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TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN) @yankees_28th Home drinking Trashtros’ tears

**No longer on hiatus** Libertarian-ish. 40-ish. Husband of 1. Father of 3. #Yankees #DallasCowboys #TeamCashGodGotUsOurGuy #TeamJomboy

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Barn has spoken. the unsettling news today, I’m forcing myself to listen to the Severino PPP. Setting the O/U on me burstin… with the positive vibes... it easy on our #5, TauchDaddy! @MaxTGoodman Gonna ask the important question... can he pitch?😫🥴🤢🤮 @TalkinYanks Don’t break Lasagna, Gary!Yanks news: Severino is fine they are just being cautious and don’t want to rush him into his throwing program in h…
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN) @TwoTonFish Me too. Had to call though. Heads up. Final table. Chance to double up and dominate. I was 80% post flop. Agghhhhhhhhh😳 hear @amyklobuchar likes back rubs. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ need a Severino update and I need it NOW! @ThatDumbNYYFan It reminded me of Christie Kamakaziing Rubio. 🤣 @FromDaveTilDawn What are you talking about, you awful cynic!?! That was a beautiful, unscripted, encounter. A moment of bliss!!! 🤣 @ThatDumbNYYFan He even looks like Nate Newton!He’s toast. Into. My. Veins. @yankees_28th Thank you. You are absolutely spot on.
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN) @TimAlberta She’s grift-ing her way to a VP nom.When we bullied someone, our moms would kick our asses. Then they would hand us over to our dads. Taught us an ever… just scalped Bloomberg in front of the entire country. Wow.
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN) @GlassesGleyber I would like to see said jersey please. @FrankiesTooLoud Keeps fucking happening. Getting beat heads up with winning hands at the Final table. Frustrating as shit. 😡FUCK. Busted out of tournament in 7th after 4 hours of play. AQ off suit against my JJ. Q came on the turn. @ThatDumbNYYFan To soothe your ass? @FrankiesTooLoud I knew it would be like saying Bloody Mary in front of a mirror. @YankeeSopranooo That’s because a lot of fans are idiots. Stanton is a superstar. @ThatDumbNYYFan @DanSk1997 @FromDaveTilDawn @Jomboy_ @melmastro18 RIP Snob. ☹️ @ThatDumbNYYFan @nysportsfan2015 @chrisvitali @FrankiesTooLoud got you into #YankeesTwitter ? For me it was @Jomboy_ . I had this account for years but never used it, and the…
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@iHitCurves @summergirl2212 HOLY FUCK! I almost forgot for a second. The rest of the league is so fucked. 🤣 @ThatDumbNYYFan You’re so fucked. #PIP (Puke in Peace) @FromDaveTilDawn @Jomboy_ @melmastro18 Yeah she is. @FromDaveTilDawn @Jomboy_ @melmastro18 - The 2018 postseason. Her #PlanetMookie tweets had me rolling. @TalkinJake @MatthewStucko @Jomboy_ Who’s driving the bus? @aidachavez A lot of people don't know that klobuchar is actually the infinitive transitive verb for "to throw at s…
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN) @DanSk1997 @Yankees 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻Just spent 20 minutes talking pitching with Gerrit Cole. I have spent a lifetime on the mound (high school, college…
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN) @The_Bleacherss Spoiler alert: It’s not true.Damnit, @barstoolsports! I really want to enjoy @short_porch, but the sound levels suck balls. @BarstoolHubbs scre… @MonksDana The smell gives them away. 😉🤣 @kikicrowley @Yankees Thanks, Kiki!! 😍 @FrankiesTooLoud We don’t deserve them. At all.Mental illness is not funny. Its not a joke. Stop making fun of people and hope and pray they get the help they need.
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN) @FrankiesTooLoud My pupper LOVES it. 😂 @FrankiesTooLoud Crunchwater!’m spent. Thanks for all the kind comments. I’ll post more pics when it’s all healed up. LET’S FUCKING GO… @SophiaIvezaj @Yankees Thanks! @CantH0LDMe @Yankees Thanks, J! @FrankiesTooLoud @Yankees Thanks Frankie! @Sportsteamnews @Yankees 🙏🏻 @JJ_FromTheField @Yankees Thank you!!! @nyy_cate @0fficialStacey @Yankees Thanks, Cate! @catyankeefan @Yankees Ink Coture, San Antonio, TX. @0fficialStacey @Yankees Nice line work with the patch motif, huh? @OGSins_ @Yankees Thanks brother!#YankeesTwitter - What do you guys think? Needs to settle a bit so the white can pop. This is definitely our year!… it comes... 5... 4... 3... @ThatDumbNYYFan TBH @chrisvitali has already seen it.Can I get a rollcall on who wants to see the new tat? @ThatDumbNYYFan Maybe I’ll just show you, Joe. 😉You guys want to see something pretty cool? @PedalingPA @M_Marakovits @YESNetwork @BergenJohn212 Amazing! You fucking rock.Ok. The chest hurts like a motherfucker! 😫😂Follow this man!!! opinion... Manfred had absolutely 0% chance to succeed in this. No way the @MLB_PLAYERS would have allowe…
@cdixon25 But we’re all mad at them and that’s punishment enough. @BergenJohn212 About to sit for my new tat. Hoping to god I selected the right artist to pull it off.Need some serious moral support right now before I chicken the fuck out. @chrisvitali @nyy_cate @ThatDumbNYYFan @kikicrowley Thanks, man! Means a lot. @chrisvitali @nyy_cate @ThatDumbNYYFan @kikicrowley Sent a dm @chrisvitali @nyy_cate @ThatDumbNYYFan @kikicrowley Heading in for my tat right now, btw. Nervous as fuck! @chrisvitali @ThatDumbNYYFan @nyy_cate @kikicrowley Don’t be so modest! @chrisvitali @ThatDumbNYYFan @nyy_cate @kikicrowley You should be awarded a medal.The real question is “Can he play right field?” @snooze_cat @SethAbramson @ThirdBaseDan I thinks i use my words goods. @SethAbramson @ThirdBaseDan So sorry this is happening Seth. I have called a waaaahmbulance for you. It should be there momentarily.She’s a grifter. is hate speech. @Nickyb_04 @JomboyMedia You’re the greatest, Nicky! Now get back to rubbing your special salves on your hubby’s shoulder. @n0tmagicmike @Jomboy_ Stillwater, baby! @EmSheDoesIt Yes. This. Please. This. Yes. Please. @ToddEmanuelli @TalkinJake Definitely not. Definitely not hurt. to see here. Move along.
@chrisvitali @Absolutsam18 @Jomboy_ I’m going in tomorrow for one that is supposed to take four to five hours. Gonna do it in one session. @SophiaIvezaj @JakeRepNY What’s up with @lindseyadler catching a glimpse?!? 🤣 @xiggy89x @YankeeReport28 My 14 year old daughter is OBSESSED with these guys.The guy in the stands that is convinced Andy Pettitte is Derek Jeter is really entertaining me this morning.
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN) @AARP - care to comment? the guy with 157 followers to the guy with 215K. 🙄 @GREEK__G0D I’m going because it’s one of the few times each year I get to see our boys play live. That being said,… Altuve, I’m extremely overweight, have never won an MVP award or a WS title & never hit a walk-off HR to win a…
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN)What a fucking elitist pig. He’s gonna get trounced.