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I coach League of Legends for business inquires

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@TSM @currylol @Kayyslol @Bjergsen @peterzhanglol Year of tsm ? I think so @jessicahkim
@plooful Join me @Goldenglue happy birthday Greyson!!! @fuslie happy birthday Leslie!! @ohitslilyy_ @Senpai_Des aint no lies detected @BeccaTILTS Wait your hair❗️looks so good Becca! @inero @JulianCobian It is, heard him say he’s drinking next weekend already
@MajinPhil I have every team rocket holo in PSA 9 1st edition :3 @MarkYetter @RiotAzuBK thats one hell of a late game buff lmao
@starsmitten_ @jessicahkim @plooful Ma’am this go hard
@DekyFPS @plooful happy for you, but unfollowedI’m no political pundit but I grew up w a dad who was a federal prosecutor & he taught me a lot & I’ve also sat a f…
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@portilho @ayo_dom @gnarlyrita @lol_Wiggily @WhyRizzy Nah Miami trash @p0pstar777 Ma’am this a Wendy’s not 1793 France @BeccaTILTS Happy birthday Becca !! 🎉 @Bjergsen you have to let me meet both of em @leeholic @lolArnav Every day girls day :) @lolArnav anyways stan sojin @Moon1 TO THE MOON!🚀
@macawcaw123 I'm sorry they coming for you like this, however the person on the 4th pic is just a super villain in the making @hanubuu @portilho @DekyFPS @jessicahkim @ayo_dom someone who admits his height, crazyyyy @ayo_dom What’s up then 😳 @ayo_dom Only time you same height as me is when we in bed @ayo_dom oh? on god? Stand next to me then @siramixprod Nah you full time now @siramixprod @mollystroem This dude Swedish forsure
@Kubz91 @TimSevenhuysen We had no choice but to become coaches :3 Glad to see how much the scene has grown since the start. @Kubz91 @TimSevenhuysen Ain’t that the truth @Zikzlol @Locodoco @JungleJuiceLoL and I have decided to part ways. Effective immediately, I will be a Free Agent heading into the 2021 season. I'm…
Retweeted by Mathew AlexanderI am still under contract with CLG until November 17th, but I am allowed to look for offers for 2021. You can cont…
Retweeted by Mathew AlexanderHello guys I have finished my contract with EG I'm looking for coaching position(Head/strategic) for year of 2021.…
Retweeted by Mathew Alexander @lol_Wiggily @ruin_lol 👺👺👺👺Gonna hit my longest yeah boy ever on my Twitter story later on @tucanshan Think you a bad bish ? @jessicahkim @LogitechG W @lol_Wiggily this making numbersSince Free Agency kicks off today, I'm here to show my services as I'm currently exploring my options in LCS or Aca…
@ruin_lol 생일 축하해 형민 👺 @CallMeCarsonYT @peterparkTV @brookeab @portilho you seeing this @BeccaTILTS Other than the board games I would never lie to you 🥸 @BeccaTILTS Becca 50% of the board games we have played INVOLVE lying @BeccaTILTS I feel like 50% of our friendship so far has been lying to each other and honestly it’s been so fun LOL @BeccaTILTS You think I’m cool 😳? @BoxBox anything for you albert
@g3nuinejoe Read into it more that’s not the whole story.
@portilho @Ayo_Dom @lol_Wiggily
@DLimLoL @ozarayau Ight chill y’all @portilho @ozarayau Welcome back to the superior site2021 Amateur Ecosystem Updates #LCS ➡️
Retweeted by Mathew Alexander @TL_Yaltz @TeamLiquidLoL @TL_Jatt @KoldLoL Let’s go! Congrats man glad to see you’ll be around still :) @tenacityna @LCSOfficial @Honda @Autolol1 This dude slaps your girls ass, wyd? @LCSOfficial @Honda @Autolol1 LETS GOOOOO HOOKS 🪝, if y’all not watching him then get your eyes checked. @DLimLoL @DekyFPS @dirtywhore420 @daftpunktwo W @daftpunktwo @dirtywhore420 Yoooo 😳
@jessicahkim @Mirak624 I wouldn’t kill you mahir, I would gaslight you instead @Ayo_Dom @tsunderegf Vouch @TimSevenhuysen Amazing player, the season didn’t get to show off his talents unfortunately.I am still under contract with CLG until November 17th, but I am allowed to look for offers for 2021. Dms open or…
Retweeted by Mathew Alexander @Valkyrae @Alythuh'm still under contract with CLG, but I'm allowed to explore my options for 2021. Just came off a semi-finals fini…
Retweeted by Mathew Alexander @brodinplett Embrace your height my son
2020 @pokimanelol Mimi uhhh Mimi anddddd some MIMI @Cloud9 @TSM @TeesumLoL I know a ton big man
@Valkyrae Hey @eyebrowmom happy birthday!! have a great day :) @jedderp Now you know I’ll never turn down some sweets from Jess 👀 @roflgatorOW Dark charizard is like 100-200 @CopLoL_ I was holding you back. Massive Dub here lads.
@MalaclypseDC yo happy birthday boss! Didn’t know you were a Scorpio as well 8) @catsgomao happy birthday to my strongest friend in the world 🥳 have an amazing day ily @syanne77 Do it then
@inero @CLG_Wind I will defend all my children with my life Mr.Nick @inero @CLG_Wind 넌 똑똑해 그의 말을 듣지 마 @Kirnino_ @tsunderegf @portilho You’re the furthest from the sun tf you complaining about Mighty Mouse @Kirnino_ @tsunderegf @portilho Shut up Deion don’t act like you’re not a desert rat @michaelreeves YesStill under contract with Flyquest but I've been given permission to explore options for the 2021 season. Looking…
Retweeted by Mathew Alexander @RiotGreenTeej happy birthday baby cakes 🎂
@floaromaa Let’s make a punk band, I’ll be vocals
@equalixlol happy birthday josh! @Razleplasm I feel so sorry for him he’s had to endure so much shit. @emotionalautism legit fuck Amber HeardImagine Johnny Depp having to step down from his role as Grindelwald in Fantastic Beast, yet Amber Heard keeps hers… @palafoxlol J D sends his regards @Amyycoverttt Ty Amy! :) I think it’s cause I got a little taller 🥸 @plooful Ty Gloria! Can’t wait for you to win Valorant worlds 😎 @karagii Heh ty carol !!! @kaminwon ty nami :3 @hungryboymusic Year of the blondes @lolArnav You earning brownie points @avaail Ily more