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19🇦🇱 | JJK, BC, MHA and Dr Stone | Manga colorist🎨, dm for comissions | Alt @notvalclover | Avi by @O2O6e and header by @jooo_JJK

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@SoulKing420 air deez nuts in yo mouth! @Downthedrain15 @3iceReborn THIS PICTURE DOESNT MAKE SENSE @Downthedrain15 u shooting in my ass??😳 @caminhiding i hate this dirty f@g @Downthedrain15 gonna go priv so u cant see my tweets @Downthedrain15 you dont even follow me! @Cooluno9 wait ur so right omg @DoxBrando25 sounds gross but not as bad as dick piercings @afoshiggy you can and they look gross and painful😭 @KamiKuroV you heard me @webheadeddy i like teasing @highestbreed thats confidential! @SoulKing420 😳 @CEOofAkame its just good vibes @OtakumanThe ong same @DoxBrando25 never seen those, where on the pussy would they even be @nankiller77 gn nannyjust watched new ep it was great as always, i just love the anime man def hoppin on the manga when its doneits so fucking goodshaking ass to the tokyo revengers endingSasuke Uchiha Did this commission some time ago but never got around to posting it so here! #Naruto #Sasuke #ナルト
Retweeted by Val🥀 @T_RedCloak RIGHT @RiceOfTheSiggy Dick piercings @Letoelsegundo True @CEOofAkame Omg?? @shameshowers No pls all i think ab when i see them is pain and i feel that pain in my dick like no thanks😭🤚 @Tn_Quincy No idea😭 @MoeSand_ Dante fight > Julius fight > Licht fight Anything else is wrong lol @shameshowers NO THEYRE NOT THEYRE GROSS @akumakirbe What a good representation of Britain🥰 @akumakirbe LMAO HELP NOT JIMIN#甚恵 wb父亲节甚惠活动第八棒 电话那头只有蝉鸣声
Retweeted by Val🥀 @KrowakiTv DICK TATTOO?? @_maugua Ur right they all insane @SangenshokuJr Its so gross man like anytime i see one all i can think ab is the pain like sir i wanna be horny not in mental pain😭🤚 @NotGrizzly__ Yeah☠️ @King2Wesley RIGHT @Zalaphrax I saw that @SoulKing420 😭😭 @SangenshokuJr Yes😟
Brothers in Arms Going 120%🔥 ⭐️ Colored by me, @MickColors #JJK #Jujutsukaisen #YujiItadori #AoiTodo
Retweeted by Val🥀 @MickColors @razenusox1 This is amazingnot y’all acting like CSM fans are an issue over one weirdo, people wanna demonize the Chainsaw Man community so ba…
Retweeted by Val🥀Literally disgusting seek helpDick piercings are an instant turnoff why would you ever get that甘い匂…………
Retweeted by Val🥀夏油ちん
Retweeted by Val🥀 @slicemyth Same @SouL5uL Taking into account that hes now taking a small hiatus i think he might reconsider all of that and just go… @Downthedrain15 @Master_of_Amon Hes so right, they shouldnt be single they should be taken🥰👫 @KantoManjiKhe Oo @caminhiding That might lowkey be the move💃😳 @caminhiding Thankuu🙈 @Yakira_9 Hehe thanku Waki🙈 @The_Antagonist7 Dont fucking repost fanart, u could have just used official art is it that hard @highestbreed @_wildfirematt @sukalias Omg wait ur so smart @KantoManjiKhe Wtf does shachihoko mean @KantoManjiKhe Lovely“Shachihoko” Blue Lock Ch. 135 #ブルーロックFA #Bluelock #ブルーロック #FCBLUELOCK #bllktwt
Retweeted by Val🥀 @_wildfirematt @highestbreed @sukalias I don’t engage in haram stuff! @Master_of_Amon @Riotxrito Famous last words @nankiller77 My point still stands! @SaqoColors Hehe thankuu🙈🥰120% This'll likely be my last major coloring for a while as I'll be on a sort of hiatus for the next few months.…
Retweeted by Val🥀 @YokaiGalaxy @jack Jack gay he was def a Sasuke simp @nankiller77 Sasuke kinda sexy fr😳 @Danheuld2 Hehe tyy🙈❤️ @Lone_ap Never😳 @David61797471 Peak fiction @r1ndie that clap is wow @r1ndie ur insaneJujutsu Kaisen, Chapter 127 #JujutsuKaisen #呪術廻戦
Retweeted by Val🥀Original page Uchiha Did this commission some time ago but never got around to posting it so here! #Naruto #Sasuke #ナルト stop following this dude he's literally been called out for being homophobic and he falsely accused my frien…
Retweeted by Val🥀This loser was called out for being homophobic btw so he basically talking about himself LMAOOOO weird ass loser.
Retweeted by Val🥀 @jamalbandoz1 Ur literally homophobic lol thats ur people @SoulKing420 Ong @chillsawman Both goats @PyneApIe @HeyFaythless @thatedgy_kid They were not watching☠️ @thatedgy_kid And he did that same shit to Hanami too😭 mana just playing everyone @thatedgy_kid @of_pizzza 😭😭 @ItDoBeLikeItDo Ong @of_pizzza Same @LainNouha Always @brister_kyson Top 5 @of_pizzza Indeed is literally a perfect moment like everything about it is amazing @of_pizzza RelaxSuch a raw line, Todo a fucking goat to have finished my Yozakura coloring! I was originally just gonna do the middle and left panel but decided t…
Retweeted by Val🥀Little Brothers Aliance! Manga: Tokyo Revengers #TokyoRevengers #東卍FA
Retweeted by Val🥀 @s_n_o_r_b @MBelgae @InvincibleK341 @Atsushi101X my bad @stephan97825719 Shut up Stephanie ur days are numberedThese photos might be hard to look at but we can’t hide from what’s happening to LGBTQ+ people in the UK. In the la…
Retweeted by Val🥀 @Papa_JoJo_ mfs watch 1 seinen and get a superiority complex @nankiller77 @ritoxriot He scammed me!Go follow @ritoxriot for amazing colorings
Retweeted by Val🥀 @Master_of_Amon @StrawHatLuke This was a red flagChristmas Jirou! Horikoshi Sketch Redraw and Coloring #BokuNoHeroAcademia #MyHeroAcademia
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