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19🇦🇱 | JJK, BC, MHA and Dr Stone | Manga colorist🎨, dm for comissions | Alt @notvalclover | Avi by @O2O6e and header by @jooo_JJK

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Zenon's New Form #BCSpoilers
Retweeted by Val🥀Megicula vs Noelle and Rill #BlackClover #ブラッククローバー
Retweeted by Val🥀 @Lone_ap Yes😮‍💨 @dante_s_wife 😈😈 @Only_Xui Yes to both#BCspoilers Closeup after Zenon's new form @YoRay21 Sir im calling it weird @notrot3 Im white @NixkSenpai @ethanwfisher Mans said raws > subs > dubsInvertedspear22 😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by Val🥀#BCSpoilers
Retweeted by Val🥀 @Derxon2 HOLYY FUCK @Iwishiwassmart2 @LunarArchivist @WorldYea @Asaylum117 @Pornhub What.. @lts_Fourteen @MyHornyAcademia LMAO @Vaibhav77425727 @ColorClovers On @ColorClovers account today @BrndOlivia TRUEリクから欲情顔の相澤
Retweeted by Val🥀 @YorozuyaBen @jxrr23 aSTOPP @jxrr23 :)) @jxrr23 It* @shinekozo 😭😭 @jxrr23 I DONT DO IT ON PURPOSE @jxrr23 STOPPP @jxrr23 I prefer using a for not a spoon @strawdolluser @invertedspear22 @notrot3 Ok lil dicky @invertedspear22 @notrot3 @strawdolluser Dont try it J*son @notrot3 @strawdolluser @invertedspear22 LMAO @notrot3 @strawdolluser @invertedspear22 Relax @rothoslash Oda would die if he saw herGod took his time with her body😩🤌 @BlessAraki God took his time with her🤌 @notrot3 @invertedspear22 @strawdolluser Always knew he was homophobic @invertedspear22 LMAOLIKE YEAH TF
Retweeted by Val🥀 @PHlL0S0PHER @JPparkGuardian Whew😩 @PURPLE_HAZE2003 True @PHlL0S0PHER Very @Addict_ET Tyy🥰Secre Swallowtail 🖤🍀
Retweeted by Val🥀 @NixkSenpai The way i just gave up on it and added a whole lot of effects and glow instead cuz the leak quality was… @Wingingvoice Ancient milf fr @Wingingvoice Yes sir @finralnation YES SAME @justoverkill_l @finralnation No let her speak @Longinus_06 Tyy🥰 @ARMINSWHOR3 Thankuu😭🥰 @dizzyrobchris Itching?? @Avenger_020 Tyy🥰 @joshigone Tyy🥰 @Dragon_empor Tyy🥰 @MNeoridad Tyy🥰 @Xzism_ 🥰🥰 @BLACKCL99908043 Tyy🥰 @Lex25621298 I can see the inspiration @Sigalli3 Tyy😭🥰 @DiscipleofGuts 🙈🙈 @SilverRevenger I knew😩 a real one fr @Crain1Art Tyy🙈 @oppises Tyy🥰 @AliouD1609 🥰🥰 @NoXanity Tyy🥰 @KyroBruh Tyy😭 @YonkoArt Made an exception this time💃 @dizzyrobchris Thats not gonna keep others spoilers away from ur tl wtf why not just mute the spoiler tag @AcierValey Tyy😭😭❤️ @StarSeedJude Tiktok @dizzyrobchris I always post spoilers sir just myte the tag🗿 @dizzyrobchris How u gonna avoid spoilers but not mute the spoiler tag🗿🗿 @finralnation Nah fr the genes were strong with this one😭 @finralnation YES IDK HOW OLD THEY ARE BUT THEY LOOK SO CLOSE IN AGE @throatnut Nope thats his dad😭 @lightning2607 😭😭 @anoto04 Very😟 @lts_Fourteen ☠️☠️ @justoverkill_l Weird ass mfs @Haseyeyes_tw Very😭 @AltMonogatari Yes @xvxbless CAN YOU BLAME ME THO @throatnut Tiktok man☠️ @jesenia0272 Yess🥰 @JustHubbs Its very weird😭 @nagisfav So weird😭I’d let them both run a train on me thoWITH HIS DAD??? @LoneGeorgie Thats not what pride month is for… @LoneGeorgie How can you be lgbt and know why pride exists but disagree with it completely?.. i dont think you understand lmao @bllkkinnies @drapsmann_2604 @bllkkinnies give me a kin too @LoneGeorgie @drapsmann_2604 @RossssMUFC Yeah internalized homophobia is a very real thing lmao, do u even know why… i forgot to color his chest hole damn @buzzardYTC No e🗿 but hehe ty🙈甚爾🥳
Retweeted by Val🥀 @Mccuddlezs @ColorClovers 🙈🙈 @3Cloud2Man @WSJ_manga Get a life @WSJ_manga Deserved break for Tabata🙏☘️ @JustHubbs Why @akumanai SPACE BROTHERS TEAMUP YESS @notmythlol Blue Lock had the best cover this month @akumanai Babes have u seen the bc leaks🙈🙈 @_f1ame Tyy🙈 and i prolly should have waited cuz everyone asleep😭 @Black_Savi Tyy🥰