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Hey o! I'm here this noon to bring you a new review on an upcoming title from @MadCaveStudios that drops in Novembe…
Retweeted by Christopher Sebela @Sapphire__Steel i would feel outmatched by reality if i tried starting it today @Seedalicious haha, live interviews are commitment above and beyond, you're safe @AlexPaknadel i actively chose to write comics as a career, so i get it @AlexPaknadel no, we all gotta be true to our dumb selves"How did you get involved in _______" Someone... hired me?answering interview questions and you can definitely tell when someone cares and when someone fished out 7 questio… DEAD DUDES by @xtop @bensears @warrenwucinich @josephryanhill is coming to a comic and book shop near you o…
Retweeted by Christopher SebelaThink outside the box.
Retweeted by Christopher Sebelaneighborhood graffiti taking a softer stance on things's bi visibility day, so time to undo your enchantments and take off your stealth cloakshow i feel when i talk to someone after being in isolation all year ago i ran a pitch past a friend who responded with "_____ is doing something like that" so i did what i alwa… she has destroyed it
@AshcanPress so much for the "greatest city in the world"listening to the 30 FOR 30 podcast about how UFC started and it introduced me to one of the best IRL action movie l… @MorningsideTomb that's a good dream! let's make it happen someday.rewatching JUICE. I dunno how many times I've seen it over the years but it's way more than I ever expected to watch JUICE.Check out a #review for an Ocean's 11 style heist story unlike any other... from @MadCaveStudios @xtop @StollComics
Retweeted by Christopher Sebela @kenlowery i do that a lot, but some ideas must be conjured and then destroyedthe tweet and delete is the best way to flush your worst ideas out of the toilet of your headputting finishing touches on THE DEATH DEFYING #2 and i have all the fun in the world writing Aleister Crowley as a… @ConroyForReal i've finally achieved digital empathyi blocked that cocaine-fueled publisher a week or two ago and now i see more about them on my feed than ever.It is rare to see a magazine publish an interview in which their interviewer is so thoroughly and effectively skewe…
Retweeted by Christopher Sebela @olliemasters ooh, an aristocrat @nickfil probably makes for a better wikipedia read than a viewing experience @david_wolkin @EricaFails when i reply, it is @david_wolkin @EricaFails i don't know anyone who knows me that would believe such a thing @EricaFails it really is. i need to start pulling stunts like that.always a little shook when one of my comics friends uses an actual out of office notification on their email like a… is a mood lately love for @ImageComics Crowded! Love this comic series and love these girls! #ImageComics
Retweeted by Christopher Sebela @IFLC_Nuff_Said no, but that might too. lots to go around. @ten_bandits true, no one can stop us @ten_bandits if i was ever going to use a pull quote from a member of the book's creative team, this would be the onehaving a very fun time writing this week, even though it'll end in heartbreak when i'm doneRIP to Michael Chapman, one of the all-time greats
Retweeted by Christopher Sebelai just backed this because it's called GOD PUNCHER and that is one the best titles ever. also it looks cool too but… @Librarianguish only in the happy ending versionNo clowns were harmed in the writing of this book... or were they? @xtop
Retweeted by Christopher Sebela @bigredrobot i already write comics, i don't need to make myself nerdierhere comes trouble
Retweeted by Christopher Sebelaif i like an app, i keep using it, if i hate it, i delete it, any other app store users are on their own @hopskotchSunDAY @cullenbunn @Last_Rephaim i first saw it as a kid in a double feature with DEADLY FRIEND and even… apps do that popup that ask you to rate them, they need to have an "I'm never going to rate an app ever in my life" option @cullenbunn @Last_Rephaim boooo @cullenbunn @Last_Rephaim what about the heavy metal TRICK OR TREAT? @kylepinion what if he picked any other direction to jump off the roof? @kylepinion the logical gaps wreck it for me but i think it's better than it gets credit forHeads up - anybody in this country who has had COVID, or ever tests positive for the COVID antibodies, has a preexi…
Retweeted by Christopher Sebelazola found a whiffle ball on our walk
@BenCreed5 the ttrpg, i never even played, i just liked the sourcebooks @jimrossignol there's a couple groups that slot right in to the Insect Church modelas a kid who was super into SHADOWRUN, the future is pretty close to what i hoped for, we just need more orcs @jeffparker I can still see the sky and the middle distance, so it doesn't count.we're back to our regular walking schedule now that zola's stitches are out and the sky isn't on fire all the timethis don’t pick the flowers sign in my neighborhood is really stepping up the stakes"While mainstream comics have been making strides in representation, indie comics have always been ahead, and the b…
Retweeted by Christopher Sebela @IsaacOrin it's an anthology horror show that was on SyFy, all 4 seasons are on Shudder or streaming/rentable elsew… @HOWL_Matt 1st and 4th seasons are my favoritesrewatching CHANNEL ZERO, which gave birth to one of the creepiest horror monsters ever — Tooth Child latest cross stitch has a secret message after the sun goes down
Retweeted by Christopher Sebelai'm at "enjoying economics joke papers that were actually published" levels to the official CROWDED playlist. 99 songs long. if you like that sort of thing. writing the final chapter of CROWDED and here comes the feelings train right on schedule @BenjaminDewey I've been itching to replay that. One of my favorite gaming surprises in a long time.2020 has definitely taught me not to take seeing the sky for granted anymore
Retweeted by Christopher Sebela @SadMeganGirls The vet tech told me they got Zola's stitches out quickly and could've brought her out earlier but e… today and setting a proper mood in the office't let @xtop, @bensears, @josephryanhill and @warrenwucinich' DEAD DUDES graphic novel pass you by! On FOC now…
Retweeted by Christopher Sebela @lisa_rosalie it's a power name for sure @feliskathryn he possibly murdered someone so not ideal tbhthis book has a character named "Clithero" and in my head i keep pronouncing it the worst possible way @AdlaiM too bad Gritty isn't in there @AdlaiM so happy i only get like 1/3 of this @m_busuttil this is too many escapes #escape @xtop you want to get really confused? NO ESCAPE is by the guy who made the 2017 ESCAPE ROOM, who is a different gu…
Retweeted by Christopher Sebela @m_busuttil you have legitimately baffled mewatched NO ESCAPE (2020) — about an escape room that takes a sinister turn — and it's directed by the guy who direc… @Sk8j it has some moments but doesn't add up to muchwatching THE INTERNATIONAL, where Clive Owen fights an evil bank @dcurtisj it's a monolith moment, except the dogs are chewing on the bone instead of throwing ittrying to prove something, RT if you're easily manipulated into doing thingsrealizing as i talk to my dog that 1) i really wish this pandemic was over 2) i'm losing my mind 3) she doesn't rea… Call your (Dem) family and friends. Find your polling place. Suit up. Bring snacks. Do this thing. Make us…
Retweeted by Christopher Sebela
@BrianChurilla well, fuck 'em then @BrianChurilla they could just suck at social media lately. i definitely do.downloaded a hunting game on game pass because I've never played one of those and it's basically just if you took… @xtop talks to us about his creative process! For the full video, go here We also chatted…
Retweeted by Christopher Sebelawe just parked outside the vet’s office and Zola is as excited as I am to get her stitches out was just gonna make scrambled eggs but wound up making a perfect omelette. literally a life's goal i thought i'd… @NotLasers trying to get rich enough i can hire someone to do itit's finally here, the day where Zola's stitches come out and I no longer have to convince her I need to put a tiny sock on her foot @DialHForHagai it gives out a good life lesson that unless you're careful about social media, the guy from Mad Men… got to clean out the peanut butter jar I‘m about to throw away so at least her Friday night is pretty crazy
@Jbandos it's all any of us can ask for @Jbandos i like to give back! @Jbandos not to spoiler anything but I named a character after you in CROWDED v3