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Married to my wife. Terrier typist for @WoofWoofBryn. Aspiring Victor Meldrew. All views are my own... don't take a fence, that's stealing.

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@AshValeCommuter @Worthy_Driver Used to use them years ago 'commuting' Budapest to Bristol. Never had much of an is… @DriverPotter Bloody knitters, the lot of them.
@Alissas_grandad Well... They're not bad I suppose @GermanyDiplo Well played, @GermanyDiplo , well played....Being funny is apparently not always our strong suit. We deleted the tweet below and apologize to all who were offe…
Retweeted by YameshThis is peak @MmmmTrams @swlines Favourite is still the engineer who accidentally rebooted both switches at the same time instead of one by… @swlines Don't worry - I know someone who took down the London Insurance Market doing an incorrect chmod on what th…
@EurostarE @EurostarUK Yes... But in real-life public terms they're (sadly) old news. @EurostarUK Are they really still 'new'? It's been a few years now! @AshValeCommuter 15 mins is generally considered 'on time' for flight metrics. I wish I could be so vague in my line of work.Brittany needs your help to see their flag stay as a emoji on Twitter. Mae Llydaw angen dy help i weld y baner…
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@swlines Plus the Japanese are way better at boarding trains. I have to resist the urge when stepping off one to tell everyone to line up.
@GWRHelp the 08.01 from Ash to Redhill was late... :( Rammed because you've only put a 2 coach train on :(... But y… @SW_Help Ash, P1... One TVM's touchscreen isn't working correctly. Impossible to type destination. The other you ap…
@grantgriff23 There endeth the views. How about you, bwt? @grantgriff23 RLB too closely aligned with current leadership which has failed at GEs twice. Thornberry would be to… @WelshGasDoc Enough for you to finally go back and finish med school... @grantgriff23 Personally I think Starmer would make a better leader/measured figurehead, with JP in a senior role to kick arse @grantgriff23 If either of them can get it and move the party back towards the centre under decent leadership... Wi… Blyton's most political adventure yet... passing through Maeklong Railway Market in Bangkok 🚊
Retweeted by Yamesh @MissWittank @PaulCliftonBBC @SW_Help He gave a good answer on BBC Radio Surrey last week as to why trains don't st… @PaulCliftonBBC @SW_Help What is he doing to address the basics of clean and comfortable trains? What's the compa…
@ThenJoSaid Sit in on the viewings. Some of the questions are incredible... And the estate agents a) give bullshit… the same reason a brick cannot recite poetry.
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@VodafoneUK @SpotifyUK The Horne Section @hornesection and Abroad in Japan @AbroadInJapan 👍 @swlines Fair - me neither. Then again I don't sleep on planes in general. Anyhoo, glad you enjoyed Japan, it's fun @swlines Meh, warm schwarm! @swlines @British_Airways Try JAL next time ;) @JohnTillUK @TheGasMan1985 @phil_dfc From the time my wife worked at their HO, they see themselves as "The British… the most amazing thing on the train to Edinburgh yesterday. A guy boarded in Wigan & sat opposite me. He…
Retweeted by Yamesh @MmmmTrams True, Skirté is a dangerous name though... @nialli Alright, Kneel?No... It's a U, not an O...
@monzo Done. This week can sod off and never return. @Worthy_Driver @wildhampshire Ugh, similar to the gross plane we had a couple of weeks ago.
I really just wanted to listen to The Archers
Retweeted by Yamesh @RoyalMail Ah, 2012... Happier times. @paul_winginit I'm going to be honest... that's a better day right there. @GuildfordBC Does anyone who ever gets a 1 or 2 pose with their certificate? ;) @JohnTillUK I suppose that depends on how many passengers/general demand there is for the ferry? @pjkitchen What happened to the first taxi driver? Do they always carry a substitute? @SW_Help Cheers, inbound mother-in-law on the down... @SW_Help Both directions, or just Woking bound?
@DriverPotter Potter, your writing brings a wry smile and some amusement after an otherwise horrendous first half o… @sainsburys oh-ho-no! have to say, @British_Airways - I'm on #TeamAngela @swlines Have you had one with the screens onboard showing delay reasons yet? (Certainly the Yamanote line does thi…
@SW_Help Wasn't mine - it was a relative as indicated by the words in my previous tweet! ;) @SW_Help Credit where it's due - your platform staff at Woking were really helpful to a relative travelling with yo… @nialli Baxter, you know I don't speak Spanish @nialli Imperfect tense. @andysc Don't get too excited. I've been to Woking. @AshValeCommuter Perhaps the tuna itself was a vegan?You know you're on a train in Surrey when the school kids are arguing about Spanish verbs. @philrichardsuk It seems to have been like that for weeks @swlines NB - If you opt to print name on card, it's harder to refund (NRT could do this, but Tokyo Service Centre… @swlines One tip - a lot of places won't take foreign cards. If you buy a Suica card in Tokyo it's good for anywher… @swlines Enjoy Japan - it really is rather different.
@AshValeCommuter It's on display on the website. It sounds promising, though, as they say, the proof of the pudding… @SW_Help Does this mean you're going to stop selectively replying to tweets? @jennyisflying @SW_Help @swtrains_watch @sw_bingo Hi Jenny, Andy was only with us on a summer placement as part of…
Retweeted by Yamesh @DriverPotter (You guys on the ground have my full love and support - but somewhere in a newish franchise that shal… @DriverPotter Unfortunately, Potter, in some areas of Big Railway Land (perhaps the upper echelons) it seems that t… @AshValeCommuter Maybe this is a new policy implemented during the refresher training last week in which SWR needed… @SW_Help Is this 80 compared to your 'full' timetable or compared to the strike timetable you operated (even on day… @swlines Last one standing from the rave there last night, clearly @swlines Depending on route/peak times - we had no issue buying immediately before travel @swlines You can book using the machines at Shinkansen stations. Alternatively, try the ticket office at the statio…
@ThenJoSaid Oh good lord, it's nice to have you back! @whyteuk In theory, yes... only if the license didn't permit them to bastardise the OS in their own way. In reali…
@DriverPotter Potter, to where should one send the smelling salts? @Tesco Ah, magic, thanks for the explanation! @Tesco Qué? It's issued by Amex UK from Brighton! How very strange... @paul_winginit @RMcCarthy86 Yes. That's a 3310 or 3330 and had changeable covers. Some Nokia handsets of different… @Tesco Ta. It's been going on a while now so would be good to know if you'll be fixing it @Tesco Ola - how done you guys don't take Amex on your Pay@Pump machines anymore please? @NetworkRailWssx @LondonWaterloo @SW_Help Don't worry about it. We've been on reduced @SW_Help services for a month ;) @monzo Moving our joint account to Monzo @TheGasMan1985 Nah, I believe that one is a decoy number designed to confuse people. Who'd put a real number on a train in 2020?
@Broadsword999 Laughing cow and jam. Trust me.
The world needs to learn from Shanghai’s example. Fireworks belong in the past. This is incredible
Retweeted by Yamesh @MmmmTrams Full service in Nice today too @British_Airways No worries, thanks Kev @British_Airways I appreciate how hard your staff and aircraft work - it just feels that on this plane (and the one… @British_Airways The wine stain wasn't too recent and suggests tables not having been cleaned for a little while. T… @British_Airways Hey Julie - your food then gets unwrapped and last minute prep done in the onboard galley. The im… @MarkLeach83 At least in this strange new age there is consistency. HNY to you both (& Hugo!) @Broadsword999 I'm all for the "Double Demerits" they have in Oz. Double points (deducted in their case) and fines… @British_Airways It was ok enough - but seriously, that's not a one off cleaning issue, that's months and years wit… that I'm judging... But stood at the baggage belt trying to work out who has a "I ♥️ Hooters" sticker on their bag @British_Airways Hi, 2625 from NCE. Didn't mention it to the crew - they were too busy working hard. @British_Airways another OK flight - but another dirty plane. How hard is it to get the basics right? Good old BA, positively barking orders at passengers...
The problem with having Kienbock's Disease and therefore a permanently broken wrist... is that should you fall over… 43. Int. Daytime. GUARD 1 comes running into the guards' rest room. GUARD 2 is sitting at a table. GUARD 1:…
Retweeted by Yamesh @JohnTillUK @POferries No harm done in this case, but imagine if you'd bought it on the basis of a lie. @MmmmTrams @monzo That's because you're special, Colin ;)