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『屍人荘の殺人』最終話が公開されました。 アプリのほうで閲覧するかたは、最終話に限りコメント欄があります、是非感想をお寄せください! [第24話]屍人荘の殺人 - 今村昌弘/ミヨカワ将 | 少年ジャンプ+…
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Retweeted by ✈Yajuu @ Orlando✈良い意味で全然変わってないと良い。
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Good morning, squishy
Retweeted by ✈Yajuu @ Orlando✈❤️🌈🦒 Kissy Ref 2021 !!
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Retweeted by ✈Yajuu @ Orlando✈ @Girl_Dm_ What a good girlEvery time I stick my hand or feet or whatever in the water here, I keep expecting it to be super cold .. it being… is very fun! Such a great workout on the arms! I love it! I wanna do it again😭UNAGIDONNN my fav foooood i havent had it in a whiiiillllle🥺🥺💕💕 manatee noses poking out of the water and a dolphin and a osprey carrying a fish and this guy soon Pls pray for me
2021 held a gatorGonna hold a gatorI got a sun burn😂I love food🌺
Pls follow @zheida i love them🥺Slayn
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Retweeted by ✈Yajuu @ Orlando✈Went swimming in the ocean.. got beat up by waves Salt in my mouth😩Daisy is so cute, lookit her.. I gave her snack @comic_support I hate scalpers with a passion: )"You'll know Everything Soon Enough. We're just gonna take this Slowly, Okay?" After 11 Days of Work and with 34 N…
Retweeted by ✈Yajuu @ Orlando✈ @ghostmathuin Yes🥺Swimming with manatees friday (多分)🥺🥺💕!! They are hard to see tho @ghostmathuin 🤭🤭🤭 @TimParaxade Oh no i was filming the fish flopping aroundFound this really cool rock on the beach are fleets trash lol??? @strongest_human There's so many but they run ro their holes so i cant take a good pic XDGhost crab, I can see you peaking out of your hole!Gonna see if i can find any crebOh i took a nap lolJalapeno ketchup is amazing
@ghostmathuin 😂😂😂😂😂 @mootrients :c @Hikums 😘 @PENBEEart Thank you! So-far, the wind from the ocean makes everything bearable!Art chillin @ghostmathuin The wind feels sooo good on the ocean omg @ghostmathuin We went to a small airport and my roommate's dad picked us up and we went to bed but the condo itself… humidity took away my curled bangs lol you see the cruise ship? @DragonTamer1992 XD @DragonTamer1992 Mmm The sea is warmer than it was when you and I went to morro bayI think i will post the majority of the scenery pics on instagram from now on but yeahPretty carapace @mootrients R u in orlando?Mumu on the beach in the water is a bit disorienting XD condo is at the beach 😭💕😢日内に仕上げられなくて申し訳ない(人´πωπ`*)亡くなった年の2018年、2019年、2020年、2021年…哀悼の絵を描くのは何回目になっても慣れない…。描く度に思います。この作品が大好きな事、子供の頃にZENKIに出会った…
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Retweeted by ✈Yajuu @ Orlando✈ @kouotsu Gimmie @dyslexxicon YesMumu is with me, too Orlando to alien abduct human beach goer specimens @ghostmathuin 🤭🤭🤭 @ghostmathuin Orlando 😊 @Yajuuraku Live footage of Yajuu on her way to Orlando
Retweeted by ✈Yajuu @ Orlando✈Have arrived safely 😊 @TimParaxade Thanks😊 @Strain42 Im doing gooood about to take off✈ How are you?Taking off✈
@Strain42 Hello John @iyoku12 Yea but its made with soda, rum, vodka, and gin lolIm tipsy lol @iyoku12 It's a bit sweet, unless you got a strong dose of alcohol with yours🤔🤔When your hang nail snags on your clothing🙂🙂🙂🙂Long island ice tea is my fav drink Sports (2006) in full!
Retweeted by ✈Yajuu @ Orlando✈I'll be able to draw on my trip but nothing spectacular, since it's my roommate's little laptopCommission
Retweeted by ✈Yajuu @ Orlando✈2 more sketch commissions to goAna Nzinga💕 @strongest_human So rude @laserraccoon Mitarashi dango is best dango
Retweeted by ✈Yajuu @ Orlando✈I love this needs a heater when you have a desktop computer @dylandurmeier XD
Retweeted by ✈Yajuu @ Orlando✈I spent way too much time cleaning my room when i could have been drawing😢