retweeted by XSETHappy Birthday to XSET's @Astonish2k! We love having you in the fam & can't wait for more awesome stuff in the fut… like a demon, play like a demon. 😈🔥 @RussDaddy #RepTheSet for his work at @KindaFunnyVids, Andy Cortez's (@TheAndyCortez) video game knowledge and coverage has helped…
GGs to @MirageSportE, tough loss 5-7. 🤝 More games to play this stage, can only go up from here. ⚔ #RepTheSet❌… @nicolesskye 😫The moment you've all been waiting for. 😈🔥 XSET R6 vs. @MirageSportE is live. 😳 #RepTheSet❌ #R6NAL 🔴… @Ceice 😉 @Ceice W @MirageSportE GLHF 🤝