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yaallah maaf sedih terus

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@luckystardusts ah girl crush bgt 😔❤️<3
Retweeted by den @babyydeell capek bgt... @muanfeb maskernya dipake yg bener @coldbreuww a-aku... @akhibaka tapi aku dog person :( @akhibaka loh kamu suka kucing juga?coba jelaskan apa maksud dan tujuanmu catcallingmenyengsengrangyangkan rakyat @zhayaw zhar..... aku kira km lagi nyuci piring pake sponge trs ada sunlightnya..... @firapuh ada namanya pet pals fir, 11 12 sama pet society @ingirldible @soulhampton IH w kan ada masx @ingirldible @soulhampton ga ikut-ikut(Skin) I'm takin' care of each and every part I opened up your legs and go straight for your heart @haronamd oke ayo ngedate(Of The Soul) I guess it's the result of drugs that enter in my brain All of a sudden, every legend keep on mention… @soulhampton udah ku masukin thread~(Dang!) Complicated, got you frustrated Every single night I keep you waiting You say you don't care, is what you s…'s Life) Yeah, I know it seem a little bit strange sometimes Everybody live a little, everybody die That's l…'m Not Real) If you had the chance, would you take the time you need to make it right? The clouds are gray but wo… Question) And my thoughts my own enemy, got no time for these bitches I got too much on my damn mind So if I a… Hour) I'm just tryna grow up old and rich The world don't give a fuck about your loneliness @OMENNOCAP we shud thanked him 😔i personally like Circle, because that shit HURTED from a Balcony) (shit. HURTED) Looking at the sky, thinking it could all be mine All we got is memories,… @OMENNOCAP noted, sir *sobsss* *cRIESS* @OMENNOCAP aight *sobs*, sir *sobs*. *cries* *more crying*(Floating) (NANGIS) There's a place right up above the clouds Somewhere in between later and right now Right now A… A Day) (i started to cry again brb) Don't ask me what I think It never really mattered what I had to say I ju… @procrastinatink EVERY NOW AND AGAIN, BABY I GET HIGH 😭😭😭 wait imma put this on the thread(I Can See) Now I'm switchin' location 'Cause Heaven too far when you live in the basement I'm lookin' for balance,… Spins) Without you so please, baby, please Give us a chance Make amends and I will stand up 'til the end A mil… News) Heard they don't talk about me too much no more And that's a problem with a closed door Care) Somebody save me from myself Tell them they can take that bullshit elsewhere Self care, we gonna be good @bluem0oonn cakep ya wkwkwkwk @tttokebi mau peluk anak cantik @xxxlyia selamat ulang tahuun anak cantiiik 🤗happy birthday goof! love you foo
Retweeted by denโอ้ย655555555555 อิสัส อยากได้ รูกกุต้องไปเป็นโกะโจเซนเซย์
Retweeted by den @jjjjeremih shalom! where did u get that beanie @ingirldible iyaah :* @ingirldible belum jadi ehehehe @haronamd soalnya gemes
@ovaltinxmaciato hey kamu juga yaa 😠a love language like this @fjraito AHAHAH lemme put it on the thread later @puvvie or dengia would be nice. put everything with denkapan lagi diucapin orei - Live) (I CANTTT) And when you look in my eyes the pain goes a-way, euphoria You feel so damn good, Just… @fjraito i thought i already put Self Care??? damn. that's one of my fave how could i forgot 😔(BDE (Best Day Ever) - Live) shiiit the vibes No matter where life takes me, find me with a smile Pursuit to be hap… @i6tweets LOLLLL RIGHTT 🤣(Come Back to Earth) And don't you know that sunshine don't feel right When you inside all day I wish it was nice o… (hello????) Yeah, they ask me what I'm smilin' for Well, because I've never been this high before It's like… (HOW COULD I FORGET THIS IM SORRY 😭) Things like this ain't built to last I might just fade like those befo… I wonder if every body hope that this song is not depressing as the last one was @i6tweets HAHAHA OKAY LATER drop your favorite @kawaiiis8n bro u dont seem fine 😔 @kawaiiis8n THEY SAY WE'RE NO GOOD FOR EACH OTHER I CAN REALLY TELL. WHAT IS THIS SPELL YOU PUT ME UNDER? 😭😭😔✊🏻 @marinnaraz 8 😏*membiasakan diri ngurangin typing singkat-singkat, BIAR KL SKRIPSIAN GA KAGET.**membiasakan diri ngechat panjang pake tanda baca, biar yang baca ga bingung penjedaannya*girls, remember that u dont have to compete with other girls in order to feel enough, all u have to do is mind ur o…
Retweeted by den @yteeam cah unnes bentukane nopo ngene kabeh ya @bluem0oonn banyak sih tp banyak yg gagal juga itu wkwkwkwk @bluem0oonn wkwkwkwkw aku blgin beneran ya @bluem0oonn huhuhu maaf ya aku nda ngereach out km :(( yaudah pokoknya take care of yourself sebisa mungkiinn jan lupa mam lohh ♡ @bluem0oonn mau ngobrol gaaa :(
Retweeted by deni highly recommend the live version @tengkuselaa ikr :(((Objects in the Mirror - Live) (live versionnya asik bgt sialan) Baby, you and me We could change the world forever… And I cannot be changed, I cannot be changed, no Trust me, I've tried I just end up right at the start of… It Goes) Ok, well, you could have the world in the palm of your hands You still might drop it And everybody wan… Favorite Part) Said, you just don't know how beautiful you are And baby that's my favorite part ... It'll be al… I think we just might be alright Thank god I think we're gonna be alright, alright, okay Hold me close, don… Like You) All I hear is the same song When the radio came on Fuck around and get based on Do this shit til… Love is power Swear there's something about her that make me nervous Mother Earth done gave us all a gift, sh… Feelings) Everything is strange, that's just a game Everybody tripping, throwing it away We was getting lifte… Fuel) 'Cause everything is too much, so what? Woke up this morning with a bright idea Maybe I can exist foreve… World) Fuck the bullshit, I'm here to make it all better With a little music for you I don't do enough for yo… @obathalu nangis bgt. he's really living in paradise(What's The Use?) Catch me if you can but, you'll never catch me, damn Whole lotta, "yes, I am" All the way in with… Me Downs) You remind me Shit, I need to stay in line You damn-well are a great design Star Room) Won't give a fuck about tomorrow if I die today I'll greet the devil with a smilin' face Shit, that… thread of Mac Miller's songs (with lyrics) that might broke your repeat button @kawaiiis8n FRRRR 😭 and now i started to CRYomw tweeting Mac Miller's lyrics that hits me hard 😔 @ranggawr it's Mac Miller's lyrics, i'm fine 😔*CRIESSS sobs sobs*if y'all would leave me the fuck alone, that'd be divine 😭😭😭 @kawaiiis8n that part HITS 😔✊🏻 FREAKING 😔✊🏻 HARD 😔✊🏻 @CutiesLollipoop ?????happy birthday ♡ @bebytokyo 48!!! @haronamd nah gini lucu jangan kesedihan @tacimodo good luckkk 🤗 @avisienna sal priadiHai teman-teman, I have so much spare time sampe 15 Feb. Aku mau infoin kalo aku open for photoshoots juga yah (esp…
Retweeted by den-Are you crying? Me: No -Look at me Me:
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