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@spenciie 🤔🤔🤔 @S1SS1L ty cutie luv you 🤍 @ashIyne hello gorg @vampwi HOTTIEEEE @inporrigible I LOVE UR HAIR AHHHHH @vandalbunnie mmememe @KawaiiBxby hi bbbb so pretty @enzomusubi YES @__sponch IM GOING TO GET DIABETESSSSSSSS AHHHHH 🤍🤍🤍 @aimfordamoon luv u toooo @peachmesweettea gorg!!! 🤍I think we all need some time to heal, everyone's broken down to their core :(
Retweeted by shiae⟢ @aimfordamoon hi beautiful 🤍 you’re glowing !! @chaelpls MAIN CHARACTER VIBES @babeylina GM LUVVVVV @alysmsc STREAM STREAM STREAM!!! @moonstonegf @dracoiwnl hello gorg gorg girl!!! 🤍🤍🤍 @alyx_9sm @injeolimi ? @chaelpls I LOVE UUUUUUUU @kanamayeo IMA MINT ITur so cute its crazy ur like a reallife anime character, u even sound like one omfg i hope we get to know each othe… just randomly appeared in my life but everytime i talk to u, it feels like ive known u forever LOL maybe its beca… out even more this year because like WHEN TF ARE WE GOING TO MEET FOR HEALTHY FOOD? istg its been months ALSO… baeee 🤍 cant believe we met on clubhouse and now we hang out so often. KEEP GRINDING QUEEN!! idk how u do it but… the person who pick my pc parts for me know that u think they suck LMFAOone of my fav people i met on discord c: u r actually a troll but also one of the most genuine people i know. if i… congrats on signing! :) big things are coming for u & u deserve it. u seem to be very funny. i remember u fell… dont know you & all i know about you is that you're good at val LOL also that was not the right move man 😭 IM SORRY TFRDGVBure one of the first few people to talk to me when i started twitter. def a very interesting person to talk to & i…'re very talented. i hope people see that soon. keep grinding & im sure you'll make it. im physic so i know, trust… @Nighty10k u gotta guess which ones urs i aint telling u hehe @Nighty10k HHAHAHA HMMM 🤔love. one day u'll be big & i can be like yall I KNOW HIM or u know, i could be u guys' photographer and go on tour… i rmb the first time u dmed me for that favor. we were so polite like we were talkin so professionally & shi L… for sticking by me & them for soso many years. im glad i was able to help you pass your messages/questions to hi… ive been following you on ig for YEARS now. i love your makeup sm im always like damn i wish i could do my make… pretty & u seem like you're the type to not give a fuck about what others think about you & just say or do whate… miss u sm & europe too. i wish i could come visit u! remembering all the memories we made together during the eur… dont rly tweet but everytime u post a selfie im like damn shes so pretty. ty for blessing my tl, do me a favor and post more 😌u are very very sweet to me i literally dont deserve u ;-; ty for always supporting me & for dming me first too! i… very shy so i tend to be super quiet around new people but you (& the rest) make me feel so welcomed ;-; i cant… that ;-; i value & care about u alot & id legit smack anyone who hurt u. i hope u find what u want to do in lif… used to kinda have a crush on u LMFAO but i dont make the first move so :joy: i see u be tweeting alot of sad twe… give me bad bitch vibes <3 i dont really interact with you but ur very pretty & ur good at val. u & ur bestie are both baddiesur very nice & ur super funny too but i think u need to stop simping and go touch some grass pls LOLu are actually so inspirational, u motivate me to start working out sheesh KEEP GRINDING SEXY @kanamayeo new kaemi media!?doing ant nation things
Retweeted by shiae⟢im going to do is tell u so we can game! everytime i see a pic of u & ur bf im like wtf yall so cute IMA GO CRY. u… of my fav person on twt 🤍 u r an angel & i love the way u are now, pls nvr change. i 🤍 how u dont give a fck ab… a hoe LMFAO kidding ive known u for how long now, 3 years? & we have never met💀my fault tho we will meet & go thr… idk much about you but i know you are in the same server as i am LOL im not very active on there but i know you… have very sexy boobies 😌 u are very nice & kind, i dont see you on here that much tbh but hi i hope ur doing fine, pls stay safe cutieu r very cute! u look rly intimidating but you're actually the sweetest. we barely talk but i wish for only good things for u bb c:ur my number 1 hater istg im kidding ure nice c: ty for inviting me to ur server and yes u r right i am too broke t… jor fan mei ah?? he is right u do sorta kinda look like keshi a lil LMFAO ur actually super funny! ty for alway…
u seem rly down to earth & very approachable. ty for dming me first! i actually dk if thats your real name but if i… so cute & sexy 😏 i think your piercings are rly hot! also GET THAT BREAD GIRL ❤️‍🔥 pls come meet me when you com… to make me feel better. i still dk how you are able to cope with all my complains & pms lmfao but tysm ur my f… a cockroach. im kidding im so so proud of u for getting to where u r today & ill be here supporting u thru it al… pretty sure you are the reason how i started getting more friends on ig. ur aesthetic is 💯 you give me sweet lil… heard that you’re rly intimidating so im ngl i was kinda scared lmfao so i never made the first move but you dmed… get better!! if it weren’t for you i wouldnt be where im at right now. i appreciate u so much & u deserve the w… finally your turn. i cant believe us either lmfao i honestly dont rmb how we started talking on ig but im so gl… love your sense of fashion! you have the cutest fits i love them,, ty for inspiring meur really pretty and you seem funny too! how tf do you have less than 1k followers?! people be missing out 🙄you have cool hair and i hope you enjoy the ig filters i sent you :)ty for always commenting on my posts and leaving sweet comments, they make my day ☺️dmed couple times but i think yesterday was the first time we had an actual convo. u better take me to bbq if i eve… so so sweet ahhh ily bestie 😌 idk that much about you but i think we’d be great friends. ALSO U A LUCKY GUY BECA… i met you through another friend & through the same server. we don’t really have that many interactions both… i keep confusing you with someone else with the same name lmfao like i’d only realize you were someone else unt… sure you’re one of the first people i met on here,, i enjoy talking to you but i’m so bad at replying recent…’d have some interactions here & there but that’s about it,, i don’t even actually know your name 💀 but i like you :) i think you’re nicei love ur tweets lmfao and youre literally the sweetest! im so glad you found someone🤍 bout to get diabetes reading… @Baekunn i’m only doing people i follow back obviously 😂😂😂i love your voice and your bubbly personality 😂 ur also super cute! i enjoy being in vc just listening to you and t… ALWAYS HYPING ME. UP U R BABO 👀 one day i will fly over & we can go have filet o fish! 😌 ty for the coffee, i h…’ve never rly spoken to you but i love your smile,, it feels so warm 🥺 like you seem rly nice and warm hearted, i… MARRY ME 🥺
Retweeted by shiae⟢ @niheol you are so sosososo gorg i love this fit @Crystalpaaark I willllll 100000% 🤍 @Crystalpaaark YES ONCE WE GET FURNITURES COME VISIT PLS @leagueoftim11 i’m gonna do all of iti like ur name LOL i know it’s not your real name but ima call you that 😂 i’ve talked to you here and there but nev… pretty, hot, talented, good at gaming —literally the whole package pls u are literally perfect! i feel like i… are not 🅿️ushing 🅿️👎 kidding i think you’re very funny. i hope your dreams of playing val with her comes true this year 👀you have a very unique name,, i wonder if it’s your actual name. other than that i have no idea about you 😂 @chansekay same someone give us money :pILYSM ur one of my first ever friends ive met on ig. im glad i dragged u into clubhouse 😂 i feel like i can talk to… seem to be a nice guy but you ask too much 😂 not that it’s a bad thing but trust me just go with the flow and t… @kilala713 luv itttt 🤍heroine kiss me difference
Retweeted by shiae⟢ @nhubitably omg pls i’m obsessed with u!!!!!this is me guys, sweet & always commenting on my posts! ur pfp is cute too 💜i think we’ve spoken like once but that was it. you seem to be rly good at cooking because i remember seeing a lot… for always commenting on my posts 🤍 u have a very cute name and i like your hair!i’ve never spoken to you i don’t think but YOURE A BADDIE 😳 i love seeing ur face on my tl 😌 you are close to a lot… have no idea who you are but we have a couple mutuals :o i remember one time i unfollowed you because i was doing…