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Married to my wife. Terrier typist for @WoofWoofBryn. Aspiring Victor Meldrew. All views are my own... don't take a fence, that's stealing.

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@MarkLeach83 No - but in theory usage of a visitor space is limited to 24hrs. No enforcement though. @MarkLeach83 Nooo - actually, if I recall the documentation for the properties down here forbids them. Along with h… @SteveBreave @AshValeCommuter Could have been worse, he could have been on the Coventry University Netball Team I suppose... @AshValeCommuter I've had two try to add me as Facebook friends despite having never met them, so it's been decline…'ve become one of those people. I've joined the neighbourhood Facebook group. That said, I now know the name of t…
@grantgriff23 Sorry to hear this mate. Much love to you and yours x @AshValeCommuter @2wheelsnot4 I'd love to see them trial that in Aldershot! @AshValeCommuter @2wheelsnot4 I do however protest at the concept of a muffin toasted until golden brown, as I fear… @AshValeCommuter Firm is good - the softer ones are too sticky to handle and re-shape. @AshValeCommuter Recommend that where they say 'sausage meat' buy some decent sausages (Heck worked well) and remov… @British_Airways Hi. Canceled an Avios/Cash booking 3 weeks ago. You've confirmed by phone this morning that a 'man… @swlines Check out
@AshValeCommuter He was reported to have been involved in the briefing given to Starmer as new leader of the opposition earlier today @SimonCalder The Wheel of Brisbane, utterly terrible commentary Birmingham Bull Ring, mass disappointment for Spanish tourists
@WelshDalaiLama 🥂 ? @WelshGasDoc gives it a moderate rating @whyteuk I do believe we now have an effective Leader of the Opposition.
@GaryBarlow @RealMattLucas Seeing how happy this has made @RealMattLucas has made my day. Thanks chaps! @AshValeCommuter Assuming it's OK, I will be jumping on your research and doing the same. @RealtimeTrains Done - though, please pay attention to the delivery address...
Why are people unable to distinguish between Virgin Atlantic, a UK based company that pays £350m in tax and employs…
Retweeted by Yamesh @WelshGasDoc @CwmTafMorgannwg Done. @WelshDalaiLama Cause to crack the bubbly out?
@whyteuk If this works out, the betting industry is fucked.Nice work from @MTA #NYC
Retweeted by Yamesh @whyteuk I know of someone who went down they route. Until she found a fella... @pnh14 Yep. I was on the plane to Finland. #tw @pnh14 Only if your arms are 2 metres long. @LadyMontyA350 @ChipperfieldNot Does he notice the clock change? Our dog is now an hour late in demanding his dinne… @pnh14 In Germany it's 1.5. UK also says '6 feet' which is 1.8m. Basically, stop touching people in public mate and you'll be fine!
@whyteuk Been back the last few years. Was due to be going next week. @whyteuk Hungary - Orban has wanted this kind of power for years. The fact it took more that his own party to pass… @KatiePaddockPhD "But I wasn't wearing a jacket..." another 3 months to go...! #CornaVirus
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@BeccaShowler @jvrsue Yeah. I miss decent coffee. Debating a drip filter machine for home just to keep a pot on the… @BeccaShowler Hopefully it won't be *this* for 6 months and some things may be relaxed and switched back on. @TheGasMan1985 Yep!When you're doing so many video calls you feel the need to make your lounge wall more interesting... @Ledders11 @seatsixtyone Indeed. @seatsixtyone Quick sense check - the metro instructions appear to be for Nyugati rather than Deli on that page @TheGasMan1985 Right now, yes. If they restrict further to no birthing partner - which our hospital have said is a…
I'm aware there's a lot going on at the moment. I also know just how scary this is for those it could impact. Pleas…
Heartwarming sight on my street as a baffled Deliveroo driver on a moped turned into the road at 8pm on the dot and…
Retweeted by Yamesh @YorkshireTea No! They must be accompanied by a brew! @BeccyHend Mine was a bit different - we'd booked on points + money so the standard cancellation on that is getting… @paul_winginit Very slowly. Even once restrictions are lifted you find that in many cases people will have taken a…
@BeccyHend Most of BAs customer services are done from India, so most if not all are probably at home on lockdown.… @BeccyHend @British_Airways @fbpe_jojo77 Been there. Done that. Once. Never again.
I'm working on a Very Clever Joke regarding the DFS sale. Just a few more hours and it'll be ready. Hope nobody makes it before I do.
Retweeted by YameshThe spending limit for contactless card payments will be increased from £30 to £45, with a national roll-out beginn…
Retweeted by Yamesh @BeccyHend S'ok - he's been smacked back down this morning. @kurucu83 @BarryPlantDock Same as the people who put signs in our office saying 'N0 EXIT' @kurucu83 @BarryPlantDock Never trust anyone who appears to use letter O instead of a zero.
Trying not to be too political on social media - but when Britain emerges from this, and it will emerge, I hope tha… news alerts on Android... Just got one about the major national lockdown... From "The Grimsby Times" @AshValeCommuter I would assume that there won't be an issue with that at present as the restriction is on retail s…’ve now been alive in six decades: The 1980s The 1990s The 2000s The 2010s The 2020s March
Retweeted by Yamesh @richardosman New programme format? Who can cook the best munchies? @AshValeCommuter (That's probably meant to sound less of a threat than it does...) @AshValeCommuter Not much use now, but when all this is over I will find you and buy you a pint. 👍 @AshValeCommuter About to restart here after 3 weeks out following surgery. Our work directly helps parts of govt t…
@DriverPotter @BrianSmith950 Thinking of you Potter and L.
@grantgriff23 @hughlaurie I'll volunteer to run the bar. By run, I mean conduct rigorous quality control over the contents. @ThenJoSaid @_MissJune_ @homerbronco Most of all - hope you feel better soon! @ThenJoSaid @_MissJune_ @homerbronco No worries - failing that, Corsodyl is pretty strong stuff and whilst it would… @ThenJoSaid @_MissJune_ @homerbronco Worth checking out Difflam Rinse if you can, it helps calm the mouth. Availabl…
@nialli @skytv @SkySports They've done it automatically for pubs - should do the same for all subscribers.
@PaulCliftonBBC @Gatwick_Airport Presumably, that's just direct employees of the airport rather than those working… @ManorTea Do you guys have an online menu please?
@mwayservices I stand to be corrected, that reads like Autoroutes operated by VINCI - although imagine others will follow suit. @ollie_yates All UK <> France sailings except Caen for the time being. :( @SW_Help It's more a query of your info. Alton to Aldershot is a wide scope. Potentially it means Farnham to Guildf… @SW_Help Will this affect GLD <> Farnham trains which travel on that section of line? @TheGasMan1985 I can see how the 'it being someone else" factor changes things. Depends how much you love them I guess! @TheGasMan1985 Personallly, I'd do it. MAS wanted 660 GBP from KUL to LHR last time I looked at it.
@paul_winginit The same designers who have put translucent bathroom doors in hotels. Fine when you're on your own,… @AshValeCommuter You had good timing. Friends also in Morocco are now trying to get out as it's been announced borders will be closing. @whyteuk Improved CSR is the way forward, and should stay as such long term. If others do the same that should coun… @whyteuk The airline sector is going to be completely different after this and the knock-on to their staff and supp…
@ThenJoSaid Good lord! @ThenJoSaid What's more concerning is that someone *made* a documentary about turnips...
@AshValeCommuter Yes/No - for some of what I/team do there are reasons people are needed to be in the office. Until… @SW_Help Genuinely - your trains are already filthy, now is the time to really step up your game on this.
@swlines @RealtimeTrains I think there are some very good ideas - I won't call them useful as I don't use ScotRail,… @EsqMarriage @pnh14 Indeed - and with some mortgage retail rates down at 1.99% at the moment I don't think they'll… @pnh14 @nialli As you're using a Broker, they should be on top of this and they should be able to switch products w… @nialli @pnh14 Most are fixed term to start before moving. TBH most mortgage providers update their products monthl… @EsqMarriage @pnh14 True, but it usually has some impact to the mortgage products offered.Day 9 post tonsillectomy. When they said having this done as an adult would be exceptionally painful, that was some…
@AshValeCommuter What so they need to repack? Everything! Because they thought ahead and put their liquids in a pla… @AshValeCommuter (There's also a varying quality of idiot depending on airport too. Someone must have done a scient… @AshValeCommuter I've never been able to explain this phenomenon, but never is it truer than in the line for securi…
@jvrsue You have my sympathies! @jvrsue I've just had some freshly made flapjack. It's the first solid solid thing I've eaten in days and it's amazing
@cineworld Thanks - any view on how long 'soon' is though please? 7 days? 28 days? @cineworld Hi! How long are refunds on 007 tickets expected to take please? Haven't heard anything so far. @paul_winginit @MAS Seem to recall quite small seats and a very weird A/F, B/E and C/D boarding process. Bon voyage!
@DriverPotter @swlines @realtimetrains I would like update my earlier submission of Pacer to now be PACER... Potte… @SimonCalder Monaco Tourist Office have stopped issuing stamps for this very reason