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Megs @YankeeMegs Eastern Long Island NY

Mom. Loves baseball & hockey. Now that there's no baseball and hockey, you're gonna see a lot of pictures of my dog.

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The beach was a good idea today @tribros They were pretty!Amazing fireworks over Southampton tonight
@RSN80 It's definitely a warm muggy one todayJFC you guys. It's hot outside. @tribros MAYBEI just went from a size 10-12 to a 6! Ask me how! Sign up for my free workshop! @JOCKatHQ Mmmmmm tequila @JOCKatHQ Why? You got more? Lol @barffknsimpson Ooooh that sounds really good. I'm gonna try and find it out here instead of driving to Stew's @barffknsimpson That's my go-summer mixed drink. But I've never tried it in a can. Approve? Should I purchase?Gonna be svelte in 5 minutes.Best diet plan ever: Sit in direct summer sunlight, drinking double IPAS. Lose that water weight, ladies. @9Number9 #blessed @shanjoie WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! @andy55512000 How sweet is that stuff? @andy55512000 My goodness *high five*Just a palate cleanser for the imperial I had before this. - Drinking a Stickier Bandit by North Fork Brewing Compa… just earned the 'Middle of the Road (Level 7)' badge on @untappd! @phillyindiefan No better time than the present, I say *guzzles*Gonna chase that 11% with a 9.5%. Gotta pace yourself in weather like this, you guys.Heat, humidity, and a 11% imperial was an amazing idea. No really, it was. @EversTurk @PupsAndPucks He's gonna be inside until at least 5-6pm now hahahaI just earned the 'Independence Day (2020)' badge on @untappd! an Abuse of Science by @DUBeerCo - @ThatWMD I ❀️ Sam @tribros @PupsAndPucks Exactly. He only moved this fast because I was so far ahead of him and he heard me unlock th… @PupsAndPucks Heat and humidity. The ultimate slower-downer of Magoo. hair is so long right now that hockey and baseball WAGS are asking me where I got my hair extensions. @KatYourFriend Don't let'em down, Kat. The people await. @KatYourFriend At least. Maybe 200k. @JeremyTiermini Exactly that. Fresh hell. @KatYourFriend Of course he does. @tribros This is astounding lolLOLZ I'M CRYING @Genevosey (fully aware) @elmtree916 Jfc she needs to go away @MelanieHammer They don't bother him one bit πŸ™‚ @HudsonRiverCroc 😁 @FatGirlvsWorld Everyone says hi 😊 @FatGirlvsWorld Will do! @FatGirlvsWorld I AM!Happy 4th, you guys.
@ogsmar THAT'S THE GUY THAT SQUEEZED IT IN A BIG TUBE, JIMMY HAGUE. @DougDennis41 Ugh. I am so sorry πŸ˜• @ChrisOrlandoHS *grumble*
@9Number9 @tonylukes Treat yourself to the Italian roast pork with sharp provolone and broccoli rabe when you go th… @JaysonL56 @ChrisOrlandoHS LOL @ReginaMMoore8 Anna's on MacDade Blvd in Folsom πŸ™‚Same to you, pal. @marciaherold @Emilywantsaboat @GatorLenny @benyankee 😘 @marciaherold @DougDennis41 LOL @teamgrahnt Anna's on MacDade Blvd in Folsom. @david_livick Any coffee that is not hot. @JOCKatHQ I have some DUBCO Abuse of Science (11%) and Six Point Resin (9%) @ChrisOrlandoHS Mustard only, no pineapple on pizza @JOCKatHQ Love me some DIPA! @JOCKatHQ I was just setting the bar lower for those who don't know better. I have nothing in my fridge right now under 8.5 lol @ryan_augustino It's a Philly cheesesteak, made in Delaware County @9Number9 Yeah, it's gonna be one of those days @JOCKatHQ @teamgrahnt Gross. @adolphsr Anna's on MacDade in FolsomBeer should be hoppy and no lower than 6.5% abv @jacksonkuhl It felt like a good day to wear em! @SeanWats Sorry, it's true. @gregmolyneux Yes, this is a truth.These takes about iced coffee not being cold coffee are preposterous. Cold, is cold. Not hot is cold. #cold @SarahDInKC NOOOOO still considered cold coffee @sgreen3 NOOOOOOO SAM THAT'S GROSS TOOOOOOOO @TheHappyRecap Are you from Central Jersey? Lol @TomRechlin BLECH @Janxy YAAAAY! WHEW! You are one of my favorite folks on this hellscape of platform 😊 @Janxy HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Go try Anna's on MacDade Blvd in Folsom!More thoughts: The best Philly cheesesteak is not in Philadelphia. It's in Delaware County. @D_AGOSTINO You are #blessed @FatGirlvsWorld LOL I guess I'd feel the same? @D_AGOSTINO OMFG πŸ₯° @trx0x It is @D_AGOSTINO My years living down in the 215/610/484 have taught me right from wrong. @bvduro Sorry, Ben. My opinion is right. @ChrisOrlandoHS Hahahaha I thought you'd get that @VorosM I am definitely one of those people who lack that metabolism. I just like plain, strong coffee with whole m… @ChrisOrlandoHS You must live in Central JerseyAlso, another thing on my mind - it's pork roll. Not Taylor ham. @masher2112 Mmmmhmm @Emilywantsaboat @GatorLenny @benyankee @marciaherold This is a good point @JOCKatHQ Coffee is supposed to be hot. Those are the rules. Only exception is coffee ice cream. @FatGirlvsWorld Gotta keep the pipes flowing! @GatorLenny @benyankee He likes his seltzer medium? As opposed to Marcia's preference of well done? @FFRittle Did I stutter? @FatGirlvsWorld #notallcoffee @Emilywantsaboat Not sure, but I thought I'd put out a PSA. @benyankee @Emilywantsaboat SAME! YAAAAAAY!Cold coffee: Still gross. @9Number9 He lasted 10 minutes outside before he said, "fuck this, it's humid AF out." and had me let him back inside."are you sure?"'ve reminded myself that it's Friday multiple times today. It's only 10:27 am.