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@g_may_g Omg the Heroes guy got OLDI am in that LOVELY (but woefully short) period between projects, where I don’t have anything I *need* to do and ca… @shamtchK - you are the winner! Please DM me an address to send the book to 🌿🍀🌱 Thank you all for… also finally made a book collage for my own book!! incredible poster was designed by the uber talented @risarodil & I am very much in love with it. It’s one of m…💙💛GIVEAWAY💙💛 To celebrate 1 year of All The Things We Never Said being out in the world, I’m giving away - 1 sig… @littlehux Woops probs should have turned that off 😂Bonus: 1st birthday to All The Things We Never Said! My lil book baby is 1 year old today and I couldn’t be more pr…
I have run out of Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes on Netflix Can we have season 7 now pls. thought the pandemic would have stopped door to door salespeople, but nope, here I am, closing my curtains and pr… @Melis_Anik Ah yes that is the key to life now. If something isn’t working - check trending topics. ✌🏽 @KatAliceDunn Can the title literally just be 👀👀? First emoji title? @Melis_Anik Oh phew! Glad it’s not just me!
Trust me pals you want to read this book!
@aishabushby @seramilano @helloiammariam I'm on tiktok at the same time. much recommend as an antidote @aishabushby These came up one after the other and I think you and @seramilano need to be friends now. @StuartWhiteWM Comic sans makes it look more polite somehow? I do mine in all caps with swear words. @joseph_elliott @HoJay92 us at TONIGHT's Feminist Quiz to celebrate the launch of #BloodMoon and raise vital funds for the…
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Also apparently I really like cinnamon??? Cinnamon waffles in book 1, pancakes in book 2 🤷🏽‍♀️ I don't remember t… note to writers: be wary of what celebrities you mention in your books because so many of them are turning out to be arseholes.Just re reading my book 1 for the first time in like a year, and noticing the similarities between it and book 2.… @SofiaSaghir 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 😭😭 RUB IT IN WHY DON'T YOU I have no idea why it's not working. I thought it might be because… @helloiammariam I was on the phone to them for an hour. Everything fine their end they say. Will give another call… Pay still refuses to work on my phone and I am devastated. I love Apple Pay so much 😭 It keeps asking me to… really love Frozen 2. I think it might be my fave Disney film. But I will never understand why Elsa changes from… tweeps. Let’s see how much of this I can get through before Fajr 👌🏽
@PandaGulliver Ah to be able to watch The Truman Show for the first time again!!!Always fun leaving things up to twitter should I watch tonight? (both are rewatches) @hamdesign literally wtf WHYCome join us now for some v interesting book and period chat. @LucyCuthew is a v eloquent bean and I truly love hea…
the last 6 months have felt like that scene from New Moon where Bella is just sitting at her desk with the sad Bon…
Retweeted by Yasmin Rahman @aishabushby She also goes to a market.I wrote an article on my own experiences with sexual assault for @SceneArabia in light of the reckoning happening i…
Retweeted by Yasmin RahmanWe are looking for Muslim bloggers to be involved in an upcoming blog tour. DM if interested!
Retweeted by Yasmin Rahman @saramegan Thanks for the suggestion pal! Will looking it. My laptop is surprisingly filthy. @saramegan Do you find it manages to clean the little nooks and crannies well? I'm finding there's a lot of dirt in… have recommendations for products to clean MacBook keyboards with? I bought some of that slime stuff but it'… @saramegan Take what you can at this point. I feel like you should leave it in now; maybe it can bring you joy in the future. @saramegan This is some dangerous placeholder-ing. @KirtleySophie @KidsBloomsbury I'm so sorry I didn't realise you'd get all the notifications 😂
Also, same 7 y/o niece was telling me about her birthday plans (in Aug), & I mentioned she'd already told me this.… 7 year old niece: I had to make a list of people who inspired me, and I put you as number 3. Me: 😭 😭 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭… say 'no worries' a lot for someone who is comprised of at least 82% worry.
Retweeted by Yasmin Rahman @emmavrjones Brooklyn 99 subtitles coming to the rescue again.
@SofiaSaghir It'll be me writing fan fiction about you. Featuring: You loving the book Before I Fall, and admittin… @SofiaSaghir I'll save that for a book where my protagonist's name will be SofiaShreddies & Jelly babies tweet about this (for now). If you liked the creepy internet parts of All The Things We Never Said, I think y… @damarisyoung @aishabushby I had a google around when I first learnt of the alternative endings and found them all on YouTube I think#ReadWithPride is currently 99p as an eBook! Join the Read with Pride celebrations by reading this story all abou…
Retweeted by Yasmin Rahman @damarisyoung @aishabushby DO YOU LOVE IT, DE??? If you don’t love it, we can no longer be friends... @aishabushby While I’ll be like to save this as a treat but @aishabushby is currently watching it for the first time and providing commentar… @davidowenauthor If it’s any consolation, when I am hanging out in similar circles, I have ridiculous respect and a… you remember a couple of months ago when we were in the peak and you wanted to do something to help, but there w…
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@littlehux diversity innit @littlehux It took me a second to even remember who he wasHappy publication day to the most wonderful @LucyCuthew & her brilliant debut novel, BLOOD MOON. (My copy has not…
@saramegan How have you not given up writing yet, honestly. I’m less than a year in and just LE SIGH @saramegan I have apparently unbeatable anxiety and very low self esteem, @saramegan Have not tried myself. Nuh uh.’s mood: @ChloeSeager Okay but what about those two strangers who got impaled on a stick right through them and didn’t die?… @saramegan You missed the vital ingredient - alcohol. Read it back drunk, I’m sure it’s utter genius @YMWAwards Hi! Missed this completely - will it be on TV again? Or available anywhere online? @KatAliceDunn “Likes to stab” must be the best smell ever.🌿**GIVEAWAY**🌿 To celebrate the publication of @KirtleySophie’s debut THE WILD WAY HOME (which is WATERSTONES BOTM… @aishabushby @AliceOseman @HarperCollinsCh @books_polished !! @joseph_elliott In my head this is just Trump saying "huge"Writing book 2: PROS: You can use feedback from reviews to write better. You're growing as a writer, etc etc. CON… @emmavrjones @MorrisseyYasmin Subtitles are honestly the best thing! I think I saw "yewzh" on Brooklyn 99 tbh @emmavrjones I had to stare at this for a second before getting it. HOW ARE THERE NO SPELLINGS FOR SOMETHING WE SAY SO OFTEN @littlehux @tanyabyrne *us all shouting about Afterlove for the next 11 months* would you spell the shortening of "Usual"? Like "as per yoosh(?)" I saw someone spell it as "yewzh" which I liked. @KatAliceDunn I love the shelf videos so very much. Also you. I love you so v much too. THIS IS UBER DUBER EXCITING… @tanyabyrne Sending you the biggest hugs. The cover is BEAUTS, and I know the insides will be too. Cannot wait to read xxThis photo is also why I could never be a bookstagrammer.Happy publication day to the brilliant @KirtleySophie & her wonderful debut novel, The Wild Way Home, which just ha… @ldlapinski Ooh thank you!Gang - anyone know where I can go to get random regular things printed If I have no printer and the library (which… @aishabushby 💙💙💙 @Ayisha_Malik MOST EXCELLENT NEWS!!!
Like pls, can someone let me write a book about some teens who bunk off school and just have the most fun day off?… having a bad brain day. Went to the supermarket and heard Twist and Shout playing. Reminded me of Ferris Buelle… @littlehux Haven't fiddled with any accessibility features, but just checked and everything seems as it should be there 🤷🏽‍♀️Any other iPhone users having this issue where WhatsApp notifications are SUPER LOUD, regardless of what volume pho… you @everythinngoes for bringing this wonder into my life. Tiktok teens are the best. just writing a book with a windmill and 5 kids so I can STEAL THIS AMAZING PIECE OF ART 😱, during the day: “I’ll wait til after midnight to work, I get more inspired then.” Me, as soon as midnight hits…
@SofiaSaghir 🖕🏾to you and your spacious room. @SofiaSaghir HOW DO YOU FIT ALL THE BOOKS ON YOUR SHELVES. Please tell me your secret.This is the BEST NEWS for the BEST BOOK and a semi okay person. 🎉 🎉 🎉 @HoJay92 FUCKING KILLING ITT #Nibbies @HoJay92 Nice cropping out the lower half so we can't see that you're in PJ bottoms and slippers.Cheering on the v amazing @HoJay92 at the #Nibbies today! I just tuned in at the wrong time or are all of the winners at the Nibbies just old white men 👀 @SofiaSaghir Oh damn this would make me read so much faster actually...maybe I should get a kindle 👀