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“ do i look like i give a fuck because i don’t “ - Rosa Parks

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my sister 🥰 miss being annoyed by MK my sister that didn’t go away but i loved because she was so wild @narathestallion 😂😂😂i love you ❤️❤️😘“ full of cum & sink water “ OH MY long locs is cool & all until you have to go to sleep & you can’t because you’re pulling your hair.OKAYYYY & WITH MY MOUTH idk why i was so bold after getting my tonsils out i went to the bar that same night 😂 sipping water out of a straw. @MsLaniDasani_ ouuu i know ya pain baby sounds like when i got my tonsils removed swallowing hurt like a bitch! @MsLaniDasani_ omg you did get all of em pulled how is the pain 1-10? @MsLaniDasani_ me too frennn but at least you’re getting somewhereszn 9 episode 7 @MsLaniDasani_ update on greys ?
it’s the rules we don’t make em @__5twentyone i am i amwine & hookah friday’s. @_Dirrrah that’s why i’m stoppingso i am currently unavailable ✌🏾it’s weighing me down trying to fix everyone’s problemsi an no longer the STRONG friend so please please figure out your problems on your own !“you smell good” ok so eat my ass...
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheem @__kdash_ Idk why but I’m just sick of everyone currently.
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheem @narathestallion I NEEEEDY’all really do that follow everyone to unfollow everyone to get y’all followers up ... it’s pretty weird
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheem you really love me fuck me like a thot
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheemAin’t no way you can be around me and not laugh...that’s facts! Don’t let me and my sisters nor my friends get around u neither ☺️😂😂😂
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheemwait it’s 2021 & niggas are still DL 🤦🏾‍♂️i be spending money on alot of bs
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheembitch right when i needed more money my job just texted me 😬ya better rt this cause shit lemme tell you 😭
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheemthe shaderoom comments really should never be that funny😭
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheem @MangoxMama @Honey_Loco i was just about to say let me get a mild instead 😂 @MangoxMama @Honey_Loco 😂😂 my lungs can’t take it @Honey_Loco @MangoxMama 😂 i was about to say damn i want that kind of sex15 days into January & i’ve learned 2 new crafts.* gets low & fucks it up * adulting shit is wild bro
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheemNo Stimulus, No Man, No Stamps... Alexa play Whitney Houston- I have nothing
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheemevery day & cheese over everything
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheemmen’s mental health matters too.
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheemy’all look at this weed bouquet 😍
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheemMegan Thee Stallion/AQUARIUS ♒️
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheemwait a minute now 🤯 music fridays. @foreva_reccless bitch let’s 😂 we ain’t get fucked up in a minute @foreva_reccless @Lmfao_Preci 😂😂😂 bitch sounds like a great fucking time last time i was there i was drunk as fuck… @foreva_reccless ugh i need to go back & shake my ass with hookahi miss the UBarexactly because now you playing in my face ! counting down since Nov & i’m soooo ready 😬you don’t know her since i got with keikei this bitch can’t stop begging to hang with me like dang.iykyk smooth took 4 bags thanks stink 😘 GODDDDDD!!!!
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheemcan somebody drop me off @ pound town 🥴5 people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by about doing the big bank challenge but im broke maybe next year 😂😂🥴now that’s a great friend for thought ✌🏾 @Dezzy_BadAss lol i think if i didn’t watch it a few months ago i definitely wouldn’tdo it again.
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheem @Dezzy_BadAss her & her friends in high school performing arts school. @Honey_Loco & THATS ON WHETTTTT @Honey_Loco same 🥺 man’s dick is so heavy the underwear can’t even hold it. be looking like yall have money but yall don’t 😭😔
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheem @ShameedWright it’s the devil that’s what it isthis scene will never not be funny 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂💀
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@Honey_Loco i don’t want the tobacco , can you get some & bring it herethat biting shit 🥴🔪 like relax relax @Honey_Loco & you just had a black eye you telling my businesswhewww the drugs i would’ve did & had a BALL FRIEND CLOTHING LINE IS DESIGNER TOO‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheemShooting shots cause why not! 🤷🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheem @idimeswaee_ now that’s a party 😬 @hotpinksoup pastrami @hotpinksoup it’s actually called a Pantiedemici need hookah flavor 🥺NO ALBUM OUT.
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheemONLY pain I’m tryna feel in 2021 is a tattoo needle
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheem i was in the studio when this was recorded. 🤯
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheem💚
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheemthe baby
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheem🦋
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheemlil bunny
Retweeted by OlajuwonFaheemi miss it sooo much @Honey_Loco baby nobody likes you so this ain’t the samething