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started watching a questionable found footage movie and then stopped myself and put on THE FOG instead. making prog… @willnevin I'm trying to unbecome garbagehave hit the point where i have to delete my viewing history or else the algorithm is just going to keep recommendi… found a cat struggle of having a script to finish but having new ideas that want to steal all your oxygen while they're freshly burning @saditysyd
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chiaroscuro time to start work! Her: @olliemasters Vigo the Carpathian from GHOSTBUSTERS 2 @olliemasters try using a fake accent, it impresses peopleThe Pride Omnibus collects The Pride Season One, The Pride Adventures Season One and for the first time in print Th…
Retweeted by Christopher Sebela @ChloeIsAGoth until you have to take an elevator down to the ground floor and get on another elevator to get to the other end of the hallwaynot a fan of this HOUSE OF LEAVES sequel
@movieator never saw it, so i have no baked-in nostalgia that can be ruined @BrianChurilla they're blasting thru a colon @yipp33kiyay first and last film to ever star a mandroid @eastwes i used to feel that way about MAC AND MEthinking about this movie i loved as as a kid that would probably be superterrible if i ever went back to it with a… @JonMoisan Papyrus is the "i'm doing a serious business" font for me @MorningsideTomb you made it worsewho wore it better? will be learning some other breakfast thing, like wtf a poached egg isnot gonna post any more photos of my perfect omelettes, just know that they're still happening and they're greatrewatching BOOGIE NIGHTS and my new favorite quote is Julianne Moore's porno dialogue: "As you may or may not know,… on dog comics, which means getting good at drawing my dog @CharlieChu i think "generous" in the trump metric is "he mentioned my name once, so it was 90% about him instead of the usual 100%"Inspired by #AmandaGorman today. I tried to do her justice. (reuploaded for one slight color change)…
Retweeted by Christopher Sebelalil friend put cat eyedrops in his eyes @bencaldwellart he's stupid in many ways @BrentBozell shut up brentwhen you check in with editors can’t believe Mike Pence has seen Gaga live and I haven’t
Retweeted by Christopher Sebela @sievish having a space toilet is still a pretty big brag
@thatpetewoods sorry! #memei'm trying to do memes @TheWriteKC i might tell them over and over that they're cute, it could go either wayapart from my dog, the only other entity i can talk to in my house is my amazon echo and i mostly tell it to shut t… @oheysteenz it's harder climbing down than it is getting up to it @oheysteenz this is your summit of everestthis congratulating people on their new books is a bit much. I mean, I would have written them if I had come up wit… vs reality
Retweeted by Christopher Sebelai love how high school emo Trump feels when he says "have a good life" @DaveScheidt @kellysue Scrivener compiles out to docx or several other formats, so it's pretty painless. @DaveScheidt I stole it from @kellysue. Only steal from the best! @DaveScheidt I write in Scrivener and I make each page its own separate item, like this. Makes it way harder to mis… of coke dealers in DC blocking Don Jr's number todayran errands and took her to the dog park so she’ll sleep all afternoon and let me get some work done on this squirrel to come down any minute now #2 @MadCaveStudios @xtop @StollComics @dearbhlala @JustinBirch If you want something that will entertain…
Retweeted by Christopher Sebelathe traditional 4 year anniversary gift is another punch in the head"We will be back in some form... Have a good life, we will see you soon" @croth4 that's incitement while encouraging time travel @Coolranch4lyfe i'm not much of a joiner, but it's nice to be asked @MikeNickellsCB @MadCaveStudios thanks! glad you're liking it.Tried a new series from @xtop and I’m glad I did. I can’t wait to see where Pantomime goes next. This is the first…
Retweeted by Christopher Sebelathey didn't even mention socialism once! maybe I'm not cool enough to be recruited?still super weird to me that I met one of the Jacobin writers when we were both living in Tonopah writing books dir… can we vocally wish he was dead starting tomorrow without fear of suspension? or did that kick in when they booted him?
@curtofranklin Sex & Candy*ukelele plays 'glory glory hallelujah'* *slow zoom on a twitter shitpost* the term for “beyond spoiled” is, that’s my dog @CharlieChu i can see it already always wondered what it was like living through majorly important periods of time and now i know: it's fucking exhaustingsome real "how it started - how it's going" energy in this one @markclapham it's way too big, but mostly fun except for the forcible grindingI’m stressy and juggling a bunch of stuff at once and meanwhile she’s like “oh is something going on?” worst chore performance is opening the mail. forcing myself to tackle this completely benign task once every 2 w…’s comic re-read is ROAD OF BONES and it remains one of the creepier and bloodier books of recent memory @haroldmoss we'll stick an M-80 into every 12th candle @BrianSchirmer also Peter Gabriel is in it and I didn't realize until this latest rewatchtwitter today
Retweeted by Christopher Sebelaupon further reflection, LIFE LESSONS might be Scorcese's masterpiece and the fact that lots of people have never s…'t worry, i haven't forgotten to market to goop fans
@kenlowery it's okay?i'm gonna make knock-off goop candles. only $50 each. @abrahamjoseph this is what subtweets are forIt’s always slightly worse when you get a fictional song stuck in your head. This tweet brought to you by me singin…, from @MadCaveStudios, is both one of the best AND most criminally underrated comics on the shelves! Cl…
Retweeted by Christopher Sebela @rdouek i already started Reapr @kthorjensen there should be a supplemental statue of the guy walking around saying "If anybody wants to see, there…'m gonna be a discontent creatorenjoying my post-breakfast, pre-work break, where the whole day is ahead of me and I haven't completely wasted it yeti live for the posts i see on here, i really do
Retweeted by Christopher SebelaI got a chance to read the whole thing last year and I can't remember the last time I read a book that was this muc… arm is trapped under that heavy head so I guess I should sleep too LIFE LESSONS, a movie i used to watch once a week, still one of Scorcese's best one!
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@KelsiJoSilva we need some kind of magic stone that lets us swap abilities for a week @ten_bandits that's the mission statement of comics, i thinktrying to draw a comic and it turns out it's really hardNIGHT STALKER on netflix is good but also feels very weird how they're selling it as DRIVE, except it's a true crim… @seraphimages i wish i knew! she found it on the street on one of our walks and i dunno how to source it.this is her favorite ball because she can’t figure out how to destroy it no matter how hard she tries to share w/ you this trailer I made for my Graphic Novel, COUNT. From: @humanoidsinc Colors: @20EyesBrad
Retweeted by Christopher Sebela @abrahamjoseph @ByzanQueen putting the rest behind a paywall @nancysweatyedi1 maybe he's born with itgoogle should have a search option to find recipes made by people who actually grew up with this food @ByzanQueen definitely in the top 5 greatest tricks the devil ever pulledthe greatest trick the devil ever pulled is when he pretended to saw this lady in half but then when he put the two… @rdouek your cats would probably submit this as their best photo