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PRSNT: fashion pr undergrad, fshn + cultr writer. FTR: fshn stylist, pr + luxury brand aficionado. #blacklivesmatter

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i love becca with jack, i dislike becca with miguel :)anyway love the show shows many very realistic life scenarios. i’m learning tbh and recognising some of me in it - good and bad.adults not adulting piss me off, stop sulking for victim points and get a grip why tf yall damn near forty still doing up my way or the high way and these petty ass sibling fights like get…, kate and randall still have such childish characteristics. it’s their way or an emotional burst way. it’s fk… still can’t believe i didn’t spend my 21st in dubai, i feel so robbed 😭😭i blame it on the pandemic. 2021 NBA MVP.
Retweeted by π”œ π”π”ž π”…π”―π”žπ”±photographers who know how to capture dark skin>
Retweeted by π”œ π”π”ž π”…π”―π”žπ”±jet black bob. bright red curls.omg 😭πŸ₯Ί @LadyAma_ @shazzalean yenko is cutting out lauren’s weave for her, man i still love these two like i’ve just finished love is blind 😭yes 😎 love black women
Retweeted by π”œ π”π”ž π”…π”―π”žπ”± @itssshura every single time 😭i need jayda’s red hairdo expeditiously.Welp im giving birth in switzerland private life with love and luxury >
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the β€œayo” & β€œyo” in a Nicki Minaj song is VERY important.
Retweeted by π”œ π”π”ž π”…π”―π”žπ”±i love it so much.YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooh most disrespected. The most unprotected. The most neglected.
Retweeted by π”œ π”π”ž π”…π”―π”žπ”±God is in control😭😭😭😭😭 just love onika tanya maraj.hello and don’t hurt yourself. ass niggas and high school, boss ass bitch deserves an honory mention so does feeling myself we can’t forget… romance night πŸ₯Ί erm idk 😭 i love too many - kiss it better, man down and only girl. you. is. i love you so much @susuajoke makes me arch my back when you give it to me slow baby just like that down low
Retweeted by π”œ π”π”ž π”…π”―π”žπ”±i’ll kill you @ttasnimh i believe so yes @ttasnimh thats a brownskin for sure @ttasnimh @jayroshanee TAS DPMO LOOOOOOOOL @THECLASSICMANNY hmm i’d love to hear them on a song togetherexplain to me why tf the drunk ass nigga on the ground talking shit 😭 actually wonder why they haven’t done a song together or am i bugging😍 said african moonwalk 😭 @SashaEllese Krept said to tell youuu to tell them to suck dem bumbaclart muddaa
Retweeted by π”œ π”π”ž π”…π”―π”žπ”±please leaving ya kid to get used its own space as a baby isnt abusive or neglect, get a grip.where is this sasha leaving nala to cry outrage coming from?need works, i seen it work its magic on some of my friends! @zalm59 OMG congratulations πŸ˜­πŸ’• May Allah bless your unionyum he was NOT charged in Breonna Taylor’s death. He was charged for firing bullets that entered into other…
Retweeted by π”œ π”π”ž π”…π”―π”žπ”±just wanted to say... i’m a mfn city girl i talk shit i like money i like bags...the fuck.πŸ’€ @ccelinasoul sis we’re gonna be that dramatic and our kids will tweet this one day i-haha and then you have my mum. on earth 😭 mum is soooo pretty like, sometimes I just look at her & deep rah what a beautiful woman
Retweeted by π”œ π”π”ž π”…π”―π”žπ”±LMAOOO hairstylists giveaways and the frontsleyer’s giveaway has set a whole new bar 😭i love when @JustineSkye
Retweeted by π”œ π”π”ž π”…π”―π”žπ”±these prices i’m seeing in the thread? get me to tulum! @justevess_ i love you! @1017ARl do it 😍 im gonna get mine drunk soon too at home in bed sksks @shazzalean ugh i love you @1017ARl ou their bed antics everyday. clink clink can we go x @inxdira i can’t stand him when mine is drunk asf😭OMG TRUST ME, I hate it when my nigga is drunk that man is annoying as hellπŸ˜‚
Retweeted by π”œ π”π”ž π”…π”―π”žπ”±Jesus she is gorgeous. still love himπŸ₯Ίnigga one time said β€œwhat should we name em cause i aint pulling out” drunk boyfriends give stress. LISTEN. behalf of all women . We love this tweet .
Retweeted by π”œ π”π”ž π”…π”―π”žπ”± @susuajoke she finds him sexy it gotta be thatYEAHHHHH!! β€˜LITTLE NOKIA’ OUT NOW πŸ“²πŸ”₯✨πŸ”₯βœ¨πŸ“²
Retweeted by π”œ π”π”ž π”…π”―π”žπ”± @susuajoke she forgot the major no 😭kevin and zoe dating brings me joy #thisisusgive this woman a medal for the caption. @TRIGGERKINGMJ let’s get to work!we decorate it, they pay for it. 50/50 feels good. due to its message but self titled is that girl too. but lemonade was the culture and emotional reset we needed. have had a sore throat on and off for 7 months i am tired. @gachiaa__ πŸ₯Ίβ€οΈ @chocoolatseh @northscyde sarah dearwhen will i get drunk again for him to take care of me Lord πŸ₯Ί @temmy___ all manners out the window sksk @_tashanellie last time his ass got drunk i kicked him off the bed, Jesus they’re too much😭fendi 2021. that’s it.i- @MABIN2_ same sis!😭 i’m in love with it @MABIN2_ bambi swim dress is called bounty! need more candles, quickly. vanilla scented too.honestly what a face. a poser x
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