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Eric Eggert @yatil Essen-Kettwig, Germany

Accessibility Advocate. With: @Knowbility Formerly: @w3c_wai Views are my own. Ⓥ he/him/his

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@merylkevans No need for a mic, it’s all in software. @merylkevans On Mac Zoom reroutes what is played from the computer and reroutes that to the people on the call. Wor… @merylkevans What software are you using? In zoom you need to check “use computer audio” to pipe your audio to the… for those who have checked yes, what’s the SC you would cite and why.Honestly, yes and no. I would not think that everyone who wants to work in accessibility has all the knowledge to m… @karlgroves @hdv I used that during @wilcofiers and my CSUN presentations/game-shows. That was fun! (Also ridiculous!)<button aria-level="2">Action</button> Does it fail WCAG? Discuss/Fight! @hdv Get a soundboard, or a software soundboard¹, and play applause after it. You can also use it to play laughter… news out of @GA_Conf, courtesy of @TisserandDavid! YouTube just added the ability to add multiple audio tr…
Retweeted by Eric EggertA WCAG Overview - Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 and 2.0 Explained (Video) by @yatil #wcag #a11y
Retweeted by Eric Eggert @CerovacBogdan I don’t know. There are a lot of open issues and pull requests, and I hope @w3c_wai gets to update i…
Retweeted by Eric Eggert#Remote #PublicSpeaking "Speaking, remotely" I agree with @beep here, preparing a remote talk requires the same amo…
Retweeted by Eric Eggert
@stommepoes @ZoeBijl @nattarnoff @cookiecrook Then you go to the top of the page. And yes, you also can tab to the… @ZoeBijl For visibility: @stommepoes @ZoeBijl @nattarnoff @cookiecrook If you have text selected in the location bar in Safari, you can pres… doing an accessibility test, I came across a pair of Yes/No radio buttons that would announce "yes, yes, yes,…
Retweeted by Eric Eggert @heinz @hofaj „Demonstrieren, aber bitte nur wenn es niemand mitbekommt“ ist auch so eine Meinung auf die man verzichten kann…How ARIA fits in the Layers of Accessibility Technologies by @yatil #aria #a11y #webdev
Retweeted by Eric EggertDifferent wallpapers on each page of the Home Screen. Apple, are you listening?
Retweeted by Eric Eggert @nice2meatu @SaraSoueidan You’ll be alright :-D @Maggysche 😍 @tcaspers At least “steradians”, whatever that is to ordinary people, is defined…“the combined area of flashes occurring concurrently occupies no more than a total of .006 steradians within any 10…’ve sorted “The Organised Writer” into my bookshelf 😃 Looking forward to reading it! Now I just need that “The Or… @polarbirke I’m located in Germany and cannot :-) (It might have to do something with Deutsche Telekom… 🤷‍♂️ Karl knows about it.)A must read! (If you’re in Germany or somewhere else where Tenon/Karl’s blog does not work, here’s a copy on the w… @karlgroves I think it is often a “we make a difference for people with disabilities, so even if we support (or not…
Retweeted by Eric Eggert @mdubbelm *hugs*There are a lot of job titles out there for people who have their expertise in HTML & CSS. But they have something…
Retweeted by Eric EggertAccessibility friends and their employers, please help our small non-profit community program out which has gotten…
Retweeted by Eric Eggert @a11y_mmo No alternative text on those images?Today I published my new video about ARIA and the other layers of accessibility technologies:… @Lady_Ada_King @matatk @stevefaulkner In a role="menu" you would only have menuitems (role="menuitem" and related r… @polarbirke @nice2meatu If you enable high contrast mode, the button to enable the “accessibility” menu moves down… @Lady_Ada_King @matatk @stevefaulkner Do the actions in the menu work without JavaScript? If not, I would suggest t… @Lady_Ada_King @matatk Ah, yeah, then you want role="menu" :-) @ninjanails That’s knit bad for the first project. 🥁 (I see myself out!) @Lady_Ada_King @matatk Then it should have a role="menu". (But I wonder if that is not overkill. I personally woul… @Lady_Ada_King @matatk Do you plan to use menu keyboard shortcuts to make it work like a menu or just tab navigatio… Video is up! Today I published my new video about ARIA and the other layers of accessibility technologies:… now has its own AccessiBe, called “DIGIaccess” and it also DOES NOT WORK. *sigh*50 minutes until the next video! Subscribe at so you don’t miss it. I hope it’s good! @kosmar Klingt aber als ob es bald ankommt, wenn man diesem Kommentar im offiziellen Webkit-Bugtracker glauben darf: @kosmar Gap ist noch nichtmal fertig spezifiziert für Flexbox. Die anderen sind da vorgeprescht. (Aber ja, nützlich… @mrssoup Those AR glasses can’t come soon enough! 😉
@mrssoup Did it work?? 🤣 @merylkevans @AppleSupport I get one tap on my wrist once the watch recognizes that I wash my hands and two once it… @Maggysche Never. The one time per week grocery outing is now a sacred ritual in this household. Including the celebratory mask selection. 😄 @JoeHughesDev @tannerdolby The thing is that if it was broken for more people than “just the disabled people”, deve… @JoeHughesDev @tannerdolby The attribute signals if it is content = Alt text is present. If it is empty, it is deco… @JoeHughesDev @tannerdolby It is in practice. When you have no alt attribute specified, browsers and assistive tech… people standing at RNC -trumps photo op with fake preexisting conditions executive order photo op. -…
Retweeted by Eric EggertWriting a video script and listening to @segunakinola’s Season 12 Doctor Who score, which is incredible. I love thi… @DerGraslutscher Das gleiche in @Essen_Ruhr. 🤬
“My mindset has shifted from ‘this is an annoying legal hygiene factor, we have to have on the website’ to ’we shou… @Leanfacilitator @elsomat Right, claiming that climate change doesn’t exist or COVID is a “plandemic” (WTF?) and ju… @Leanfacilitator @elsomat So, you might want to re-read your timeline again, there’s a lot of bullshit to detect. B… @Leanfacilitator @elsomat She asked specifically for women because non of the other authors presented non-male. An… @Leanfacilitator @elsomat In a world that is not neutral, “defending neutrality” is perpetuating the status quo. (…’s web site vendor (Studio24) dropped WordPress from consideration: WPTavern took issue…
Retweeted by Eric Eggert“W3C Is Prioritizing Accessibility Over Its Open Source Licensing Preferences”. Why is that a bad thing again?:
Retweeted by Eric EggertDid you know you can add opacity to a background image without an overlay and without impacting the opacity of the…
Retweeted by Eric EggertSwiss friends: vote against this trash law with me. Wolves are essential. They deserve our protection.
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@TatianaTMac I had number (1) just today. 30 minutes try to fix a bug. 10 seconds to actually, really read the err… @mrssoup That’s an adorable character!Web historians out there, what was the first web browser to implement a distinct color for visited links?
Retweeted by Eric EggertHm. Last time I looked, Europe existed, covered pre-existing conditions and had lower healthcare cost for everybody… @steven_aquino LOL, he knows that Europe exists, right? @MSFTEnable It’s not an accessibility issue. @stevefaulkner #ariaSerious @devoutpotato @viticci Reference acknowledged. @cymbrygirl @LaurenWithCats You’re not wrong, but in my (limited) experience with policy makers and standards maker… @adambsilver @ohyaynj It should probably be labeled “Quick Checkout” or something :-) @adambsilver @ohyaynj I think there is a European Union law that outlaws one click purchases, at least in Germany y… @FriendlyAshley @rmondello Same here. People with preexisting conditions (including me), so safety first.
Accessibility friends and their employers, please help our small non-profit community program out which has gotten… "I've decided to eat babies." PEOPLE: "He can't eat babies, that's super illegal." TRUMP, on TV, eating ba…
Retweeted by Eric Eggert @FriendlyAshley I have recently sent out a 400+ page report. 🤷‍♂️ @FriendlyAshley Happens with documents as short as 100 pages… 🙁Can I somehow force Microsoft Word on Mac to force to load all pages of a document at once? It does some “lazy load… is the precision screwdriver of accessibility. Don’t use it as a sledgehammer. #a11y #ariaSeriousSLOWLY: A Black woman was murdered and the only charge was for endangering white people.…
Retweeted by Eric Eggert @LaurenWithCats Yeah. But 2.1 and 3 will coexist for some time as 2.1 is enshrined in legislation at this point. I… @hdv @ericwbailey It’s always possible that I have just heard voices in my head… 🤫 @ericwbailey I have heard that @hdv is working on new UI for these techniques and understandings, and yes, I think… @stripolias It’s probably the OS update that is draining your battery. There is a lot of reindexing going on for th… mean I find current advice that links to outdated versions of WCAG or techniques every day. With 3 introducing ne… convey the changes between the specs and the nuances between the rules. I see clients saying “Oh, we followed th…, I think I have changed my mind calling WCAG 3.0 “WCAG”. I used to think it was the right thing to do, now I’m n… @juliemoynat @vavroom @Spellacy tabindex is not an inheritable attribute. I guess there is some JavaScript shenanig…
@vavroom JavaScript back to top? @merylkevans Thanks for sharing it 😃 @andybudd It’s useful to have a “public” record for people, in case assignments change or people want to look up wh… @andybudd There’s not a lot to share… we have #​proj-clientname channels for every client project. Every discussion… understand #accessiBe has been spamming agencies (dev and design) on LinkedIn and through their contact forms to…
Retweeted by Eric Eggert @andybudd Open channels, but specific per project chat. So that people can tune in/out or lurk as they please. We h… @paciellogroup Thanks for sharing!