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20↑ - hi im yello! - she/they - fr/eng/ไทย ok! ・:*+. 💌

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。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。 if it ain’t him i don’t want it miss them.•*+
Retweeted by yellomeal time!🥟 #dorohedoro
Retweeted by yellothis lives rent effing free in my head was i built to be an s tier procrastinator that just wants to draw for myself and also have a dramatic fear of… @whores97604174 😣
@judgedarts asdghl good luck!! 🥺since i drew nikaido...i feel a strong draw my other favs from the @eokomon 🥺💕 @RatondeCheshire why thank youi’ve been pretty cool about people reposting my art because a lot ask for permission and give credit correctly but…
Retweeted by yello @RatondeCheshire my wife, that’s who she is @PID_SISH merci :’c @iiclarkrau my child sana @iiclarkrau 👀👀👀👀meal time!🥟 #dorohedoro dream of making a nanami dj...
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Retweeted by yello @OZE_Art she’s magnificent 🥺i genuinely took today off and didn’t draw and watched stuff with friends and it feels great :c but also weird to n… @Poon_NropaY MOOD @itsgwem cute 🥺
@chadaharuuu @igua_nas cries @hellosunnycore i hopped onto the app as well! @changplschokeme 🥺 @kntnnmi 🥺💕💚 old are you to have such a good level ? ;; — i am the same age as obanai in demon slayer haha and i draw for my… @marmastry what a magnificent collection 🥺electric.•*+ #zenitsu•+* @eokomon asdgjfl merci TT#bananafish @itsgwem henlo:(:
???? suggested from instagram.•* @elohimesart MY HEART I CANT TAKE ITTTTเห็นว่ามีคนไทยที่ฟอลโล่บ้าง 👀✨hello~ @afternoontm หล่อมากก 😭💕
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i miss them.•*+ piper remains the most criminally underrated bts song (no i’m not biased cuz it’s my fav song from them) @hellosunnycore ryu with the different bang 😔🤚remember this moment. remember it forever.
Retweeted by yello @OZE_Art ashdjdhfl i love your art too 😭hi #PortfolioDay im yello! a french/thai illustrator, fanartist and aspiring comic artist °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
Retweeted by yello @OZE_Art even your sketches are 🥺✨when in doubt, act it out 🥴i forgot the word for sheep in french, so mid conversation i just went “the animal that goes bahhh” as an alternative hurts
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@LoganSlendy 🥺🥺🥺 @champourado there are so many i watch on youtube TT but recently i found this one i just-**imagine* i swear i type like i’m absolutely hammered but i’m not, i’m just illiterateKoi-Yamagata station in Japan.
Retweeted by yello @ardezeal it is! it’s still kind of slow (maybe it’s my phone) but it seems great^^ @igua_nas idc ive won @champourado ikr TT i recently watched a video compilation of them just being chaotic i cant @igua_nas fair, i’m celebrating songkran with my plantsimaging someone hitting on me but that someone isn’t nanami, how embarrassing for them @igua_nas YES AS YOU F SHOULD @veebiejeebies yeah!! i’m giving it a go to see what it’s like 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。i joined artfol @/yello ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ @champourado same but i just pick 4 things i’ve done a while ago that are on my phone 😭
there’s no in between on how i draw nanami, no consistency just thirst @Omnipotent_Fuck i really can’t TT @pa__luis i’m so in love with your art 🥺happy songkran day
Retweeted by yellohi #PortfolioDay im yello! a french/thai illustrator, fanartist and aspiring comic artist °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°ตอนแรกกะจะทำฮิบาริไว้ใช้คนเดียวสรุป55555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555…
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@yyasmineliar pfff untameable but stylin’ 😔🤚Here is the verified GoFundMe to support the family of Daunte Wright—the 20-year-old father who was shot & killed b…
Retweeted by yello @yyasmineliar aahdhdhsk i love your hair!manners maketh man #nanamikento #JujutsuKaisen
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Retweeted by yelloHello twitter fam! I'm ashamed to ask this but I'm knocking again to your kind and generous hearts to help my lovel…
Retweeted by yello @liliuhms they look delicious 😭
@vanekaiiri 😔pls he’s always holding back tears levi cries himself to sleep when he’s sure no one can hear himreading blue period makes me miss the the time i started getting into art on my own and discovering it like a kid l… got tumblr? — i did but i deleted it since i wasn’t active on it TT!! do u like rukawa :o i like both him and nanami sm idk if u’ve drawn him ever but hoping u will in the futur…… for it kugisaki! #JujutsuKaisen
Retweeted by yello @antlerella @IsabellaLevan @InVermillion i can’t wait 🥺
@itsgwem ahhh🥺💕On the topic of anime openings/endings that I NEVER skipped.... THIS IS MY SONGGGGJS
Retweeted by yello @mei_baku why, thank you @lunarbirb_ thank you i appreciate the compliment TTgo for it kugisaki! #JujutsuKaisen hurts him...only him...#nanamikento