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@risorins So you’re saying you got new Reyna art somewhere for me? @portilho Water goes down cause of gravity so when the polar bears drop the ice from Alaska it brings in cold water… @scorgzi Had a heimer 3 absolutely blast my ass earlierno twitter crop 🦇
Retweeted by Mathew Alexander @floaromaa 2 of my top fav Pokémon 😌 @SaskioLoL congrats tony!
@scarra @portilho Fastest L I seen you take Jimmy @portilho I'll gift you 100 subs if C9 wins the first game at MSI
Retweeted by Mathew Alexander @Tiffae dont tell league of legends players this
@ayo_dom @giraasoul @portilho @lina_shim happy birthday!It's always the almost 6 ft club yapping🧐 @samiisauce i actually lowkey love butter fingers
@ayo_dom @portilho @sweetanita @Kirnino_ untag me, yall are a NUISANCE @portilho @sweetanita @Kirnino_ @ayo_dom W @BenjiL0L I think the 1887 are good
if i dont get masters today i will scream @RiotGreenTeej will report back
grind for masters
@maxmoefoe how do you pull the most expensive trainer every time you fucking wizard @Svenskeren1 Banger tweet @BenjiL0L Happy birthday ty day Mr.Staxx 🎉🥳 @Smix @scarra @LilyPichu I legit was sweating towards the end hoping you would say it out loud... but we got it same time LMAO
I wanted to announce that I'm looking for academy/amateur opportunities for summer and am hungry to prove myself.…
Retweeted by Mathew Alexander @SoulstormOP @aibunv @QuarterJade So you were the holister one huh...
@yvngheath I’m sry you gotta go through this :( ily and the fam Heath ♥️ @insanitylol you wouldnt understand you arent at the high rank of diamond @HPforGamers @COPEgg congrats matt!!!
@washedlikeme Sounds like you and Zack having same problem, should stop playing til it’s fixed tbh sF. Read:
Retweeted by Mathew Alexander @Gentrifyinq sad yall have to go through this as well, tired of the excuses given and lack of clarity, hope yall get yours @Razleplasm @currylol No you’re razleplasmOh you want an esports test? • who won IPL6? @Locodoco put in every day, not only in practice but outside of it. The new academy/am structure is amazing and it’…’ll probably stream at some point to talk about the situation If people are interested in it. Kinda hard for me to…
Teams a bit shy so I will be making an announcement on behalf of us all that the PG WINNERS are looking for offers…
Retweeted by Mathew Alexander Ruling: SolaFide Esports Read now at:
Retweeted by Mathew Alexander @floaromaa @deftlylol BookmarkedAny other tweets for the day 👀 @zigLoL why did riot not interview you??? scared?MY FUCKIN CAT BRO
Retweeted by Mathew Alexander
@Cloud9 discovered a tamale sandwich and now I can’t stop thinking about this with some salsa @BeccaTILTS Attached. It’s one that helped me think about myself if that’s the kinda book you looking for
@ButtRaider I’m no longer on the funny board so you’re safe @ButtRaider want your name to be mine @dianeCSGO Happy birthday Di^ ! 🥳 @callmeian78 @portilho @ayo_dom Y’all were too TANKY
@_cptjack I really like the start of his part in the story and the end, however when he watched him on TV and the d… @_cptjack Shit @LSXYZ9 should see the new celebi card dropping in the new Japanese setCatch me never voting for Caitlyn Jenner @shane_gillette 1. Random action for sake of action 2. Terrible character development for both hero’s 3. Villains… @shane_gillette Terrible would never watch againFalcon & Soilder was bad as series 5/10 @quitoxo Delete LMAO @TravisGafford @Cloud9 host a boxing match, No org vs C9A
@ButtRaider me when i look at my pokemon cards @Zikzlol Very handsome Tony 😎 @hiitsviper @FakeBigT @zigLoL @AnDa can I have your autographNo ORG gonna win huge today, haters will say it’s fakeI need more Master Chief motivational pep talks @HyperSeanic happy birthday Sean !!
@avaail I GOT MORE COMIN @MakiAtori Maybe one day if I sell my cards 😌Oops forgot to post yesterday, here’s some of my Neo collection! Currently have a 1st edition of Raikou, Suicune, &… @RiisaPoo Hold onto it for 5 years
Retweeted by Mathew Alexander @Linku I embrace deftly posture @JayJLoL Bout to pyke ult your meal @imane Your improvement in any game has always been impressive, waiting for you to stop playing and go pro in something 🧐
Anyone who’s upset by the verdict can go fuck themselves. @benshapiro almost like there's a difference between a murderer going free and not.
Retweeted by Mathew Alexander @ruin_lol yes @jessicahkim congrats jess! @ChainsawWoman at night time is when I crave just a regular glass of milk @EricInRussian I remember seeing this as a kid and was so confused ngl, I thought rice balls had jelly in them for the longest @EricInRussian You know I been about that life since elementaryA little late! Today is Heart gold/Soul silver blisters, tins, & a collection box! (I snuck in a call of legends bl…
@loosahgg I pulled most of these on a stream at some point, but the ones with out a hat are the ones ppl wanted me to eat lmao.. @lolArnav more current, some full art trainers
@alecwiens @hasanthehun Good shit Alec @itshafu Happy birthday 🎉🎈
@Warbirds_ PSA has become the standard for grading in my eyes. I view Beckett as a more prestige grading company si… @Wongsies My bank acc wouldn’t like that :/ @josmarti93 Pretty sure PSA stopped taking stuff til June or July. Beckett is the better grading company anyways in my opinion :) @serinide Someone who wants to throw people into debtThankful for the opportunity with @100Thieves. I will miss everyone I worked with during my time there dearly and a…
Retweeted by Mathew Alexander @Zikzlol @100Thieves Just know tony @josmarti93 I haven’t sold any of my stuff since I started collecting, trying to see how big I can grow my collecti… team rocket collection 🚀 @xChocoBars I love your hair Janet!!! @lolArnav @portilho You dodged Porti running it down @floaromaa @pathofexile This is gonna be hugeEveryone posting Pokémon cards makes me happy! I love seeing more people collect! So I’m gonna slowly post all of m…