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@MixersPIRAT3S I'm honored. @MixersPIRAT3S GGz tho was great get some good rest rest @MixersPIRAT3S That controller just did this at the last second lol.. was fun running offline games with the amazing @MixersPIRAT3S so close to that duos dub on Apex... @LisaKell406 Looking adorable#NewProfilePic
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVSo what is the point of having that?
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVThank you sweetheart!
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTV @ImRockstarAngel Feel better
@VelocityMixer @OkayUnz Thanks.. @VelocityMixer Yeah I'm just trying to get me some panels done. Kinda figured out the other stuff kinda just need t… literally can't put into words how I feel about being hosted buy one of the most iconic and groundbreaking gamers…
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTV @VelocityMixer Bet lets see what you got teach me the waysBig congrats to this man @Crix_TV if you aren't following him please do you will not regret it. day of our charity streams for @GOCharityTeam is starting soon! Starting off with some Apex before we move ove…
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVGOOD MORNING🎂GOOD MORNING💝GOOD MORNING! Today I turned 28 and I’m so grateful for each and every one of you! THANK…
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVPK to the face! Still getting practice in on keyboard and mouse... I'm getting there.
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTV @VelocityMixer Same lolYo this intro is straight fire!!!!
If you don’t eat your steak like this you’re just weird
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVfound a flash drive with a ton of old photos, so here’s an ode to my emo kid days 🤘
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVWhose ready for some late night RP with the Phantomz tonight? Only on @WatchMixer 8pm est!
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVLIVE 🔴 Dive into the content
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVYou ever wish you could go back to middle school and relive staying up all night playing all your favorite GameCube…
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTV @LisaKell406 Yo I remember them days it was a blast for sureYo happy birthday you amazing person!! @mxrgoddess mean who doesn't wear the heart on them sleeves is going to be the pic I send to guys when they ask for nudes from now on. 👀
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVLive on @Twitch now for a bit!
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVLet’s play some Apex?! Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVIt was time the kingdom got an army.. welcome @Crix_TV and the spartan family! live now on…
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@Nokokopuffs_ @clgaming 3xlHappy Valentine’s Day!! 😍 To celebrate, I am going to be giving away my jersey. Like, RT, and comment with your si…
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTV @Crix_TV Lets go!!!÷LIVE 🔴
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTV @ImRockstarAngel Let me know what time I'm kinda sick for it now so yeah @ImRockstarAngel Lets get it @SoaR_Revilo Lol got em @boa_lam Lol... I mean if y'all both have a pc problem solvedhi
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVI’m very excited to announce I have officially partnered with @metathreads, the global leader in lifestyle gaming a…
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVWhen you need Mountain Lion bait just grab @alder_enzo
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTV @MixersPIRAT3S Shit haven't even looked into a bnb yet lol
@ReUpHD @WatchMixer Lets go !!! Can't wait to spam that 30k for you
Can I show you my magic trick?
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVUm, my Christmas wish is to play with this man right here! Okay, my bday, Christmas of every year. We all know how…
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTV @dreageekgirl @Twitch @WatchMixer @OfficialDLive Oh this is fun🔴PROMOTE YOUR STREAM HERE!!🔴 Post your @Twitch @WatchMixer @OfficialDLive etc.! We are all in the same page so wh…
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Well then#Affinitweet Valentine This year you're mine LisaKell406! ❤️ And you, whom will be yours? via… @PlayApex 👋 Name is X, & I like the Wingman 🙅🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVWhen you forget to tune your car but being slower pays off. 🤣 #GTARP #FrenzyRP
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTV @Metaa_Maria @RyzeScaly @iWolvesTV @Crix_TV @TrezTheModGod @Freudy_ @SummerKittenTV @sappygamer @AngryBaconator @travpiper If this is the ugly boat then I don't wanna see the taken boat @iWolvesTV @Crix_TV @TrezTheModGod @Freudy_ @SummerKittenTV @sappygamer We doing it on the 27th save all that money…, on the 27th of February we got to get @Crix_TV to 100 subs on the day for him to dye his hair purple let…
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That's how I would react I the only one who feels like "Day after tomorrow" is going on with all this crazy weather going on?? @Crix_TV Says it all @ReUpHD have a great night off dude
Hope every single person has a blessed Sunday. I feel so incredible blessed today. I love you fam 💯
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTV @OfficialGless @JaredFPS
@michellesflyy @JaredFPS @iKawaiist Lucky @JaredFPS @OfficialGless lets go!! @ReUpHD Lets go!!! Good luck to your daughter she will kick some booty in this oneWinner will be picked in 72 hours! Good luck!
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVI’m giving $10,000 to 1 random person who retweets this tweet AND follows @Pulte and me!!! (You know the drill foll…
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVThank you all for the offline subs on Twitch and of course the continued support on Mixer! 💜💙 I have family in town…
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@MixersPIRAT3S Get well soon soon with Officer Bartoli
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTV @boa_lam I mean you just wanted everyone else to enjoy the amazing soundtrack lolMy headphones are broken... I been listening to the frozen 2 soundtrack on max volume, not realizing that the only…
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVDon’t forget to check on your friends Life is tough A “hey” might change someone’s day
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVGood vibes kind of night 🦁
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Time to mine! 💜💙
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVWas kinda nervous to post this but some good friends encouraged me to. ❤️
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTV @SixxZeroOne Have a great night off dude
Might have killed a customer 😅
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTV @travpiper Awe okay. If I come by any good ones ill let you know dude. I have not found one that was interesting to me @travpiper What type of documentaries do you likeI havent streamed in so long! I've been busy with this lil baby 😍 Most likely will start some streams later on this…
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@DrizzleDee89 Yo hate that shit. I for sure don't want this team to change they did great and if they keep the team… to them #49ers on making it to the super bowl can't wait for next year.. Time to gameSuper Bowl snack tray: exists Me:
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTV @LisaKell406 @JLo Right that shit was great
@LisaKell406 This is going to be a good game... But ill be rooting for them 49ers.We live come hang out #tb @ #EscapefromTarkov
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVSomeone jumped into my @bigolivestream and immediately asked me for my measurements saying he needed I sa…
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVMake difficult look easy. Make impossible look cute 😘 insta seen it first —> Kawaiistt go smash that follow 💜
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVReminder no stream today. Hope you all have an amazing Sunday! If you go out and watch the game somewhere please do…
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVIt’s so easy to try and compare yourself to fellow content creators but a huge thing to keep in mind is none of us…
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🔴 Art time.
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTV @Crix_TV Oopsumm oops....
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVYikes! Stay safe at pax east everyone!
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVLIVE 🔴 Come one come all 😈
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTV @LimitedRunGames Me playing on the old school Nintendo with my aunt and brother trying to beat mario brothers..Our next console giveaway is (what else?) the Animal Crossing Switch with a bonus cute game: our physical edition o…
Retweeted by YeahBuddyTVIs the spark crystal capped at 35 million again...
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