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Xzyliac Electroclash Ariel 2024 @Xzyliac Ugh, Houston, for now I guess

TWOC. Cyberpunkslut. Feminist. Your sister. The impossible winner. She/Her. Model. Co-host of @BSwithFriends. Choose life, Veronica. 💖 PA FOR HIRE 💛

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This should be the new American flag @Kra1d NEVERThis is the opposite of why boats are boats @TheSecondJoker British people are wild.As all good things must, Spooky Season 2020 comes to an end in the most glorious way: By covering 1985's Return of…
Retweeted by Xzyliac Electroclash Ariel 2024 @TheSecondJoker I am famously known for not giving a shit about puzzle boxes @Rycaster Probably from a greenhouse to maintain oxygen and mimic an ecosystem so as to keep water fresh, air breathable, food fresh, etc.A reminder that I did not want to do this show. Y'all literally asked for it. And that energy is what fuels this madness.I am legitimately happy with this show if only because we're old enough and bored enough not to ever stop the commi… @Rycaster what @RandomReduX @BSwithFriends THAT'S WHAT I SAID @RandomReduX @BSwithFriends WHO IS THIS MYSTERIOUS CANUCKI'm not saying this would be a perfect plot arc to me starting the year off saying that in 2020 my goal was to find… @BSwithFriends has exactly one consistent Canadian listener since episode one. Who wants to fess up.Some beats from editing tomorrow’s @BSwithFriends: *Nicole Kidman: Fake Australian? *Charlize Theron: African-Amer… @Rycaster I’ll still kick your ass. @Rycaster I will kick your assI feel like as much as being EDI's partner probably rules, she will always find a way to crush the date night game… @notquitedandy He seems like a cool dude @notquitedandy Hmmmmm @notquitedandy I don’t think I’ve ever even been pitched on Hellraiser. Or if I have, I’ve forgotten it.Bring it. Fucking piercing addicted goth dipshit. I’m not even scared. have actually seen at least one movie of every horror icon on this list except Pinhead. Furthering my theory tha…'ve never seen a Hellraiser movie but Pinhead looks like an ashy punk ass bitch tryin' too hard I got this. @RandomReduX A joke that @CJenkin4 will enjoy @RandomReduX I sold my soul at a Wawa for a 40 and 3 smokes. Now all I do is skate or die. @monosynth Now you know. Tell your neighbors. @RandomReduX Suuuuure @monosynth Shit drops in like, 2 weeks. Multiplayer Tetris Effect with new mixes. @monosynth Yo did you not know???? @notquitedandy (but are extremely good, I'm not doggin on peaches) @notquitedandy Peaches are wicked messy and not even in the same subgenre. @monosynth There's Tetris Effect. Which is the OG for PS4. And then Tetris Effect: Connected. For PS5, XSX, and PC. Right? @notquitedandy I didn't say apple was like S-rank fruit. I didn't even say anything other than it's not bad. @monosynth I'm confused. @monosynth Two...of Tetris Effect? @notquitedandy Man, I dunno what apples did to you but you need to forgive. @monosynth I said what I said. I'm only staying alive so I can play Tetris Effect again.I forgot Tetris Effect: Connected is coming out. Finally. Life is worth living again. @notquitedandy *old people and children before they know better @notquitedandy Are you on fucking drugs @AtSymbolJake But then you'd have to change your name to Xzyliac or the signage won't make sense @Xzyliac more apples
Retweeted by Xzyliac Electroclash Ariel 2024I am deeply deeply unhappy and I don’t know what to do with it. It’s been fucking Groundhog Day for 80,000 years. A…“Instead of doomscrolling, go get some sleep. Eat an apple. We will keep fighting tomorrow!” Every fucking day has… media being the noise that occupies my silent spaces isn’t healthy but you know what I’ve learned is much much worse? Silence.Ever since I had that stress dream about Election Day, it’s been so hard to salvage anything good for a decent peri…
@AtSymbolJake I feel like it wouldn’t tho? It compliments my signed copies of Jem comics pretty well.Why tho’t want in anyway. And we’re not mad. We’re actually happy. This is will make us stronger. Cooler. We’re underg…
Retweeted by Xzyliac Electroclash Ariel 2024 @solomonmissouri Okay Johnny Cage @RyanWGleason It's wildly blunt.If POTUS was such hot shit, yeah? This would be a fuckin' victory lap re-election. Instead it just feels fucking dire.The whole tone of his campaign feels like less of a re-election and more of wanting a re-do. Which should be a huge… want to ignore how genuinely fucking funny this is and really hone in on how weird it feels that he’s running wit… @VoltySquirrel @mroahrig Yep @oswaldjleon I feel like they can’t ignore that there will be, essentially, three more boxes out in the wild regard… (2017) Cinematography by Lyle Vincent Directed by Cory Finley Explore more shots in our database:…
Retweeted by Xzyliac Electroclash Ariel 2024 @VoltySquirrel FINALLY GOOD JOKES @oswaldjleon It's almost like trying to brute force major muli-million dollar projects involving thousands of peopl… @mroahrig @VoltySquirrel Yeah, for sure. @VoltySquirrel I think we’re playing in an hour or so. I’m on PC, Max and Katz are on Xbox. Hit Max up for the dirty deetssomebody should seriously make a movie about all the crazy shit that happens here
Retweeted by Xzyliac Electroclash Ariel 2024 @VoltySquirrel Stupid fuckin Warzone.He has broken into my house and murdered my family. He says I’m next if I don’t cooperate. Please send the army @mroahrig is making me install a Call of Duty game. @WhipSmartBanky I'm the Pirates of the Carribean DVD on the bottom of the DVD shelfWas feeling down about the general state of like, ya know, fucking *everything*. So I gave myself permission to go… @OnyxOblivion @Rycaster I tried and then the whole country went “Actually, we like it when other countries don’t wa… @Rycaster Every year I ask for the same thing: One Canadian girlfriend. One of these years, Santa’s gonna fuckin come through.a motivational poster
Retweeted by Xzyliac Electroclash Ariel 2024 @RyanWGleason I’m pretty sure, yeah. And if they’re caught, I think you get all their stuff. @RyanWGleason I assumed it wasViv clarified the press release for me. I get it now. Cool. My plans remain unchanged. @VoltySquirrel Ooooooh. I see. @VoltySquirrel I thought that was the point of releasing the version for the new machines next year. After the laun…, I thought the next-gen version was planned for next year. So it’s on all of them now? Same day? @DelilahGarret SOLIDARITY @Xzyliac 1990: Coffee table book 2020: Coffee table console
Retweeted by Xzyliac Electroclash Ariel 2024Braces and retainers are a scam for the teeth pervert.I also have a new keen awareness of my gaps and that when I see the professional teeth pervert we all keep employed… a part of my 29th year on planet earth and trying to develop better habits to cap off another decade, I’ve been… @BuffyBlogs I unironically desire this shirt for it’s intended purposes. @Kayshire_Cat Time to move.I’ll buy a whole separate coffee table for the PS5. idgaf. The era of big boy boxes has begun and we here at the Xz… @Rycaster It will never slim. It will only grow.Holy hell this by the founder of Soylent is amazing. Every line is quotable. I'm in awe of this man's brain. How do…
Retweeted by Xzyliac Electroclash Ariel 2024Everything fucking sucks, manClassic photo by A.L. Schafer protesting the restrictions of the Hays Code which started being enforced in Hollywoo…
Retweeted by Xzyliac Electroclash Ariel 2024Watchmen (2019) @JakeBaldino Keighley Edition of both consoles. It has his face on the front. That’s it. @TheSodaJerks This is relevant to my interests“The president’s the president!” was legit the first honest laugh I’ve had all day. @wlatham92 @magencubed Seth, you literally said “I’m gonna turn it to 69”, laughed, and then knocked over that towe… @magencubed They don’t really burn stuff down so much as they passively aggressively turn up the heat while everyon…'s debut was spectacular
Retweeted by Xzyliac Electroclash Ariel 2024 @Gliitchy “Ma’am, this is an Apple store.” @ComplicitOwl That’s almost an interesting concept when you put it that way (I’ve seen The Discourse, I know it’s bad). @whiskeytits24 Huh
Wisconsinites! If you have an absentee ballot and haven’t returned it yet, make sure you take it to a ballot drop-o…
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