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@radnurf_ @sihksihk @vngnc ya nanya wtf @yamigoopsie I have bad news bout this.... @demoniccall666 both. depends on the field @Reinatic1 wah jan tanya dah kegedean wkwk @aoihuft being alone @AvriliaaaTn termos @reynardsrr watch a lot of anime @MaheSyailendra nice q. I'll do it. @r_manafe ask @Cilorconnoistre bro im not his gf @coffeesaset ws gave it to me @kookbiebz Holy @jklmasya_ nga. boong de happy belated bday!use the # bitj @aokanie52 Naruto vs Madara @ZOUHABIT Silhouette☃️ #AskYB⚠️ @JakaAdy parah seneng bgt gua😭😭😭😭BRO ASDFGHJKL SEND ME ALL OF IT @yeerikho lmao @0IBrain0 @_Wendywalters @PerbakinDKI LMFAOOOO @_Wendywalters told ya. buying a gun issa good move @CallHerAbigail ambil semua harta gua.
WHY I ALWAYS LIVE AT THE CORNER FFS🐇 @_Wendywalters transgender matamu pecah su @_Wendywalters cape bgt foto lagi lah cibaiDWP.One of my biggest fear is growing old as tua kolot, tua ngeselin, and tua batu. Usaha untuk menghindari ini gue la…
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@i6tweet omellete indomie at 4am???? @ggg__1412 I wish I canyo forgot that I put my starbucks in a freezer for 1 hour bcs the barista didn't gave me an extra ice now my dick's hard @Aryasean_ too old @bleedintearss i see turtle @azzhnr8 itu kelabangI bought 2 turtles🦔🦔I don't know who needs to hear this, but hyper-independence is the result of trauma. "I don't need *anybody* & mu…
Retweeted by 👑 @inimemed i remember u old fan!minta tamagochi🥺 @JakaAdy taek @semocca ngentotku ditangkap nga pake masker di mobil sendiri😷im at the point that i hate myself more than anything
@_kittygal tolak anginwho's up? I need an ear @hansc17 Felix @alyaapaya nothing since I could control what I'm going to do when I'm dreaming @helcrutt I want to go back to stage at least one show before 2020 ends @ketampols all justin bieber tracks and anime ost @madyahanz @xxmykhl ya#AskYB @icanicxn gua buang aja bored as hell @Cilorconnoistre 20nya desa ninja @Eno_Bening gua kaga..Thank you....😭😭😭😭 @aan__ @R3HAB this just the beginningLathi Remix by the one and only @R3HAB OUT THIS FRIDAY! @FiersaBesari klo gatel garukny dri dalem bg..ini mo merit apa mau jadi paspampres.... MANY RASEN DOES NARUTO HAVE WTF @ImanuddinMulya ia nih doang asik itu arah ekspesinya kemana mmek😭😭😭😭 @MlyaaP ini lg ngakak sama wendy anjing bgt org2 @eddo43217708 M-nya kemanakontol @sehatndre @_Wendywalters ia nga :( @BeruangLautt @_Wendywalters buta mata lo @asyiqmln @_Wendywalters kami kader jakarta utara siap untuk maju melangkah demi diri dan kekayaan sendiri. terima kasih @dichgod @_Wendywalters gua ttep kek buci @aimrod ya gmn..gua kayak buciWe made a promise. We will never share our Netflix account to our kids. They think they can get that privilege?? Lm…
Wow - congrats to @WEIRDGENIUS_ on their THREE awards at @AMIawards
Retweeted by 👑legacy.. @yaainilahaku nah ntr record diri sendirinya gini ya pas hari H @2ez4peace ...***further information for the ceremony will be updated on this thread soon so make sure you bookmark the main twee… want gather all SNK's Regiments to attend the ceremony 1 hour before The Final Season begins, on my stream. Wear… @shannshine Killua Hisoka😭😭😭😭lg random. mau kado🥺 @Cilorconnoistre @_geraldgerald_ dila tolong dong gua cape bgt @_geraldgerald_ lo pada masi pda blg gua yg weird di grup ini ngntot lo liat itu kelakuan dia @_geraldgerald_ anak kntol @_geraldgerald_ -PRNYATAAN RSMI- dgan ini gua nytakan WirtJiniuz bubar @zakideanraa nopenot that bad after 2 weeks off stream Dattebayo😤🍜🍥 @detikcom 2020eyo bishh of @ybrap best track
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hoaaaahhhmm @chivaagung i know @SabixM @TRANSTV_CORP oh. @di55ipateee nope🧊