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CLAPPED. Back for Yankees baseball. Libertarian-ish. 40-ish. Husband of 1. Father of 3. #Yankees #DallasCowboys #TeamCashGodGotUsOurGuy #TheMediaIsLyingToYou

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Joe Biden was against gay marriage when he ran for re-election as Vice President. @realDonaldTrump supported it f…
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN)denver chick-fil-a 🤝 nuggets that will not be available tomorrow
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN)Im not sure it’s gonna go the way they think it’s gonna. FBI, the Zodiac is at it again. check: true.
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN) @rachelbovard You’re gonna be really surprised to see what @Jack paid him.<Amy Coney Barrett, her husband, and their kids> Normal America: what a beautiful family! Ibram Kendi: nope must…
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN) Antifa supporter murdered a Trump supporter in Portland last month and you don’t hear that much about it.
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN)This is fucking wild. If you’ve never been to a live music event in Austin, you can’t believe how fucking wild this…😳 @yankeefanjustin @beyondreasdoubt What a fucking dystopia these nut jobs are afflicted with. 🤦🏻‍♂️Now do Kagan, you fucking lunatic. out the fucking locked down echo chamber of these replies. 😳 This is dystopian as fuck. They really believe t… until you google Justice Kagan!
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN) @yankeeswimp @RotoWear @LLVIII40 Is this Luke’s burner account? @yankeefanjustin @LevineJonathan tfw you’re so woke richard spencer quote tweets you with agreement
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN)HOLY FUCK. @FrankiesTooLoud @yankeeswimp @RotoWear @LLVIII40 You’re way too much of a wimp to wear one, Hendo.“If you’re really pro life why don’t you adopt some kids😡” *adopts kids from Haiti* “ACTUALLY we meant white kids only, racist”
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN)My American patriotism comes from knowing that Gavin Newsom and Don Jr. are eskimo brothers
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN)BAAAAAHAHHHHHHAAAAAA!!!! @JohnEkdahl I don’t think he’s saying that they get to play there as much as laughing at them that there will be pl… @FrankiesTooLoud Damn. Thought we had a couple of more days before the detent was over. Strap in boys and girls!🚨MLB TWITTER POSTSEASON🚨 Effective Immediately If you are not a fan of my team, you are my enemy and will be trea…
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN) @iHitCurves @thatgirlmareena @FrankiesTooLoud In a three game? Fuck yeah. @kyle_honeysett @FrankiesTooLoud Agree..@realDonaldTrump brokered peace in the Middle East despite the U.N., not because of it. This is a paradox that a…
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN)I don’t disagree with this. @tedcruz You’re a ‘Real Genius.’ Looking forward to you joining ACB on the court in the future. @stoolpresidente 🤘🏻Trump is the first U.S. president to nominate a mother of Black children to the Supreme Court, and exactly when mom energy is most needed.
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN)Who is sending out this idiotic talking point?
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN) @0fficialStacey @RotoWear @LLVIII40 I should really be on a push order basis with them at this point. Would save e… oNLy cArE aBoUt bABieS iN tHe wOmB. YoU dOn'T cArE aBoUt tHeM aFtEr biRtH. I adopted one from birth. wELL, yO…
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN) @0fficialStacey @RotoWear @LLVIII40 Over ANOTHER @RotoWear package... I think this is the 15th.My wife is gonna leave me. @ds8503 😳 @yankeefanjustin How’s the BP?
You sons of bitches.’re welcome @TexasLonghorns. @yankeefanjustin O. MY. GAWD. @yankeefanjustin Holy shit. I turned the game off. 🥴 @yankeefanjustin Game over. Congrats. 🥴Holy shit. What. A. Catch.I’m done jinxing today. 🤢🤮 @yankeefanjustin Lol @yankeefanjustin series.AWFUL play calling, Herman. WTF!? @yankeefanjustin Yup. @fvckcommies I got banned for two days for r/t’ing a story about Hunter Biden and asking Netflix if they were still… @yankeefanjustin That sucked @yankeefanjustin They were ROBBED. @yankeefanjustin UT still gonna win. 🤘🏻 @titletownusa73 Space Oddity.She meant Holo-Tupac, obvi. 🙄 @BoSnerdley @KurtSchlichter Same.Hey @RotoWear - you know already I’m a large. Please auto ship. @iHitCurves Past time.If this cupcake pedo supporter doesn't like her, then you know she's perfect. St Michael, Pray For Us
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN)What a fucking joke. to announce my most important end-of-season award: Luke Voit is the Yankees’ Zoom MVP. Giving great quotes…
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN)Yep, they’re doing it.
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN)#MyFirstBaseman. at this horrendous excuse for a human being. 👇🏻 @WandLLaw99 EndorsedI don’t know about you, but the Limu-Emu commercial really makes me want to buy Geico.Tbh, given his 180 year career, he’s pretty lucid. can't find definitive public evidence proving or disproving Covid-19 link to Wuhan lab. What did I find? If there…
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN)I’m pro life. Fuck this guy. is the kind of person Amy Coney Barrett is
Retweeted by TeamGio 🦖 (ColeSZN)Get this Mutt off of my mound. @HoodieONeill @Yankees Re-sign. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @Wuthrich24 He was WASHED from being abused throughout the season. That was squarely on Boone, Cash, and the nerds… @OGSins_ Been saying it all season. This view is ASS.Gary has been told not to swing? @just_greg16 @just_greg16 Is this even in question? @Wuthrich24 He was outrageous last year. Lots of relievers are off this year. I think he’s fixable.29 games later and @YESNetwork still thinks the behind the catcher view isn’t ass. 🤦🏻‍♂️Tough break for Otto.Shut up, idiot. DJ!I love Otto’s heater. Sorry, not sorry.C’mon Otto. TRUST. YOUR. SHIT. @30Charliezzz @PeaceNow4Life He’s good. Bullpen needs work in “leverage” too. @30Charliezzz I’m good with it.Luke said fuck that. @kevinfinnertyy game kid. @Christian_NYYST Tyler Wade.Fucking called that! @Thomas_city5 And Don Mattingly... and Derek Jeter... andBest 2nd baseman in baseball and it’s not even close.That’s two more!