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Joined Twitter 5/2/08 denies snitching’all ready for this new Eminem and Kid Cudi collab to drop? Parenthood claps back at Kanye West might be free by the end of the week 🔓 Scott really cooked ‘em with the autotune on 😂😂😂 Never Die 🖤 🎨: @YOffgod if you agree If not, comment which city does 👇 Lil Wayne’s Emmett Till bar to Eminem’s recent shots at Revolt TV, here are 10 times where rappers’ leaked lyr… Listening To: No Label II Skip: No Label ➕ more ⬇️ Lil Wayne’s Emmett Till reference to Eminem’s shots at Revolt TV, here are the times where rappers’ leaked lyr… Black apologizes to Lauryn London and Nipsey Hussle for his past comments Drake to Eminem and more, here's a look at how rappers' leaked songs got them in trouble Pop Smoke emoji is real #WOOGunna makin’ sure his VVS’ got clarity 💎
Planned Parenthood responds to Kanye West saying they "do the Devil's work": "Any insinuation that abortion is Bla…’s no denying how 🔥 “Hate It Or Love It” by The Game and 50 Cent is West on Joe Biden: "This man, Joe Biden, said if you don’t vote for me, then you are not Black. Well, act li… IN: Kid Cudi and Eminem are dropping a new song together on Friday called "The Adventures of Moon Man and Slim… Baby in the streets with James Harden 🏎💨 Ralo Granted bond, expected to sign paperwork Friday🆕 XXL: THE BREAK 🆕 San Antonio native StaySolidRocky already went viral with his hit “Party Girl,” but he’s strate… your answer ⬇️⬇️⬇️ reveals the last message XXXTentaction sent him, says X would still be alive if he had security West on abortion: “I am pro-life because I’m following the word of the Bible.” West on vaccines: "So when they say the way we’re going to fix Covid is with a vaccine, I’m extremely cautio… live Nip 🏁 T.I. denies snitching on Crime Stoppers the babies from good to greatest 👇 🍼 DaBaby 🍼 Yung Baby Tate 🍼 Sada Baby 🍼 Bali Baby 🍼 SahBabii 🍼 BbyMutha 🍼… and Young Thug have a collab on the way 🔊🔊 Who’s about to have the better verse? ⬇️ is winnin’ right now 📀💿 West on wearing a MAGA hat: “I am taking the red hat off, with this interview.” He continued: “One of the… West on being diagnosed with Covid-19: “Chills, shaking in the bed, taking hot showers, looking at videos te… IN: Kanye West confirms his 2020 presidential campaign, reveals his running mate birthday, @ZOMBIEJuicee! 🎉 What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see his name? ⬇️ best Dr. Dre beat is ___________ might be a dub for TikTok 👀 is actually type wild smh Cent is currently facing backlash for his comments of the dopest lyricists to come out of the west 💯 is key 🔑 Photos via @YoungStonerLife“F*CK THE CLUB UP, F*CK THE CLUB UP (B*TCH)/F*CK THE CLUB UP, F*CK THE CLUB UP (B*TCH)” IN: Young Thug fires back at Pusha-T for dissing Drake on a Pop Smoke song: “Do that sh*t on your own song.”
Trippie Redd says that him and his twin are on y’alls as*es 😂😂😂 Roddy Ricch flexin’ with the gold brick face you make every time a Tay Keith beat comes on IN: Pop-punk band Yellowcard continuing with $15 million lawsuit against Juice Wrld do y’all feel about this new City Girls single “P*ssy Talk” featuring Doja Cat? T.I. was out here talking like a war general ready to go to battle 💀💀💀 The United States Is “looking at” banning TikTok new Juice Wrld feature has been released on emo-rapper Jeremy Romance’s track “Pray ‘Put Me Down’” #999Forever 🖤 all need someone to support us how Young Thug supports Gunna 💯 Tecca previews new music 🎵 Y’all fw this? Halsey just copped a new tattoo in memory of Juice Wrld 🙏 Cent is getting called out for his "exotic" and "angry Black women" comments ⬇️ IN: Pusha-T responds to Young Thug calling him out over Drake diss on Pop Smoke song: "I would never look or… years ago today, 21 Savage released his debut album Issa 🔪 Drop the best song on here ⬇️ Black apologizes for his comments about Lauren London after Nipsey Hussle died: "I never meant to disrespect… Thug calls out Pusha-T for his Drake diss on leaked Pop Smoke song: “If I knew that was about him [Drake] I…⬇️ TODAY IN HIP-HOP ⬇️ Eric B & Rakim release their debut album Paid In Full 💰 What’s the best song on this join…⬇️ TODAY IN HIP-HOP ⬇️ 2013: Wiz Khalifa marries Amber Rose birthday, @CASSIDY_LARSINY! 🎉 What song of his goes the hardest? Wrld once said __________ doesn’t get more pettier than this 😂 West received a pretty hefty loan 💰😂😂😂 RT when you get it Cent once had to become the Master of Disguise to dodge the police the album has over 20 songs on it 😂 everybody who thought Whole Lotta Red was gonna drop when Playboi Carti released that single a few months ago“If I gotta slap a p*ssy a*s n*gga, I'ma make it look sexy” fan-made cover art for Savage Mode 2 is FIRE 🔪🔥 Via @Chiraqologist heat off the top from J. Cole 🔥🔥🔥 live this Friday 🖤 challenged 50 Cent to a hits battle and said he didn't care if Eminem or Dr. Dre come Then Fif responded 😂
Footage of DaBaby performing in Atlanta this past weekend Would you risk catching the rona to see your favorite a… West's Yeezy company received millions of dollars from federal pandemic bailout loan ⬇️ out here challenging 50 Cent on Fif’s birthday 👀👀👀 summer was supposed to be filled with crazy concerts like this 😭😔 is droppin’ his new album Limbo on 8/7 🎾 Juice Wrld? 🖤 IN: Juice Wrld to release new album Legends Never Die on Friday Listen to his new song "Life's a Mess" featur… Thug needs to drop this 🔥😤 IN: Jack Harlow’s “Whats Poppin” surges to number two on the Billboard Hot 100 🎙 Miller’s Swimming has officially been streamed over one billion times 🕊 WRLD LEGENDS NEVER DIE FRIDAY any of these rap beefs came back to life, who would you wanna see a round two from? 🤔 IN: Papoose and Remy Ma are expecting another child 🍼 Smoke’s legacy is literally painted all over Brooklyn 🙏 J. Cole raps "all these rap N****s is my sons" and he's had because they're "trash" in Dreamville freestyle’s forever drip or drown for Gunna 💧 6ix9ine to Nicki Minaj, XXL takes a look at the many times rappers have pulled the petty card ⬇️ forget Megan Thee Stallion twerking to Lizzo playing the flute 😂😂😂 Ricch bumpin’ his new song with Drake 🔊 Drop a 🦉 if you want this to come out can only choose one rapper to help you make a hit Who would you feature? ⬇️⬇️⬇️50 Cent tells story of when he ran from police wearing his grandmother’s dress and wig as a disguise: “They was ch… birthday, @RHYMEFEST! 🎉 What’s his best project? 🤔 didn’t even FLINCH 💀💀😭😭 birthday, @INSpectahDECKWU! 🎉 What’s the first song you heard with him on it?