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Nobody suck your 🍆 better than a drunk bitch that’s in love with you 😩
Retweeted by posted.I left my computer on in the back. I think its lonely and I should go play with it .I just finished watching #ALPHAHOUSE. Amazon should bring it back.I'm sure If I should go in the back or stay in the front. .. mhmI see people doing the banana challenge and that shit gives me anxiety, U COULD CHOKE SO EASILY. Be a safe slut and…
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@__ovomaria That's exactly what I did
@WJacky101 Is that your local band in your neighborhood?I guess I'll watch reruns of #GuyCode for tips and tricks on having a valentine's next year. Or is it not to late to get one? 🤣Happy Valentines Day to all you lovelies! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 Tag your duo partner and let them know how much you 💖 them. Do…
Retweeted by posted.I passed out at my desk printing stickers. I walked in to tuck myself in and now I'm wide awake. wonder what I did .. mhmmm 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣not to be horny on main but a movie and some wine would smack rn
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One of the favs in high school. #NowPlayingThis little guy always brings dried seed to trade for some nuts to this apartment.
Retweeted by posted.Lowkey I like that #rodeo track with lil nas xI was doing good till they said your name.Second day in a row no one shows up to workout but me. Fuck it.
Kobe hit the behind-the-back reverse dunk 17 years ago today 💥 Legendary 🐍
Retweeted by posted. @PUBG_Support you talk about you wanna hear our feed back but when we give you feed back you do a complete 180 and… @erkagonzalez @SuzakuR6 Tsm is a joke and overrated. Yawn. Tsm = twitch tv team. 🤣🤣🤣I forgot how funny tosh.0 was. 🤣So the second person today told me "I use to be cool" 🤣 @cnn gets anyone that will hate on the president. Oh man. You guys will never give up on that hunt. Lol you're goi… think I did more sets in 20 mins than I ever did. Light headed afI guess no one is showing up to workout besides me. 🤔
#facts @SamsungMobile's broadcast: Galaxy UNPACKED
Retweeted by posted.Snap hi-res photos straight from 8K video. #GalaxyS20 #SamsungEvent Learn more:
Retweeted by posted.A next generation device for a new generation of users. Not Galaxy S11, but #GalaxyS20 #SamsungEvent Learn more:…
Retweeted by posted.yup.. apple take note. stop selling your customers outdated tech. #SamsungEvent#simonemashile wants everyone to feel sorry for her. all she does is cry. bitch its a job. get the fuck off the boa…'s up with this broomstick shit ? 🥱 @PUBG_Support so what was this mysterious update ? @PUBG_Support love being called a cheater. lol
Fuck paper strawsNow now I'm apart of the @TurtleBeach family. I just ordered my Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Wireless. I'm excited… @tsm pubg .... ancient aliens woot woot headset 🤤Thank you for the rain. I didnt have to water today 🤣damn who wants to go halfsies 🥺
Retweeted by posted. @MustacheDave_ want Chinese food. Ugh.
For those who come from nothing. #happyfriday
After watching the @LEGOMastersFOX I wanna bring out my lego sets @cnn you're a joke all day you're going to try and destroy the credibility of everyone you do not agree with. Just…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @cnn @RickSantorum fool you have nothing for yourself . You look like an idiot on @cnn. Fucking chump. Go hide under a r… @HillaryClinton bitch shut the fuck up. You're so tied into African war lords. @BillClinton loves giving speeches f… @wolfblitzer what are you going to say today? You're such bullshit. Lol you lost. So shut thenfuck up. @cnn is now hating on @limbaugh. Hating has fools. Cant be happy for anyone. Such a trash station. I'm glad you guy… love watching @cnn after trump wins something. They hate so much. Lol you guys hated him the day he won. Is this… gains.. going on the 5th week.
@DesiKWIMRadio @RashidaTlaib grandma is off her meds again. bitch broke the law by damaging federal paperwork.Come to find out @SpeakerPelosi broke the law by damaging federal paperwork. I got 3 years probation for me lying… @rjd2 type of day. Beats on top of beats. #NowPlayingHow i feel when @realDonaldTrump says hes going to protect our rights. FUCK YAH. is bashing on this old lady for her what she believes in. You do not have the right to question why she wa… @ChrisGriffin_VA She just ripped up all these people . Unhinged grandma off her meds. @ChrisGriffin_VA It's called locker room talk. I'm sure were in the locker room dreaming about sucking some dick. S… @RavMABAY Ripped babies ? Lol 🤣🤣🤣 @PUBG_Support Or can you can actually ping lock for players in china or ban the cheaters. Help the casual players y… @PUBG_Support Can we have the opinion of playing what map we want already. @DramahLuvSpitta bitch is stupid. shes as dirty as they come. LOL & Dodgers winning it all, LA gonna be a WRECK
Retweeted by posted.President Trump declines to shake Speaker Pelosi's outstretched hand at #SOTU2020
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@iwaspoisoned Thank you. drank some Pepto bismol like 7am and I ended up throwing it up by 10am. After packing a bowl my Nausea went aw… hes saying "kobe" while shooting that rocket. @TSM_mykLe The artist is called bonks . LA graffiti. @iwaspoisoned Off Imperial Hwy in Downey, CA 90242Yup. Its official I got food poisoning from @dominos . Never again will I be ordering from you.
@TheNameIsToby This movie is fuckin amazing 🤣It's a party. 🤣 @dinabayrr Lol you mean cocaine farts are something else.True fuck the niners.Fuck all the #JLo fans she has 0 ass these days. Overrated. She needed justin Timberlake for a pussy slip. Lol… talking about J-lo . She looked like a basic stripper you hire for a college party. She had 0 ass . Lol washed up. @therealEsq Nah. J-lo has no ass compared to her. @therealEsq Hell no. I'm the opposite. shakira booty shaking is way better. shakira career blowing up again.shakira won .. hands down. shakira has more ass.shakira is looking good AFFuck the niners 🤣
I'm enjoying the 100 year nfl clips mainly because they showed @BrettFavre . #PackersNationThis is the best shit ever. might be a tad bit drunk but @TroyAikman looks like JFK with those glasses.The yard is starting look alright. @DramahLuvSpitta Duh it's a white person thing.Waking and looking at the front yard telling myself I actually did a good job. The goal is to clean up the backyard… @DramahLuvSpitta The boobs look like their being held back
Sitting on my porch taking a break from the yard while eating my protein and oatmeal.Time to do some dishes then some yardwork. Adult this day I will forever wonder how lil bro went down so mf fast
Retweeted by posted.i was somewhat okay until see you again came on
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This song brings back so many good memories. #NowPlaying