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28yo @AndrewYang donor/supporter. Gamer/Nerd. Previously Politically Disengaged. 1st time voter. #YANG2020 #YangGang #HumanityFirst #MATH

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@JimGillespie9 @AndrewYang I am not disagreeing... I like a 3rd party run in THEORY but this entire string of tweet… @washheights44 Which is technically a third party, no? Is there a difference I'm not aware of? Genuine question. lol @EGueli A mouthpiece for their anger? 🤷Because otherwise I am not ready to lose a chance of a Yang presidency because of a poor choice in party. Dem or 3r… of us want an end to the duopoly nonsense. But if Yang wins Dem and does well, not only may it ease some of th…'s such a divide in the #YangGang over a third party run. Yang realized it would cost him if he chose to run i… I’m influential we all know it’s because of the #YangGang 😀🙏
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNow @SaraEnki @TheTweetOfGod Mine's @BrutumF Hm... I'm happy with my luck here. XD @zantorien19 @TheRealJaimeP I'll defend Yang as long as I feel he is still in the right. Eternal defense regardless… @the__Dave_ Self interest. Wouldn't call it a benefit though. lol @Armitage2020WA By never being able to afford it in the first place? I haven't had a checkup since I was 12. I'm 28. @accidentallymeg So much for beauty AND brains xD I really hope this is staged. LmaoIf you’re going to give someone money tying it to not working is really stupid.
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNow @rickclem @realDonaldTrump Do y'all not remember when Obama ran, let alone won? I saw TONS of racists then. Tons. T…
I really, truly believe in a third party vote. I wish it were actually considered in America today but the vast maj…
Masks do not drop your oxygen levels
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNow @isiahmeadows1 @Soulraque Very true! @GIFShin0bi @GenieShinobi God bless you for this amazing gift of a gif. Lmao @KJisms @lois_left @DHotwheelz She did say radicals- i.e.: the extremists. But you are correct, it's not just them.… @JennDenelle #YangGangI’m thrilled that DC is up for statehood - it is long overdue. Meanwhile Puerto Rico’s people are yet being crushed…
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNow @ronniiforYang If you had a Gmail linked to your phone double check Google photos! They sometimes auto sync to it.… @Soulraque Idk why people try to hide that they're asking. Is it so wrong to ask? I ask other white people too some…
And now here’s a video of my cat running into my room to say “I love you” and then not being able to handle the emo…
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNowThe feature is said to be the first to rely on an artificially intelligent actor
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNowWe are working on some very exciting things for the Data Dividend Project - so seriously sign up today. 👍
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNowIf only they put this kind of energy into making GOOD decisions. 🤦 @GigiGloriby Rip you off* damn auto correct strikes again. lol @GigiGloriby LG Stylos are pretty nice as well. Use an SD card (you can get a 32GB SD card on Amazon for like 10 bu… @GigiGloriby My new job is working at a cell phone shop so I've been learning about this! xD Highly DO NOT recommen… #yanggang has helped people through some very tough times. Thank you. You all are the best. 👍🙏 #HumanityFirst #humanityforward
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“All Lives Matter”
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNow
@strangeisbetter Honestly anyone who thinks they have any right to harass someone over who they do or don't vote fo… @strangeisbetter he dropped out Andrew Yang has created Humanity Forward, sued New York to save democracy, and now is fighting…
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNow @BringBackLevity Been having this same issue and I think it might be that new feature they put out a bit ago to hid…
@mako88788788 @novasandler @BringBackLevity While I generally agree with the 'if not now, then when' sentiment, I t…
Monday on 👍 #paythepeople #datadividendforall
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNowHilarious. The guy know for begging people to debate him , finally gets someone to debate him, loses , then calls t…
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNow @mako88788788 @novasandler @BringBackLevity Try not to take it personally but when I say "nobody" I obviously don't… @jordan_jitsu @AndrewYang First time I saw him on the bottom of the list of candidates I laughed him off. Saw Yang… Trump just made a fool of himself in front of a half-empty arena in Tulsa. So we made this rapid-response ad…
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNow @novasandler @BringBackLevity I do wish America was ready to accept a third party. Seeing things in black and white… Weinstein: "You know who else looks like a President to me? Andrew Yang." Joe Rogan: "I'm down with that. I l…
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNowAndrew Yang x Admiral William McRaven
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNowTrump is losing.
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNow
@Jalepeno84 @AndrewYang I've seen it from both sides so... gonna have to agree to disagree here. @Jalepeno84 @AndrewYang This comment and most its replies is a prime example of why left vs right is ruining our co… @AndrewYang Scott Santens is doing probably the best work for #UBI, pls consider becoming a Patron for his Patreon,…
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNow @AndrewYang
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNow up to 23 million Americans will be subject to eviction by September - we need cash relief i…
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNow72% say this is the lowest point in American history during their lives.
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNow @ChrissieCanMath Tone policing-* woops @ChrissieCanMath I don't believe in time policing- albeit rare cases where someone is being super aggressive and hu… @angelasparkplug @berniesbrewcrew ^^^ this!! @AndrewYang @HumanityForward @Snarkastic2 You and the #YangGang are my heroes. 😭💙💙💙Poverty is unnecessary.
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNowThanks, @AndrewYang for the shout out and for your support! #yanggangforcongress
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNow @AndrewYang @HumanityForward So, @Snarkastic2 signed us up for the HF help fund after we lost our jobs. We both fou… those of you who think that we should be getting paid for the use of our data - data that is generating tens of…
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@Ozzy_Frederico Basically tell them about @AndrewYang and even potentially getting them to join the #YangGang. :P O… a new job. Yanged our boss. Things are looking up again! Thank you to everyone who offered me assistance when I…
@enihcdniw Who exactly are you speaking to...? @gotchuonlock I see you! And we're definitely not dead. Lots of people who quit just really never used Twitter much… @_Kendeew @gurvirs1ngh @PINKdot_COM Again- clearly NOT the case. I was very young and simply did not understand. I… @_Kendeew @gurvirs1ngh @PINKdot_COM I was NEVER under the impression that POC didn't suffer, or that I had it bette… @_Kendeew @gurvirs1ngh @PINKdot_COM I'm not saying I didn't understand BLM in that DEPTH. I just thought that it wa…
@_Kendeew @gurvirs1ngh @PINKdot_COM I understand completely. That is the part of privilege I DO understand. Not arguing with you. @daryad59 @gurvirs1ngh @PINKdot_COM Not arguing that! @gurvirs1ngh @PINKdot_COM Agree with and understand* Sorry, I'm not quite awake yet. lol @gurvirs1ngh @PINKdot_COM That part I agree and understand with. What I was saying though is I don't think it was m… @2Evil2BeCute I definitely understand that part. That's why I said the only privilege I have is not being treated o… @BrutumF So not only did he make bond, but his scumbag lawyer is gonna act like there was ANY justifiable reason fo…, Joe & Donald aren’t exhibiting leadership qualities right now. Can you please show them how it’s done? Thanks. - #YangGang
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNowURGENT MISSING CHILD ALERT❗️ Dawn Vazquez was last seen on April 30, 2020 in Painesville, #Ohio. She may be in the…
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNowTwitter will do the most to find a Karen, dox her, and destroy her life..... Put that same level of energy into fi…
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNow @gurvirs1ngh @PINKdot_COM So forgive my supposed ignorance here, but I don't think privilege was the reason I once… @gurvirs1ngh @PINKdot_COM At this point the only privilege I have is to not have a hate crime enacted on me- but ev… @gurvirs1ngh @PINKdot_COM I'm not really sure what privilege I had growing up, to be honest. I'm still not fully aw… in the US have killed 120 people since George Floyd. 20 days. 120 lives.
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNow @realDonaldTrump If we can count on anything, it's for you to make the rich richer while the rest of us suffer bene… @realDonaldTrump Fast? FAST? You were about a month+ fucking LATE and only offered ONE check of $1200. That's barel… who to vote out. If you aren't for basic fundamental human rights just because of a person's gender or sexuali… @CapMamii If a tree falls in the woods and nobody's around to hear it, does it make a sound? *If some idiots post… @SusanSucks @PINKdot_COM @GivethNoFxcketh "You're white so BLM doesn't concern you." ... yeah no, not how that work… @gurvirs1ngh @PINKdot_COM It's less of privilege and more of ignorance or misunderstanding. When I was younger, I w…
@Dantor_ @Swaggaboywheelz Thank you for the sources Daniel! I'll look into this. Though the headline already has me disgusted.. @YangDotVideo @Tabonuk @view13s @supjackjack @AndrewYang Also infinitely better than tasers. People still die from… @jimmytrjt @view13s @supjackjack @AndrewYang The same could be said for tasers, could they not? People FALL when ta… @Dantor_ @Swaggaboywheelz Whoa, wtf? Source(s)? Is it ICE? I saw some brief mentions about it before but no details. @TrungKienHuynh1 Again, "All lives matter" does not bring attention to the movement nor specify who is struggling i… @TrungKienHuynh1 "ALM" is not the better slogan. It's the end goal. Black lives are far more in danger than others… you hate Mitch McConnell retweet this
Retweeted by Lexi 🧢☂️ #BLM #PoliceReformNow @ProjectLincoln The fact that this clown thinks he can claim having done ANYTHING for black americans is laughable- if it wasn't so grim.A grim reality. #BlackLivesMatter @ClickThatFollow @SaraEnki This is fucking ridiculous. They don't act when they should, and OVER react when they sh…, just to add: This isn't a "flex" or some stupid shit like that. I'm mainly trying to drive a point that no ma…, please. If you feel the need to shout "All lives matter" when someone tells you Black Lives Matter? Stop and t… you are suffering the injustices and RADICALLY different treatment (namely by law enforcement) that POC must…