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Preferably around West London for drop off, but if there are any that collect also?...Thanks!Does anyone know of any charities or organisations that are accepting unwanted clothes at the moment in London ?
@JeremiahAsiamah @TLNTDTENTH
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@fucksyLei This is what’s ridiculous to me, so many other things that should be a priority. And that support system… thrilled to share my interview with two of the most incredible and innovative screenwriters @IssaRae and…
Retweeted by Yasmin EvansOdd, considering @BorisJohnson doesn't believe in gestures? 🤔
Retweeted by Yasmin EvansA prediction. British transphobes within the media and government will now try to reframe helping trans kids as "co…
Retweeted by Yasmin EvansOKAYYYYYYYY!!!! 👏🏽LOVE👏🏽TO👏🏽SEE👏🏽IT 🇬🇭 @QTeezy_Vibez He said: and then did the butterfly 🤣🤣 I wasn’t sure what was gonna happen when the wig was plucked from this lovely woman’s head. But I was too overcom… @CianCDavies @YoungTMusic @BugseyMusic 🥰👏🏽 YESSSS CSo many other businesses I can list to open before pubs. This really irks me!! @Thewoods39 Narrow minded 🤣OUT NOW‼️ Ft @busysignal_turf #QUARANTING ⚠️😷⚠️
Retweeted by Yasmin EvansTake care.’t really travel to Manchester to visit my mum who I haven’t seen all year. But, on the bright side I definitely…
@imanleila @mrvans7 LOL the whole DC catalogue is that. You haven’t clicked “favourite” on girl on Spotify or Apple… @mrvans7 @imanleila Ooooo can we enter this debate... Because I’m gonna say “Girl” is thier worst @imanleila Help. Make it make sense. @BeautyandaBond we are talking about the violence Black Trans Women face. Tune at 12PM ET on YouTube 🍇
Retweeted by Yasmin Evans @jadapsmith Okay Auntie Jada, we got you boo @djmrbeckz Yeah but you’re man/lady is also in the club too?!! @mikedfekt HAHAHAH @prophetsofr0ck By their significant other is being told to be at the club?! Beyonce is confusing @SefKombo @Tippademus @Tippademus @SefKombo once a week I'm playing it until you give us what we want ta'raaaaaas!!! 🤣⚠️ @CONTINENTAL_GT I BIGGED YOU UP!!! Our energies connected haha @Mikey_Abegunde I won't lie I'd arrive at 6pm if Beyonce told me to @Mikey_Abegunde Beyonce arrived way too early, trying to drag us into this empty shubz. She should know betterThe 'lady' left the 'man' at home, but then 'man' left 'lady' with her friend & 'man' went to the club. But, then '… explain this to me.. "ladies leave your men at home, the club is full of ballers & their pockets full grown… @DjNeptizzle @1Xtra this one got me GOING @Tippademus @1Xtra TIPPAAAAAA BANGER!!!!🥺🥺🥺 hurts way more when you see it written.
@itsleepeart get a grip. @jnoahmorgan BUMBAAAAA mi never did see the price tag!! @jnoahmorgan I got family in jamaica that make / wear these to Mojito Monday & Weddy Wednesday🕝 It's that time again! 💥 @YasminEvans puts Kanye and Dr. Dre productions head to head in #PowerHour💥 Who’s gonna…
Retweeted by Yasmin Evans @mawdoe @1Xtra I wont lie, I'm a Seth fanCan you get away with playing a little bit of this on the radio today?... asking for a friend.
@samuelbailey @radioacademy @JontyUsborne @_millieriley @timoncheese @hellogreggles @imetahmed @davecribb @imetahmed AHMED !!!!! Oh my goodness. I’m so happy for you. This is amazing congratulations**taps mic** hello!! @NetflixUK are keen to showcase a wider range of voices across our social channels, particular…
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PLANTAIN-ING @EverydayFroday @TheRumKitchen Me walking past Notting Hill ...
Mina Smallman describing the horror of being told that metropolitan police officers took selfies with the dead bodi…
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Today in @TimesMagazine #OUTRAGED
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@Okwonga I come back to it often too @Tippademus THE C THE I THE RRRRRR “that money can’t buy pampers” 🤣CAM ORRRRN (but seriously when will we shubz again) @LeeLeeeee_ @tiltwoparties open the doors, let us have a social distance shubz 😩 @benmundy @scott_mills @BBCR1* but I am technically inside your radio. So that still worksI’m playing one of my favourite tunes in the radio right now and if you’re not listening you’re missing out🖊🖊🖊Justice for Elijah McClain - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange
Retweeted by Yasmin EvansRising Star: @MetropolisMusic/@LiveNationUK's @Whitb_xx
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VOTE! & Tune in! isn't an identity, it's a category marker used poorly to summerise for documentation and data and it's been mi…
Retweeted by Yasmin Evans @katydavisx @1Xtra you weren't well off!! So close!
@DJMelodyKane I’d get tiredSPF & RIDDIMS is the combination 👏🏽!!!! @DJMelodyKane this song on repeat Day ✔️ Yellow Dress ✔️ Sarah ✔️ Timeless Images ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Retweeted by Yasmin Evans @jnoahmorgan Once July 4th is over & the others have tried & tested the world. My pheromones & I on our way to find… @jnoahmorgan RIGHT @benmundy @DionDublinsDube Oh great detective work Ben ... Dion @AnnieMac @EgoEllaMay @1Xtra SO good right!! Album is delightful 😍💫Anway, as I was saying ... Breonna Taylor.
An amazing read & theatre show #WindrushDay 🇯🇲 our brave grandparents ❤️
Retweeted by Yasmin EvansARREST BREONNA TAYLOR’S KILLERS Riddims From @YasminEvans On @1Xtra Right Now 🔊 To Celebrate #WindrushDay2020
Retweeted by Yasmin Evans @NaesLovee @1Xtra Selection by @itsNadiaJae her anthem!! TUNE INCelebrating Windrush Day today, the tune selections are making me so emotional. I have the biggest smile on my face… @ReissD94 @RealRapman BIG, I would like to be cast as Gloria @akuawood WELL, I'm about to head to your website right now @DJMelodyKane @ashantiswimwear !!
@KatieThistleton H from Steps10 inventions that would not exist without black women: a thread
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@YinkaBokinni 🤣 @claraamfo I’M OUT. Not a chance in high heaven pal. We see you. the trash has been taken out. It’s about time it’s been stinking for YEARS @iamnovibrown IT ME ♏️Every single woman I know has experienced some kind of sexual harassment in her life. EVERY. SINGLE. WOMAN.
Retweeted by Yasmin Evans @imanleila You got mine and my love I hope it goes/went well 🤎 @dvsn They need new friends. 🤷🏽‍♀️ITS THE LAST DAY TODAY TO ENTER BBC WORDS FIRST! APPLY HERE: @YasminEvans @helloyasser
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@JeremiahAsiamah From the heart.HARRY DOING IT FOR LIL SAINT