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i keep thinking this is stacyplays
Retweeted by Cece @connorbeifong ohhh ok!! I can carry you if you need hehe @connorbeifong waitttt we need to play together I cant rankup with randos anymore 😭 @buggirl200 OMGGG @ImgivingupMama whos ally
@chriismolina consider i dont give a fuck @AMYP0EHL3R …JOE MAMA @AMYP0EHL3R Happy birthday Joe have a stellar day💝🎉🎉🎉… @ImJakeJohnston @hannahtheebaker what must it be like to grow up that beautiful with your hair falling into place like dominoesi don’t like that falling feels like flying till the bone crush
Retweeted by Cece @ImJakeJohnston is that your girlfriend?the gender envy was so real discovered its spelled near/far sighted and not sided…makes a lot more sense now
@ImgivingupMama I knew you ran that place rightthis shit is loud #LOLLAPBREADLOOZA @lenalikehyena unfortunately i think most of those people stopped caring long ago @hbhudson8 can we make this happen @yarbycece
Retweeted by Cece @rosequartzbitch same here I might start doing the same thing… @rosequartzbitch it must be a capricorn thing
Retweeted by Cece @laurelbarf reminds me of dan and phil bed @MadameRusty HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADAME RUSTY!!! 💜❤️‍🔥 @fkaabez glad I could help @atxnement I already know I need to plan for another rewatch…Im so excited to watch I love that theyre long episodes!! @SiSobrina yeah yeah…actually gut wrenching @atxnement I havent yet but im really looking forward to them!! I was waiting until I finished the series and I too… a mess @casswiftiie I keep it closeseated for adventure time finale. @GREASESTAlNS @pinkmattur @goIdagain baeanyasometimes all a girl needs is a gay boyfriend <3
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@amandas1dfanacc ill carry you @anaIingus it makws it taste better!what you hear when you’re skipping songs in 1989 deluxe edition
Retweeted by Cece @pinkmattur @ImgivingupMama HEHHEJEWHE @ImgivingupMama I thank you for your hard work and serving @casswiftiie @casswiftiie mamas next fest @bobbyonmain yurrpp
Retweeted by Cece @lnfinitygirI we passed 🔥 @lnfinitygirI we just had to like pretend people were in the pool 😭 @lnfinitygirI one time we had lifeguard inspections on a day like this and it was the worst thing ever @lnfinitygirI On my way! @lnfinitygirI those are the worst days when they make you sot around for hours in case one person comes to the pool @lnfinitygirI thats my pool @lnfinitygirI :( @EdnaXcx you can thank mamahere for the #ImGiving1989MamaBash space and the bad blood on your door #NewProfilePic @ImgivingupMama GORG @ImgivingupMama YES MAAM @ImgivingupMama braver than mostHappy salt air month
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people died
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@wkeyretro i think youd love breath of the wild!!it’s almost august already
Retweeted by Cece @gibby0fficial SO TRUE GIBBYi don’t see y’all talking about the hurricane x party in the usa mashup enough 🤔
Retweeted by Cece @gibby0fficial I shouldnt have to askholy shit I walked into barnes and nobel and theyre playing bridgit mendler top of the world…theres a real mendie on aux
Retweeted by Cece @hbhudson8 YAS GAGA @problemsthots queen. shes so smart and beautifulBridgit Mendler has unfollowed Dababy on Instagram.
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@nerdjpg very delicious and hits a unique flavorSome more cherry blossom pokemon
Retweeted by Cece @charamells I lovevthem so much!! azurill looks so soft and sweetboo when mario looks at them a look, ny'all :3 catreactionpictures - B5ExHi5pALR.jpg
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Retweeted by Cece @pinkmattur not them queerbaiting @pinkmattur literally fuckit @pinkmattur yeahh I know its just…I bought a high end computer and they dont even have a cd drives anymore 😭😭dont have a CD drive on my pc….this is the future @pinkmattur I need you to give me the stone @amandas1dfanacc 😭😭its a bonus track!!think I just remembered something…I think I left the faucet running @pinkmattur she inspired me to come out @pinkmattur yasss
@sfinkadinkle maybe of you tried it @pinkmattur lady princess glitter sparkles in boss baby 2??? @petshr1mp literally testingcheatsenabled true motherlode @pinkmattur sorry im feeling defensive today…you can come @drewabcs why wpuld it do that @pinkmattur no freak my door is closed @pinkmattur I fell on the floor @pinkmattur yeah after you were screaming @pinkmattur I know you were asked to leave the showing @raeraekirby im about to lose so much time to this… @sfinkadinkle grapecome thru thrift store!! @JackECheeses I knew what I was doing @bxsel and you were so holy for that @bxsel hey bae @fushizengirl I hear you.69 420 ayyeee