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XZSGT ZXER0 SAYZE @XzsgtS Oregon-Idaho, USA

Dearest Evry0nez,dha lamidalaiii 9 yet,n0 devil's adv0c8tes plez, all else neg0tiable n0 0blig8tion,az 4 tech sgt 4 any0ne whom c0mpatiablez & wish!N'astr0tar0t

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iii am n0w 2 diffrant active acc0unts 0n dha zfb@iii again & official zxer0 lamidalaiii page is still accesible,...…
2020 Puckett & The Union Gap - Young Girl - HQ via @YouTube$0 ur saying unlike m0st 0v the time this yr is same in guge as it just was luc ldahk 0n dha infiltr8te0ursz is seems panchen reading fr0m a screen his american english is recognizable yet the accent is British English l… 0ccupyied panchen la,....d0yldahl b4 bhuddism an evil spirit fr0m persia,.....1st & last Tibetan calendar i… to celebrate Tibetan Lunar New Year in Toronto at The Tibetan Canadian Culture Center.
Retweeted by XZSGT ZXER0 SAYZETibetan New Year coincides with Chinese Lunar New Year this year. Check out this video for how Tibetans add a taste…
Retweeted by XZSGT ZXER0 SAYZEThis book is a MUST READ. Follow @CarolLeonnig & @PhilipRucker. It goes on sale TODAY. #AVeryStableGenius
Retweeted by XZSGT ZXER0 SAYZEanne frankxsz gr8 grand dau 0n pbs amanp0ur,...BREAKING: Swiss security services foil a Russian espionage operation in Davos possibly targeting me.
Retweeted by XZSGT ZXER0 SAYZEin urgent c0nditions,...60's 0n 6 is my g02 dish musakkk,...msnbc default live news l0cal channel 4 idah0 PBS & the… is 0reg0n C0untry stateh00d day,....if verginia is 4 l0vers then 0reg0ne is allready been sold,....yankee's g… the g00d news is 45 at dav0s iz st.Nicque,... dha bad knews becuz 0v precession dha "age" 0v aquaryious d0esnt h… aware past dha ides 0v february & the #30th this yr becuz 0v re-synching lunar & solar calendar cycles venus inc… a reference to richm0nd tho jacks0n & cadets cl0sed fr0m shenad0ah valley 2 left flank b4 uni0n at the time cou… just n0ticed in sequence, it made it seem like iwas still talking ab0ut r0b'e'lee when in fact iii had m0ved 0n…
Happy #WinnieThePoohDay!
Retweeted by XZSGT ZXER0 SAYZEI’m a Buddhist. But there are some things in the scriptures that I do NOT accept literally. For example, the texts…
Retweeted by XZSGT ZXER0 SAYZEfr0m pearl harb0r 2 russia z0ne,...ir0nic h0w they were there 0nce already had alm0st whole n0rth p0le 2 themselves… in current situa8tion s0 much playing 0ut s0 strangely as if iii can feel every time the time line changes espe… my zen tells U iii must believe they are n0stradamus p0ssibilityies,...als0 sum revel8tions & 0riginal d00msday… @WeeklyTarot uhm if iii might p0sit that the main precog is based 0n ur kharmatic 0utput,...s0 each regular reading… a qu0rem 0v peoplesz like 0ver at lamidalaiii it said there were 14 million at b0th 0r it's the same 14 bil… is when the nra starts after nbf ren0unces kkk he started,....grands0n gr8? dies in 0ver nazi germany,...yet make no mistake his familys cemetery is all 0v ours,...n0t the n8tive Americans perse yet their service in defe… by extensi0n ov my mlk dream & my gettysburg reportsz Gen'L Lee was instrumental in the defences ov Richm0nd, s…
am/ pm,...knrew n0w 396,..13'& 12's especially 4 pay purposes & way better retirement benifits it's as if they want… many trumpfbz v0ter's are indeed all dha front line p0sitions n0w t0tally un-hinged & heavily infiltr8ted… Burns Just now · 4,977 were 0n 0ur way 2 heaven western Guge' East is my spot 0v ch0ice 4 bhuddist culture rest0r8tionz pt,...4,972 Streaming along up & underway yes fully 0perationl kn0w still at best since hacking at least 0ve half 0v flee… me something about this card.
Retweeted by XZSGT ZXER0 SAYZEbey0nd star trek views,...dha timeline has been abused,.. @DreaCupcake_ h0w enlitening that must be, especially seeing h0w many un necessary cha0s their seems 2 be 0ut there… helped deliver 12 babies today... what did you do?😉
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@NicodemusVI 2024 GETTYSBURG ECLIPSE WILL BE C0MPLETE ACCTING 4 DHA N8TIVE & OPPRESSED PEOPLES OV AMERIKAsl0west sat night next auspicious moments set 4 big blue & blck and brown and red and yellow c0alitionz, z 'wingz @SoundOfWings333 dha calapuya called the willamette vally dha vALLey 0v fl00ding deathkharma is real if U do g00d it affects dha whole universe, if U d0nt its just mt empty space 4evr is like a hell, s… @likeursoperfect U R dha princess 0v celtic g0bi 0rigin, c0mely yet w0mxn 4 ions have 2 strive 0n by themselve…
az iii 0ften sing & sum c0nnection w/ 2faced c0l0nial evil 0v unchecked power & kapitalism whole class lives in an… ever happend 2 all the p0ppys 25 vz 25 against 50 0ui getz sum and then sumtimesz we 0ui really d0 get getz,..g0 getz , was just coltrane , 7 & & BRUBECK,..… Ethics and Universal Responsibility via @YouTubeit's n0t 2 l8te 3 way cmndr in chei w/ the devil's adv0cccc8te 0n 0ne side and we just need dha 3 females 2 be cdr… thing i'm talking where sum intl peace 0ui dha peoples place multi-lingual yet well c0nnected thru translationz…🌕🌕🌕 Take a deep breath and read out loud 🗣: 👁‍🗨 I am connected with myself. 👁‍🗨 I am connected with my friends a…
Retweeted by XZSGT ZXER0 SAYZE c0incidance 0v dha 12 yrs 4 saturn returns,...when the m00ns are 13teens,...alas 0nly universal gl0bal earthre… River Basin FtBoice war eagle & whitez mtns currently experiencing n0rth p0le & darkest dayz ever in the col…,4913 entire white evangelickal reichpublicque whilst 45'z name,.. 2 You and Ashutosh Buchhere's dha flat earth dynamiques 0n market expectancyies,..even has sum n0stradamus in it 4 45,... 1st maybe middle 2 last h0pez n0rth p0le visiting my 0whyhees,...bunker d0wn every0ne s0lstices are allways bu…
g00d 2 hear fr0m U again h0pes this cha0ticque year treats U well,...& visits 2 the ancient sites
@nubiantarot @SheKervy 0ui spanish french italian all same tarot languagesyet the main thing zxer0 keeps feeling is the mazda-shugden apocalyptic cult that is kn0wn 2 be the source 0v all t…,987 AN0THER PATTERN 0V DESCENSION oopz antlantique computer does not light up in all caps warning,the katechon cl…‘What drugs is he on?’ Trump sparks concern by slurring and sniffling through Iran remarks. He looked swollen aroun…
Retweeted by XZSGT ZXER0 SAYZEThis will continue for the next 13 days. Hold tight.
Retweeted by XZSGT ZXER0 SAYZE..N0T!!!! ANYWAYS 0THERWISE III JUST FEEL LIKE IT WONT BE TILL NEXT WEEK III CAN START M0VING 4WARDS AGAIN SUMTHING… are beginning 2 jell 2gether 4 syzygyiez finally after all these years plus last springs hacking ov the ma… & 0ther ch0ke p0inting at every turn & corner,...either like drumpfbz p00r planning and hypocri… either sumthings wr0ng,...0R finally there's a new platf0rm that droves ov folks are leaving 4, historic…'s Cruiser is c0ming 0ut 0v m0thballz finally & s0 sum limited backr0ad m0bility, which is really gr8 news ju… may have caught a break finally, yet certainly we are f0cused in 2020 0n making it alive 4 2021 mostly survive…
tyu mz tara,...iii named my knew olde cat after this cuz she's a calic0,...yet iii never even tried 2 spell it b4's alllwayze dha end ov the beginning & yet the beginning ov the end,...ww34 ive been talking ab0ut since 1984,..… home, eat comfort food, love and nurture those you care about, on The Cancer lunar eclipse January 10.
Retweeted by XZSGT ZXER0 SAYZESocialism doesn’t solve antisemitism...... You can dismantle capitalism ALL YOU want and antisemitism, racism, anti…
Retweeted by XZSGT ZXER0 SAYZE @NomiBlockS dha middle way is better yet all sentience afflicted w/ self , s00n th0 thingz will change much 4 the b… example.... I unfortunately receive a lot of antisemitic/ misogynistic hate on twitter... from mainly two gro…
Retweeted by XZSGT ZXER0 SAYZEactually instead ov acting 0ut against all us peoplez if dha persians were true 2 their faith & destiny they would… did the Fed just sneak 77 billion dollars into the market overnight? This is the kind of story that should be t…
Retweeted by XZSGT ZXER0 SAYZETrump IS a fucking moron and YES, he does need to be removed, ASAP. It might be time to take to the streets again, kiddies.
Retweeted by XZSGT ZXER0 SAYZESo who is Trump going to blame when this all blows up in his face?
Retweeted by XZSGT ZXER0 SAYZEjust 0verheard fr0m dha news,.."there's no intelligence 0ut 0v dha white house 2nite" l0l0l0l0hahahatween iraq & a hard place,...the sequel,...Eastwood, drumpfbz & Nugent,...dha faux in dha casablanca del loco diabl0,...d0g swastika
sending 0ut an dystress n0tice,...zxer0 just n0t 0k w/ this knew yrz n0w 2-3yrz in a r0w,...w0w,...duh,...damn yet… a st8tement 0n twittsville represent anything real 0R value-able, 0R d0es it merely enter dha binary c0de awai…
they picked bad time 2 plug their bullshit,frippin actual ai hasnt happened yet, it's just that yuppyies are s0 fri… @GrabEmByDzNutz me 2 filinae, yes just 0ne last year 0v unnecessary suffering, then indeed we will arise up & deliv… even & especially if iii might pass b4 dha final product c0mes 0ut,'s the spirit 0v the thing itsel… dha damages kharmatickally alllready serious enuf 2 affect my abilityies 2 bring further global peace just n0w y…
@BrokeBits actually Henry is a very admirable 0ne would be h0n0ured @WeeklyTarot aha capricornus sea g0at ,.als0 aphelion the pt 0v kn0w return n0stradamus is said 2 sayt read the 0ri…
Friday Tip: Y’all see this energy? Y’all smell that shit? This is a build up and it will reach climax in a we…
Retweeted by XZSGT ZXER0 SAYZEg0ing d0wn is the easy part, c0ming back up is hard,...l0l$Lovely map of the Indigenous Languages of the Arctic Circle. Source:
Retweeted by XZSGT ZXER0 SAYZEyour mom taking your picture before you deploy for world war 3 #WWIII
Retweeted by XZSGT ZXER0 SAYZEwell enuf said probably last nite, me apol0gyiez yet me intention is 2 c0mplete dha first cards inventory finale b4…,..n0stradamus prophecy c0nfirmed just like 911 l00k up persian apocalyptic mazda-shugden dha evil bhuddha let… yet iii respectfully dysagree, might actually bring gl0bal peACE,...& S0 DRUMPFBZ WOULDNT BE MARTYRED YET I…