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Lol @raqgraft1 YkbLick you know her to seek help FIVIO GOTTA CHILL💀💀
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@kwabzz Smh😂😝😝😝😝
Retweeted by emz®At least she knows in heavens’all wanted more of 3? well here.
Retweeted by emz®. that nketiahPre what? honestly feel for Everton they should have gone for Martinez said fade on finance it can’t be that bad @gaucholemz Man went on private 😂Lollllllll Barbie 💅🏽
Retweeted by emz® are well we should be @GazaLFC_ 😂2 most def @gaucholemz Looks like it playing with more urgencyWhy did this bang must’ve banged juj this year @sucertamere AlieNah has to be the whole box 3/4 is appetiser @5heksreformed Ohh Yh I rememberHe really isn’t imo @vpviktorija Queen @5heksreformed She whatPeak
Retweeted by emz®It’s fun we are actually saying the truth here tho @5heksreformed For any average human being @5heksreformed Should be normalThere’s people that can’t? @nofuckingcaller SmhFeel like I’m gonna burst out laughing don’t see it ima deep sleeper ain’t shit @Ayyleahx Mood @nofuckingcaller Ah it is @4PFMo_ You in the mirror after watching The Godfather
Retweeted by emz®Sully part took me out😂😂😂😂 he is let’s not lie smh😂 is actually true never clocked this it back simple n!gga @nofuckingcaller Go gym"Tell Me" 1995
Retweeted by emz® @kwabzz As if you’re nutting in the pool😂It’s absolute booty cheeks Munich interested in season-long loan deal for Callum Hudson-Odoi | @mcgrathmike reports
Retweeted by emz®N!ggas don’t care no more 😂 @thatsniq @dejahlyy
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N!gga using suicide to market his hoodie smh @Armziinho 😂There’s no way people from Baltimore should be talking after this dropped
Retweeted by emz®Tadow and hipster girl n worship in Asaba ❤️
Retweeted by emz®She’s using you bro get outta there we go 016/017 @5heksreformed MschewwDamn for rehab mad @A_kunz1 YesWhat a guy how ? @ShekillaBangg @CactusAbss Ah shit my bad@’s nothing to fear’t India in Asia what kind of app is this @mxnayous3 years atp love me too @mxnayous3 I do respect you that’s why I added the extra inch