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amanda @xxelitism tampa : 16yrs

streamer ₓ˚. @kayluvrr @hhaleylol @m2sty *ೃ

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@shoezfps no actually :D @_justangwl me tooterrorizing ranked qs @soapmountain67 what happenedno stream td doing a lot of makeup work, trying to make it so i can do a long birthday stream on saturday :D @cryptXVAL @nerdstreet @KnightsGG ur crazy @owxnnfps @gwacies we're finding our friend a bfmy very sexy friend (woman) is looking for boyfriend. MUST BE: taller than 5'7. 17+ loyal simp diamond+ (SHES D1…
Retweeted by amanda @fishszns wtf @ethan99182 @bvbymoo cause u suck
@notrxchel im in game then eating but after wanna q with my friend and i? @notrxchel bae when @kayvalorant get well soon :( @ysk1ng @Agr0fps @mleQT_ old man @Agr0fps @mleQT_ no he sucks @mleQT_ oopsie forgot this @mleQT_ hihihi @1aidn HELLO U LITERALLY SAID NO TO PLAYING WITH ME @snhuz how are u :D @bagelsq_ famous @dollyxo LOL @dollyxo every name imaginable and you chose cuatro. @snhuz hi pretty @SakraValorant hey mommy @ignovercook @Ino_VAL ? @MoonKiller_VAL @keaIani ty for always being there for me i love you so much, you’re genuinely such an amazing pers… @1aidn oh. @1aidn play when @1aidn so proud of u aiden @1aidn was a compliment… nice fit @1aidn you cleaned up your room ! @1aidn eboy outfit @juzzouuu who is thatme n who @wunjii @Ino_VAL @Nighty10k oh ok @wunjii @Ino_VAL @Nighty10k not dating tho i just like calling him my bitch @kanatouu forsaken vandal :D @wunjii @Ino_VAL @Nighty10k knew what @ignovercook @Ino_VAL @Nighty10k he’s in denial it’s ok @Ino_VAL @Nighty10k you’re my bitch 🤨 @Ino_VAL @Nighty10k you’re still bitchless 😹 @_novaVAL i think it’s a sign to uninstall @scrollval @_novaVAL real @_novaVAL what if she’s better than me 😢 @FixltFeIix not league 😭 @liizion all these nft accs starting following me and i was at 1.3k two days ago um1.5k wtf 🧍🏻‍♀️ @1kotaaa sup @SakraValorant hey lol @SakraValorant please i’m so lonely i need girl friends :( @SakraValorant u seem super genuine and fun to be around @SakraValorant @user123460719 mwah @SakraValorant @user123460719 i won’t ego u bae @hhaleylol freezing @hhaleylol NO @xanderaj_ no. @FixltFeIix @d4ithefluu felix. @kayluvrr weighted does, unweighted i have a 4.0 @okazyey fr like it’s supposed to be hot. @xanderaj_ it’s cold for florida okwhy @1aidn 5.32 to be exact @ChrxsVal still freezing @faveywavey they on yo ass @ChrxsVal 30 degrees. @ChrxsVal no it’s coldbarely slept last night and now have to go to school after 2 weeks of not going !!i want a boyfriend :(might be bitchless but at least i have a 5.3 gpa @grusome_private same @presidentdove play val and stream for me @presidentdove bro im in bed @presidentdove ur so good @eyanTV all the eu players ive met on east have been really good LOL @carw4sh who. @keaIani mee @wlyrrr yes but i know i drop more than 90 damage a round :( i just go negative sometimes. @wlyrrr oh ok
@abbbatha tyy @_novaVAL closer to getting diamond back!wow @plasma6K my kayo has never played kayo before @lyxn77 i am ending it all @xanderaj_ valorant is sexistok valorant these nft accs are following me bro @sqrahu same @unst6ble crazy @user123460719 @wlyrrr ok @user123460719 @wlyrrr ?! @jamessmate ok so that doesn’t mean i get bored lol @user123460719 @wlyrrr mhm. @user123460719 @wlyrrr yes he does @jamessmate wdym @user123460719 @wlyrrr he hates me @jamessmate what lol @syIv1a yes @_novaVAL @SakraValorant hi nova ! @SakraValorant @_novaVAL heyyy @_novaVAL same