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@ahgaminoz what’s ahgase
damn @msunperceivable i agreeppl who hate babies are so funny to me. you look at something you’re biologically wired to think is adorable and st… @gogoaeroplane love these writing my fanfics now 😘the man has a face that could fit into any time period; roman empire ✅ viking age ✅ renaissance ✅ pre-revolutionary america ✅guy who yells “hear ye, hear ye!” on the street-corner in the 16th century @radfemswiftie she’s a daycare assistant ?!?! @mariyyum mashallah such a beautiful couple 💛 @michaelcollado 😭😭 @usui_stan i liked it
@Smartguyy so you’re currently in the denial stageyum @nickdiramio @fentyskin wdym my skincare always makes a whooshing sound effect @msunperceivable lmao they may have had a pointIn the top 0.05% listeners of women
Retweeted by yasminlol next to a guy who was breathing very heavily every time they partook in cannibalism in ‘bones and all’. i pray… @ightsolisten wtff 😭😭😭 you’re his number 1 fan
@ightsolisten happy birthday 🥳💞💞 @siyyaninaas lmao the opinions on her character i was subjected to made me so heated, @Sunshin073 i don’t feel obligated to see the boys because i don’t WANT to, in fact i would like if that family cea… @egeofanatolia you’re so right. it has such incredible and iconic sequences like with the ferrythe value the boys’ privacy whilst exploiting the girls’ because the girls are marketable and can be commodified. i… my bedridden grandparents in charlie and the chocolate factory era @aldrinlune i need to know how they kept the cow in place @beemoviehive the fact that someone willingly had that permanently etched on their bodythe true way to appreciate cinema @JohnDiesattheEn those movies immediately get five oscar nominations upon the screenwriter’s first letter on the page @historicalfits what about paris @voIcanicloves parable of the sower ‼️‼️‼️ @mazzypopstar so trueif i was martin scorsese’s daughter, i would not be getting into acting. i would be stealing old scripts he never u… @Smartguyy oh that’s disappointing, do u have a link @historicalfits i didn’t know people outside of australia listened to the veronicas 😭
@frrhamzahh THANKYOUwho had the voice recording of this pls send it to me @silver_joestar ummm why did you buy that wrapped isn’t enough, i want an excel spreadsheet of my listening habits @fairypctch i genuinely have 50gb worth of mods, it’s a problem @_haaniyah_ i'm liking s2 a LOT better than s1i don't care that my laptop sounds like terminal 3 of an airport, i will be playing sims 4 by force or by fire
mental illness is temporary, drip is forever this lunchbox at the thrift store and i regret not buying it to this day
@trundolatry they’ll never let her rest as long as they can continue to capitalize her image @kendallroyanti exactly @isaacisdead1383 not saying people don’t love diana, just that her life is increasingly being raked over and mythol… embarrassing amount of people have such a hard time understanding art as anything other than a literal portrayal… feel like princess diana is becoming this ‘marilyn monroe’ type figurehead - a symbol constructed from a real per… @chuulgicel reddit users are an interesting bunch"teachers, are you a pedophile?"
@goofygoobersjen the original intro satisfied me plenty @yalozai022 i don’t know if bones and all will make it in, but everything else 100% @rainychuchu imo the whole “look at the all the IP we own” shtick is very tacky to me @photonsmight it looks AWFUL i’m sorryis nothing sacred @historicalfits i read them all beginning of this year, they're very fun!
@EnriqueCervanIX always!
@criminalplaza that gordon ramsey clip is so gross and isn’t he married with children 🤢twitter is all fun and games until your tweet goes outside of it’s intended audience. i like my echo chamberi want to meet the psychopath who designed this @P__S__A_ my favourite activity 😍 @NotNikyatu anything on australia? thankyou :) @itszaeok 7up as in… the soda? @slshers i get you, i love camp horror movies @yamilat_124 it’s so uninspired lol. turning a character associated with childhood innocence into a serial killer i… @mvrdockss 😭😭😭not to sound like a hater, but turning children’s media into dark and gritty adaptations is SO contrived & lazy @liney_bird buzzfeed offices circa 2022
2022 looks like they’re in shock 😭😭 #FIFAWorldCup @kirkxxs is he resuscitating the guy in the first one 😭😭 @BMunise hate how that platform makes people feel the need to commodify their trauma for people to gawk at. morbid. @honeycombkeith this video is insane lmfao @punished_cait tiktok is an extremely cursed app @missperfucked yep, her entire social media personality centres this traumatic experience for her and it’s a direct… @gojofirst and she did the dance to a meghan trainer song, the absolute disrespectthe advent of tiktok and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race
are you guys aware that you can just call someone “hot”commenting something this vulgar on a stranger’s social media is deranged behaviour. i understand that the person i… i the insane one for thinking it’s sexual harassment to leave comments like this
when will you people stop taking photos of strangers @lilith_backup i have an instagram just in case, the username is ycsm1n 💞 @imnotjuIes no ur right it was too long @kyliesoniquelvr so true! i used to see the term sparingly a couple of years ago on reddit, and now it’s being used… @platformedboots I think she’s talking about how the woman in question would perceive it @yalozai022 ronaldo looks like he’s been embalmed @michaelcollado oitnb has an amazing intro but i remember it being SO long, and i think that show came out before t…