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22, Valorant Player for @ThirdImpactGG Sponsored by: @ADVANCEDgg X @ViteRamen

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@DarkZeroGG @PlayVALORANT @HarmonVAL1 @andersin_val @ScrewFaceVAL @Ange_AMIL @KOLER1337 @huuawcoach let's fkn goooo happy for you boysThird Impact Valorant and @ViteRamen about to drop the hottest album of the decade
Retweeted by TI xternal @zerg @AR5cs @vanishVAL we r smort4 Day into the team house and all of us just found out we all have Enhance Pointer Precision on and G-Sync on. @AR5cs @vanishVAL @xternalTV
Retweeted by TI xternal @Maxiedome Sorry for your loss ♥️
@KurtG new update for episode 3: jett is now tracer @frixfps Good luckIf your team doesn't know the meatball you aren't really playing valorant
Retweeted by TI xternal @koalanoob ur so hot @GhostGaming @koalanoob LETS FKN GOOOOO GIAN FRANCO POTESTIO @AR5cs and @MrFrizzyTV cooked the team food that was so gas that we didn't even take a picture of it, it was gone s… like 5 stack with the whole team days left to enter! @koalanoob Let's gooo @druckzy that's exactly what he did to me and my teammates, called us time in wannabes and got useless exit frags a… @Taks1k he sounded like XQC when he rages so probablyQBC#QC1 most mentally unstable ranked teammate I've ever had lmao someone get this guy into therapy before he hurts someone
1-1 still goin strong come through streaming a lan 5 stack from the @ThirdImpactGG house @snooze @vanishVAL Get em while they're hotSelling @vanishVAL feet pictures 25$ dm for venmo
Retweeted by TI xternalHello everyone, exciting news! I have decided to join @ThirdImpactGG 's Valorant team as a manager. This opportunit…
Retweeted by TI xternal @extrnal @Talen_ Can't even imagine what you're feeling rn, I'm so sorry for your loss ♥️ love you brother @FeminineSoap @ThirdImpactGG @rat_chem LOOOL @KonekoLiz @ThirdImpactGG @kilroyTV Dw I'll rig it for you 🤫 don't tell anyoneMy teammates: @vanishVAL @MrFrizzyTV @AR5cs @zerg @KonekoLiz (goated manager)With the new act starting tomorrow I've decided to host a 50$ Valorant gift card giveaway! TO ENTER: FOLLOW… @LaxxyFPS Wouldn't even be mad but don't send the vids @LaxxyFPS Assuming it's not my mom of course @LaxxyFPS Send me the vids @LaxxyFPS LOOOLMyself and the @HogKnobbersVAL team are looking for an org going into Stage 3 of Valorant Challengers Great group…
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@NotAdamJW @ThirdImpactGG @zerg @MrFrizzyTV @AR5cs @vanishVAL @snooze Fr bro shit was playin me @AllenbyHarry @isolateFPS @Alexlihing Not gonna reply on it anymore but from the outside looking in it's not a good… @AllenbyHarry @isolateFPS @Alexlihing When the dms are weird it's pretty deserving of posting, not a good look for… @AllenbyHarry @isolateFPS @Alexlihing Yes and that's fine giving him criticism in the moment but how hard is it to… @AllenbyHarry @isolateFPS @Alexlihing Best thing to do is talk on discord and resolve it civily and mutually delete… @AllenbyHarry @isolateFPS @Alexlihing It's a video game is the dumbest excuse to be unprofessional when you're tryi… @AllenbyHarry @isolateFPS @Alexlihing Ok but what came first auxies rude dms where Alex was surprised at being kick… @dpriiii @AllenbyHarry @isolateFPS @Alexlihing Yes that is exactly what I do. I'm not saying fuck this auxie guy ju… @AllenbyHarry @isolateFPS @Alexlihing And it's not private anymore it's on my tl 💀 I'm just pointing out weird beha… @AllenbyHarry @isolateFPS @Alexlihing Yeah he said "not relevant, my opinion, my choice, I just don't care to give… @thegreatdnor @ThirdImpactGG @zerg @MrFrizzyTV @AR5cs @vanishVAL @snooze On gawd @AllenbyHarry @isolateFPS @Alexlihing Auxie is the person I was referring to being a dick, you were nice in the dm… @AllenbyHarry @isolateFPS @Alexlihing I mean when you're rude what else do you expect? I'd do the exact same if I w… @GhostGaming get out of the @ThirdImpactGG team house stop opening these cupboards @AllenbyHarry @isolateFPS @Alexlihing And if you didn't like Alex being busy / not as hands on as you want why not… @AllenbyHarry @isolateFPS @Alexlihing Doesn't seem like it warranted being a dick to Alex, Alex wasn't being rude there @AllenbyHarry @isolateFPS @Alexlihing Unless there's something missing where Alex was rude first then it's just so… @AllenbyHarry @isolateFPS @Alexlihing So that he can learn and improve at what he does? Kind of a common courtesy t… @BigMaq2K @404nikozx @ThirdImpactGG @zerg @MrFrizzyTV @AR5cs @vanishVAL @snooze You have humbled me thank you Bilal @Tv_Philip @ThirdImpactGG @zerg @MrFrizzyTV @AR5cs @vanishVAL @snooze LMAOOOO @404nikozx @ThirdImpactGG @zerg @MrFrizzyTV @AR5cs @vanishVAL @snooze Wednesday I believe we're playing as many as we can when we're here @LaxxyFPS Nvm got it @LaxxyFPS How made a TikTok about the third impact ghost go follow it so I can have validation please and thank you @ThirdImpactGG @zerg @MrFrizzyTV @AR5cs @vanishVAL @snooze Ghost is chill with us no biggie @ThirdImpactGG @zerg @MrFrizzyTV @AR5cs @vanishVAL @snooze the haunted bootcamp, new goosebumps book coming soon @wraithxzx @oni_valorant ♥️ @wraithxzx @oni_valorant Gonna miss you king love ya @9nerve LOOOOOOOOLDUDEEEEEE I CANT CATCH A BREAKKKKKK
Retweeted by TI xternalLet’s gooo
Retweeted by TI xternalSumming up @X13GG's night in 1 meme. Anyways, we take the 2-1 win and take the second qualifier spot. See you at D…
Retweeted by TI xternal @_BleaU_ @X13GG @ThirdImpactGG Gg wp @_BleaU_ @X13GG @ThirdImpactGG No u (but more) @X13GG @ThirdImpactGG CringeMap 1 and 2 Map 3 It's time to get serious. Come support us as we look t…
Retweeted by TI xternalThis wasn't a rage tweet btw I watched someone get jumping judge one tapped in the body with full hp from 10 ft away gun in valorant should be a one shot body shot at any range unless it's $4500 fuckin dollars
nails painted ✅ gamer time ✅
Retweeted by TI xternal @bronfps Bron in valorant? Not fair someone pick this mf upLFT VAL want to compete and win Immortal - EX Premier cs want to play with a group that doesn't have egos can pla…
Retweeted by TI xternalBonked @MythicRebornGG out of the tournament with a 2-1 win, bringing us to Round 3 VS @GGPResports starting NOW!…
Retweeted by TI xternal @BigMaq2K @snooze @zerg @MrFrizzyTV @vanishVAL @AR5cs Done
first thing my valorant team does at the house is paint there nails
Retweeted by TI xternalGot 3 of 5. @zerg @AR5cs
Retweeted by TI xternal @ExaltVAL Bro facts when I was on the breeze patch I got a lot of LATAM players on my team and against me and they were all so nice @MrFrizzyTV @vanishVAL That's his gaming carrying case fym broSomeone come get this guy. @vanishVAL, MAN IS USING A WALMART BAG TO TRAVEL 😂😂
Retweeted by TI xternal @1stormie @arzee44 Free arzee, not from his twitter ban but from his mental prison @DerekJoon Howdy @DerekJoon Yes
@Zellsis LOOOOOL @OpensPacks @9nerve Yeah. You Are Good. @9nerve You deserve so much better brother, you'll get what you've been working for soon enough @OpensPacks @9nerve You top fragged on nerves team in beta congrats the games only changed 30 times since thenVery disappointed this was the outcome of what I thought to be a life changing opportunity that I worked hard for t…
Retweeted by TI xternalThis will explain everything you need to know regarding Joseph "Silent" Oliver impersonating and deceiving FaZe Cla…
Retweeted by TI xternal @NachoCustomz @finalmouse Phenomenal
@Fr0m_fps He deserves to be called out on fake exp and made fun of for doubling down on it but nothing more than th…
LOL feat. @sw1ndal @wildfirecsg @XorainVAL @ZaxkAlphx @magsvaI @HAUNTVAL @BayonetVAL @itsmarouS @arcvalorant
Retweeted by TI xternal @Ghost_IWNGU @thegreatdnor @HitBox_Hiros @A77_tv Ice in his veins, that boy is cold 🥶, sheeeeeesh, locked in, mr 4th quarter @mintaims @wildfirecsg @Ghost_IWNGU @builtbygamers 😂 you weren't kidding @Ghost_IWNGU @moonxes @HitBox_Hiros you claim you played pro cs what's your esea? also there's no way vireo pro is…
@ethoz I was already having a good day but this made it a great day, thank you Alan